Franco and Valentin Carboni of Inter make Argentina preliminary team


Franco and Valentin Carboni of Inter have both made the Argentina preliminary team for the March World Cup qualifiers.

The two brothers have made the preliminary team for the first time. Franco, the older brother is 18 years old with Valentin being the younger brother at 17 years of age. They are the sons of former Argentine midfielder Ezequiel Carboni. Both players are midfielders and have represented Italy at youth level.

Ezequiel played for Lanus, FC Red Bull Salzburg, Catania and Banfield. As we reported earlier, he was team mates with current Argentina midfielder Alejandro Papu Gómez at Catania.

Argentina play both Venezuela and Ecuador, home and away. Coach Lionel Scaloni has included Franco and Valentin in the preliminary list and here are the players which have been called up for the qualifiers this month:

Franco Armani (River Plate)
Juan Musso (Atalanta)
Emiliano Martínez (Aston Villa)
Esteban Andrada (Monterrey)
Geronimo Rulli (Villarreal)

Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Nahuel Molina (Udinese)
Juan Foyth (Villarreal)
Lucas Martínez Quarta (Fiorentina)
Germán Pezella (Real Betis)
Nicolás Otamendi (Benfica)
Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
Lisandro Martínez (Ajax)
Nehuén Pérez (Udinese)
Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax)
Marcos Acuña (Sevilla)

Franco Carboni (Inter)
Leandro Paredes (Paris Saint-Germain)
Guido Rodríguez (Real Betis)
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Manuel Lanzini (West Ham United)
Giovani Lo Celso (Villarreal)
Roberto Pereyra (Udinese)
Emiliano Buendía (Aston Villa)
Alejandro Papu Gómez (Sevilla)
Nicolás Gonzalez (Fiorentina)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)
Alejandro Garnacho (Manchester United)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Nicolas Paz (Real Betis)
Tiago Geralnik (Villarreal)
Valentin Carboni (Inter)

Ángel Di María (Paris Saint-Germain)
Luka Romero (Lazio)
Matias Soulé (Juventus)
Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
Lautaro Martínez (Inter)
Ángel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Julián Álvarez (River Plate)
Giovanni Simeone (Verona)
Lucas Boyé (Elche)


    • I think enzo could make it the worldcup squad he is amazing really.I am exited about him I think almendra is more talented but he is in aterrible environment

  1. I might get cooked for this but what is point of calling guys like garnacho who have no passion for the NT and are here cus they are not going to get a chance for spain while guys like bezetiz and senesi are waiting for ages for the call up , plus the likes of simon and enzo are getting ignored. I hope there is a plan

  2. I like Scaloni’s initiative with picking youngsters to get a taste of what it’s like to play with the NT. Also I would imagine that it’s a huge boost to one’s confidence to get a call up to the national team at such a young age.
    Bentinez and Senesi not being in the selection is quite odd, even though their chances of playing would be minimal but their continued exclusion is curious to say the least. Senesi in particular would make a good backup CB and he’s most certainly ahead of Pezzella and LMQ in my book, but he’s only 24 and he’s got sometime to prove his worth in the coming years.

  3. Scaloni being smart this time by selecting all the youngsters in Europe. A lot of those youngsters have represented Italy before and Scaloni called them up to let them know that it is “more fun” being with the seleccion. Hope they will be thrilled being there along with idols like Messi, Di Maria, De Paul, and so on.

    They need to play at least 1 second in a competitive match though before they are considered ineligible to play for other national teams.

    Anyway the missing ones are as usual Benitez, Alario, and Senesi. It really means that 6 months before the World Cup, Scaloni already HAS his team, so no way he would wanna mess around.

    Anyway Boye and Simeone would challenge the back up number 9 spot. Not Alario, but ahead of Boye and Simeone there are A. Correa, Dybala, and Julian Alvarez.

    • Btw out of the new youngsters, other than Luka Romero and Soule, the one that has the highest ceiling appears to be Garnacho (MU). I watched his spectacular goal against Everton youth, he scored 100% like Mbappe. He’s got that speed. No wonder MU, Madrid, and Dortmund want him.

      The upcoming World Cup u 20 should be exciting as we have Luka, Soule, and Garnacho as trident.

    • I think the FIFA regulation is actually that you need to play in at least 3 official matches for a country if I’m not wrong, which sadly makes the Garnacho situation more complicated. I hope this call up serves to persuade him and we grab him as soon as possible when he’s ready for the top level to get actual minutes

      • One or three? I remember there was a player named Daniel Bilos who was about to be called up by Croatia, then Argentina called him up and played as a sub in an official WCQ match. As a result he could not play for Croatia anymore.

        • I did a bit of research and it turns out that yes, for an official game if you play even a second you have to only represent that nation (does not apply to friendlies), however as of 2020 the regulation was changes for under 21’s. If you are under 21 you can play up to three official games and still choose another country (not sure if that requires you to play four), excluding a tournament like a world cup. Friendlies still don’t count at all. Before the regulations was different especially in the times of Di Stefano where you could play for whichever country was more convenient, usually where you were playing club football

  4. Ridiculous list with players who are suspended by Conmebol because of the Brazil game issues, youngsters who hardly or never played at senior level and not players like Benitez or Senesi.

  5. Manu lanzini deserves his call up , the guy has revived his cereer he looked doomed and out but he fought bk.
    Credit to him, David moyes loves him, talks about him highly it seems can’t drop him atm mostly he plays nu 8 and 10 he plays very well both positions especially 8 been physically small A physical league .

  6. That’s a terrible list. Ignoring Senesi, Walter benitez is a joke gone too far.
    Secondly perrerya again of all people? Someone like Nicolas paz I can’t even find him on google. I wish he called likes of enzo Fernandez, Augustin Almendra of some of these players who have yet to kick a ball.
    Now its not the time for experimenting.

    • You realize Nicolas Paz is a youngster being called up with the various others because Scaloni is working on a project for the future right? And what do you mean it’s not the time for experimenting, if anything now’s the best time to do it since we are qualifying and want to try a few new things out to form our final squad for the World Cup and take the time to get youngsters from other countries to play for us. It’s not the middle of a tournament

      • I don’t think all those youngsters are there to play. They are called up just as sparring partners so they could feel how it feels like being around their idols which could motivate them to be better as players.

        The last time Soule was called up, he got so excited and he posted a pic of him together with Messi and Di Maria on his insta. Hope the senior players will give as much tips as possible to all these youngsters though.

        • When it comes to experimentation I wasn’t referring to the youngsters but I completely agree, just as we did with other youngsters a few months ago this is a great opportunity for them to gain confidence and for Scaloni to watch them in person to get an idea of the future and take notes. I really don’t understand how someone can be against this, very competent from our coach

  7. Dybla should stay healthy since last one or two year he is getting injured.I think he is second best player after Messi.

  8. Yeap this is a good younger players selection But in 40 players list he doesn’t pick Senessi, Medina, Benitez, N. Dominguez, Alario, are they don’t have enough potentiality to get a chance in NT at least in preliminary list???
    Scaloni called again and again Armani, Andrada, LMQ, R. Pereyra. Is it a wise decession guys??

  9. A good selection; Scaloni try to put the competitive and select the best. The door is open for everyone; hopefully it will bring freshness, surprise call and starting XI. Football needs flexibility and creativity

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