Alejandro Papu Gómez substituted off injured for Sevilla vs. Real Betis


Alejandro Papu Gómez was substituted off injured for Sevilla in their 2-1 win vs. Real Betis.

Papu Gómez was in tears on the bench after being substituted out. The 34 year old started the match along with Marcos Acuña with Gonzalo Montiel on the bench.

He was substituted out in the first half with what appears to be a muscle injury.


  1. Talents to watch this year in the local league for whoever is interested (apart from the obvious)
    Esequiel Barco – 22 – River Plate
    Gaston Avila – 20 – Boca Juniors (unfortunately the coach won’t play him a lot but since players are suspended in the Libertadores he will play as a starter during the group stage)
    Jose Lopez – 21 – Lanus – lets see if he keeps his goalscoring rate. Really good with headers in the air
    Alejandro “Matias” Galarza – 19 – Argentinos Juniors – a relatively new midfield talent that has only played 5 professional games and statistically seems very complete. I have seen a few glimpses of him and he looks very talented. He is playing at the base of the midfield along Fausto Vera who has recently gotten back in the squad after injuries. Look at this assist from a couple of months ago in what was his first professional game
    Exequiel Zeballos – Boca Juniors – 19
    Luca Orellano – Velez Sarsfield – 21
    Alan Varela – Boca Juniors – 20
    Luis Vasquez – Boca Juniors – 20
    Enzo Fernandez – River Plate – 21
    Santiago Simon – River Plate – 19
    Facundo Farias – Colon – 19
    Nicolas Castro – Newells – 21
    Agustin Urzi – Banfield – 21 – Recently became a starter after being a bench player for a while. Hope he lives up to his potential after what he showed at youth level
    Juan Sforza – Newells – 20
    Martin Ojeda – Godoy Cruz – 23 – Hope to see him move to Europe soon
    Bruno Zapelli – Belgrano (2nd division) – 19 – I know nobody is going to watch Belgrano in the second tier but I would recommend following what he does in highlights because I have seen a few and he looks incredible. I hope he makes his way to the first division either from a Belgrano promotion or a move. Really good dribbler, passer, and shooter.

    • good round up Olive. Its so sad to see Boca not really giving too many minutes to youngsters & going more with oldies & Colombians. Any young GK u see potential for long term. It looks like Lautaro Morales is out of favour nowadays. I used to earlier also hear on Sebatian Meza …but dont see he has reached playing minutes. Another player who was pretty high on Batista radar was DM Fausto Vera . Is he grooming well.

      • Sadly I am not aware of any young goalkeepers with clear potential. Lautaro Morales is the only one I can think of but even he may take a few years to show us how good he is. It seems that there aren’t many goalkeepers in Argentina that begin playing well regularly before the age of 24-25. About Fausto Vera I think he had a tough year because for a long time he wasn’t getting in the matchday squads or playing at all. I think he had injury issues. Luckily he now seems to be a regular starter again so we will have to see what he does.

        It also seems that Almendra has had a severe fallout with the Boca coach Battaglia and is going to be removed from the squad. I wonder what will become of him.

  2. Lo celso had a good game. Yes now 4 games or more he played with consistency. And that is a good sign from our starting mid fielder. And this is all I expected from lo celso. I am sure he will turn it around for us in the wc. That 7 games all what we want. Go lo celso

  3. Papu has been overlooked in the past; he should being called since 2014. Anyhow, Scaloni did take him into his team. Wish Papu a speedy recovery.

    Congrats Sevilla for being the tough rival for Madrid this season. 2nd place is quite ok.

  4. Barca flying at the moment.. they could have crumbled without messi. But this is just to show that football is not a 1 man sport. Under a coach with the right mindset look what xavi has done. We have to give scaloni credit cause he at least took away some over dependency from messi. But most argentines supporters need to move away from the maradonna era and stop looking and expecting miracles from 1 special player..

    • True I haven’t seen a Barca at that level since long time. Even the old guys like Pique, Alba and Busquets back to the top again. The changes were radical. I like this Barca with Xavi, it’s a modern version of Guardiola’s football with a lot of fast transition.

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