Rodrigo De Paul speaks on Argentina at the 2022 Qatar World Cup


Rodrigo De Paul spoke about Argentina at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

De Paul commented on the World Cup draw and the World Cup with the draw just under two weeks away. The Argentine spoke about Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero while also talking about Brazil and the World Cup qualifiers this month. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say about the World Cup:

“In these types of tournaments, it’s not always the best that wins and the draw has a lot to do with it. If they are selected to play against strong national teams, even better. One is always attentive and even if they respected everyone, Argentina can play against anyone and play well. Why would we want to play them? If we can avoid them, better.

“It’s not that I want to play against someone in particular or not. I have no problem facing anyone but a good draw can make things much more accessible. To win the World Cup, everyone national team is difficult but if luck is on our side, it’s much better.

“I believe England or Germany, those kinds of national teams, they know how Argentina are right now: How long it has been without a loss, we just won the Copa America, that we have the best in the world. I don’t believe they want to face us.

“I don’t know if I would say that we are because if you start to analyze which national teams have which players, there are seven or eight that could be world champions. I believe that we will be at that level and hopefully we can meet the expectations that we have of ourselves and that the people have of us.”


  1. @cox4
    As you know tomorrow we have the superclasico. It has been a while since we have spoken about River so I will mention some things. Whether we win or not tomorrow I am still very happy with how the situation has changed this year. 7 months ago I felt like even beating Velez was lucky. Then when we brought so many youngsters into the team we became champions. And then there was the uncertainty about Gallardo and the new president. So much has changed in so little time and all of the changes have been good. What do you think about all the new players we have? I think Brito made a huge impression in his first transfer window. Seven new players and all of them seem good and if not great (with the exception of Mammana who still needs time to play). It is true that we started with a loss and had a bad result against Racing but it will take time for all of the new players to get accustomed to the team. I also think it was smart to sell Alvarez now and bring him back on loan so we can spend the money earlier on players to partner him while he’s here. I am much less worried about losing Alvarez now than I was a few months ago because I know that we can get a good replacement and I think we are less dependent on him than I used to think. Anyway I am excited and nervous for tomorrow and I hope that we have a beautiful and memorable superclasico

    • my friend i am always happy to speak about our beloved River plate with you.
      about the team i am very happy and satisfy with our picture till now. don t forget that it is beginning of season for us. we are not like europeans that is going to ending. that means it is very normal our perform not to be very high. we are not in form yet. 2-3 weeks after we will try reach our peak. our picture is better than what was expected this period of time. that is very good.
      as about game tomorrow with Bosteros i believe we will win.we are better team. just what worries me little is that they will try to make the game dirty and physical to cover the difference of quality. it is matter of referee if he will allow it or not. otherwise we are much better than Bosteros and we will win normally.
      as about Brito he is going very well till now and i have no doubt that he will continue same way. he is continueing the work from where D Onofrio left it. Brito continue the vision and legacy of D Onofrio. only good things we can expect for our future that way.
      last i want to remind you the run of 2 very very important projects that will make our club even more bigger. first is the renew of Monumental (capacity and modernization) and second the expansion of clubs world cup which fifa delayed because covid (24 teams tournament).
      our team intend to invest so much there for take the bennefits financialy and sporty. our target is to increse the value and fame of River plate worldwide.
      that means our major priority from now on is Libertadores competition which will guide to new expanded clubs world cup (which will give us one spot in that).

      • I agree with everything you say. About the Bosteros I don’t want to be too confident because like you mention, they can play dirty and hold on preventing us from scoring like they did in August. But if we are able to play our beautiful game and impose ourselves we have big chances of winning. I was not aware about the expansion of the Club World Cup, it sounds very interesting and I will definitely look into it. I am looking forward to all of the changes happening in the Monumental and River as a brand.

    • as about Alvarez i am not concerned at all.
      players like Alvarez had come and go dozens in past.after him one new will come. don t worry.
      i mean from 90s that i start watch football as kid i remember the loss of dozens very good players (any kind and position). we sell one and we build one new in his place. this is the story before even we both of us born. as fans of River plate we have used to it.

    • Yes, it seems to the the case. I’m watching the athletico Madrid game now and the commentator on bein sports said that Messi is out with the flu and won’t play vs Monaco. Will he travel to Argentina tho?

  2. It will be seen how much Argentina can play in the World Cup. It will be fun to play against Germany and England. Argentina is the quarter final team.And playing with France will be fun when Mbappe runs and scores, as I saw in the Eighteenth World Cup.

    • Hi hater…You can’t score like that against this Argentina so easily. Richarlison today..finally said the truth…two teams..that every other teams will fear in the coming world cup will be Argentina and France. Last WC we lost to eventual champion France..we had flaws..but this time..only bad luck can prevent us…nothing else…

  3. 12 days left for world cup draw. this is very important subject. especially the crossings in second round is the most important part. i hope we will have luck.

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