Lautaro Martinez scores for Argentina in 1-0 win, now 29 matches undefeated in a row


Argentina made it 29 matches undefeated in a row as Lautaro Martinez scored in the 1-0 win vs. Colombia in the World Cup qualifiers!

Lautaro Martinez scored the only goal of the match as Argentina, who are already qualified, add another win to make it two out of two this week! Angel Di Maria started the match with two nutmegs and came close to scoring. Di Maria received the ball on the outside of the penalty area as he took a shot from but his effort went wide. It would have been an identical goal to the one he scored against Chile last week.

Argentina kept applying the pressure until Lautaro Martinez scored. A cross by Marcos Acuna found Lautaro as the Argentine controlled the ball and took a shot with his left foot and scored to give Argentina the 1-0 lead. Gio Lo Celso and Alejandro Papu Gomez managed the match in midfield with Guido Rodriguez sitting back and putting out fires.

Lisandro Martinez was creating chances from the back and was putting in tackles as Marcos Acuna and Gonzalo Montiel would help in the attacks.

The second half saw Argentina with much of the ball. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni substituted Maxi Meza for Lucas Ocampos. Angel Di Maria was substituted out for Nicolas Gonzalez as German Pezzella became captain.

Paulo Dybala was brought on for Lautaro Martinez with Emiliano Buendia of Aston Villa making his Argentina debut as he was brought on for Gio Lo Celso. Lucas Martinez Quarta was substituted in for Alejandro Papu Gomez. Colombia had an opportunity but three players offside resulted in a deflected cross which hit Gonzalez but Emiliano Martinez with a great save.

Marcos Acuna and Gonzalo Montiel were both yellow carded and they will miss Argentina’s match against Venezuela next month.

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  1. Very good win – still think Buendia should have come before Meza… it was nice to see Buendia in NT shirt! Sometimes scrappy but looking forward to seeing a more solid starting XI from Scaloni…

  2. Why do we have to skip thru so many comments? Not to be negative but even ROMANCE kings comments are becoming more amusing than most.
    To all people crying about Meza substitute… Let me explain something called football. Scaloni wants to try different approaches and combos, so he subbed Meza in first so he can see him with the di Maria setup. Then later he subs dimaria for dybala so he can see Meza with that setup also. Whether Meza did well or not is irrelevant. He is trying players now. Personally I also wanted dybala to start, but this is scalonis way and it is proving to be good if not already proven !!!
    I was also happy to see quatra and buendia get some time. I guess they were also excelling in scalonis bed.
    It’s *excel Romance king. After all these years u should know the spelling.

    • Stop it! Likes of Meza and Pavon were culprits responsible for dismal 2018 performance. Dybala is world class and play in top European competition whereas Meza playing in mediocre MLS with no competition. He performance was blunt. I wouldn’t blame Scaloni but I insist Dybala deserves better than what we saw.
      Training might be deceptive once player enters real match. Let selection be fair based on player’s merit. As for Ocampos i was not convinced by his performance

  3. Our first half is better, possession and fully control, with good flow in passing attack and play freely; second half as usual our defense will get more test and the flow is not getting better. Happy with won and congrats to all the fans. Scaloni and the gang is doing great and have the clue how to maintain the win and optimize each player. Emi as usual proved how important he is at the last resort, the in form GK; Pezzella, Montiel, Acuna with great cross to Lautoro, Guido in the mid… all try to be at their best. Di Maria and Lautoro are the backbones in front.

    It is awesome to watch Buedia, Dybala, Nico, Meza ( which play much better than he used to be under Sampaoli era) try to make a different get a chance. Unfortunately Alvarez is not in yet but his time will surely come. Vamos Albiceleste. Be Ready for Qatar WC !

  4. Haven’t seen this type of touch pass/Argentine style futbol in a while..job well done!!!
    considering- no messi, no de Paul, no otamendi nor romero, the boys played phenomenal. Lo celso and di Maria were on point!!
    Licha Martinez..this is tough, I believe he’s a definite starter. It’s about damn time he’s been given some playing time.. scaloni has been sleeping on this guy, played amazing 2 matches back to back.
    What a incredible defender!!!
    Would love to see Martinez and romero duo.

  5. Dybala and buienda had great cameos.. I don’t think I have to say anything about meza…. everyone knows except scaloni that he should be no where around this national team

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