Argentina against Brazil VAR audio, Nicolas Otamendi elbow


Argentina against Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers had one moment of controversy involving Nicolas Otamendi as CONMEBOL released their VAR audios.

Nicolas Otamendi could have been red carded for an elbow in the first half of Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match against Brazil. He elbowed Raphina in the face, resulting in the Brazilian bleeding.

The officials watching the replay in slow motion and ask to see it in normal speed. The official from VAR states that they think it’s a yellow card but that it is outside of the penalty area.

Otamendi was not given a yellow or a red card as the referee decided not to give anything.


  1. Because of all the postponed matches, there is no time to play friendlies in Europe. That sad as we all would like to see how we hold up against a powerhouse midfield, eg Germany with Muller, Kimmich, Goretzka and Reus.

    Playing Serbia , Belgium or Switzerland as warm up would be good too.

    • personally i am happy about that. i get bored play friendly games take good result and after in serious world cup games to lose all the time.
      i can wait one year to face them in world cup. i am not hurry.

      • Yea, we always beat Germany in frienflies, even tied them using second strings squad. Brazil won all the time during their friendlies tour leading up to WC 2014, yet they played so bad in actual tourmanent.

        Even Italy now still needs a play off and they’re being called as best team by European journalist

    • this world cup will be crazy, there is no obvious winner. All the teams you mentioned have potential to go to the semi finals, I will also include Denmark, Spain and Algeria as dark horses. The 2 finalists france and Croatia had bad time but they become both strong again with new tactics and new players. Brazil may have their worst individual talent ever but the team is very balanced and remains strong collectively. Germany is scaring with their fast transition.

  2. News coming out about Messi agreeing to focus on PSG after Argentina qualified for WC.

    I say it is OK. We need some back up plans now. Back up plans in the order of urgency

    1. #9, need a point person. Take someone like Simone or someone, WC you never know.
    2. For Otamendi and Romero, both needed, for different reasons.
    3. One to back up Paredes and Guido

    I somehow feel Papu is our wild card in the WC.

    • this article is nonsense. there is not agreement like that. Messi and coaching staff want to be with the national team. in January if there is issues as like Messi will not be fully fit he will consider not to travel to Argentina. that is all about. Psg knew and agree from beginning that Messi have in high importance his natioonal team. they knew that so no reason Psg cry about.

      Anyhow i wish the worst of luck to psg and one quick elimination from champions league in order to psg leave our captain alone from their bullshit.
      ARGENTINA is first and f..k the rest !!!

    • Logically speaking, its better for him now to rest from international games since we’ve qualified. We dont need him to burn out more energy on meaningless games. He’s professional footballer and PSG paid him loads of $$$ so they do have right to have big expectation from him. Messi already played maximum number of games this year with Argentina… I think he played in all 13 or 14 games?

      Messi can play some friendlies in middle of 2022 and Im sure it will benifit us aswell by fielding second strings players like Dybala, Alvarez, Licha, Musso etc.

      Remember Pumpido in 1990 or Pato in 2006? GK can be injured aswell and we need proper back up in all positions.

  3. I am not convinced with some players:
    1) Lo celso ( So inconsistent, can’t defend well, not a proper box to box mf, lacks speed,No where near de paul)
    2) Lautaro martinez (Cant read game well, sometimes completely lost, no understanding with messi and di maria)

    • your thinking is not correct. GLC has been mostly very very good. Lautaro has been scoring goals for arg too. I am in favor of not playing for other reasons. Someone on this forum said that he is different from other arg players in that in the build ups his touches are heavy and it kinda hinders the flow of play. i completely agree with that and another point that I would like to make is that he is not a messi or dybala or adm or nico g caliber player he does not have dribbling ability as much as they do in other words he does not harrass the defenders. just think how much trouble would the defenders of the opposition have if they had to contain messi dybala and nico g. they would be always on their toe and we would score goals for fun. thats why my favorite front trio would be messi dybala nico if possible

      • Messi dybala Nico would get bullied. That is why Lautaro matters so much, he wins back an amazing amount of balls and forces mistakes out the back. He does the running messi and dybala dont. He is our Depaul upfront.

        Not only his energy, he is fearless and an excellent poacher. We need balance. He gives us that. You cant always dribble your way to the goal like the other forwards do. Batistuta was not a world class dribbler, but he was certainly world class at scoring.

    • I understand your points, to me they are here mainly because Scaloni need them to build a team around messi based on their characteristics. Lo Celso likes playing between the lines, likes short passing and Lautaro can make lot of running., messi need that kind of players.

  4. Tagliafico and Acuna will be Exposed heavily by a proper Team

    Our weakness is at Left back position

    If we want to win the World Cup then we must find a Decent Left Back .

    • Acuna plays as a LB for Sevilla, one of the best teams in Spain and among the top 10-15 teams in Europe. Do you think he’s that bad? Can you give concrete examples of how he was exposed exactly?

    • if you believe that we have 1 new Sorin and Scaloni hide him from national team fans then i should inform you that he is not. As about “proper teams” probably you speak about 3-4 teams that considered as football giants. well Argentina is one of the football giants too so don t worry. they afraid too for not be exposed from us.
      Despite all that i believe Acuna and Tagliafico is capable enough to do our bussiness.

    • What are you talking about? Acuna has been a beast. The team is finally starting to show some chemistry and you want them to find new players? That was Diego and Sampa’s problem…Something didn’t work one game and all of sudden there was new team lining up. Stay the course and trust the process…There is already a trophy to show for it

    • Actually not left back the problem is right back defensively i think Molina will struggle against a top speedy skillful winger foyth good defensively bt don’t provide attacking capabilities. Acuna is decent defensively bt don’t provide attacking threat to be honest. Strangely our defense looks great recently. Even otamendi getting older so i prefer more game time for lisandro Martinez and i prefer senesi as 4th cb not pezella. U have to give foyth montiel lisandro Martinez senesi some vital minutes u cant suddenly throw a player in a crunch situation in a knock out game there can be injuries card accumulation loss of form u need to give the backups enough minutes as we r now qualified specially defenders need some match practice they need to play some matches in order to build chemistry. I would have also try some new players in midfield like i want to see lamela and buendia.

  5. I had to rewatch the game. From what I have seen is this:

    1. Nico Gonzalez is top 4/5 important player on NT – can be 2nd or 3rd best if he takes his chances just as he did before he became a starter. He will score an important goal in WC2022 – mark my words!

    2. Otamendi is one of the luckiest CB in World Football. He is our Sergio Ramos. This guy is always escaping red cards and getting questionable yellows (how long will this luck go on?) I need another CB that doesn’t give me a heart attack. One who is calm like Romero or Ezequiel Garay.

    3. LoCelso is overrated. I see the same kid from PSG. He is just a good player, nothing more. Full of potential, but shy and unimpactful when you need him the most. Easily bullied by bigger/stronger midfield players. Dominguez is slightly better (I actually rate him higher – something I see in him) in my opinion but not given the same about of playing time. The only midfield in the NT that graduated from “great potential” to “world-class” is RDP. Parades is a level below, but Paredes and RDP I trust with possession of the ball. The only midfielder we ever had that you could never steal the ball from was the great Riquelme. Today our midfield is not what it once was, but it is good enough and better than masch/biglia.

    4. Lauturo scores every other or every two games. This game required a setpiece specialist goal scorer (one with heading ability). We still need Icardi or try the on fire Simeone (we have to try)

    5. Brazil can’t beat us. Even luck is not on their side these days. They tried to play counter-attack. Scaloni did not bite the bait.

    6. We still have much room for improvement. South American teams have weakened significantly over the last couple of years. This is the fastest we’ve ever qualified and we are unbeaten in 27 games (this is not the best NT either). However, this doesn’t take away anything we have accomplished so far. Although being a weaker NT (excluding 2016-2019), we have shown grit previous renditions of our squad did not show, although they had all the talent in the world (gold generation, etc).

    There is a will to win, and even better the unwillingness to accept defeat.

  6. Well, first of all gongratulations to our beloved Albiceleste to book the place for Qatar with Still 4 games remaining, please correct if i’m wrong about the Numbers of WCQ’s games left…?

    Secondly now as Arg hasallready qualified it is the real and right time to get as close as to actual true potential of this team of Sacaloni’s Arg with 27 game run unbeaten !

    So gongratulations for that too as it is very great achievement allready not forgetting for once the actual Copa won after 28 year’s without major trophy !

    The last 2 games were obviously not the grearest we have seen from this great team, but also Uruguay were desperate to win as they should have as Ota should have also show’n a straight red and hearing things that he might get punish after or eventually makes me feel really sick comparing to what hapoen forexample in Copa last year against Brazil and this bulkshit story with medel getting a red for Messi and Messi getting HISPANIA for speaking the truth and offcourse what happened recently in Brazil when Arg was ready to play, but they decided not !

    All theese things make really sad+tohear about Icardi’s shit vibes spredding to De Paul and to Arg NT !

    SI please everyone with my utmost respect to every member on this site i really beg not to hear this name Icardi anymore, please everyone just forget him and his neverending drama, Ok ? It is better to stop talking about him as he ain’t gonna make it never to Arg NT, period !

    Instead better to concentrate for the future and sorry to say, but sooner or later Arg must find Solution to play without Messi and Di Maria as no one can be greater than them giving so much for Arg NT for past since Riquelme’s days were over and offcourse there many great names who have also given their all for shirt of Arg NT etc…!

    But, Arg must prepare to the worstcase scenario which is as i hate to say it is that what if Messi and Di Maria are injured going to WC or they will get injured or they will not be 100% as age has a toll on every player etc…

    Please, dont get me wrong as i really hope they will be 100 % or even 70-80%,but not only just 50% or below as bit like reffering to 2014 Arg did not have a great bench at all even players from starting eleven were dropping out by injuries so instead 2014 the real good thing is now that Arg has actually were strong bench, but until against Brazil we hardly ever saw Lisandro for example to play or Nico Dominquez as it has been more Alvarez and Palacios or Papu and J.Correa etc… some changes have been made to Arg’s defence, but they all been more as Cuti been either injured or suspended etc…

    So to main points :
    1. Arg’s defence with Dibu look maybe better as ever though as huge fan of Ayala and Samuel or Ruggeri and J.Brown or Pumpido and Coycochea etc.., but one or 2 concern have to be raised Still as the most important players in our Defence are clearly Cuti,Molina and Acunaas they all defended very well against Brazil and Uruguay too and offcourse Dibu behind them so i fell that days of Pezzella were allready long gone during the Copa, though he managed it somehow to Still keep it together, but it is obvious his pace is just not enough anymore also his posessioning is not that great as for example Ota’s who also is abit risky player to have, though he can Still compete with great level, but not sure how long etc… that is why Arg need’s either to use Lisandro at CB instead of him pairing with Cuti or to play with 3 CB’s at back and bring Foyth back to the team to at least give him one more chance and he blews that one away well then move on to another CB’s as time is running out quicker than ever, because all this maddness with club football having to play so many game’s and offcoursevof Covid playing a big factor Still, though great to see full packed stadiums with fan’s again more and more ! So my suggestions are that if Cuti can play let him play also same for Molina at least for one half and then switch either to Montiel or Foyth as more time any player recive’s who has not yet played that much with this current Copa winning team the better it will be for Arg ! Also for Acuna Arg might need another LB than Tagliafigo for to Cover if necessary and specially in tournament’s like WC the more depth you have the more u can also rotate which is needed for sure at some stage as it is a bit longer tournament than Copa, though i rank Copa more physical and as very competive tournament far more than the Current Euro formation with so many teams as there were only 8 at forexample 1984 which for me was the most competive Euro even i was not a fan of Platini’s France another very competive Euro was played in 1988 with Soviet Union coming on top of 2nd group and beating Italy in the Semi’s only loosing to Netherlands 0-2 who had beaten West-Germany in their semi etc.,. and ofcourse at 2000 shared with Netherlands and Belgium were Netherlands actually beat 3-2 at group stage France who won the tournament on extra time with Trezequet’s golden goal a player who could have chosen Arg instead France…also they hammered Yugoslavia 6-1 at quarters and lost to Italy( who should have won the final as being a better team like so many times ended up loosing Still a bit like Arg with just no luck on their side)… at semi’s by penalties…so more depth in the squad the better chance to win, but this depth has to be tested properly by giving them as many minutes as possible as it is the only way to see if certain players can be taken to WC or who should be on the team as if it is only 23 men then 2 goalies instead of 3 might be risky,but it also gives you advantage of bringing along 1 extra player maybe a striker, perhaps…?

    But who, well here we come to the real topic as we back to main points after wondering in the past history of What Euro’s used to be a bit like competition like Copa has alkways been !

    2, strikers and who ? Well, i can’t see Scaloni dropping Lautaro and J.Correa even both are not really as pure strikers specially the latter more as second striker from left…
    My Suggestions are give as much time to Alvarez, Dybala, A.Correa and bring Cholo’s son from Verona allready for the last WQ’s and not let Lautaro and J.Correa play more than half max in every game as i would prefer to see how Arg would play with 2 up front and Messi behind them or Messi upfront with either A.Correa , Alvarez, Dybala and Cholo’s son from Verona with Lo Celso behind them !

    3, middfield delartment : well if Paredes fit i think he will be usefull though Lisandro can play there too so i think Guido’s time might be over as Lisandro can easily cover Paredes and also Otamendi too as this will be very usefull if only 23 man are selected !

    RDP can be covered if necessary by either Dominquez or Palacios as both willbe handy to bring along to WC, but if only 23 are selected then one of them might not be called, maybe or maybe not ? Anyhow both are good enough to be on the team !

    As Di Maria if not injured will most likely go to WC as more of right winger, though can be used also in 3 men attacking trio upfront forexample etc.,.also his experience and being able to score the most important goals for Arg pastly and also recently is a major factor etc…but not need tonplay him if he is performing at Qatar then another player like perhaps Lamela if he can get in super form in time might be handy option as on the left i see N.Gomez as a must also O.Campos should be there if he is in form and Papu too where we come the same problem as allways if only 23 men squad allowed…

    So if theese players are all fit i would go to WC with my Playstation selection, LOL!
    Just remembered that i was writing/posting before to not hurty with who will be in the WC team, but now as qualified suddenly my Mind is playing tricky to me and want’s play football manager, LOL !

    So offcourse i will respect Scaloni’s decission and i think he will getit right by the time to release that list and hopefully everyone who has a chance will stay fit and form and make it as hard as they can for to give a little headache to Scaloni and his respected crew who to ultimatly to bring along to Qatar !

    In meanwhile i will play my Playstation with 23 men squad so here it is !

    GK’s : Dibu, Musso ( theese 2 are must if not and hopefully not injured !)

    CB’s : Cuti,Licha( also theese 2 are must -”- -”- etc. as Licha can play also as DM),Ota and last spot is for up to grab between Senesi, Pezzella, LMQ and hopefully someone more will add competition, but not Pezzella, please…

    LB’s : Acuna( a must as can be used also more in advance position ) and the cover up might be Pezzella as he can be used also as CB, but i hope for more competition…

    RB’s : Molina ( a must ) also i see Montiel currently Still holding on, but depending on how much he will play with Sevilla and also it is time for Scaloni to start use him now as Arg has qualified to Qatar allready ! Also i would like to see Foyth playing under Scaloni again and if playing like in Villarreal then he could be handy as can be used as 3rd CB if needed to play with such a formation or Cover Cuti in the worst Case Scenario which i truly hope not will happen ! Also competition is needed more at least by one more player, but i do not have a name for that unfortunatly…

    So 2 GK’s 4 CB’s 2 LB’s 2-3RB’s=10-11 Players in total so 12-13 left…only, damn…

    Now i just go by the importance of player to Arg’s NT just by my own preffering or maybe more as feeling, perhaps…?

    Messi, RDP, Di Maria, Lo Celso, Paredes, N.Gomez, A.Correa, Palacios, Dominquez, O.Campos, Lautaro, J.Correa, Dybala and that it is allready 13….damn i have to drop either Montiel or Foyth and Still nomplace for Papu and Cholo’s son…damn this football manager/Playstation story sucks big time with only 23 men squad… fuck it better leave it for Scaloni and the crew and stop this my stupid nonsense, LOL !

    27 games unbeaten is worth to trust Scaloni and the Crew to pick up the right team to Qatar ! Then the rest comes to form and fitness and offcourse to team chemistry etc…

    I truly hope and wish from all of my soul and heart that Arg will let celebrate their 3rd WC as since 1978 and 1986 there was only 8 year’s in between and 1990 so damn close as 2014…honestly i feel Arg with better luck would have won at least by now 4 WC’s even 5-6 could have been possible, hell yeah, maybe even 7-8 ! As allways looking with only for Arg and no one else ! Ok, if not Arg then Uruguay are aloud to win by my side and maybe Denmark and Ok if Italy wins i’ll TaKe it as also if Spain wins too, but only in the worst case scenario as i do not want to see France, Germany, Bloody England or any other European country to win the WC ! Specially not Penaldo’s team as also i dont want to see Brazil to win it either or any other SA team like Colombia or deffenetly not Chile, LoL ! I truly hope they dont even Qualify !
    If African country will win WC, well i will give it to them rather than any european slavemaster colonnial country ! Or even team from Asia like South-Korea or Japan rather than any of theese collonial conqurer’s !

    Ok, time to go sleep and hope Scaloni will start playing without Messi which i quess is impossible as i love Messi too much and want him to win with Arg !
    But, to be able to do that many players will need a lot of minutes as possible under they belt to gain maximum experience starting straight away from now on until WC !
    Everything with this group that been around Scaloni must be tried to find as many possible scenarios as can be used to surprise the opponents scouting groups and fuck up the tactical play of opponent by playing Arg style football at best level and be able to score at least one goal in every game and not letting any goals in or if so then Arg must find a way to be able score 2-3 goals per game which will be difficult against anyone as they will try to break Arg’s play as Brazil did and hit by counter or press and try to dominate as Uruguay did etc… either way Arg must be prepared for fight for their life’s and country and expect anything to happen at anytime hopefully meaning to win the WC !

  7. I would like to see Argentina playing against the following teams before the world cup in order to get ready:

    – Germany or Denmark : fast transition football, attacking from everywhere, strong in counter pressing
    – Spain or Croatia: possession football, attack initiated by the quarterback, excellent vision and skill of the midfielders
    – France or Algeria : very physical football mixed with individual talents in attack, the bloc usually at the median line, like counter attack.
    – Switzerland or Senegal: give the possession to the opponents, know how to make the opponents sleep and then counter attack.

    • sorry but from what i read up if that happened the only will happened will be our oponents get ready against us not the oposite.
      Anyway there will not be time for friendly games for teams before world cup so we are speaking empty now.
      Be patient. we will face anyway a lot of those teams you mention in world cup next year.

  8. Following players will definitely go world Cup, unless injuries: Remember I said only injuries, some players in this list can drop form badly and still go world Cup.
    Emi martinez
    Juan musso
    F. Armani.

    Cuti Romero
    Lich martinez
    Fighting for one spot are
    Juan foyth since he verstile can cover right back/ cb.

    De Paul
    Lo celso

    Lionel messi
    Di maria
    Nico gonzalez
    Joaquín Correa.
    Fighting for spot
    A Correa
    L. Alario.
    Alaverz. That is if it’s only allow 23 players.
    No Need to to throw new names because scaloni has his players that he trusts and make sense too
    Do I agree some of his choices no but it’s reality.

    • Agree with the list! It’s 97 % confirm; just hope that Scaloni will give a chance to play with N/T as Arg already put the legs in Qatar like Lamela, Buendia, Gio Simeone. The team still need a lethal striker and good commander at mid to back up De Paul

    • If it is 23 only, I agree with the list. I think the defenders are set though. Cuti, Otamendi, Molina, Acuna, Pezzella, Licha Martinez, Tagliafico, and Montiel. As much as people don’t like Pezzella, Scaloni (not me) finds him reliable enough and he was the one who did that heroic tackle in the Copa America final against Brazil like Masche.

      The 6 midfielders are also set: De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso, Guido, Palacios, Papu Gomez.

      The only one that looks a bit unsecured is A. Correa place to me as he got few minutes only lately. It is between A Correa and J. Alvarez for the last spot to me. The other 5 forwards are for sure: Messi, Di Maria, Lautaro, Nico Gonzales, and J. Correa.

      It is not too early to predict Scaloni’s squad. Some say it is still 1 year from now, things may change. Well if he keeps calling the same squad over and over? Then it means it is a very predictable squad then.

  9. I was looking at the FIFA rankings and I must have missed the last update, ARG in 6th ahead of Spain and ahem ahem Portugal…………..i’m guessing they move up to 5th and bypass Italy in the next one.
    It also says that this was the fastest ARGENTINA has ever qualified for the WC, EVER……I did NOT know that.

  10. By the way, Nico Dominguez is top in Serie A for tackles and pressures, 1st for dribblers tackled, top for successful pressures, 4th for recoveries and blocked shots. We already have players in our squad that are available

  11. My opinion on yesterdays game is mixed. I think it was a great opportunity to beat them but the conditions were not right for us to take advantage of that. I remember realizing 15 minutes into the game that if Lo Celso and Lautaro were in good form today, we would definitely win this. If those two players had been in good form our chances of winning would have been much better. After realizing that 15 minutes in, I had a feeling for the rest of the game it would end 0-0.
    -Our defense kept a clean sheet against Brazil for the third game in a row, Romero is looking better and better
    -Scaloni giving minutes to Alvarez, Dominguez, and especially Lisandro against Brazil are positive signs.
    -We remain unbeaten in 27 and unbeaten by Brazil in 3, and are qualified
    -We kept Brazil uncomfortable during portions of the match and like I said, if a couple more players were on their game yesterday Brazil would have been lucky to get a point.
    -We still seem to lack ideas in counter attacks although it wasn’t a game that totally merited attacking in numbers. Let’s hope that last qualifier’s form comes back.
    -Pezzella being a direct back up to Romero is not a good sign. While Lisandro getting minutes is a big positive it is worrying that Scaloni views him as more of a 3rd choice DM rather than a back up center back. Of course, I don’t want to draw a conclusion too soon and we will see what he thinks of Lisandro in the next qualifiers.
    -Despite seemingly having the most depth in the world in attacking positions, all of the circumstances have left us with a headache in the number nine role. Forget Correa being more of a second striker, even Lautaro is more successful as a second striker in a partnership. Basically we have two second strikers as our 1st and 2nd choice strikers. I am not anti-Lautaro because he does provide positives for the team in his workrate and is not the top scorer of the Scaloni era for nothing, but when he is in bad form it is very noticeable. Angel Correa is a second striker and Dybala is a 10 while even Alvarez is more of a second striker. The only out and out number 9 that is fit is Icardi but there are many reasons why he shouldn’t be in the team, and he only gets 10 touches a game which is abysmal and the opposite of what Scaloni wants as a striker. Aguero is not an option and Alario is always injured. We basically are depending on Lautaro to be in good form and are waiting to see how Simeone’s form continues throughout the season. Those are our most realistic options. It is a dilemna but I hope that Scaloni experiments next qualifiers in this position to fix things.
    Other thoughts:
    -People are criticizing Messi but his own standard has let him down, had any other player played like that they would be hailed. He looked better than during the limited minutes against Uruguay. Give him a couple of months.
    -Why the sudden fervor for Agustin Almendra? Some people are reacting to Lo Celso’s form like if we have absolutely no other options and have to start throwing in random unproven kids to fix something even though at this point they won’t play at their best like even Lo Celso’s worst games. Why are we acting as if there is no option in the squad? Did we just forget that Palacios and Dominguez exist and are both players that can play box to box? We are worried about Lo Celso’s defensive contribution and act like we need to overhaul the squad to fix that while both Palacios and Dominguez are being played in ball recovering positions in their clubs. Very strange.
    -I think the way we played these games proves the tactical importance of Nico Gonzalez. I have seen nobody from mainstream fans to mundo users mention it, probably because everyone hates the look of his misses which really can be an eyesore. But when it comes to the balance of the squad, the tuns he makes, etc, I think we really missed him. Not for every minute of the game of course because we may need finishers to come on in the second half but still, he has an invisible effect that can change the way we play.

    Based on our performances this year, it seems that we improved at a consistent rate throughout Copa (starting off poorly and improving) then improved more and reached our peak August-October, and then took a drop off these last couple of games. Next year Scaloni will focus on making the right adjustments here and there in order to get back to our form a couple of months ago and maintain that.

    • I totally agree with you, thanks to God you have mention nico gonzalez, we definitely missed him so badly
      Isn’t that coincidence whenever nico gonzalez plays left winger lo celso plays well, I’m pretty sure we would have create two or three scoring opportunities if nico gonzalez have played yesterday cuz of his time running, even his club fiorentina missed him dearly too, it’s logic the coaching staff should try to give more game time likes palacios, Dominguez, lich, lmq and A Correa for next qualifier matchs since we have qualified and I think they will do it

    • I don’t think Lo Celso played bad in both games. He was playing OK to me. If he had played bad, Scaloni would have substituted him earlier than the 80th minutes or something. Against Uruguay he was a bit below average but against Brazil he was OK. Not as good as De Paul, but not bad. I don’t think we need an emergency call to replace him.

      Also against Uruguay and Brazil, it is hard to perform good against those two for any player. Unless u have something in your DNA that you tend to play better in big games.

      For me the problem is the back up 9. J Correa is fine and improving for Inter but Scaloni gives him too much confidence. He is the most versatile out of all back up 9 Scaloni has but he is not that good. When we need a goal, J correa is not the answer. When we need to defend the lead, J Correa is the best option as a 9 I agree.

  12. Both the refree and video assistant have been suspended indefinitely for failing to give red card to Otamendi and Brazil will seek punishment from FIFA. Very very stupid from Otamendi. He might get himself a few match ban now.

    • Yeah I just saw that on ESPN, FUNNY HOW THIS WORKS though, how come nothing was mentioned about the 2019 COPA America game BACK THEN??!!
      But a legitimate foul is committed and immediately the lapdog jumps.
      It took FIFA what 2months to investigate what was obvious and this took less than 24 hours to be investigated!! Its all bullshit

  13. a lot of people hide 1 Sampaoli inside them as i have see ha ha ha

    except the joke part seriously if somebody believe that our national team is kind of playstation game that we will put on and off players just because we bore to see same players or we like to play the football manager then is better for him to start play in real playstation and leave our national team in peace.

    the team of world cup will be more or less the same with what we see 2 years now.
    the only that will be tested is 2 or 3 changes ONLY each game with players beside the basic squad in case of cards ,injuries or covid. there will not be major changes in the squad.
    this is what will be the correct thing to do and i am sure Scaloni will do that because he is smart and good coach. Scaloni is not Sampaoli thank God.

    As about the Icardi saga please one of his admirers can he inform me about if exist new episode to the soap drama?
    if i miss something please somebody inform me.

    in the last episodes i watch that he break up with his wife because he cheat her with one sexy actress. After they announce that they didn t break up because Icardi cry so much to save his marriage. In the next episode finally Icardi admit to his teammates in PSG that he true met with that woman in a hotel in Paris but they met as friends not have sex (ha ha ha ha). why to not believe him of course. sure i believe him.
    AND few days after that ALL OF THE SUDDEN in the newspapers in Argentina we was reading that 4 WIVES of 4 national team players had receive 1 hot private video in their mobiles sended from Icardi s friend (the actress) with her naked doing…things. One of the wives of national team players send this video to Icardi wife as evidence. Of course the other 4 national team players sense the danger and they didn t bother to give attention to this actress lady. But guess who didn t be careful. our wonder striker Icardi.

    Do i miss something my friends?
    Do i missed other episode to Icardi saga?
    After that i still wonder WHY Scaloni still have Icardi out of the team.
    it is real mystery !!!

    • Thank you, Finally someone who realizes this is a good team that isn’t going to win 4-0 every game. They were essentially qualified even before this game. People don’t want the other teams to even have a shot on our net…I got news for you…We will concede goals. Our defence is good enough to not concede many but they will concede. Everyone relax, There is a year to go and like Cox said there may be only 2 -3 changes….Maybe. This team has proven they can win, Why change a bunch of players because they have 1 or 2 bad games. I trust Scaloni, The players believe in his idea and plan and so do I. Adelante Argentina

    • I agree. Another thing to mention after the Icardi drama began is that there surfaced rumors of De Paul having an affair with the actress model Icardi cheated with. Of course the rumors are false and De Paul had to publicly deny them, but Icardi isn’t even called up to the national team and yet STILL is causing unnecessary headaches to our players. De Paul is a professional that I think is married with two kids, and Icardi’s drama from another country and other teams has to have an effect on him? Just imagine what would happen if he was in the team. Plus, why go through the pain to get Icardi into the team if he is only going to get ten touches a match? It wouldn’t even fit Scaloni’s style of play or make us play well

  14. It’s even now! Marcello elbowed Messi in 2017 in the Clasico and no card was shown, so it’s square now. Anyway, Otamendi should have been more careful. He played not that great yesterday and Sacloni should find someone else for that position.

  15. Many people are calling for various players that they think Scaloni should call. Myself, I think we need a back-up to Lautaro, Gio Simeone possibly if he continues his good run of form. Icardi is extremely unlikely to get called because, A – him and his wife are still a mess, B- he does not start for PSG on a regular basis. It would be a minor miracle if Scaloni calls him up.

    I think both Palacios and Nico Dominguez are just fine and should stay in the squad, barring injuries and drop of form. Any new player that folks are suggesting should be called, e.g. Buendia, Lamela should first establish themselves as regular starters at their clubs and warrant their call-up with good performances. Buendia is not even close to his Norwich form yet, hopefully a new coach can get the best out of him. Lamela is still largely a sub, if he cements a starting place in Sevilla, performs well and more importantly stays healthy I think he could be a great asset.

    Let’s see if Scaloni decides to experiment and try a few ideas before we finally play the WC.

  16. Some players Scaloni should seriously consider
    1)Marcos Senesi (Must)- in place of LMQ
    2)Agustin Almendra (Must)
    3)Icardi or gio simeone (Icardi preferably)
    4) Ocampos (Deserves another call)

    This will be last world cup for Papu. I think Buendia will replace papu after that. So i am not adding him in list.

    • We will need one of palacios/ dominguez for sure. Icardi for his personal mess shld be no where close to NT. If gio simeone keeps up this form, he shld atleast be tried.

          • Palacios is a regular for Bayern leverkusen and Dominguez is one of the best midfielders in Italy this year why would he take any of the two out mrinal it’s time to get it thru your thick skull icardi is done with Argentina he is dogshit there r soo many better options and stop with buendia already. I’ve said this for 3 years in a row now, he is a div 2 championship player and nothing else he has done absolutely nothing his whole time in the bpl might as well give me a cap if u r gonna give em to a useless player like that.

  17. Boluddddddddo! Nico could have cost us… he knew what he was doing… he is our rock; the biggest personality on the team but childish display and honestly a straight red

  18. Yes, Otamendi should have been given a yellow or very possibly a RED for his stupid offense and yes Homefield advantage does exist obviously but then again ARG was blattenly CHEATED IN 2019 by the REF. for not even looking at the replay.

  19. Before heading to Qatar Lautaro and Gio simioni in striking position will be good I think. both are injury less players and good in agewise. They are in right fighting shape in terms of the physicality and in thr current foam.Lamela Buendia or Barco can be a good sub for locelso in world cup. Picking anyone in this looking good..

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