Maxi Rodriguez announces retirement from football


Maxi Rodriguez has announced his retirement from football.

Rodriguez was part of some memorable moments in Argentine football history. The 40 year old announce his retirement from football on Friday with his boyhood club Newell’s Old Boys being his last team.

Scorer of one of the greatest goals in World Cup history, Maxi scored for Argentina against Mexico at the 2006 World Cup in extra time. His other memorable moment came at the 2014 World Cup where he scored the penalty which took Argentina to the World Cup final.

Part of three World Cup teams for Argentina, Maxi was part of the U20 team which won the 2001 U20 World Cup. He played for Newell’s where he was part of their youth team and signed with Espanyol, spending three seasons at the club.

He would then join Atletico Madrid for five years and join Liverpool for two years. He would go back to Newell’s for five years before joining Peñarol and retiring with Newell’s Old Boys. He announced his retirement through Instagram as he posted an emotional video.



  1. The penalty he scored against the Netherlands is pretty much recorded in my memory. I remember every second from him standing there, looking at the goal, to the knee slide in front of el Chiquito Romero. Such happy, and also sad memories

  2. just seen the playoffs draw for European teams, good luck to Portugal fans, it’s a perfect example that football changed a lot during the past few years, you cannot win in playing defensive like sabella, mourinho, deschamps did in the past. Even deschamps changed his football recently to be competitive. some fans here said all we need is a solid defense and rely on individual talents in attack like in 2014 but we are in 2021 now and those people should turn on the TV and watch football games. even italy doesn’t play like this anymore. if you watch premier league, Ligue 1 and serie A, almost all the mid table teams try to play football against the big ones. nobody will park the bus and wait for counter attack, it’s too simplistic.

  3. he used to be one of my favorite players, able to play in all kind of formation. big fan of the attack saviola d’alessandro maxi in 2001 u20, probably the best u20 team ever.

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