Ezequiel Chimy Ávila scores for Osasuna in 1-0 win vs. Villarreal


Ezequiel Chimy Ávila scored the only goal of the match for Osasuna in their 1-0 win vs. Villarreal.

Chimy Ávila reached four league goals this season for Osasuna, scoring his first goal of the new year. A cross sent into the penalty area found Ávila and a great header by the 28 year old as he gave Osasuna the 1-0 lead.

Ávila was not the only Argentine in the match as Geronimo Rulli was the goalkeeper for Villarreal and Gio Lo Celso started up front for them.


  1. Very interesting news, Scaloni released a list of pre-called up players (probably not all of them will make it) including various new youngsters, Tiago Geralnik (Villarreal), Franco and Valentin Carboni (Inter), Luka Romero (Lazio), Matias Soule (Juventus), and two others didn’t know about Alejandro Garnacho (Manchester United) and Nicolas Paz (Real Madrid). Plus inclusions of other players that will satisfy some members Boye, Lanzini, Buendía, and Mac Allister

    • Very good move by Scaloni, it seems Alejandro Garnacho and Nicolas Paz were born in Spain and we are trying to claim them for us (they probably have some family from Argentina). Some members showed their frustration earlier about us letting players play for other nationalities so this is very satisfying to see. The same goes for the Carbonis who I believe both represented Italy at youth level. I wish Scaloni had also done it with Valentino Fattore Scotta who plays for Sevilla and has represented both Spain and Argentina as well but there is only so much room. As we know Scaloni called up various youngsters from the local league in November and I guess the move this time is to do it with youngsters in Europe.

  2. With all respect to the opinions of other commenters I think some of us are way too over reactionary to players “losing their spots”. We can’t assume that because someone isn’t playing it’s because they’ve lost their spot. De Paul played in every game he was available for since September and he is benched for a single game causing everyone to freak out. Who knows, maybe he had a muscular discomfort or something like that. It is very common for players to have little reasons why they are dropped for a couple of games that are not due to losing their spot. After returning from injury Nico G had a couple of really good games and then for three games he got minutes off the bench. Is that enough to definitively say he has completely lost his spot? Perhaps the manager is just trying to figure out how to fit their new signing Ikone or Gonzalez has some other reason why he can’t play full 90’s. If he fails to get in the starting line up for a few more games then I do see the concern but I think people are forgetting just how good he was the three games before being benched — it’s hard to imagine that it would be because of footballing reasons. Similarly Buendía only got benched two games after playing four consecutive games starting alongside Coutinho. Gerrard probably found a balance he likes at the moment with Coutinho playing behind both strikers but does that mean Buendía will be benched forever? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, but in no way does that mean he isn’t a good player that isn’t talented enough to get chances in our national team at least in the future. It may take over a month to truly come to a decision about him. Too many people are using the opinions and decisions of coaches in Europe regarding their entirely different squads and problems from our national team as a means of discrediting other commenters positive opinions about certain players. Nobody ever said Nico G is Real Madrid material, but people that have watched him play on more occasions than just these past two games know he has good qualities and talent which can be very useful for Scaloni to exploit as he has already demonstrated in the past. Do I need the Fiorentina manager to tell me how good he is when he was capable of playing a vital tactical role for us in the Copa America after not having played for three months before that? Need I mention other players like De Paul? The only player that has entirely and for the foreseeable future irreversibly lost his spot is Marchesin. Tagliafico is another that is still getting some minutes but has lost his starting spot, although he will probably push for a move again in the summer and will most likely be getting good minutes before hat he WC. LMQ was never a nailed on starter at Florentina except for a small period at the beginning of last year so there is no new news there. Anyone can disagree with me but I think we need to stop being so reactionary and using the decisions of European clubs to discredit each other about how talented we think players are.

    • Well said olive,
      I followed fiorentina so closely since it was a club I supported and I still have soft spot .This season I watched most of thier games.Nico gonzalez wasn’t fit enough to start last two games he was carrying few knocks according to his coach. As lmq he was always competing and still is with other defenders sometimes he come top of it however he lost form since he caught covid 19 and igor took advantage of it who isn’t that good but physical Stronger plus he is left-footed which gives him bit advantage I believe soon or later lmq will get his place bk but he isn’t without fault tbh he needs to sorts out his decision making.

  3. Please… anyone of our strikers… please go a beast mode for the world cup….we need a competition for Lautaro….
    Meanwhile..Inter trying to sign Dybala..would be great if he Lautaro stays there and they make a great bond… together…

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