Lionel Messi comments on Argentina’s 0-0 draw vs. Brazil in World Cup qualifiers


Lionel Messi commented on Argentina’s 0-0 draw vs. Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers.

Messi started the match and played the full 90 minutes for Argentina as they remain undefeated in 27 matches. Despite not creating many chances, arguably Argentina’s best chance of the match fell to Messi in the second half as his effort from outside of the penalty area was saved by the goalkeeper.

He commented on his fitness and the match itself. Speaking to TyC Sports after the match, here’s what he had to say:

“I’m picking up pace. We always knew that we could, we tried to play but couldn’t. They also tried to play on the counter. The important thing is that we didn’t lose. We are close to qualifying.

“I got here with just enough, mostly because of the rhythm and this was a very intense game. I’m fine, otherwise, I wouldn’t have played. It’s not easy to play at the pace that this match demands.”


  1. Thanks Scaloni. For Copa America and passing the qualifiers peacefully. But lot and lot of things to be rectified. Joaquin Correa is a left winger or left forward. Not center forward. We need plan B for Romero. However great he maybe but he is unfortunately injury prone. Like Dybala. Otamendi easily may had a red card today. For every four or five games he goes to this red card mode. Plan B for EMI Martinez. Ledesma or Musso should be tried for next four qualifiers. Still our defensive midfield is not convincing. Paredes is more experienced now but we need another two reliable backups as we got only Guido now apart from Paredes. Julian Alvarez may get more playing time. And finally Messi need to realise he can’t play all the games. Save yourself for the best. Overall a great year for us. Pray for the best for next year. Vamos..

  2. What a difference between now and 2017-18, we would have killed for ONE lousy point back then!!

    Poor Tata, Mex lost to U.S and down 1-0 to Canada as we speak

  3. Messi is OKAy, we got 1 point tonight, 3 more points should be coming and ARGENTINA IS IN………and like I said before, this team has not reached it potential yet.

    • We have 55% possession, in Copa final we only had 41% but looked alot more dangerous and conviencing. We had 3 shots on target , Brazil had 2 .

      I think both teams were too cautious since Brazil already qualified, they felt they didnt need to push for a goal, while we’re also in comfortable position and pretty much will qualify so there’s no sense of urgency from both sides to really attack in numbers.

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