Julián Álvarez of River Plate, Joaquín Correa of Inter could start for Argentina with Lionel Messi


Julián Álvarez of River Plate or Joaquín Correa of Inter could start for Argentina in against Venezuela in the World Cup qualifiers with Lionel Messi and Nicolás González.

Álvarez could get his first start ever for the Argentina national team on Friday with Lautaro Martínez out due to COVID. According to TNT Sports, coach Lionel Scaloni could go with one of the two players to play alongside Lionel Messi and Nicolás González up front.

As we reported, Lautaro Martinez tested positive for COVID and will miss Friday’s World Cup qualifying match. Should he test negative before the match against Ecuador, he could be selected for that match.


  1. Nico-messi-alverz pacy and elagant,
    Nico starts to finish his moves then he will be a bteer player than lautaro he was a good finisher when playing germany

  2. That’s the way we should play in attack, I like the idea to put Messi between the 3-men midfielders and 2 mobile strikers who can put intensity for pressing and can defend aggressively and thus allows Messi to stay in the 30m for delivering goals and assists.

  3. So as per TYC. armani will start… Same old story.. Why no new defenders in the team. Why calling players who cant play.

  4. We should use Alvarez…give him confidence..he will turn into a great player for NT.
    BTW..I hope Musso starting not Armani..! I hated the inclusion of Armani…only because I know Scaloni will use Armani as second choice not Musso. Benitez…sorry

    • Actually I think that Scaloni can also try Alvarez for the left midfielder role. In some of his games, I saw his capacity to play between lines, to hold the ball under pressure and to counter-press the opponents and to dictate the good tempo when he dropped deep. To me, he can play as attacking midfielder no problem.

  5. Nico has a good preasuring game which is badly needed in today’s football. Cant have 2-3 forwards who cant press. I’d go with Alvarez upfront , Nico on left and Messi behind them. Tucu and Nico combination will gets you less than 1 goal. Both are terrible finishers.

    • I fully agree. We have seen what Real did to PSG in a timespan of 20 mins and what Barca did to Real through-out. What Germany did to Portugal in EURO. At least 2 persons should be upfront chasing and blocking all aggressions of the opponent for 60-70 mins. Then they can be replaced by fresh legs. By this time the opponent might have been frustrated enough and the new player might run them out of competition. But a pressing Lautaro is always better than a pressing Nico or pressing Joaquin.

      • The extreme example of losing a game due to zero preasuring from our attackers would be 2010 QF where Diego puts 5 attacking players, none if which pressing other than Di Maria.

        I often call it Diego Playstation team.

      • The problem is we have no goalscorer outside Lautaro & Messi, and Messi usually play very deep and often scores from PK or FK.

        In Scaloni era, Lautaro has 19 goals, Messi 15 goals and the third distant are Di Maria & Paredes with only 3 goals.

        This is why is important to test Julian in as a #9 in these two games.

  6. Not much option for Scaloni in front; however it is a good news as Alvarez, J Correa and Nico will be optimized. Unfortunately Dybala is not being called, if he is then it will a good try and chance to pair Messi with Dybala

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