Paulo Dybala not expected to renew with Juventus, free agent in June


Paulo Dybala is not expected to renew his contract with Juventus as he would become a free agent in June.

Dybala was expected to renew his contract, which expires on June 30, 2022 but according to several reports out of Argentina and Italy, the 28 year old will be playing elsewhere next year. According to César Luis Merlo, unless something radical changes in the situation, Dybala won’t remain with Juventus as he is upset that the club have changed the conditions for his new deal.

The Argentine joined them back in 2015 from Palermo. His best individual season season at the club was in 2017-2018 where he scored 26 goals in 46 matches with 22 of them coming in the league. He finished last season with five goals in 26 matches, four of them in 20 league matches.

He is presently on nine goals in 20 matches, six in the league in 15 matches and three in the Champions League. He is expected to be called up to the Argentina national team this month.


  1. I really don’t understand the role of Pezzella and Tag in the team. I would rather bring Lincha and Quatra. Lincha can play as midfielder, left back and central defender. Pezzella and Tag can only play one position. We have to make space for Alvarez…. Please Scaloni be wise….!!!

    • Possibly, Corona is a pretty good, attacking fullback but Montiel might still be able to compete. Lopetegui might play him as a winger too, who knows.

      • Extra Competition for Montiel that is good for him. If Montiel able keep his position then we are the real winner🥰🥰We have very few RB & LB player in Europe. Tag is now a bench warmer If Montiel join him too then it will be very bad for National Team.
        Finger crossed🤞

    • Jesus is a winger, who can play wingback also, thus his position is quite different from Montiel’s. He was not brought on to replace Montiel but to fill in for the absent Suso, so I wouldn’t worry about Montiel, especially with his solid, consistent form.

  2. Based on Scaloni’s preferences I think we could expect this team: Armani; Montiel, Pezzella, Licha, Tagliafico; Guido, Palacios, Papu; Nico Gonzalez, Dybala, Joaquin Correa.

    Not my ideal team but as I said base on what Scaloni used before as back-ups we could see this team.

  3. In my opinion he should stay with Juve because his best place is 10 in Allegri’s 4231 and few European teams play in this way. But his profile is so versatile, he can play as half 9(City and Liverpool), 2nd striker(Inter, Atletico Madrid) or 10(Milan, Arsenal, Bayern).

  4. If I were Juventus, I would rather sell him now this January to get some fees than losing him for free. Juventus is doing bad now. Some key players will leave them including De light too.

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