Alejandro Papu Gomez out of Argentina team for match against Brazil


Alejandro Papu Gomez is out of the Argentina team for the match against Brazil.

Papu Gomez announced on his Instagram page that he did not travel with the Argentina team because of a problem in his knee. Gomez was substituted in for Argentina in their 1-0 win vs. Uruguay on Thursday.


  1. Casemiro is bigger loss for Brazil than neymar, IMO vinicious is more dangerous than neymar , his pace and directness in attack can create havoc in argentine defence like Mbappe in WC although our defence is better than wc 2018.

  2. Maybe Julian Alvarez’s day to impress. With Neymar, Casemiro, Papu out & fitness issues with Messi, Dybala , Parades – lot of star value lost for this Super Classico.
    If there is one thing i would want Scaloni to relook – its the backup striker. Scaloni seems indebted to J Correa with the La Paz winner ( similar to Armani saving the penalty against Paraguay in Copa 19). But we need a back option for Lautaro & the best bets now looks Alario or Gio Simeone. I still believe Alvarez will excel more as a second striker & not as CF.
    Kudos to Scaloni for repairing the RB & CB slots which looked our weak spot till Copa 21.

  3. Guys let’s get real…
    We need three points tonight nothing less. Can you imagine what happens if we draw or loose?? It’s gonna be all over the Media Argentina list against a B Brazil and stuff like this…

    I’m always happy about not loosing but tonight we need to win… We need a confidence boost for the team and Messi needs to step up. Since everyone trash talked me last time when I said Scaloni should’ve given Dybala more time. Everybody was like Dybala is not NT Material and stuff like this. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Messi fan. But he’s not always delivered for NT. Then most of the fans just said but he is performing brilliantly at Club Level. As for now Dybala on Club Level along with Simeone is the best Argentine Player…

    We should have some week opponents like the European Team to boost Dybala…

    But for tonight I think we have almost the strongest possible line up and we really should beat those f*cking Bananas…

  4. J.Alvarez will replace ADM, Scaloni will start with ADM, Messi and Lautoro in front, repeating the winning in Copa final; Rodrigo De Paul, Lo Celco and Parades need to be fully fit and control the mid field with Acuna, Molina and Cuti at the back.

  5. Acuna’s performance will be important tonight. Can he hold off the fast Anthony?

    Papu will be missed. We don’t have many players with his creativity.

  6. Papu was the game changer against Uruguay. He would definitely be missed against Brazil, if at all Scaloni had the plan to give him significant field time. Brazil can afford experimentation in this game, we cannot. All matches starting from this one are going to be tough ones for us. We cannot experiment and we have to get the points here.

  7. Papu Gomez is good but is replaceable. Scaloni did not always play Papu off the bench. Sometimes he played J Correa-A Correa combo. Now 3 key subs are not available Papu, Dybala, and Nico Gonzales. J Correa and A Correa should get good minutes especially if J Alvarez also not fit.

  8. Scaloni, come on, try 343, that is the solution against the big teams, u gonna defend in 5 and attack in 7. if Paredes and Guido both off, the 3 centre backs can fix the issue. most of all, our fullbacks are not natural defender. that can fix all the issues. you don’t even need a defensive midfielder, just put 2 box to box who press high, eventually in 352 with di maria as 10 or messi as 10 behind dybala and lautaro

  9. Otamendi didnt play very well against Uruguay, he even passed the ball to their player while not being preasured . Cant always rely on Emi & Cuti to bail us, especially against Brazil.

      • Don’t worry we are more of a team now than we were since 2006.

        Also, Argentina NT never had the luxury of a goalie like Emi and a CB like Romero in the past few years, we were so horrible in defense.. we were always being vulnerable to concede easy goals.. But now the tables have turned and we are going in the right direction to be a force once again, just like what Messi said.

      • And yes, stop being pessimistic.
        Being negative at this point just brings the fan’s morale down.

        Coz we are advancing as a team and that what matters to be a force, so enjoy the journey we r going to witness and I believe it’s the most beautiful thing that is gonna occur with the Argentina NT.

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