Juan Musso on Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martinez, Rodrigo De Paul


Juan Musso spoke about the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martinez and Rodrigo De Paul.

Musso has become the back-up goalkeeper for the Argentina national team and was part of the Argentina team that won the Copa America. Still only 27 years old, he is now at Atalanta and has represented Argentina. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, he was asked about Lionel Messi. Here is what he had to say:

“We are aware that this could be his last World Cup or maybe not. Nothing surprises me about him anymore because physically, he is impressive.

“We know that we play with the best in the world, we want him to have what he deserves. We wanted him to win the Copa America for him to be able to get rid of the load off his back and enjoy winning something.

“He is a motor and an example for everyone.”

The Argentine also spoke about his efforts:

“It’s good to work for that. I work hard to be able to be at the World Cup. I make an effort and I try to improve myself. It’s what I have always dreamed of.

“I value every call up to the Argentina national team as a new opportunity. A reward for what I have been doing. It wasn’t easy. I don’t feel like I have to show anything to Scaloni because I know that he watches all of my matches. In that sense, I feel evaluated and followed.”

When asked about Emiliano Martinez, Musso had this to say:

“I am very happy that Dibu is doing well and that he had the Copa America that he had because I am part of the team. I will always push forward but I also know that my moment in the national team hasn’t arrived yet. I would be more concerned if it had happened.

“I am calm, I’m two years younger than him and I know that the moment has yet to come. I focus on always being ready because moments arrive when you least expect them.

“Three months before he started to play, no one knew Dibu. No one was saying that he had to play. After that, he had a good season and they would say his name more but he knew who he was and what he is capable of. It doesn’t surprise me because I know him.”

He was also asked about former Racing Club team mate and current team mate with the Argentina national team, Rodrigo De Paul:

“He loves football and the day to day. He lives it with a lot of passion, he transmits a lot of enthusiasm. His growth as a football player was impressive. He doesn’t surprise me but he changed a lot his way of playing. He was a playmaker and today is a midfielder who stands out for his running and recoveries, more than scoring goals.

“He understood that spot he could occupy in the national team and what he could give as a player. He is very clear with the ball at his feet, he is skillful, he recovers and he runs. He is one of the most complete midfielders in world football. It makes me very happy for him because he won it only on the pitch.”


  1. Rumour regarding Meza back to the Squad again is such a disastrous news. Please god, don’t let the same mistakes strike the NT again.
    Argentina not winning a major silverware since 1993 due to pathetic coaching decisions not only depressed the fans but also costed the players’ legacies and exposure to a very high extent. Legendary players didn’t got the recognition they deserved and top notch players ended up staying with Average clubs for the most of their career.
    After winning the Copa America, our players gained some recognition but not to the extent they deserve.
    For instance, Julian Alvarez who has had a tremendous season for River still couldn’t caught the attention of Real, Barca, Liverpool or Bayern and pretty sure he would ultimately get hired by some mid table clubs, even after there were several reports about him being scouted by top clubs…but if he was a Brazilian, he would have played for Madrid now.

    I hope Scaloni would never commit such mistakes again for the upcoming WC, this year it’s our best chance and if we can’t capitalize it…we won’t be winning again for the next 2-3 decades. Afterall, our players won’t get trainings and learn tactics from the top clubs.

  2. We are making a wrong move especially in this January cycle of qualifiers. We must try our best to take Colombia out of the equation for the world cup ( of course it’s not sportsmanship to some extent ) because Brazil and Colombia are toughest in South America for us at the moment. Chile and Uruguay are passable but Colombia is harder than that. Also the only strong opponent for Colombia in their remaining fixtures is us. Win or draw with us certainly pulls out Chile or Uruguay and ensures Colombia qualification. Messi should be helping Suarez at the moment.

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