Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni confirms Lionel Messi will play against Brazil


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has confirmed that Lionel Messi will play against Brazil.

Lionel Scaloni will have Lionel Messi for the match against Brazil. Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Monday regarding Lionel Messi, Leandro Paredes, Paulo Dybala and the match against Brazil. Here is what he had to say:

“He was already good, physically and in the end we decided that it would be best for him to play a few minutes for him to come to this one with a good feeling. It’s confirmed that Lionel Messi will play tomorrow.”

Scaloni also spoke about Paulo Dybala’s inclusion in the team:

“Paulo Dybala came here with a knock and we decided to take him out at half time, it wasn’t worth risking him. Now we are awaiting the tests to see what he has.”

In regards to Leandro Paredes and his fitness:

“Leandro Paredes trained normally. He’s well, we have to evaluate to see if we include him in the final team. He comes here having not played for many days, the important thing is he is well.”

He also spoke about the match against Brazil:

“It’s of great difficulty. Brazil leads the qualifiers and are already qualified. This Brazil team is one of the most vertical of recent times. They are already qualified for the World Cup and we know the difficult that this match will bring. We have to be cautious and know where we can hurt them.

“You have to play just as you always do, it doesn’t interest me that one of my players plays one way against Venezuela and another way against Brazil.

“I don’t believe that the rest of the opponents in the World Cup qualifiers are not as strong as Brazil. All of the matches are very difficult.”

Regarding the team:

“It’s better to be called up than not to be on the team and arrive as number 26 or 27. Our call-ups were always more than 23 because it gives us the possibility to look at them and to change out perspective.

“I have lived it and most of the time I was left out, still, I would come with desire and enthusiasm. I always preferred to be there. The choice is for the good of the team, it’s never more than that.

“Before the Copa America, the list was bigger because of the pandemic and for us it was a relief. If that had not happened, today, they would not be Copa America champions and those five more players lifted the cup because they wanted to be there. We never had a player tell us they didn’t want to be with the Argentina team.”

Regarding the World Cup qualifiers:

“If the qualification happens, we have to celebrate. We take it for granted that Argentina have to be there because of the difficulties the other teams have. Today, football is very difficult. We are in a relatively comfortable position with the exception of a few matches and that’s something to be emphasized. The difficulties of the South American World Cup qualifiers are the most difficult.”

On the year 2021 for him:

“We didn’t set out to do something specific, to say that we want to win something. We set out to try to have things go well, that the players understand the message and that the people feel an identity with the team. We have achieved that, beyond having won. For us, it’s a win.

“Throughout my career as a coach, I think this was my best year, no doubt. Let me make this joke because 2021 is a special year for everyone. We will try to improve and there is always something to correct, that the player doesn’t relax. Without the players, we are nothing, we would not have achieved anything.”

About the possibility of playing European teams:

“I don’t like to talk about something that hasn’t been achieved. The majority of the call-ups are always with the same players and we are picking those who we think could be there.

“Now, some more names who can contribute have joined. The qualification is not yet done. Today, there is no possibility of playing against European teams, it’s useless to ask if it is not going to be possible.

“If the qualification is achieved, it would be interesting to play but it’s not very important either. The best thing is to be clear about what you want and to know that most of the players compete with the Europeans every Sunday.”

About the fans:

“Hopefully the people can enjoy the match. It fills up with pride that they want to come watch the national team.”


  1. Would have loved to see both sides in full strength. Without Neymar, Casemiro , Papu & not 100% fit Messi, Parades , Dybala – maybe a perfect stage for Julian Alvarez to announce a big splash. I am also hoping Angel Correa make an impact in these circumstances.

  2. Starting from the Brazil match, all the matches are going to be tough. European teams are physically more abled, their coaches are great strategists and they play more objectively. They also have the advantage that most of their players play in local teams together. For example, most of the German players are playing in Bayern (8 in EURO), most of the English players are in the top tiered EPL teams together etc. But South American players are playing all over Europe and, hardly, together. South America used to have their own style of football. That is lost now because the players are continuously getting exposed to the European style. Messi, Neymar, Di Maria and a very few are exceptions. So we are falling behind the European teams with every year passing by.

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  4. it is very intresting the situation in Europe. 12 teams will try to win the final 3 berths for qualify to world cup. it will not be easy to qualify Italy and Portugal.
    Not only that if tomorrow Netherlands don t beat Norway they will be in serious trouble too. plus they need much luck for draw to avoid same path.

    it will be nice to see Italians out he he

  5. Switzerland is a country to avoid in the group stage. Their performance tonight was one of the best by a NT in WC qualification in Europe. Two goals disallowed and they just kept going.

        • They won the thropy by winning 2 straight shootouts. If Argentina won it that way, the whole media gang will claim Argentina is just lucky. If Portugal and Italy failed to qualify directly, these clowns would say how unlucky they are.

          And whenever Argentina draw and win narrowly, many people here would say we wont beat any European teams lol

  6. This team loves to play against brazil they enjoys it where as other time our teams always considered it as Battle which put added pressure always on our players
    Now under scaloni they enjoy the pressue thats what makes me excited to see them play against BRAzil

  7. The World Cup will only have 23 rosters not 26 or 27.

    Here is the article:

    How many players are France allowed to take to the 2022 World Cup?

    Didier Deschamps was permitted 26 players for Euro 2020, due to the potential of COVID-19 outbreaks during the tournament. For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar – unless otherwise stated – it is expected that the squad number will be reduced back down to the usual 23.

    This could well be adjusted, however, in the coming months. Substitute numbers were raised during the pandemic too, allowing five changes to be made a game instead of the regular three. This has remained this season in international competition: it is possible that the squad number will increase to 26 once more – especially with the World Cup taking place midseason.

    IF it is 23, there will be a lot of regulars left out.

  8. I like how Scaloni is remaining humble and not overconfident. Argentina is unbeaten in 27 matches, dating back to 2019. We beat Brazil twice during that period and yet, he remains cautious. I like that

    • I agree. I love that he said that not only Brazil are tough opponents in south America, all teams are good. And as I’ve said before, I am very happy that he is calling up new players, even if they don’t play… He is thinking of the future of the team, not only under him and not only his career

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