Argentina to reportedly be awarded win for suspended Brazil World Cup qualifier


Argentina will reportedly be awarded the win for their suspended match against Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers.

The match was suspended after only a few minutes when Argentina played Brazil in September’s World Cup qualifying match. According to a report by TNT Sports, it is almost certain that FIFA will award Argentina the three points in December for the match.


  1. But guys you see that as a disrespect or corruption? They wait until it is obviously irrelevant for both teams. Brazil is already qualified and Argentina is about to…. It’s all corruption and Messi was right. If it was in Europe a decision would have been made the same of the next day. Argentina deserves the 3 points and they should have been awarded in the following days after the game was suspended by Brazilian authorities who should not go to the pitch…..

    • Yes, it should have been an open and shut case, their soil and responsibility, nm all that BS about coming onto the pitch and basically stopping the game when they had ample time PRIOR to the game to say whatever they wanted to say or present whatever bogus evidence they had.

  2. Wait wait wait, if true then JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED AS IT SHOULD BE ………………..about time ARGENTINA got it just due 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. As per TYC sources Lisandro could come as a surprise DM against Brazil. I know that many here wanted that to be done. Does anyone know how much experience he has playing in that position at age group or senior level?

  4. Its the right thing to do. Argentina is qualified already even without the points. 28 points is the magic number and they have 5 games to go plus the decision from the Brazil game. Whatever the result tonight. Once the points are given by FIFA in December, Argentina should use the last games to test out fringe players and systems. experiment and try out different players

  5. So we’re basically in the WC if FIFA do the right thing. Damn, they were waiting for Brazil to qualify before making the decision? This is a simple thing that should not take too long to deliberate. Brazilians chickened out, they should have been penalized within few days period. If this situation was vice versa Argentina would have been served a sentence already.

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