Giovanni Simeone scores a hattrick for Verona, reaches 15 goals in Serie A


Giovanni Simeone scored a hattrick for Verona in their 3-1 vs. Venezia as he reaches 15 goals in Serie A this season.

Simeone has scored for the first time since December 12 vs. Atalanta as he is third in Serie A scoring. Simeone stole the ball from the Venezia defender and dribble into the box. His effort beat Sergio Romero to give Verona the 1-0 lead.

The second goal was a pass into the Argentine and his first time effort took a deflection off the defender and it was enough to get the better of Romero and make it 2-0 for Verona. It was a counter attack with Simeone on the end of it for the third goal. A pass in to the Argentine and his effort made it 3-1 for Verona as they got all three points.


    • Righ on! As Arg do need a lethal striker beside or as backup for Lautaro and right now the only options from Europe i think are Gio Simeone and Alario, but let’s have and wish them alk the good and to have and finish the current season as high spirits with lot of goals bagged and then intergrate in to the team, though i would not Mind them playing allready against Venezuela and maybe also a bit against Ecuador too…, but think or have feeling that this will not be the case at least yet….well let’s see

    • Gio has now scored 15goals & 3 assists with a scoring frequency of 116mins & this has come in 1500minutes ( which is a good length of time to show its not a pure stroke of luck). He is the third top scorer in Serie A & his goals are scored against teams like Juventus, Lazio, Atalanta, Napoli . His goals scored have been top notch & not easy tap ins. Goes without saying that he is currently ahead of Lautaro this season in Serie A. The case against him for inconsistency by citing he has not scored in 2022 is something that is also happening to Lautaro in Serie A. The perspective should be understood here better
      – Should Gio replace Lautaro ? Absolutely not . Lautaro will remain our undisputed No1 CF
      – Should Gio & Alario get a chance as backup to Lautaro . Absolutely yes. If the 26 player squad is final for WC, we can easily take 8 in forward line & a backup pure CF is very much possible. That back up position needs to be between Gio & Alario. Dybala, ACorrea & even JCorrea are second/support strikers & not pure CFs. To early to throw Alvarez as a CF & he should be there to learn & grow. Scaloni has consistently selected Alario & even called Gio earlier ( he scored against Mexico in Scaloni’s initial games ) . So coach has no dislike to both. For the last 2 WCQs , i am hoping Scaloni calls both of them & gives some good minutes as Lautaro’s backup. We should avoid a scenario in WC , where Lautaro is offcolor on a bad day or suspended or injured & we dont have a real CF backup in bench.

      • On Alario he has one of the best scoring frequencies for a substitute ( more than 1000mins ) in Europe last season. I was checking multiple clubs/players ( above 1000mins & 10goals) for non starters & only found Muriel ahead of him on scoring frequency. Classic sub material.

        • I don’t mind Gio Simeone calling. To tell u the truth, I was a fan of him since he was part of u-20 team. It is just he is very inconsistent now. He reminds me of Icardi of Sampdoria in that he scored 4 goals in a game then scored 0 in the next 10 games.

          Icardi has become a proven goal scorer now though but it took time for him to be who he is now.

          For me Scaloni already has in mind his back up striker while his actual back up striker J Correa still injured. They are J. Alvarez and Dybala. Let him try these 2 first.

          • i am hopeful here for the case of Simeone/ Alario. Going by recent past , Scaloni did make key changes like Romero, Emi Martinez, Molina & now Lisandro when everybody felt he was stuck to favorites. Dybala & Alvarez & even A Correa will make the 26man squad while i dont see either of these three being able to replace Lautaro. But i am confident Scaloni wont go for JCorrea & maybe his injury will pave way for one of Gio Simeone / Alario as the pure CF sub.

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