Pep Guardiola speaks on Sergio Agüero, Julián Álvarez, Marcello Gallardo, Argentina


Pep Guardiola spoke about Sergio Agüero, Julián Álvarez, Marcelo Gallardo and Argentine football.

Guardiola gave an interview with Veronica Brunati of Ole which was translated earlier, where he spoke about Lionel Messi and Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni. While speaking about Messi and the Argentina national team, he also commented on Sergio Agüero, who he managed at Manchester City. Speaking in the interview, here is what he had to say about Agüero:

“Sergio gives the impression of being sluggish but he is very ready. He gets your concepts. What he did in England is unequaled. At this club, there is a before him and after him. He scored the best goal for this club that was, is and will ever be in history.

“I’m not a big fan of statistics but of scorers, yes. They say “this player made millions of passes” but what about the passes? Were they good or bad, did they break the lines or not? But with the goals, they are goals. You score or you don’t.

“I understand that the way we play was not easy for Sergio. His natural tendency is not to press, he was not brought up that way. But I value him a lot because I know he gave his best.

“The people here are aware of what he has done. He is the most important Argentine to have played football in England, for everything that he represents. Sergio has been the greatest, by far.”

He also spoke about current River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo:

“I like and admire his consistency over time. Being in a competitive league, in a Libertadores… Being there for a while, competing. They sell his players and he is still there.

“I don’t know him, I have never been able to chat with him, I haven’t been to the Monumental to watch a game to get a deep analysis but the fact that he has been there for so long is because there is something.”

Regarding newly signed Julián Álvarez:

“If we signed him it’s for him to be with us. There is a fundamental question: We believe that he is a player for us. At City, they saw him as an opportunity for the future, he will be with us in the next preseason.

“I saw him on television but I want to see him on the pitch with his team mates, with what we want him to do… If we weren’t convinced, we would not have bought him. We want him.The reports we have of him are exceptional. How he moves in short spaces and how he finishes is something very difficult to find.”

About coaching in Argentina:

“They never tried to get me to play for River nor did they call me to manage the Argentina national team. Regarding the national team, I think it should be managed by an Argentine. That position belongs to an Argentine. After that, I do have customs and things in common.

“We speak the same language, we like similar things, we love life, food, being with friends and people we love, I have trained many Argentine players and I have friends that live there.

“I think we all love places based on the people who are there and who make you feel comfortable. Then there is Valdano, Cappa, César Luis Menotti, no less, Argentine literature is very cool… Surely I will go back again, on vacation, not for work.

“I don’t know what my destiny will be in a few years. What has to happen will happen. When I have to leave City, I will leave. And I will go home and take some time. I don’t know. If I need to go coach in Argentina… I don’t know, to Boca for example, that way those from Boca don’t get angry because they told me I praised River, hehe… Well, I’ll go to Boca… I don’t know. Who knows?”


  1. We should be thankful Scolani and his job for Argentina. Place Scolani in place of Ancelloti, PSG will be destroying RM.

  2. If you look at the game last night, PSG lost the control when Pochettino replaced Paredes by Gueye, probably due to his yellow card. He didn’t play well last night but he was useful to keep the ball, Gueye was a total disaster(like Marqinhos, Di Maria, Donnarumma and Kimpembe) unable to make a run. I know Paredes is not popular at PSG but it will be a mistake to sell him.

    • Paredes was replaced because he received a stupid yellow card in the start of the game and about to red a red card if not replaced. Pochettino had no choice but to replace him.

    • If you watched, paredes was constantly pointing and yelling and organizing his team. When he left, no one stepped up as a leader, they all got quiet, lost shape and panic.

    • Spot on @canadienroyal ! After Poch took Paredes out the whole game was lost as u allready explained very well indeed PSG completly lost control, because Paredes was taken out most propably because due to his very early yellowcard which in my oppinion was not worth for yellow, but everyone has their right for their oppinion, so what happened it happened, but if i would have been PSG coach or maybe even another coach than Poch, perhaps or most centainly in case of my own Paredes would have stayed on the pitch even at cost of high risk by getting a red card, but even so i think that would have alarmerd finally at last Poch and his coaching staff and the whole PSG team to defend like hell and for sure they would have performed better with 10 men against 11 or guaranteed they would have won if Paredes was never taken off etc..,

      He might not be the greatest of greatest, but i personally value him quite high and what i saw from him yesterday against Real Madrid was very solid performance as he was controlling the midfield with help of Verratti been able to move around bit more and challenge for ball and play normal kind Verratti style of game that he is best at and without Paredes controlling the midfield, well that would have not been possible to Verratti to play as his normal style of Verratti game etc.

      So for me personally, very big misstake to TaKe out of Paredes even he had been carded!

      Because those other names u allready mentioned very well indeed, were not even close to their standard as only Hakimi and Mendez were up to the task until Paredes was taken off and actually i was looking Paredes very closely more than any other player on the pitch and i don’t think he did not give away many passes at all instead what i saw from him was very accurate passing at very high level, so for me in way he was the key why PSG were not in so much trouble before he was taken, though i admit too that Real could have scored earlier due to Marquinhos and Kimbembes very poor play as they were giving free headers to Benzema and passing and playing with ball at back very stupidly which everytime allmost ended in Real’s scoring opportunity etc.

      In the end Paredes even put his head between Valverdes shot as not many players would have done that, so Yes i sayed earlier he is not maybe the greatest of greatest, but i Still have very high value for him and if he can perform in team lime PSG coached by maybe a bit clueless Poch, at least at some time’s it feels lime he is just pressing the panin button and then every move after another goes completly wrong, though i not completly also blame him as also we hardly never see 3 goals scored by one player in such a short time, but that is typical Real Madrid and offcourse unfortunatly with Benzema’s quality, well it is possible at least against team who ger’s completly frozen and in split of a second turn’s on from a competive team to 7th tier division team!

      I have seen this kind think’s done by Real with so many time’s so, Yes unfortunatly u can never count them out, though i must say that their previous teams were more competive, perhaps, but also now with maybe not the best players on earth in their team give’s a final opportunity for the world to regonize how goid player Benzema unfortunatly is, as i wish offcourse him being an Argentine instead of french, lol!

      That guy has just been overshadowed by CR7 hypermania ctreated by media and, well Ok Yes he did score some goals for Real and is their top scorer and will be forever in their teams history book’s as Messi will be Barca’s etc.

      But, with CR7 Benzema never got that regonition that he truly deserved also before, and now his the 3rd most goal scorer of Real Madrid’s all time goal scorers as last night he unfortunatly went and passed Di Stefano and he will pass Raul too, so in the end he will be remembered by Real fans(not me, lol) as their second all-time top scorer as only Penaldo is and will be untouchable in the book’s of Real Madrid!

      But, what a catostrophy this is for PSG as they will be remembered as the team that were completly dominant in the first leg against Real were Real most propably did not have a single shot against Donna Blummer, but as the second leg were more Open as both had chances, but Still PSG after Mbabbe’s goal looked a bit comfortable totally screwed things up and, Yes only because of Paredes was taken off and Rae, scored 3 Superfast goals by a single guy and PSG literally could not cope with that instead they were in the mood way beyond panin as i can’t even find a word what would describe PSG’s performance as Paredes was taken off etc..

      Well, for sure in France the paer’s and the Media will not forgive them, maybe also the fans most certainly will turn against them so this for PSG could end up a real nightmare and as i only care of this team, because at the moment their are having 3 Argentine NT players which in my oppinion are and will be Still crucial for Arg, so if i could ship them off right now from there that would be my priority number one, but as they are PSG players under contracts so offcourse thatbis literally impossible and instead they will be crucified by the crench media as Poch will be and also because they are Argentine’s and not french or from french speaking country etc…i think they will have real bad time by french media and that is what i’m mostly concerned, so please International break come quicker as u can now that those Argentine’s can be rescue back home and have a break from that toxic french and PSG enviroment !

  3. Ajax is the only team with an Argentine gives me a hope to reach top 4 in the UCL. Atletico is unpredictable. Hoping a victory against United. I doubt which team will goes for the kill or may be both plays the waiting game. And another villareal and juventus also seems to end by QF. What ever it is perform well de Paul celso dybala correa lisandro and otamendi. Happy to see Paredes played well.

  4. You people can feel bad for Messi as much as you guys wants but Messi doesn’t feel.bad at all, he doesn’t care about PSG he was forced to join psg. The way messi was walking in 2nd half and at the ends of the match he was very casual. Tbh even i wanted that oil club to loose.

    • 100% correct. Messi dont give damn about PSG. He was cracking jokes before match and also vs city. He has no passion for PSG. He knows that only PSG offered him chance to play in europe and pay big salary. Also PSG is bunch of individuals, all UCL winning team either have strong team or very good coach who makes him players works hard like tuchel.

  5. Good news!

    I think Garnacho will choose Argentina for sure. He posted on his insta story a pic of him with Charlie Mcneill and Marc Jurado, 2 of his teammates at MU youth. He posted a flag of England (Charlie), Spain (Marc), and Argentina (Alejandro).

  6. Is it possible for Messi to return to Barca next year? Barca slowly gets better.

    For me it is not fair to judge Messi based on his PSG matches. In Copa America just about a year ago, he looked like the prime Messi. No one in the world was at his level. Let’s see how he performs for Argentina in about 2 weeks from now and then we judge.

    I remember Messi also played like this when playing for Gerardo Martino’s Argentina and at the same time performed like the prime Messi when playing for Barca. So it is hard to tell.

    What I see for sure though, he does not have the passion and determination playing for PSG.

    • Actually Messi was more dominant in CA 2016. He had 5 goals and 4 assists in 5 games. 9 goals contribution despite missing the opening game due to injury. Di Maria & Lavezzi injury was the reason Argentina struggled in the final.

      Messi and Neymar looked overweight in recent months. Checkout Messi pics during holiday after Copa ended, he looked lean and shredded. Even in following qualifier games , he hit hattrick againts Bolivia and another goal againts Uruguay. His speed & goalscoring ability seems to declined in all sudden, after that injury before the start of the season.

      Maybe he’s expecting an easy ride at PSG , so he can reserve his energy for WC.

      • This. I think he only cares about the WC. He is trying to stay injury free. A few months before the cup he will probably go into a training camp and get shredded

    • No I don’t think so, Barca actually had the money to renew his contract, unlike what was said in the media but Laporta decided differently. That excuse of salary breach was a diplomatic way to separate Messi. And I don’t think Laporta will change his mind in few months.

    • Only those who will allways think that Messi will score or score even a hatrick in one single game+haters offcourse will crufify him and rest of PSG’s Argentine’s which is completly unfair as the whole world is completly unfair not only in terms of football level, but more in terms of everything in general and, Yes i do mean literally everything!

      Paredes was fantastic and if he was not taken off, well i highly doubt PSG would have lost, but they did so that’s about it etc…

      But, what i’m worried is that how theese Argentine NT players will be crucified by french paper’s and the media and maybe even by their own fans!

      As i won’t give shit about PSG if those Argentine’s would not be there so hopefully the International break will come sooner than later that those Argentine NT players will be rescued back home now from that very toxic french and PSG enviroment !

      Btw thanx a lot for the great news about Garnacho will end up choosing Arg !

  7. Majority of South American footballers careers start going downward after they reach 30 years . But not European players so much. Can someone explain why? I’m not saying all but majority compare to European players..

    • I think it depends on the personal level, not whether they are South American or Europeans. Thiago Silva, Dani Alves, Di Maria, Otamendi are still good when above 30. In the past, Batigol, Ayala, Samuel, Veron still looked good when above 30.

      Europeans like El Shaarawy, Balotelli, a lot of English players (Sturridge, Walcott, Owen, Rooney, etc) declined when they were 29 or so (when they were supposed to be at their peak). So I think it depends.

      A lot of famous Brazilians footballer would usually decline when around 30 because of their life style. That’s to answer why the likes of Neymar, Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo looked much worse then when they were younger.

      • Except R9 decline was due to weight fluctuation (medical condition) plus knee surgery more than once like Aguero. As for the likes of Neymar, Robinho, Adriano, Pato, Ronaldinho etc, yea they mostly decline quick due to partying lifestyle.

        Messi has played close to 1000 games, in modern football, thats a crazy number. Even CR who has body builder physics is nowhere at his old level this season. Both Messi & CR played countless games for club & country and mostly full minutes, eventually their legs will giving up.

        ADM for intense, is often subbed out later in the game or starting from the bench.

        Zanetti is another guy who could still run for 90 mins in his mid 30s. I mean he won freakin treble at 35 lol

    • Thanks u for sharing Jewel. Hope he will choose Argentina eventually.

      Him as left winger and Soule as right winger is just too amazing for us.

      I am glad Garnacho is at the same club as his idol, CR7 though. Hope he can pick up a lot of stuff from him before he moves somewhere next year.

  8. Only cared for PSG this season because of our Argentine players. But I’m really happy for Paredes, his substitution showed the world his impact. HE is the glue to the PSG midfield, madly underrated.

    And the only thing that upsets me is that Messi doesn’t seem to look like he has the hunger with his new club, he is acting very casually.
    Even tho, it’s not his fault completely, but rightfully so he deserves the slander to a little extent. He seems like one who is lacking Match fitness.

  9. This is all expected guys. PSG has a track record of losing like this, and Poch is all but at peak as a loser. The defenders were of very low quality, they choke frequently, loosing a few times again top teams at league 1, let alone in champion league.

    If they’re not out now, they will next round. This team is very similar to Argentina in 2010 or 2018, lots of super stars but having poor coaches.

    Sadly I think Maradona can do similar things at PSG with that squad

    • So what ? The reality is now Messi cant play the intensity of a Top game anymore : His off ball work is terrible for a team and he have no stamina anymore to make some differences with the ball. All his shoot are stop by defenders legs too.

      Now Messi live only with his amazing visions and pass qualitys but you lead a team to win a competition anymore.

      Thanks Scaloni to use him for WC Qualification 3 times 90 minutes before he started his physical preparation after the summer … Messi never found a professionnal condition all the year.

    • That has been happening all year. He never gets that pass in PSG. Mbappe missed that pass 4x this season. This is the pass that got him the famous stoppage-time goal for Barca against RM when he held up his jersey before the Bernabéu.

      PSG is not a team. They play only for Mbappe. Pochettino is not a winner as I’ve said many times. Tuchel knew how to hide this team’s weaknesses.

  10. Otamendi and Cuti Romero is better than Marquinhos and Kimbempe; Rodrigo De Paul can beat Luka Modric, ADM is more experience than Vidi Jr; Parades is better than Carminga, Emi Martinez is better than Donnaruma; Lautaro is behind Benzema a few inch. Not to be worry. Messi have a better team mates at N/T than club

  11. Poche got the blame ! But the mistake of Marquinhos and Donnaruma did made their early exit. Poche’s mistake is only substitute Parades. We should be objective Ancelloti is much more experience coach and a master class; Bringing Carmavinga change the game, Modric move forward and closed to Benzema. Poche will be departed from Paris soon, he is overrated with no proper game plan and clue to optimize his Ferrari team. Zidane will take over PSG

    Messi is in the wrong team; the friends and warm of Paris maybe spoiled his performance. Is he declining, No, he just don’t have a support and lost the rythm in new club. Losing the shape is not good for preparing the WC. He need to train harder and get to reduce his weight

    Respect to Benzema and Modric. Objectively Ballon D’or should go to Benzema or Lewandosky or a player winning WC.

    • Absolutely how the fuck donnaruma is best in Europe…he is yet to learn more…and marquinhos being a captain how he can make such a blunder…the truth is money can’t help you to become a champion..this is PSG 👎

  12. Every Argentina fan worships Leo, but he is clearly not the player he was before, not even close. He has no legs, and cannot run for any extended period of time. He has lost his ability to consistently beat opponents with quickness, and is easily disposessed. What remains is fantastic vision, and great passing ability. In my opinion he needs to slim down. It’s much harder to run even if you carry a few extra pounds. He can still do magic, but don’t expect more than 25 minutes of running a game from him. We all lose the battle to time unfortunately. I hope he retires after the World Cup. He really has nothing to prove and I hope he goes out on top.

  13. With all honesty Messi still has one fight left in him, the last and biggest one, we know that and so does he. Messi wants to play in the WC especially after he tasted success with the NT and maybe for the 1st time believes the players around him have enough to win it all and will not risk his health since he knows that players will kick him every chances they get so why take a chance playing for PSG when they hardly pass him the ball.
    I’d rather have this Messi instead of a burned-out tired and probably hurt going to Qatar.
    Lets see how he performs Vs Venezuela before we pass judgement.

    • 100 percent correct, The only time he looks truly happy and determined playing is with Argentina. He has nothing left to win at club level, It’s all about the world cup for him now. He doesn’t have prove anything to a bunch of keyboard warriors. He’s all in for Qatar and he is saving his body for those (Hopefully) 7 games. Why kill your body when Mbappe won’t even pass?

  14. I don’t know what to say. Is there any Argentine player left in UCL?

    36 year old Modric, 34 year old Benzema looks stronger, fitter that 34 year old Messi. Cannot remember if Messi have made any difference in a big game in last 5 years. What a sad end of a stellar club carrier.

    • Well, Di Maria still run faster than most and he’s in same age bracket. Also , remember Messi is approaching 1000 caps in his career. At some point your legs are going to give up.

      Papu Gomez still looking strong in mid 30 despite being smaller than Messi but he played maybe 350 less matches than Messi, so thats the big difference. Its not just the age.

      Mess played almost 160 macthes for Argentina alone.

  15. Scaloni>>>Pochettino, maybe PSG have higher profile players than us, but dont work as a unit, 3 pimadonnas upfront without real pressing and defending is too much. 1 player is OK but 3 way no. Our players could die for the team and Scaloni. Good vibes. And Paredes was goated today LOL. PSG dominated Real with him on the field, then lost controll completely. Horrible mistakes too.

    • Thats why Scaloni rarely fields 2 proper strikers let alone 3. He prefers someone like Nico who could preasure all day when off the ball. The goal against Uruguay in qualifier and Ecuador in CA were good examples. It started from Nico’s pressing even if he didnt score himself.

      Scaloni is modern coach and he knows that these days everyone needs to press off the ball. He did everything right in CA and qualifier by having Messi surrounded by players who could do multiple task. Thus Messi can focus being a playmaker.

      Stubborn managers like Sampa , Bielsa and Poch cannot survive in today’s football.

  16. Pochettino is the most disgraceful Argentine coach I have seen. I pity Man United should they go for him. I hope he never gets a chance to coach the national team.

    Donnaruma is such a scumbag. I hope Italy get eliminated coz of him. Neymar lacks maturity and not team player. His flashy showmanship resulted in the second goal. Kimpembe and Marquinhos are overrated.

    Mbappe gave his best, he should leave this dead team and join Madrid. Paredes and Verratti were fantastic. Danilo was OK but not that good.
    As for Messi he has been a disappointment. He should stop that bad behavior of walking on the pitch. Modric who is 36 was all over the pitch making tackles and runs. Therefore our beloved LM30 has no excuse and take blame.

    • Don’t think Messi played badly at all. In fact he’s one of the better performers- Paredes, Mbappe & Messi along with aberration. He always walks and today, that’s not the problem. Complete brain farts from the defenders and that midfield without Paredes was the issue. Messi had some really nice touches and he’s simply missing that final flourish along with his dribbling which he seem to have stopped doing it altogether.

  17. Messi must be thinking about Miami beach already rather than winning ligue 1 and waiting for Mbappe to pass the ball.

    He’s next destination would MLS. Beckham son already visited him.

  18. From now on I will probably watch just the Argentina matches.
    I don’t think I can watch Messi play for this PSG anymore. It’s really not good for my mental health.

    • When Zidane comes, Mbappe leave.. everything may change…a new striker like Lautaro with Messi would be great. Neymar is already degraded..
      A champions league team can’t just rely on a speed of a player..they need hard working strikers…like Lautaro and Nico.

      • PSG badly need some balance in the squad
        They need a creative midfielder, a proper striker and a world class centre back.

        And Neymar needs to do better, he can’t get past defenders anymore and he hold on to the ball instead of releasing it quickly

  19. Finished watching Madrid vs PSG (saw 2nd half only).
    My analysis:

    1. Vinicious, Jr. is a beast, but should have scored. I remember people on here saying he is another overrated Brazilian, but I wish we had someone on NT that can be a consistent menace even if not a true goalscoring threat (for most of us Nico Gonzalez can be that). Daka was that for Belgium during the Euros.

    2. Modric is still boss in midfield (Rodrigo Depaul is a lesser version of Modric but good enough).

    3. Neymar is another retiring Brazilian at age 30. He can go to MLS and enjoy long offseason vacations and parties with Beckham in Miami or shoot movies in LA.

    4. Benzema is like fine wine. A complete forward in the order of Lewandoski, Thierry Henry, Ronaldo, Crespo, Batistuta, Klose, etc. He was even in the midfield and then pressing at goal.

    5. No one passing to DiMaria. PSG only plays for Neymar and Mbappe and only gives to Messi if there is absolutely no other logical option.

    6. Marquinhos was the reason for all Benzema’s goals. As if he wanted to prove a point to the midfield and attackers that, “defending is just as important, let me show you why.”

    7. Mbappe is on his way, if not there yet to become the world’s best, but too selfish and a little one-dimensional. He is all-speed with good stepovers when standing on the ball. Other than that, his first touch is quite sloppy. Other than that he will be a great Madrid player.

    8. Messi. If speaking on legacy, then nothing needs to be said. However, if this game was the first time a viewer watched Messi. They would say, why is he standing, not tracking back or making effort. Hearing Pep speak on the importance of pressing and discussing Aguero, you realize how great Barcelona was not only when on the ball, but when they lost it. They quickly recover. Young Messi was a pressing machine! Stealing the ball, creating chances, and scoring goals are pressing. I don’t expect Messi to press too much at his age, especially when he was told since 2010 by Pep to preserve energy. The Ninja Turtle Mbappe and Neymar need to do the pressing.

    Madrid’s pressing (Benzema, Modric, Vincius, Jr., Alaba, etc) won this game with their 1st goal. That goal changed everything.

  20. After making mistake dunarumma was so lazy to come back his goal bar.did anyone noticed that. If dunarumma comes erliar to his goal bar the first goal may be saved.and third goal was absultly rubbish clearence from marquinhos.What a rubbish football from so called marquinhos and dunarumma.dunaruma is the first man to open the door for rm.and then marquinhos. Why you cleared the ball in front of goal bar.he should let the ball kick for corner as for dunarumma.both should kick the ball out for corner.i Don’t know how to explain. How a team destroyed in just matter of time when you were ahed of two goals.every time real madrid counter attacked it looked like turning into goal.pochettino can’t find the way.though it was big fault of marquinhos and dunarumma.

  21. The idiots at the back kept playing within themselves as they’ve done repeatedly even in the league games! There’s no presence of leadership back there with everybody thinking they’re the best in their positions and can play like Messi on their own! What a bunch of losers! – -Donnarumma – Showed he’s prone to brainfarts and he’s going to have more of these games
    Marquinhos – Typical brazilian who’s over-rated and has traits of David Luiz in him except with a few more goals
    Danilo – Typical portugese that can’t keep his head straight for a full game
    Gueye – I hate this guy. Keeps jogging, technically inferior and stupid at reading the game. The guy doesn’t have the mentality of a big game player and I felt at times he’s just in to sabotage the team.
    Mendes – Decent and can’t blame him
    Hakimi – Ok but there’s not much he could’ve done other than holding his line
    Paredes – Awesome! That team missed him. F’k Pochettino!
    Verratti – Trying to do too much and that cost the game esp. after Paredes was subbed.
    Neymar – He’s just a weak link at this point and unless he fixes his issues, he’s off to MLS this summer or to a far smaller club.
    Mbappe – Played well! Nothing to point out and he’s off to Madrid this summer.
    Messi – Man, he played really well. Just didn’t get the support from the midfield and defense once Paredes was gone. Pochettino deserves a f’g beating for misusing the the GOAT!

  22. PSG after Parades substitution was a mess. While masterclass epic night from Benzema & Modric , cant miss the funny part of the 3 goals:
    Goal 1 – Donnarumma’s moment of shame.
    Goal 2 – Its starts with Neymar losing possession & ends with a deflection by Marquinhos
    Goal 3 – Marquinhos almost gave a perfect pass to Benzema to finish the game.
    Messi was totally lost & Poch unable to integrate Messi-Neymar-Mbappe. With WC only in Nov2022 , i dont think early CL exit means more rest & it would have been better for Messi having a long CL run.

  23. Those risky backpasses is a sign of weak mentallity. Once opponents started to press, you’re panicking.

    I think Poch learned those backpasses move from Sampa’s Argentina lol

    Remember Argentina first 2 games in WC 2018? Risky backpasses all day.

  24. Self-destruction in a matter of minutes……..what a mess of a club, POCH is gone after this season if not before and I hope Messi leaves too Unless they hire a proper coach.

    I think Messi is passing time playing for this club after he early realized this is not a club for him………we’ll see how he plays for ARGENTINA soon before we pass judgment but I know he’ll be himself within familiar sites.

      • True, but it is sad to see Messi’s star is fading fast. For 14 or 15 years he was the best player in the world and this year he is nowhere near his best. Stats show he is different now (10 assists and only 2 goals in La ligue). Modric (36) showed grit today and looked much fitter. Hope he recovers.

        • It honestly doesn’t make any sense….I don’t believe he’s hurt otherwise he wont be playing…..I could be wrong but I don’t think his heart is in it and he probably thinking why risk myself when I know I’m not gonna get the touches and passes I deserve.
          He almost never get touches or passes his way and often finds himself going back deep into his half to get the ball
          Lets see how he plays in the qualifier.

    • Messi should return to Argentina imo but we all know none of them would be able to pay him.

      Its not a good thing for Messi heading to WC with low self esteem, but this time he’d surrounded by a pack of hungry younger players. I’d say the crucial players for us would be the likes of RDP, Paredes, Cuti, Lautaro, Licha, Acuna & Emi.

      Messi & Di Maria can still surprise you with their magic when you dont expect it.

  25. This game is a big sellout from psg defense and gk… u can’t be playing out from the back whole game and almost getting in trouble and u continue to do it over and over.. this is madness. Especially marqinhous… y are u clearing out ball across your goal.. u are giving your opponents a chance.. sell out!!!!!

    • GK made a sh!t error..that gave momentum for Real…and Marquinho cleared the ball to center of the goal… straight into Benzema..
      What a foolish errors…

      • The thing is, PSG seems to be intentionally keep doing the same risky play at back over and over, and they’ve been doing it aswell in Ligue 1 for no reason.

        You’d expect a team with that kind of material would go for the kill, but instead they’re playing backward. After 1-2 goals lead.

    • Disgusting defense from PSG! Gueye, Kimpembe and Neymar are just plain stupid! Add Herrera to the mix and it’s downright pathetic game maangement from Pochettino! Messi deserves better!

    • After Paredes sub..they became like Sampolis Argentina…
      Also, I believe in fate.. everything was going on Real favor in second half…

  26. Paredes has been brilliant so far for PSG. I think he won the ball that eventually led to Mvappe’s goal.

    Messi looking lively aswell and still able to beat his marker and open up space.

    Psg first goal was also incorrectly ruled out.

    • He’s not running at all…and lost his exceptional dribbling…I think he has some physical problem after that tackle he received…when he was playing for Argentina…!

  27. Watching man vs ulv..45 min done
    alejandro garnacho playing realy super..
    Super speedy and super passing skills.. Scaloni should give him some min

  28. Huge fan of Pep. Enjoy him talking about football. Aguero was at his prime when he played with David Silva, Yaya and Nasri. He was one of those few strikers able to play between lines, he could drop deep, held the ball and let his wingers to cut in. I see some of his qualities on Julan Alvarez even though they don’t have the same playing style. Not sure if he can achieve Kun’s level one day but quite sure it was a good buy for City. There is high risk that they will lost Bernardo Silva during this summer and so Pep will probably move Grealish to the midfield to replace him. In this case, we may see Julian Alvarez starting as left winger or false 9, Mahrez on the right and Foden occupy the other spot.

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