Argentina to play Italy in June at Wembley in London, England


Argentina is set to play Italy in June at Wembley in London, England.

It’s the Copa America champions against the Euro winners as Argentina will play Italy. The match was confirmed months ago but the venue was set to be announced. According to Gaston Edul, the match will be played at Wembley.

Per the tweet, Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni would also play one more friendly match against European teams during that month.


  1. River Plate are champions of Argentina with a 12 point advantage, at least one goal scored in every game, a 35+ goal difference, best home and away record, and of course with lots of young Argentinians helping out. We all already know about Alvarez (22 goal contributions in 18 games) but a big merit should be given to Simon and Enzo Fernandez, both of whom didn’t start off this season playing much but amid many injuries to first team players replaced them perfectly. There was not one game so far this season where not at least one player was out injured. Other young players that have had some involvement or at least opportunities are Rollheiser, Peña, Galvan, Girotti, Vigo, and Paradela.

    Look at this assist for Alvarez from Enzo Fernandez earlier this week
    https: //
    And Fernandez again yesterday against Racing
    https: //
    So far what I’ve noticed from Enzo Fernandez is he is kind of like Lo Celso, can play as an attacking midfielder, center mid, double pivot. He is not a DM but does work for ball recovery

    • my friend we are very deserved champions. i am so happy really. i can t explain you. we win everything during Gallardo era and i really hope and praying he stays with us. i believe we have bright future in front. Probably Brito will win the elections and that means that Francescoli will remain in his position. that will be good for us even if Gallardo leave in worst senario.
      EL MAS GRANDE sigue siendo RIVER PLATE Y será más grande aun en el mañana
      Por el juego, por las ganas y el orgullo de tener Una banda roja que nos cruza el alma.

      • LMAO, I’ve been looking to this matchup ever since both countries failed to automatically advance to the WC and got my wish.
        Italy all the way, I hope they lock his ass down so we don’t get to see him jump up and down like a monkey and showoff to the cameras.
        One game at a neutral site, no more home fans here and there and Italy will KILL TO ADANCE and not repeat what happened the last time around.

        • I would like to see Italy there. They are a classic team like Brazil, Germany, England, France, Argentina…Portugal aren’t one of the classic teams like the others mentioned, The only reason anyone cares if they are there is because of CR7…Once he’s finally retired no one will care of Portugal is there or not. If Argentina or Brazil doesn’t qualify its felt all over the world.

          • Even overrated England has been in WC final at least once. Portugal isnt world cup traditional powerhouse, they can stay home.

            CR has never been WC finalist or top scorer or golden ball winner either, so we’re not exactly missing a WC star.

    • i think B. Romero should be a chance to play number 9 role as a sub at least. as far i see the whole session of river plate he is quite impressive and desparetive to score.

      • Yaa me too impressed with him especially his heading skills which always not end up goals bcz of unluck but he is very skillful header something pur strikers dont have these days

  2. To be honest club form of our players doesn’t bother me atall anymore unless it is really worse. All the players in different level when they play for NT anyway

    • Here;s the thing with Messi, he’s still recovering from hamstring injury that basically started after those tackles at Copa America especially the 6 yellow cards of Colombian players that were all from tackles on him. He’s still never look quite the same since then.

      There’s two reasons why he couldnt accelerate much… Firstly, he didnt manage himself well by keep playing for Argentina even when not needed, secondly, preasure from PSG to play as many games as possible.

      So he has no option now but to keep playing even if still injured especially after Leonardo already made a remark when Messi decided to travelled for that latest qualifier round and he basically did nothing in those 2 games. Poor decision on Messis’ part.

  3. A lot of people are worried about Lo Celso and a back up to him. That being said, I am surprised that Palacios is not being mentioned more. Today he had a great game in the Europa league. His passing is excellent, very smooth and manages to get through tight spaces. Some of his passing is so perfect it passes so close to opposition players yet can’t be intercepted. He also focuses on recovering the ball and challenging runners, which I mention since some of us are worried about Lo Celso’s defending. He also looks pretty press resistant and knows when to pass the ball back, but when he doesn’t have to always passes it forward. I remember I did not like it when he started a game ahead of Lo Celso a year ago, then he got injured and when Lo Celso came on he changed the game, but that is a good version of Lo Celso. When he is out of form like we’ve seen recently, Palacios would make a great alternative option, not even to mention Dominguez. It would be good for them to compete with each other for a spot. I am not making this conclusion off of one game either, Palacios has played well pretty much every time he’s put on a Bayer Leverkusen shirt

    • I agree, Palacios and Nico Dominguez give us depth in central midfield. I remember how Palacios had a great game for us in La Paz in altitude of all places. Nico Dominguez is having a great season for Bologna so far too.

      Somebody wanted Almendra as an option though which is hilarious 🙂
      As an outside option I would rather give consideration to Zaracho.

  4. Here is what Tuchel had to say about PSG:

    “It’s easier to manage Lukaku than Neymar or Mbappe. At PSG, I felt I was the Sport Minister. I had to also manage family members and friends of the stars.”

    We all know that Brazilian players are almost finished at age 30 (Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Robinho, Luis Fabiano, Adriano, Kaka, Ronaldinho etc). This is due to injuries or a lifestyle of partying, drinking, and ego-tripping.

    The best thing that happened to Messi was when Barcelona sold Ronaldinho to prevent him from influencing Messi. Messi was surrounded by professionals. Even Xavi slapped Neymar in the face once during a celebration. I have noticed over the years Mbappe being influenced by Neymar and his attitude went from humble prodigy to extremely arrogant to the point that Mbappe reminds me of earlier CR7.

    • yeah I understand what you meant, mbappe is from sarcelles, I can tell you my friend all players there talk, play and behave in the same way as mbappe because the competition is super tough since tender age. the only thing that mbappe doesn’t have is his team spirit. all those players only care about their stat but not on the content because they learnt football from.the Street.

      very true on the Brazilian, usually very young talents become famous at 16 and then almost retired before 28

  5. It’ll be totally dishonest to say Messi didn’t play well at PSG just because of other players or the coach. I think, even though PSG is not my club, he should behave much more professionally during a match for respecting the game, for respecting the football fans and most of all for respecting his team-mates who run and made efforts for you. What I have seen is a guy don’t make any effort, Dias had the ball at 3m from him and he turned his back. I thought there was a fault or the referee stopped the match but actually no. He just didn’t give a shit. I read the statistic after the match, the total run distance of Man City players exceed the PSG by 7km, it’s a lot for a match at this standing. I don’t remember that kind of km difference between 2 big teams. There must be some problem with this team internally. The dressing room is totally divided.

    It’s not a good thing for the national team if Messi keeps on playing that badly at club. Scaloni built the team around him.

    • you said the true. People here are not very objective about Messi because he is who he is. FOr me too Messi is the best of the history, what he did will stay forever and will be never forget but it’s a fact : Messi now is a problem for a team.

      He cant play on the right anymore because he dont defend at all and the defender is explose, he cant play on like a “false 9” because he cant move anymore well between the line and make some rush anymore.

      Yes when you have 9 players like in Argentina who run for you, the problem can be manage a little, but when you play for the PSG with 3 Superstar who dont want to act “for the team” Messi is a dramatic problem.

      The other problem is before you could accepted Messi didnt work for the defense because i made magic in the attack, but with PSG he is just horrible … No create nothing, cant dribble anymore. Mbappe is the main one, its a fact.

      So of course, all the problem are no from Messi, the midfield is horrible, Herrerra and Gueye cant make a good pass and Messi touch the Ball too far, of course his physical condition is super poor because of the injury, because he didnt have preparation before the season with the Copa America, because he was in Argentina most of the time with 90 minutes for his 2 first games of the season (it was so dumb …)

      But even… We can hide the fact Messi now dont even try to do the minimum a Football Player have to do : to walk 99% of the time and not even try a pressing when the rival is at 2 meters of you is a lack of respect for your partners. But Messi is too big, nobody can tell him something about it.

      • Nobody talks about the amount of chances Mbappe misses. The reason he seems to be more active than Neymar and Messi is because these two are suppose to feed him all the balls. You replace Neymar with Mbappe , he will get you the same number of goals Mbappe will get you. You put Messi at no9 position he will get you more goals than both of these combined. The reason PSG is sufferring is not Messi , it’s Mbappe. He is good but not good enough to make everyone in the team suffer. Even if they sign Zindane , Mbappe is leaving and I don’t blame him, Ligue-1 is kind of MLS for these players and he is in the start of his prime and should play in competitive league. The reason most of you guys are blaming Messi is because your eyes are focused on Messi during the course of the match, if you start paying attention on how many times the mediocre PSG players pass to other players instead of Messi then you will realize, its the mediocre midfield and defense of PSG is the problem. Messi always played with a striker the entire time at Barca and that striker no matter who (Villa, Eto, Henry, Ibra,Suarez) no-one contributed in defense. Messi is not fit right now and that is why he is playing carefully. He is slowly getting his fitness back. If PSG wants to not get knocked out from CL , they will need to accept the fact that Messi needs to see more of the ball. The last ten minutes of the match against Nantes should make it clear that Messi makes things happen. Even the goal again City was the result of Messi contribution.

        • Sorry to say Sulav, you cannot be more wrong. Mbappe is playing great and understandably so he is the target man.
          Neymar’s form has dropped drastically. While I do agree Messi can be effective as a target man,but the fact is he is not young anymore and for some reasons, he is losing balls which you would never see with Messi.

          The other problem is Messi has to track back and when he starts something, Neymar was trying to hog the ball and have seen at times wasting chances. The whole problem is with the tactics and these 3 forwards who when they have a chance, they are not keeping the ball inside the box.

          • Messi tends to lose possession a lot if he is unfit as he tries to avoid any kind of tackle. Mbappe is playing well but he has been missing a lot too!

  6. i don t know who take the deside the game take place in London in hostile for our national team place but i will consider as FULL responsible and will take ALL the blame from me AFA and Tapia if i watch again things like boowing our national anthem and bad behave against the dead DIEDO from English fans in wembley chants.

    Tapia you are fully responsible for whatever negative will happened against us that day.



    i wake up today with a sadness in my heart. my brain return back one year before. yes i can t stop that even if i want so much. Pain is still there and it will remain as long as i live.
    i will never forget that day even if i have so much desire to do that.
    i wish one day i wake up and i realize that this was just a bad bad dream.


    • Can’t believe it’s already been a whole year. Still feels so weird and out of place that he’s gone.

      I feel weird today, today I am happy because we can win the primera division. But then I feel sad when I think about Diego. I don’t know what to feel or how to feel.

      Either way we are so lucky as Argentinians or Argentina fans to have been blessed by both Diego and Leo. No other country can say they have something like that. After Diego left us we won the Copa America against Brazil, Italy beat none other than England, and Napoli are top of seria a. Maybe I am just superstitious but I wonder if that pattern will continue in the World Cup. I feel like Diego’s spirit is still with us, it doesn’t really feel like he’s completely gone.

      And I agree with you about playing it in England. If anything it’s a bad place for both teams, I remember Italian fans were assaulted on the streets after the game. How it was mutually agreed that both Argentina and Italy would go play in England is impossible to understand. Actually it’s not, money is the reason obviously. Wembley is a stadium with no club so it’s like they have to fill in as many other games as possible in there to make money.

      • my friend today little more than 72000 fans will be in Monumental for first time after pandemic begin. the restrictions for capacity ended a week ago and the crazyness for today s match is unexplainable. we will be champions man. we was waiting so f…ing long and finally the day comes and….. it is 25 November and honestly i can t enjoy as much i was dreamed.
        Something inside me is eating me and i can t be happy as much as i would normally.
        my friend among joke and serious what you write about after Diego die what we live it is true. it is happening. So really i start think that one year up there DIEGO should have make everybody upside down. He should have make everything mess up there and God to calm him down just doing his favors to bring the peace again ha ha ha ha

        So i will not be surprised if next year we will win world cup.
        Maybe is part of their agreement he he he
        DIEGO i am sure he is still “working” for us 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Yes haha I agree, Diego being Diego must be helping us. Anyway I am so happy we are champions. The team really deserves it after what happened in 2020 with the league. It is great to see so many young players from our inferiores making us champions, after so many injuries and circumstances going against us. Any critiques anyone can give Gallardo is gone (assuming there are any doubts at all). The one year we focus on the league and have no cup competitions we are winning by 12 points and who knows by how much more after the next three games. Now we can be happy Gallardo won the only thing left for him and we can now focus on what happens with his future, the elections, transfer window, etc

  8. PSG better go for Kante in January and play double pivot with better defenders. Other than Marquinhos , the rest of the defenders look clueless. Hakimi’s defending has been mediocre and for a full back he is having a very poor season. I can bet Dani Alves would perform better than him and connect with Messi. Their left full backs are even worse!! PSG’s overrated midfielders and defenders are able to get away by blaming the front three so far but they are also the reason PSG is being held back. Neither they are able to defend properly nor properly connect with the forwards. In Ligue1, front 3s individual brilliance has been bailing them out but against quality teams in the Champions league their mediocrity has been exposed. If Poch don’t want to destroy his career prospects and endup like Mourniho then he and PSG will need to offload a lot of useless misfit players in January and get some good defenders and defensive mids. Two proper defensive mids with Ramos and Marquinhos at the back might just help bring the balance in the team.

    • Or appoint a new coach as Pochettino seems to be clueless. Three brilliant players upfront and most of time they seem completely absent. French newspapers are slaughtering coach and players.

  9. Today is Diego’s first death anniversary 😢.
    So imperfectly perfect a life . Diego is what made many non Argentines like me life long fans of the Albiceleste & we were all further blessed to have messi continuing the momentum

  10. For anyone that knows the schedule, would this game be played during a FIFA date or will we be the only national teams playing? Would we get together for this one game or would we have the possibility for a friendly before or after this? I am wondering if it will be like the qualifiers dates where we have two games

  11. I feel like the biggest issue with PSG has nothing to do with the present and the Poch problem, but is a general theme over several years. They seem to have struggled to find a balance between trying to be a marketing super brand and a football club that wants a project and results. Look at clubs like Liverpool or Bayern, they have no Pogbas, Ronaldos, Neymars, or Zlatans, they focus on building up long term success with intelligent transfer decisions and getting the right manager. PSG are spoiled. They to be that, they want to win champions leagues and become a European force, but they focus too much on their image. They expect every manager that comes through the door to win them the champions league and if it doesn’t happen they are quick to pull the trigger. They focus on getting luxurious superstars which is why the club is full of egos. They want to sell shirts and be a brand. Manchester United is kind of like that right now for example. A club that has been able to work that balance in other years is Real Madrid, being a global brand with superstars but getting results. Pochettino is more of a project manager that needs time to build a team in his vision. I am not sure why they went after him to get him on a two year contract and immediately start negotiating with other managers. But as long as they keep on making money, they don’t care if they have to be in a limbo of firing and hiring managers. Manchester City is another interesting case, they also have some similarities to PSG in that they are an oil money club that are a big brand; but they don’t focus on getting the “best” footballers out there, rather the best footballers for them. Yet they still haven’t managed to get a CL, maybe bad luck in some cases

    • Juventus bought CR, still failed to win CL since 90s. In fact , they did better when Tevez was their driving force and reached CL final , almost securing treble.

      Alves experience also helped them alot at that time and I believe Ramos could have similar impact for PSG.

      PSG cant play with 4 attackers at once especially against strong sides. The problem is, Leonardo must be preasuring Poch to fields all big names at once whenever they’re fit enough to play.

      When Barca won with MSM trio, they got dominant midfielders still at their prime like Busquet, Iniesta and Rakitic. These are players who could carry the ball and controls the tempo in midfield and PSG has NONE of that. The likes of Verrati and Herrera are very limited. It only takes one player to press them and they couldnt find a way through, other than backpassing.

    • yes as u said, the pbms are there especially we could see on the faces of some players, I think they are not happy to be at psg: paredes yelled on neymar for making more run but the Brazilian insulted him back, marquinhos was angry with the non chalance of the 3 players in attack and decided to play on the right, hakimi show his frustration to messi because he never wanted to combine with him despite his runs.

      having neymar and messi 2 players who walk on the pitch is too much in the modern football. ney is not the same player anymore, he lost his pace and his dribbles not working anymore so he plays in an attacking central midfielder role, in this role, di maria is way better. the only good thing about psg last night was Paredes, he was the only satisfaction with marquinhos.

    • True that. Poch punched much above his weight at spurs. A CL final even when Levy was not giving him any extra money to spend. Given time & non interference of leonardo, he will get PSG the elusive CL.

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