Paulo Dybala talks about Argentina national team, his place in the eleven


Paulo Dybala spoke about the Argentina national team and his place in the eleven.

Dybala was brought on as a substitute for Argentina in the 1-0 win vs. Colombia on Tuesday. Speaking to TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“Like I told the coach, I’m always available to give my best. When I am selected, I am ready. Today, I was selected to be brought in, I tried to give my best.

“The team is very good with a lot of confidence. There’s a lot of players going through great form. The important thing is to keep moving forward, to support and to be 100% for when you’re chosen.

“There’s two matches left in March, the important thing is to keep winning, to keep with this confidence. The team is very good and you have to keep going down this path.”


  1. Here is my preferred 23 man squad for Qatar 2022

    Sergio Romero

    Cuti Romero
    Lisandro Martinez
    Marcos Senesi

    Rodrigo Depaul
    Giovanni Locelso
    Leandro Paredes
    Guido Rodriguez
    Nico Gonzalez
    Papu Gomez

    Lautaro Martinez
    Julian Alvarez
    Angel Correa
    Angel Dimaria
    Leo Messi

  2. 2 games played and 6 points in the bag with only 2 more games to go, ARG is sitting pretty and still waiting on FIFA to award the owed 3 points. Copa America win has been immense in gaining confidence and people have started talking about how well ARG is doing and many are taking notice.
    I didn’t watch Messi’s last game with PSG, I know they lost but how did he play? I believe he was the player of the match, some say he lost the ball once too many times….how well/bad did he play?

  3. Scaloni’s Argentina latest pecking orders based on the latest squad and matches:

    GK: Emi Martinez, Armani, Musso, (Andrada)
    DR: Molina, Montiel, (Foyth)
    DL: Acuna, Tagliafico, (Medina)
    DCR: Cuti Romero, Pezzella, (N Perez)
    DCL: Otamendi, Licha Martinez, (LM Quarta)
    DM: Paredes, G Rodriguez, (N Dominguez)
    MCR: De Paul, Palacios, (MacAllister)
    MCL: Lo Celso, Papu, (Almada)
    10: Messi, A Correa, (Dybala, Buendia)
    Wing:Di Maria, Nico, (Ocampos, Meza)
    FC: Lautaro, J. Correa, J. Alvarez, (Simeone)

    – The ones with () are likely out of the World Cup spots.
    – The ones without () are 24 players. All of them realistically will go to the World Cup. If 23 then one is cut, if more than 23 then add some from the () groups.
    – There are currently at least 3 players from each position.

    • Lisandro Martinez playing both games and most importantly performing outstandingly confirms that he has gone up in the pecking order, so now he will be a direct replacement if Romero or Otamendi are unable to play. Barring any injuries all the eight defenders are 100% going to the world cup.

      I feel like the team management has come to conclusion that two players A.Correa and Dybala’s natural positions are quite packed with competitively less talented players but much better fit for Scaloni’s game plan. Hence, that is why Lautaro was subbed by A.Correa and Dybala in both last matches and both played as a striker. I strongly support the coaching staff if that is their plan for the world cup as both are more than capable of playing as pure strikers. Also I would prefer Lautaro come in as a sub in both of our remaining matches so that Julian Alvarez gets enough time to prove his selection otherwise we will be better off without him in this world cup. However, if he impresses then Scaloni should give him more time in the remaining friendlies. I feel like J.Correa is going to end up like Alario, by the time he is fully fit, team would have moved on without him.

      If FIFA sticks with total of 23 players then Scaloni might pick one less CM and go with hardworking workhorse kind of attacking winger. With De-Paul, Paredes, Guido and Lo-Celso 100% going to the World cup , Lisandro Martinez well equipped to play as a DM , Palacios is in danger of not making it, especially with his extremely fragile body. Palacios if fit is good enough to be selected over Guido or even Lo-celso if we have to play in somewhat defensive mode but his poor fitness record makes him a liability. The only player that has some kind of realistic chance to get picked even though he has not been a regular selection is Ocampos, that is if and only if he is able to keep his current form with Sevilla.

      • Agree with what you said. Ocampos did not have his best game but he is an important player for Sevilla.

        As for J Correa it is a little tricky. Before his injury, Scaloni likes J Correa so much that whenever there was any first substitution, it was always J Correa (replacing any of the starters), but J Correa is just a back up in Inter even when healthy. So we’ll see if he still gets to keep his spot in the Seleccion.

        As for the back up 9, I have a feeling that Scaloni will bring no proper back up 9 to the World Cup. I feel that he is trying to see if one of Julian Alvarez, A. Correa, Dybala, or J. Correa can do the Aguero’s role in Copa America.

    • Dybala will take Juaquin Correa slot and can also play as a second striker. He is poor finisher and lacks aggressiveness of Gonzalez. Scaloni is definitely going for the best. Likes of Ocampos, Joaquin, Palacios, Buendia ain’t making final slot come Qatar 2022.

  4. I just read on Emi Martinez instagram. He played 16 matches for Argentina with 11 clean sheets and 0 loss. Insane…

    Anyone performa better than him in country level?

  5. what a nice social experiment.
    let see what we have here.
    one player with no good performance (Meza) stoned from majority of posts. ok.
    one other player with no good performance (Buendia) almost praised.ok.

    so what we understand from that. we understand that a lot of people prefer to judge according to if they like your “face” or not and not to judge fair and equal 2 people.
    this is mirror of society and as i see it is same all around the world.

    as about last night match i keep only the followings.
    1.we win the game and i am happy. 3 more points.
    2.we win without Messi, De paul, Paredes, Otamendi and Romero.
    without 5 starters. very important for me.
    3.all the subs in was very poor performance. i didn t like nobody.
    4.the last night starters played good enough and find their chemistry fast.

    as conclusion Scaloni and the team growing day by day very fast and good way.
    i am very happy and satisfy with the work that all our people doing. time passing in our advantage and after long time even a person far from our national team reality and far from Argentina take a feeling from us that “something good is happening there”.

    this is what i keep and care only.
    nothing else.

    • Your assessment is very poor.
      Meza is a tried and tested player who turns 30 this year. It is a compliment to him if his performances for the NT are summarised as garbage. He is awful in the WC18 along with other players who have never been called up afterwards. The negativity towards his recall to the NT is justified.

      Buendia is an exciting and younger player with a lot of potential. He is a good dribbler of the ball and a creative midfielder. He plays for a decent team in the Premier league. He has never been tried at NT level. His first performance today lasting 11mins was average but it’s unfair to criticise him anymore. The fans are excited more so for his potential. If he fails time and time again at NT level, then for sure he will be criticised as well, but only then would it be justified.

      Meza out and needs to be as far away from NT level as possible.
      Buendia might not make Qatar, but if he does, it wouldn’t be a crime

    • Cox, to me Meza is associated with Sampaoli era and therefore traumatic memories. Maybe that’s the case, at least subconsciously for a lot of people too. I am still puzzled by this call. I mean, I can think of a bunch of players of the top of my head who could have been called instead: Santi Simon, Zeballos, Zaracho.

      • my friend you are right that is why i am not fan of Meza too as you know me well. that is the case exactly as you wrote. But as you know too i like to see the forest and not the tree. i look the big picture here. i don t care about Meza. i just observe as social experiment Meza case.
        By the way we didn t lose yesterday. plus we didn t lose because of Meza too yesterday. so i will not give my attention to Meza. actually i already give far more attention to this subject than it deserves.

    • You don’t get the point. People are criticising because he is a mediocre player playing for mediocre league plus he was among 2018 WC flops. You are being too defensive. As for buendia dybala they came too late and creative forwards had been taken off. Meza is below average player ad shouldn’t be in the same sentence with likes of dybala and buendia. As for Gonzalez he impressed me. He will definitely takes Ocampos slot. Likes of Messi, Dimaria, Depaul, Lautaro, Parades, Dybala, Locelso, Papu, Guido, Correa, Romero, Lusandro,Otamedi,Acuna,Montiel,Molina,Tagliafico,Emi Martinez and Musso should be untouchable.

        • Meza has been a contested name right from the selection for this 2022 campaign. People are upset not just he was called up but actually played as a first sub more than any other substitutes. How many days did Buendia travel with the team before he finally got his 9 minutes on the pitch? It’s not just Meza, the poster himself that is upsetting, it’s the process. Maybe Scaloni has some justifications that we can’t see from the plain eyes. Until it’s known, the upset against Meza by the fans, i believe, is justified

  6. Meza is just another winger forward, basically a poor version of Nico and Tucu. Even those two could only scores once in blue moon. Dybala has 30+ caps , yet 90% of them has been as late sub. We need third regular goalscorer outside Lautaro and Messi. It is why we couldnt score as many goals as Brazil or even Ecuador. We rely on very few players to score.

    Once Lautaro tired, we couldnt threaten opponents goal any longer. I like it when ADM and RDP takes a shot from distance, it proof to be rewarded against Chile, and ADM almost scored twice in this game from the edge of the box. One of Messi goal against Bolivia also came after Paredes shoot from the edge of the box.

    • Once in a while it’s good to take shot from outside the box, however if we are doing it frequently then it shows lack of ideas and poor movements in the final third.
      Nico Gonzalez almost created a chance to score a goal, that’s the movement and pace we need in the final third.

        • Bati also scored countless rockets, doesnt mean he lacks idea. Shooting from outside the box is great asset if you have players possesing that skill. Brazil beat us in Confederation with 2 quickfire goals from outside the box.

          Di Maria scored quite plenty from outside , Messi scored hundreds (3 of his 4 goals in WC 2014 from the edge of the box) , also 3 of his 4 goals in CA 2021. Whether its from open play or direct FK, if you can shoot it on target, then there’s a chance the ball might bounce away from the goalkeeper’s hand (like R9 goal in 2002 after Rivaldo shot) .

          So Im not saying we needs to do it all the time, but we can take adventage of it when our players found a good space to shoot.

          With Messi not at his best form, we literally only have Lautaro to score and occassionally Di Maria . This is actually worrying. Our other forwards only has 0-3 goals at max.

    • Fully agree. Maybe Julian Alvarez can provide some goals. It is more needed than before as Messi is nowhere near his Barca level. It’s February and Messi has one league to his name. Who would ave believed that last August? Alvarez can hopefully score a bunch against Venezuela in March. Aguero is no longer an option, Icardi’s goal storing days have disappeared, Alario hardly plays and has the much better Schick before him. Simeone could become an option.

  7. The game shows why I disagree with one word: Experiment.

    You can tell that the team chemistry growing by each game they play together. Why would you not let them grow even more by playing them together as often as possible? People say those who don’t perform regularly for their clubs should not play and play someone new. Well Lo Celso and Papu (rotation player in Sevilla) just answer you with their performance.

    I am glad that Scaloni did not call up/field B team as it would have been pointless doing that when he actually already knows who to bring to the World Cup.

    I hope Scaloni will stay being our coach for a long time like Joachim Low did with Germany. In the end he got the major trophy anyway after being so close many times.

    Pezzella was great today, he had one world class defensive stop in the second half. It will be a tough main back up battle between him and Licha. Otamendi and Cuti are starters without doubt. Guido back to his best. Papu-Lo Celso is not worse than the original starters of De Paul and Lo Celso.

    Ocampos had a good first half but very bad second half. Nicolas Gonzales still has the edge. Lautaro is always reliable, our next great scorer after Bati-Crespo-Higuain-Aguero. It is too unfair for other nations that we never stop producing world class number 9 for more than 30 years.

    Di Maria? Someone says he is not at his best this season. Really? How about he is better than even his Real Madrid’s Di Maria form for Argentina? Di Maria is the latest thing Scaloni discovered to make his tactic perfect. He was only being used as a super sub in Copa, but the final game opened the eyes of Scaloni and a lot of Argentines that he is too good to be a super sub.

  8. many don’t understand why Meza was selected and was given some dumb playing time. I can tell you that sometimes a player is selected because of agents connections with the federation. the coach doesn’t have his words, it happened a lot in the past which can help the player to renegotiate the contract or to find a new club.

  9. Dybala is still in searching for the tune with N/T; given a little time in few match makes him not a part of the team. Playing along with Messi and D Maria is not a good combination.

    In my opinion Lanzini or Palacios is more important than Dybala, except for their injury prone issue. Or even A. Correa is quite useful and already in tune with the game plan.

    Dybala, Buendia, Mc Allister still need o proved their value and contribution for N/T.

  10. Why mexi meza, i can’t believe this about this substitute, because we have better option our hand like buendia,dybala.

  11. Unbiased opinion
    Di maria was outstanding.
    Lich martinez was great surely scaloni must now thinking about him to partner with cuti Romero even though it will be hard for him to make Such decision now cos otamendi was good lately and leader at the back.
    Lo celso, acuna, papu, Pezzella and Guido were good.
    Ocampos was very disappointing no one can perform left side attack like speedy nico does therefore if it comes to Ocampos and nico gonzalez for me it’s nico all day long It doesn’t even come close. Happiest for emi Buendia to made his arg nt debut. Saddest to see maxi meza came on as first sub. That was first time i swear so badly to scaloni and Co I almost threw away my tablet cos of anger seeing maxi meza wearing Argentina colours again undeserved.

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