Maxi Meza, Esteban Andrada to be called to the Argentina national team


Maxi Meza and Esteban Andrada are expected to be called to the Argentina national team.

Meza and Andrada will reportedly be back in the Argentina national team squad for the January and February World Cup qualifying matches. According to Gaston Edul, the two players that are presently with Monterrey will be included in the list which Scaloni will announce at the end of this week.

In regards to Meza, he was part of the 2018 World Cup squad. Esteban Andrada was last caleld to the team back in October 2021 against Peru in the World Cup qualifiers.

They would be on the team along with Gio Simeone, Paulo Dybala and Matias Soule.


    • this sounds more probable than big team rumors we heard earlier. I would say, this is still probable. Eventually would be a sad move to MLS or Russia. I have to admit I don’t see anything super special in him. Jury is out for me.

      • Why do you not see anything special in him? He is a very complete, versatile, modern, and talented player that has has more goals and assists than Lautaro did when he was last. in Argentina in less starts. It is almost impossible for him to go to one of those leagues because he has already rejected a lot of money to go to the mls even before he had exploded and claimed he would only go to Europe (that was before he had European offers) so it is evident he is not that type of person. Now I do agree that the above teams mentioned are more probable than superclubs like Bayern or City on the basis that he obviously is intelligent about his career choices and prefers to have minutes at a stepping stone club

  1. It seems like Messi won’t join this time. Otherwise some strange players won’t be called up. So Scaloni is planning to do some auditions then. If this is going to be an Argentina B team then call up Benitez and Senesi too. Luka Romero too probably and Barco. Just not Gaich please.

  2. Maxi Meza again? I hope this is a false rumor because I can not understand it at all. This is like going backwards. What does he provide or add to the team? Most likely nothing. He is 29, not going anywhere new in his career except Mexico and maybe some move to the middle east, he is very average and if anything dilutes the quality of our squad and training, he is not even some old legendary player or figure in the locker room that can be a good example to our young players (like what Dani Alves is doing at Barca now). In the context of an upcoming World Cup this is worrying. Why not call up some young player like Luka Romero or Velasco? The Andrada inclusion is more predictable but still frustrating considering the pool of goalkeepers we have in Europe that are also younger.

    My personal opinion about calling up players in this. We should only call up players from Europe and Argentina that are performing well and are good enough to be in the squad based on ability, merit, and tactically. If they are from another league they should only be called up if they are exceptionally good (unlike Meza). If it is from the Argentina league for example I prefer it to be young exciting players with a future that can gain experience (when talking about players that get called up occasionally and are not the core of the team). I guess the same can apply to Europe as well.

    Going back to the conversation about Senesi and Perez I can not understand for the life of my why Senesi has not been called up yet. With most controversial picks I can find a reason. Pezzela and Armani for example may not be good enough on the field when compared to a national team standard but I believe they are called up because they are figures in the dressing room (both having been captains of their clubs) and Scaloni likes that type of player. He also will not drop a player unless they perform disastrously even if they are average. No matter how much I think about it I can not understand the Senesi situation. He does not have off the field drama like Icardi. He is young and has played many more games of top flight football than Perez has as an example. He can contribute to attack with long balls and other attributes. He is better than other center backs that have been called up and even some that have played for us (Balerdi, Perez) which reminds me of the Romero situation. It blows my mind that those two made their debut before Romero. He does have a weakness in that he sometimes commits errors but Otamendi and Foyth do as well right? Enganche made a good point yesterday that Senesi has not been involved in an Argentina youth setup before which makes sense since that was a major metric for deciding the U20 players that got called up last time. There is also always the concept of “if you call someone new up who do you drop him for” which I think is a good thing to consider, but we have had injuries in the past and other situations which should have given him the chance at least once. In fact I think LMQ has covid now, perhaps the invisible hand again? I guess we should make a final conjecture once the entire list is officially released

    • “Follow the money” as they say. Calling him to NT give him foreign expose. I’ll bet some high ranking or very influential person has rights to Meza and will profit when hes purchased.

      • That could be a possibility. Unfortunately so much is driven by money and it is not getting better. If it is not a reason like that I just don’t understand

    • That’s why Scaloni dropped points in my own metric. We often looked for excuses why Scaloni didn’t call Romero or kept calling Preyra or still not calling Sensi. But if we experience the hand of God one after another, it adds to another layer of Scaloni’s inability to identify true prospects for the National team.

  3. ahh shit here we go again , If this is true this not looking good for us. There is no news related to players like rafa and senesi while guys like perez and meza are getting called up , with perez you can still tell yourself that okay maybe ayala and samuel see something in him that we dont but meza a 29 year old AM , sorry but he is of no use at all.

  4. Excuse my language what the really
    This is typical Argentina managers madness
    I mean meza is one the worst player ever wear Argentina shirt no please not again.

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