Lionel Messi unlikely to be called to Argentina team for World Cup qualifiers


Lionel Messi is unlikely to be called to the Argentina national team for the World Cup qualifiers.

Messi is expected to miss the January and February World Cup qualifying matches for Argentina. As we reported last week, coach Lionel Scaloni is set to make several changes to the team for the upcoming qualifiers. One of them is leaving Messi out of the team.

Scaloni and his staff have reportedly spoken to Messi regarding the possibility of not calling him up for the matches against Chile and Colombia. Messi’s response was reportedly to give him a few days to decide. According to reports out of France, Messi’s answer is to be rested and remain with PSG for those matches.

The Argentina coach is set to announce his list of players by the end of this week and we already have a few names that have been confirmed. Verona have already tweeted out that Gio Simeone has been called up to the team while Udinese have tweeted that Nahuel Molina and Nehuen Perez have also been called up.


  1. well my opinion is different than the majority of fans here.
    Messi shouldn t stay in France and second he shouldn t miss the game against Chilenos putos.
    he could stay in bench against Colombia.

    i don t see any bennefit for our national team if Messi stay in Paris.
    only psg wins and forgive me but i don t give a fuck for the good of psg.
    as about the critics about Messi in Paris or in rest of Europe again i don t give a shit.

    Messi is the best player in world and NOTHING and i really mean NOTHING can change that.
    Even if Messi don t score not even one time till June.
    Everybody knows very well who is Messi from 2006.
    i don t expect any kind of idiot tell me in 2022 who or what is Messi.

    • No matter what you think messi no need to play this meaningless matches. He needs proper rest. I don’t want messi to go to qatar fully exhausted or because of over playing major injury can happen and messi could miss out the whole tournament as well.

  2. Let Messi take rest and Dybla should take his chances.
    Best team for Qualifier 4 3 3

    Lanzini Simione Dybla
    Lo celso Paredes De Paul
    Acuna Otamendi Foyth Mollina
    Emi Martinez

  3. Do anybody know what is the exact reason for Messi yet to come to collective training, where player such as Di Maria covid affected after Messi but already returned to training.

  4. I don’t usually feel comfortable with dropping core players but Dybala is world class and shares his characteristics and is a perfect replacement. It is good for us to work with him so that he can be well incorporated in the team to best perform his role of a Messi back up in the future. Messi has had so many interruptions and challenges this year the last thing he needs is to travel straight back to Argentina and play in the altitude in Chile. He has had an injury, covid, switched teams, triple qualifiers, etc. A couple of weeks to stay at PSG to rest and work there is best. He is also not playing the next PSG game.

    The more I think about the Meza situation I am 90% sure it’s about money

  5. I support the decision to not select Messi for the remaining of the qualifiers. He is receiving a lot of flak from his haters due to his poor run of club form and he does seem to be affected by those criticism as he had announced retirement from the national team in the past. Focusing on PSG games right now will reduce some pressure off of him and also help him get back to form. I am still 1000% sure that his poor run of form is mental and due to bad coaching strategy and not because of his age! He is the kind of player who needs the team to be built around him which Poch and his subordinates have failed to realize. I can guarantee you guys he will keep playing for another 2 to 3 years at peak level in Europe and may be a year or two in MLS before hanging up his boots.

  6. It is very rarely seen the kind of development vinicius had in a span of one year time , now he has become one of the best player in the world. He was fast and skillful but his decision making and finishing has improved drastically. Brazil should build a team around him rather than finished Neymar.

    • Its better for us that they haven’t realise this thing yet and are gonna built around ney , I have watched him all season long and those beers are slowly showing their effect , he is very close to dusted but the weird part is he doesn’t care lol

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