Argentina XI, Angel Di María, Lautaro Martínez and Lucas Ocampos start


Argentina national team coach has made a few changes in the starting XI as Di María, Lautaro Martínez and Lucas Ocampos all start.

Goal scorer from the last match Di Maria keeps his spot in the starting XI as he starts up front. Here is the starting XI:

Emiliano Dibu Martínez; Montiel, Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; Lo Celso, Guido Rodríguez, Papu Gómez; Di María, Lautaro Martínez and Lucas Ocampos.

Franco Armani along with Esteban Andrada, Nahuel Molina, Martínez Quarta, Nehuén Perez, Maxi Meza, Emiliano Buendía, Ángel Correa, Julián Álvarez, Nico Gonzalez and Paulo Dybala.


  1. LoCelso was a monster defensively, Good control in the MF…Rushed a few passes but good game over all. DiMaria is a man possessed and was outstanding tonight unlucky not to score. Licha has Otamendi shaking in his boots…Him and Cuti as a paring is mouth watering. Those passes from him have eyes…His place is set in this team…He’s making a strong case to start as well. He got his opportunity and he ran with it. Remember Argentina played two good teams who are desperate for points with a depleted squad…I think that really says something

  2. 29 games unbeaten run & encouragingly in last 2 games team proved they are no more Messi dependent. Infact Dimaria flourished in Messi’s absence. Cant ask for more keeping in mind how disoriented we were when we lost 0.2 to Colombia in Copa 19.
    Seeing Meza as first sub was an eyesore , but there are so muh more positives today to really get bottled up on Meza who by the way was fine today. Dimaria, Emi, Acuna, LoCelso, Lisandro , Guido stepped up the gas today. The perfect finale cld have been if Nico had got that cross to Dybala for a goal in front of his home crowd. Infact Nico shld have finished it himself at first place.

  3. I’m still watching the after party of the team in the cortaba stadium for the copa trophy. They said they will celebrate with all national stadiums and they weren’t kidding 😂

  4. Dybala needs to be given more time. He played great.
    Meza is a piece of shit. I hope he will never wear our jersey again…
    Buendia needs mire time I think. He was not good in those 10’ he was just arguing all the time and was all the time on the ground…

    Dibu is a beast

    Licha was great
    GLC best Midfielder today
    Di Maria Awesome
    Lautaro scored and Dybala was playing nice..
    We just need to score more to many chances missed

  5. Argentina played with 10 men against Colombia, Ocumpos in first half and Meza in second half useless.

  6. Guido is better than Paredes. He brings extra defensive stability and same time his ball distribution is better. He is calm and composed and doesn’t melt under pressure in narrow space. Depaul-Guido- LeCelso should be the modified trio.

      • Paredes cant hold the ball more than 5 sec. He is liability and All he can do is passing sideways. Today argentina midfield was better than last game despite Depaul not playing for a reason. I am not saying Guido is prime Busquets but he has capabilities of connecting with forwards. I find midfield more stable when Paredes is out

    • Guido is better defensively than Paredes. His derensive awareness is superb. Paredes has better team chemistry with the team. Just like in Copa, they both should rotate depending on the match up.

  7. In which kind of system Le Celso doesn’t fit ? Torttenham style? This guy is absolutely beast and if you can’t utilize his talent than your system can go to hell and Le Celso can find a better club who prefer to play real footbal. I am glad Villareal went for him. A possession based technical football team where Le celso will feel like footballer again.

  8. Looks like Yerry Mina got himself deliberately suspended for this game😃. Would have been screwed today with the crowd baying for his blood. The only bad news for the day is the chileans getting 3 points at LaPaz.

  9. Lisandro Martinez is most BARCA DNA player than Pique, Lenglet, Umtiti ever will be. His passes are pin point and his pressing is brutal amazing. What a clown barca was not to go for him. An absolute fit right out of the box. A perfect successor of Pique and Wouldve solved the defensive issues barca is now suffering from.

  10. I agree that Dybala should be given a chance before the WC. He is our Third Option. He is in the pecking order after Messi and Dimaria. Incase Messi and Dimaria both not available it will be Dybala. Laitaro is a must. Dybala is not competiting for that position. I believe Lautaro’s position is competed by Alvarez and another Striker like Alario/Simeone/Icardi. And on the left wing we got
    Nico Gonzales/Lucas Ocampos/ Juaquin Correa fighting for the spot. Even Dimaria and Papu can slot in there. I think we are complete. Dybala will get his chance in the upcoming easy games and friendlies. Scaloni has a team and he is doing dverything right. Dybala wont be used in the WC. He is the third back up. But he will be tested before the WC.

  11. Lich martinez what a f..king player he is. Seriously this guy he is threat to any defender who competing with him. his passes from the back are generating some kind half chances . He must start vs teams play 10 men behind the ball cos his creativity from the back.

    • His passing is elite for a center back, a very import characteristic in modern football. He is a beast in the air and defensively great. I really want to see him form a duo with Romero

    • Yes everyone who is watching football can obviously see now with their own eyes finally as LICHA was finally given proper chance by Scaloni that what kind of player LICHA IS !

      He is not only great defender as CB, but he is also very good DM and maybe in future i would not be surprise him running the hole show as his passsing, skill&technique, vision for game etc…the list goes on and on…

      Even now he is starting everything allmost and is so calm with the ball allways seems to make the right decission and not necessaryrily wasted time if is not needed as he can also waste time and keep on playing posession football from the back as this opens up totally new dimension to Arg’s game to have Cb or DM who can create the play from the back constantly !

      Arg is so lucky to have him and i’m so happy that he is finally playing for Arg NT !
      Asi wished this to happen allready in Copa and in the WQF’s before Copa !

      But, i understand Scaloni’s way’s and his methods even i may not allways necessarily agree with his selection, though i must admit his done tremendous job with his Crew&staff&CO. and now Arg have played 2 games without Messi against 2 though opponents too and won Chile away at high altitude and then at home against Columbia etc…

      So this also brings lot of confidence for the whole group, though i can see that they are allready very confident and specially determined as also over confidence can easily destroy everything etc…

      So i’m very happy over all, though bringing Meza in was humialition against all the rest of bench players, but Scaloni choosed do that, so i leave that to him etc…even i do not agree with this at all, never ever Meza should not be there as most propably Arg will need to RDP some of Arg’s players who allready deserve to be with NT for Qatar etc..

      And another thing which i didn’t like was that against Colombia at home Scaloni gave way too little playing time for Dybala, Buendia and A.Correa and Alvarez did not get any minutes against Colombia so hopefully in the next games theese players will play more as also Ocampos needs to play again and Arg must call just to try out some more CB’s in case of Cuti, Licha, Otamendi will get injured as i don’t trust Pezella anymore and also i can’t speak about Quarta if i don’t see him play at least half match for Arg NT etc.,, also Lautaro Still needs a back up and at the moment i don’t who that one will be as i thought Cholo’s son from Verona would have been the one, but he must get back to scoring quick as time is running out and i want Arg have the strongest team and bench available to be able to fight for the WC as i truly belive in this team allready by winning Copa and showing a lot of character, but Still unfortunatly injuries are allways a possibility and for that Arg need very strong bench and back up for every spot as right now the puzzle is allmost done, but Still few last pieces i think mostly for bench have to addressed also depending on how many players are aloud at WC etc..

      And in case of injury’s it is very important to be able throw in players from bench with full of confidence and superyllättäjä determined to understand also their role’s if necessary as sub’s coming in in middle of the game or even starting the game in case injuries which is my only fear and i wish and pray that every player from this special group will stay fit and healthy til’ the WC starts, but even fingers crossed all the time might not be enough so i hope Scaloni also will thinknof this and giveceven more time or as more time as possible for those who are now mostly on the bench also to get with the team not only in training, but in a competive game’s as thatbis the only way to worknoutvthe chemistry even better specially with those who have not played yet that much, but offcourse there some who can fully truated at any situation and LISANDRO IS DEFINETLY THAT CALIBRE AND EVEN MORE AS I SEE HIM A STARTER !
      Also A.Correa has alkways done fine even considering how little he has played in fact and Guido and Paredes have show’n both what they are capable as has Montiel and Molina too and Tagliafigo had good game playing along side LISANDRO last time, but ACUNA is Still a beast and had good understandment with LISANDRO as in fact all the team had in both of the games as sometimes it looked like Ok, well let’s just pass the ball to LISANDRO and let him decide etc..LOL !, but also Guido made very good long and accurate passes to DI MARIA for example as ACUNA has allways been great with his crosses, passing, gamereading, defending or attacking etc…

      And GLC also started look like GLC at his best and i hope he continues from that and stays on that path as PAPU is getting more and more confident as more minutes he play and only if NICO would have shot by himself and finaly scored instead of trying to pass to Dybala which was not an bad idea, but he should have taken that shot Scored to get monkey out of his back etc…, but i’m sure he will at some point as also i have full confidence in Ocampos and specially when he is completly fit as which was not the case against Colombia i think, but great see him to get some playing time as Completly dominated most first half even only scoring at once etc…

      DIBU WAS EXELLENT AS WHEN NEEDED and only if Dybala, Buendia with A.Correa and Alvarez would have played more it would have been intrested to see how the game would have developped, but now and so far i can Still just keep on quessingvthatbon my Mind etc..,as i understand also that when GLC was having just a good game as DI MARIA too it must be hard to sub players of when they are performing great on the field and crowd is going crazy and is fullybinnlove with them and who would not iwith any player who is having a perfect night on the pitch ! Well done Arg as even with draw i would have been satisfied, but it allways feels good to win specially against team like Colombia and too bad Chile got those 3 points from La Paz, but i think they will Still have hard time getting in the WC and hopefully they won’t !

  12. Why Ocumpos??? Dybala must come as early as possible very sad to see best Argentine attacker wasted.

  13. Emi Martinez IS at least the second best goalie in the world. I am too lazy to argue with anyone who disagrees with this. When playing for Argentina he never plays below average, not even once.

  14. Great team show by Argentina. One of those days where virtually everyone contributed. Even Pezzella with the goalline clearance😁
    Lisandro really leveraging the opportunity he got. Locelso,Lautaro,Acuna standing out. Wish Dybala/ Buendia gets some minutes in 2nd half & they can also make it count.

  15. Lautaro has 7 goals + 3 assists in this qualifier so far. Nobody from our team has provided more direct goal than him. Also, he now has 19 goals since Scaloni took over, which puts him level with Messi.

    Is Kevin still gets a call up?

  16. Note for this game:

    Lucas Ocampos is a serious threat to Nico Gonzales spot in the final World Cup squad. Why?
    1. He plays for Sevilla, the second best team in la liga
    2. He is Sevilla top scorer this season
    3. He is in a great form
    4. He plays pretty good
    5. Scaloni loves him
    6. Scaloni can only take one of Ocampos or Nico Gonzales as they both are similar.

      • Before Copa America, it was Ocampos vs Di Maria for one spot. Di Maria won the spot because of Ocampos’ bad performance in the final qualifier before the Copa America.

        Now it seems like he is the number one threat to make the squad among players who did not make the Copa America squad. Both of them are good Nico and Ocampos. But I have a feeling Scaloni will take one of them only.

        • @elprincipe: Nico Gonzalez does dirty work by defending and tackling. I think if he can start scoring , he will be an asset. We need both Ocampos and Nico.

  17. Loving it so far. This is what I love…

    1. Fantastic game Los Celso. I wish he played like this always
    2. Licha – what a player. For 2 matches now, his passes crosses vertical lines like no one. How come he doesn’t play for Barcelona or Man city
    3. Lautarao – always delivers. This is what I want from Julian Alvarez. Lautaro played like he belonged from Day 1.

    • what if Toro gets injured next week? We dont 1 effin striker to take his place or has any minutes. that is shit management. the entire point now that were qualified is to explore options and nail down backups. None of which scaloni is doing.

      • Acuna should be given more credit his cross was perfect and 2 Colombian defenders instead of marking players were going towards goalkeeper to take header.
        I always said Lautaro’s positioning in box is good that is why he makes goal.

  18. No Dybala again. Why the heck, he has been called? Scaloni us not preparing any alternative line up. It might cost us big time… :-/
    However, Vamos Argentina…

  19. fucking hell start Dybala. Copa Toro couldnt hit a barn door if his life depended on it. Yes he defended well, help create chances but goodness he missed some sitters. So now instead of giving minutes to Dybala, he goes with same ol same ol.

  20. So dybala will never start?
    By the way guys, best channel to watch Argentina games is bein sports. They have a one hour pre game show Everytime Argentina plays and the Arab host on their show is a die hard Argentina fan… So u can imagine how the show is 😂

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