Argentina qualify for 2022 Qatar World Cup!


Argentina have qualified for the 2022 Qatar World Cup!

Lionel Scaloni’s team have qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. The 0-0 draw against Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers was not what allowed Argentina to qualify but it was Ecuador’s 2-0 win against Chile which has taken Argentina to Qatar.

It’s the top four teams in South America who qualify for the World Cup and the team number five in the table going to playoffs. The top four teams are Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia with Peru right after on 17 points.

Four matches remain with 12 points up for grabs and Chile, who are behind Peru in the table are on 16 points. Should they win their remaining three matches, that would bring them to 28 points, one less than Argentina.

With both Colombia and Peru on 17 points, they play against each other in the next round and that would mean that both teams cannot reach 29 points.


  1. This is good news. But we qualify with our performance going downwards since Copa Win. That is something of big worry. How many times the poles saved us? It seems not Messi but his shadow is playing with the team. The moment replacements are happening the team’s rhythm, very little though, is going for a toss. Some players do not contribute in an efficient manner like Joaquin Correa, Dybala, Dominguez, Alvarez etc. Other than giving Allison a nightmare moment what did Correa do to the entire set of qualifiers? Alvarez always get an opportunity for last 20 mins or so and he remains, at best, clueless with the proceedings. Two successive imaginationless matches for Lo Celso. Lautaro’s struggle is clear. Scaloni needs to leverage the rest of the qualifiers to create some good option B and C but not at the cost of taking away playing times of his dependable combinations Romero-Otamendi-Molina-Acuna-Montiel-Tagliafico-Di Maria-Messi-De Paul-Lo Celso-Paredes.

  2. Congrats to Scaloni, his players and staff. To qualify withb4 games remaining is solid achievement.

    Our defence is similar to Brazil these days, always hard to scored againts. We could have a bad day but still getting a draw or 3 points. And when defence is crap aswell, Emi always bail us out lol

    4 points in a round that includes Brazil and Uruguay away, while playing below par, no way we could achieve that under Bauza & Sampa 😀

    Time to rest Messi properly and gives extended time to Dybala abd Julian. Both Tucu and Nico could only score once in blue moon for us. I think Allerio or Simeone should be called for remaining fixtures.

  3. Vamos! Time to experiment sensibly. Build the team around a strategy not Messi and please Scaloni don’t experiment endlessly without a vision.

    Let the WC team building begin!

    Vamos Albiceleste!

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