Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United could get some minutes with Argentina team


Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United could get some minutes in the World Cup qualifiers with the Argentina national team.

Garnacho is one of the youngsters that has been called up which could end up playing in one of the World Cup qualifiers. According to ESPN, Garnacho could play against Venezuela on Friday or on March 29 against Ecuador.

Still only 17 years old, Garnacho has played for the Manchester United youth teams and has represented Spain at youth level. His mother is Argentine and he is born in Madrid but is training with the Argentina team for the qualifiers.

Here are the youth players that have been called up by Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni for the two matches:

Franco Carboni (Inter)
Luka Romero (Lazio)
Valentin Carboni (Inter)
Alejandro Garnacho (Manchester United)
Nicolás Paz (Real Madrid)
Tiago Geralnik (Villarreal)
Matias Soulé (Juventus)


  1. Olive my friend what is your opinion about the posibility in June to replace Alvarez with Alexis Sanchez? (as Guardiola said he will take Julian in England July) are you like the idea or not?

    • That is a good question. Alexis is an incredible player so I would love to see him wear our shirt again. The only hope is that he comes sooner rather than later because of his age so that we can get the most out of him. I also have concern about the wages but I am sure they would be lowered. But I think he is still at the part of his career where he can produce magic for us in the monumental. It would also be a really good signing commercially and really ambitious. It is the kind of signing that can compete more with the Brasileros, for example Flamengo I think will sign Vidal. Personally I really like the idea. Just imagine what he can produce with Barco

  2. There is no reason for people to freak out about Armani being second choice until he’s second choice. A lot of the news saying the team will line up with certain players days before is often false. No reason to complain when the day or lineup hasnt even come out yet.

    Another question, nobody has to answer but just think in your head. What are the third choice goalkeepers for all of the top clubs in Europe? Consider that in your head for a moment. Just a thought.

    • can you imagine finally Musso start friday? all this “fight” for nothing he he
      By the way i am so happy that i will see national team play again. i need it like oxygen my friend. especially after what happened on sunday. i am so pissed from then that national team games is like oxygen.

      • I am completely in the same situation as you my friend 🙂. After Sunday I remember thinking to myself how lucky I am that in only a few days Argentina would play. Otherwise I would be in a bad mood for weeks. At least I can get my mind off it quickly

        Anyways I am not as up to date as you are with the technical stuff in Argentina. I remember hearing there would be another “supercopa” final between River and Boca after we won the league and they won the copa a few months ago. Is that still going to happen? I want to play the bosteros again because I want revenge

        • it is not decide yet and as i see it will not take place soon. exist posibility even after world cup. Go figure.there is issues about dates. plus situation is a total mess because Bosteros want to play against Colon too the covid related cancelled supercopa. AFA should make them clear that the last year supercopa will be canceled. anyway A MESS my friend. it is a mess. for now nobody knows.

    • I’ve said the same thing.
      The only issue is none of us know who is the back up to emi Martinez.
      If it is armani so be it there’s nothing we can do about it.

  3. i am not sure if i understand well or i miss something last days but if somebody have problem with River plate fans i am one of them and i am here to speak his issues with us polite or not polite. however he wants.

    if subject is Armani only then that person is free to keep his opinion. i am not interested in the subject. i am bored of that.

    • No body has problem with River fans. I am one fan too. Always loved River for what it continues to produce. I know you say you are bored about Armani topic, but do you know why he is considered for NT over other GKs like Musso or Rulli? cannot be footballing reason.

      I suppose you would admit the nation is bigger than any club

      • He also believed Armani is third choice GK and good positive influence in dressing room. But our concern was he’s going to be second choice..and we are right. Scaloni must change his decision. Musso should be number 2.

        • well may be we will be surprised on Friday. I said in the other thread, if he is a positive influence in the team, take him as a non-playing member and don’t waste a spot. Other goal keepers are also Argentines and working hard.

      • i believe Armani didn t do any bad to the team to be out suddenly without excuse. i didn t like the rude exit of Romero from squad in 2018. everybody should be respected.Armani is respected inside team like everybody in Scaloni era. i support this strongly. so he will be in the squad in world cup and after that he will retire. as about the games in front i guess he will play in easyer game against Venezuela and Musso in harder against Ecuador. from what i have see from trainnings last months Musso considered 2nd gk and Armani 3rd. Rulli will be 3rd in place of Armani after world cup.
        so this is my opinion about the subject. i answer you because i respect you. As i said i am bored of this subject.
        As about last i am not sure i understand your point. i love Argentina and i love River plate. i can love both equally. other thing my country and other thing my team/club. the one can t go oposite of the other.

        • I understand your argument, not necessarily agree fully 🙂

          For me, when I am choosing players for my country I should choose the best for the time. Here it is to choose the “best” 3 goal keepers. Which is not Armani. Others are working very hard also for the same respect and pride also. The pride to represent their country.

          Messi (arguably our best) may not do anything bad also, but even he has to go someday. A day will come when our best team will be without Messi and he won’t be selected, not because he has done anything wrong.

          If we want to take anyone for other reasons, be it morale, motivation or respect, take him as non-playing. Like Aguero.

          • Messi will go when his time come as same as Armani and everybody. the way is our difference my friend 🙂 🙂 i am not fan of option to kill a horse just because it get old. anyway we don t have to necessarily fully agree as correct you mention before 🙂 more to that can you imagine everybody agree with everybody in everything? man that will be a boring to death world 🙂 🙂 🙂 that is not good too he he

  4. We must start Julian Alvarez. At this point we must give him the chance to prove himself. Like Lautaro did few years back. Alvarez should be able to play without any stress and help us win against Venezuela. If he gets 90 mins with Messi, he will get chances.

  5. I would love to see a number of new guys get the start rather than being subbed in. It would be nice to start the river plate striker and a couple youth players in mid field.

  6. I’m ready for the game and whoever is going to play then so be it but I wanna see Messi play and he doesn’t need to score but play well and of course WIN and 3 points.

    • Man, it was a last chance for Scaloni to test Musso in these 2 matches..but he opted Armani. If you remember, when there was a talk of Emi will be considered for number 1 his agent louded his voice against this..but luckily he got COVID before Copa that made Scaloni to take that decision easily. Now we need another divine intervention to keep Armani out of the team… otherwise it will be difficult for Scaloni…

      • Emi is out for both matches, I am sure Musso will play the second WCQ. Unless he gets injured Armani is going to the WC whether we like it or not!

  7. I believe only Romero and Soule have made official debuts for their clubs. This is pretty interesting because if any of the other youngsters get minutes they will have made a national team debut before a club debut. The last to do that was Mascherano who hadn’t played a minute for River.

    • The last palyer to get his senior Argentina debut before he professionally represented his team was Emanuel Mammana. It was a friendly game against Slovenia if I am not mistaken.

  8. Yes, this is better. Give some minutes to young players, even from local leagues. At least there is potential. Not Armani who neither has age or potential. As a matter of fact he wasn’t great even when he was young. He never was.

    • In a previous post I stated that Scaloni sees Armani as his second best goalie. I also mentioned in my comment that Armani could be our Leo Franco in Qatar. In 2006 right after Abondannzieri’s injury the Germans got their equalizing goal and later Franco failed to save a single penalty. To be fair, Franco was way better than this Armani. But some river fans will show up and tell us how experienced the guy is and the number of tournaments he was part of. The reality is Armani’s spot is a wasted one whether he is second or third.

      • I have a lot of respect for River Plate and their fans and to be fair to Armani he did have some great moments in his career when he was playing in Colombia. Perhaps he has leadership qualities that warrant his presence in the locker room. However, as it stands today Musso should be the 2nd choice and Armani 3rd. In the last WC Armani did not impress even though he cannot be blamed for the goals per se, he was just not all brilliant, unlike Emi for us lately. I guess for the game vs Venezuela it’s not a big deal but if going into the WC that’s the pecking order I would be concerned as well.

        • I have respect/most for all fans, why only River. Example, for the amazing understanding of the game and the standards they hold their players for, you will have great respect for Madrid, Barcelona, River, Boca and many others

          If we believe we are going to win WC with someone who “had” great “moments” in Colombia, we are expecting a miracle. And miracles do happen in our still beautiful world. But I will leave it at that.

          Finally, I agree with @dadir. He is wasting a place. If he has qualities of leadership, team moral and brings unity and motivation etc. we might as well take him in a non-playing capacity. We made a place for Aguero in that capacity. This is much bigger politics and corruption than that. Above everything else, it is depriving another professional who is also working hard for his nation.

  9. All are prospects in the future. However, they are not extra ordinary attacking midfielder. Garnacho, Nicolas Paz, Thiago still a raw material; need time to develop their skill at senior level. For me only Matias Soule is worth trying.

    • For me Garnacho, Soule and Romero as pretty impressive, although they are not like young Messi, Di Maria or Kun who were special even at their young age. The rest I have not seen much. Romero played 25 minutes vs Roma in a derby, that’s not insignificant for a 17 year old player to be given this amount of minutes in such an important match. Also, I think by giving them minutes in an official FIFA game you are tying them up to Argentina more for those who have multiple nationalities and passports.

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