Argentina starting eleven, Lionel Messi starts against Brazil in World Cup qualifier


Lionel Messi starts for Argentina against Brazil in their World Cup qualifying match.

Messi is in the starting eleven, as is Leandro Paredes. Argentina national team coach starts Messi up front with Lautaro Martinez and Angel Di Maria. Leandro Paredes gets the start in place of Guido Rodriguez. Here is the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martinez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro and Di María.

Paulo Dybala along with Martínez Quarta, Almada and Soule do not make the bench.


  1. I am satisfied with today’s performance, considering the strength of the opponent and the fact that we are too near to the qualification. De Paul was really good today, worked hard and had some skilful moments. Though Messi seemed like tired towards the end, I am okay with his performance considering that his passes were really helpful and he was the only one could penetrate this Brazilian defence. More over, the win in this match is just for statistics, which would have brought unnecessary pressure.

  2. Argentina ties Brazil and people want to dismantle the team. This is the third ranked team in the world and our eternal rival. Anyone expecting anything other than a tie or 1-0 should give their head a shake. Argentina had some chances, The Defense held up well. Theres a lot of positives to take from this match. I’ll take a tie with Brazil. We are essentially qualified. Smile people…PS…DePaul will be the next Captain of Argentina

  3. Impressed with Lisandro Martinez he has speed and reads game well, timing of tackle is good.
    Pezella also looked good,he was fast and composed. LA Liga defenders are generally good.

    • True Pezella very fast infact he is faster than Mbappe. He is a very good defender as well he better Van dijk and Marquinhos but doesn’t appreciated by media because media has some by birth problem with Argentine players. They don’t appreciate world class L celso and Lautaro as well.

      • Lo celso needs movements around him,Lautaro Martinez is average no. 9,Pezella was good Argentina did not not concede even after Pezella came to pitch

  4. Acuna is not looking like a same player he had been, not impressed with his attacking output. He has good ball holding ability but his crosses are passes are the things he should bring.
    It looks like he has put on some weight not fast like earlier.

  5. I honestly don’t like anytime we play 3-4-3. In 3-4-3 the most important positions are the wing backs. Bielsa made that formation famous because he had Zanetti and Sorin which was perfect. Acuna and Molina are attacking wing backs but they are not good enough for a world class 3-4-3 team.

    Plus we usually had bad results anytime we played 3-4-3 in friendlies.

    The positives of the game:
    1. Lisandro Martinez starts to get the favor.
    2. The red hot Julian Alvarez too.
    3. 27 unbeaten and still has yet to concede a goal

  6. Lautaro Martinez is not a no. 9 Argentina needs but here many member loves him because he scores goals again small team against big teams or solid offence he just hide himself can not create or shot for himself.
    J. Correa played below average Argentina needs no. 9,can not go for extra time in Knock out,fatigue also matters.



  8. Lo celso is finished he doesn’t play for Tottenham Scaloni should find a replacement for Lo celso and Lautaro. The whole Brazil defense focused on Messi and apart from de paul other player didn’t contribute anything.

    • Finished at 25 years old? Lol. A run of poor form and you want to take out one of the most creative players we have? A player that this rebuild has been made around?

  9. This is one of those games where every player from both sides got a rating of 6. None played bad, none played good. With the exception of Cuti, De Paul, and Emi Martinez, everyone else deserved a 6 to me.

  10. I think Scaloni should search alternative for lautaro and lo celso. These players are inconsistent. And sorry Pezzella can not be an alternative for Romero

  11. Tough game as expected and Messi would have scored had he been playing recently. ARG got one point and they as well, questionable PK call but Otamendi needs to WISE THE HELL UP (dodged the bullet there) and the REF. for the most part was fair.
    I’ll take a point over ZERO points and if the news is true then 3 more points are coming.
    This team has not reached its full potential yet with players like Correa and Dybala and few others are still on the outside looking in.

  12. I just love the way de paul given his 100% he was even in the goal box to help martinex then he was just outside the brazil penalty box he is very fit and ready to do anything to win
    Thats what we need from all players.
    I dont care even if its messi the player out of nick must be substituted his shots were not powerful

  13. It was a good game. As much as I want Argentina to win, but I always think that it is not good to peak too early and got over confident. So for me the result is OK.

  14. Scaloni made a mistake this time changing the formation to 3-4-3 in the second half. Lisandro Martinez for Paredes was a good sub but Lisandro was used as a left center back instead leaving De Paul and Lo Celso as 2 midfielders.

    We rarely played 3-4-3 under Scaloni. He should have sticked with 4-3-3 and not substituted Lautaro Martinez that early.

    • 3-4-3 when we defended and 4-3-3 when we had the ball. It worked in the last 15-20 mins. I also liked that he brought on Domingues even though for the last 5 mins. Joakin Correa is not the substitute of Lautaro that we are looking for.

      DePaul, Otamendi and Romero were the beasts. Messi seems still injured.

  15. There is no goal scoring threat. I don’t see anyone scoring a goal. Everyone is too far from the goal.

    This is a chronic problem for Romero. He has to beef up.

  16. Its entertaining. Few thoughts

    1. We are not creating any chances. The idea is not clear of how we want to attack. Messi is holding back, therefore reducing chances.
    2. Lo Celso cannot impose himself. I mentioned this in an earlier post. He is too soft.
    3. Otamendi lucky not to get a red card and it was totally unnecessary.
    4. Romero shows he is the boss. I don’t understand how this player plays at Spurs.

    Licha is here. His chance to close the deal.

  17. That De Paul shot, Brazil was lucky to realize that Ederson is shitty. Had Ederson been there it would have been 1-0 for Argentina for sure as he loves to just watch his ball going into his net without even reacting.

  18. Lautaro martinez has zero contribution in last two games. Lo celso is also not working hard. Correra should come in place of lautaro. I don’t know who will be replacement for lo celso. May be palacios. There should be a alternative for lo celso in team.

  19. This game is intense, both team trying to win midfield. Second half I assume the game will be more open given the most energy is used up from both team.

  20. Lo Celso is such an overrated player. What is this guy actually doing on the pitch? This Argentina team can’t even create a counter attacking move. Where are the inform players Lamela and Ocampos?

  21. The rafree seems to be good and kind of PL rafree other wise first half could have been 4-5 yellow plus red for otta
    This is what otta and pardees worrys me they always want to fight and get booked and spoils team momentum.
    The added defence duty of lautaro makes the opposition box vacant when we attack

    • The last game Paredes has played, not just for us, was against Peru. He had some bad looking moments but some good moments as well, in particular one through the lines pass I liked. We are very lucky about Otamendi. But Paredes with a yellow right now is very dangerous, not just because of his personality but because of his role as well. He won’t be able to stop counter attacks which for Brazil are dangerous

  22. Otamendi should have been sent of.. another stupid decision from him… we should have gotten a penalty as well at the end.. fair result so far I guess

  23. The urge to do one two with Messi is very lame and predictable at this point.
    You don’t have to give the ball back to him every single time.

    • Yes a substitution would help, one that can unbalance everything for Brazil. We need to be more direct to goal and not pass it to Messi every second. Brazil is focussed on Messi like usual. Find a moment of weakness from Brazil and capitalize on it

  24. This kind of football may be just enough to survive against Shit Marino teams. Brazil is playing like one of those teams tonight, yet we can’t draw blood of it.
    A professional team with ruthless attitude and hardwork would have scored 5 goals against nil, against this shitty opponent

  25. Dybala, Papu Gomez, Soule, Almada, and LM Quarta do not make the bench. The first two due to injury.

    J. Alvarez, J Correa, and A Correa available on the bench for attacking options.

  26. Is Dybala injured ? Else it looks like he just went there to celebrate his birthday!
    Brazil squad has 4 changes from last match ( Neymar,Casimero,Thiago Silva, Gabriel Jesus)

    Vinicius- Paqueta -Raphinha
    Fred – Fabinho

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