Argentina XI, Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez, Nicolás González start in World Cup qualifier


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will start Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Nicolas Gonzalez in the World Cup qualifier.

Lionel Scaloni has made a few changes from the 3-0 win vs. Venezuela in the last World Cup qualifying match. Geronimo Rulli starts in place of Franco Armani with Gonzalo Montiel starting for Nahuel Molina.

Lucas Martínez Quarta for Germán Pezzella and Álvarez for Joaquin Correa. Here is the starting eleven:

Rulli; Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Mac Allister; Messi, Álvarez, Nicolás González.


  1. In order to win a World Cup you gotta be be explosive, at the very least have that potential. You’ve got to be able to score a minimum of 3 goals against a decent side. Scaloni has to work very hard on team ability to create chances. It goes from there, if you can create chances you can score. This Argentina, it’s always one goal, one goal, one goal and that’s it. Scaloni needs to really work on a more effective attacking ability.

    • Quite a few players were playing in 1st gear which should not be allowed. If not interested to sweat it out, Scaloni should have the balls to take them off. Lanzini should have played. Messi should have been subbed. De Paul should have been rested after 45 mins. I am sure hungrier and fresher players would have got result today. This match should have been taken as a serious test. The players are slacking off a bit. Coach needs to tighten the ship up. No one should waste time and laze around on the field wearing national colours.

    • How Spain won in 2010? Check their score line in the whole tournament.
      Just one goal more than the opposition..this is what we want to win…you can do it in different way…

      • Spain team could keep the ball for themselves for 90 minutes. As long as you have the ball you won’t concede. Argentina is opposite. They can’t keep the ball and dominate in possession.

        • Your point was 3 goals…now will keep on change…
          Brazil didn’t score against us in the last 3 matches…that’s a great achievement…all the team is different..this team is work in progress and will peak in WC.
          We played without many sure starters. Plus we didn’t unleash our attacking options still…a glimpse came out against Germany and Brazil. When we need… Scaloni will bring that…I am confident..

          • In the last remaining friendly games, The Scaloni goals should be try to increase the quality in the attack even if come with a cost of defeat. The point is, Its better working on attacking Shortcomings before the Final showdown rather than find yourself out of ideas in world cup like Sampaoli did. When I see spain and Brazil. The attacking build up seems effortless comparing Argentina looks so try hard. We have few remaining games to really address the issues and worst thing scaloni can do is carry on his current system only to find himself out of ideas in right time. Go all out from now.

  2. This is my first comment here!
    From today’s game one thing is clear
    This team will need much European test before world cup!
    Scaloni didn’t have his plane B or C! There is no creativity on midfield.. literally Ecuador dominant us in every aspect!
    Only good thing for me is ota defence rulli gk
    And ALVAREZ goal give him some valuable confidence!
    Player like quarta pezzela Palacios ocampos journey is over for me ! Don’t see them in world cup
    Missing lo celso too much

  3. tagliafico is no bad today.. even penalty wasn’t penalty. tagliafico cover some good defence but between this two wing back side argentina always lacks in physicality and pace.. which none of tagliafico and montiel offers.. and ecuador used their physicality and pace most of the time in right side.. molina has some pace but he is not strong in defence… scaloni needs to keep analyzing his defence option..

    • Yes agreed on that Tagliafigo was one the better performers for Arg in this game against Ecuador and i’m not fully sure if it was handball in the end at least not for an purpose as he tried actually to pull hi stand away and way how hard that ball hit Rulli who saved it, well if it would have touched Tagli’s hand then some speed would have lost from that ball and maybe also the direction as well…Blody Brazilian referee letting Ecuador to foul Arg all the time on purpose and just waited for that opportunity for players starting to allmost fight between each others as i see this typical Brazilian+FIFA mastermind tactics against Arg so that players of Arg will start loose their heads and also their concentration and just to great more fuss’n fight so that they could try break Arg’s very strong team unification/spirit and try to TaKe or steal it away from Arg as they are very scared of this fact that Arg is so strongly United as one team with all the players and the coaching staff working together with very high spirit’s of energy which creates such an strong team chemistry and togetherness amongst Arg !

  4. LM Quarta is the worst of the match I think. Not only his defense, his passing was awful too. Montiel also bad. Tagliafico had been good until that PK. MacAllister was bad but better than his Venezuela performance. For me Rulli looked good. Not as commanding as Emi Martinez but better than Armani. With this performance, Musso will be out I think.

    Otamendi MOM to me.

    As for the final 26 squad (if it is 26). I hate to say it but MacAllister may make it as only 3 midfielders are ahead of him: De Paul, Lo Celso, and Papu. I am not sure if Palacios is ahead of MacAllister in Scaloni’s pecking order.

    J. Alvarez definitely secures his spot. J Correa, Scaloni’s favorite too. Bad news for Dybala. I am sure only 2 of them will go to the World Cup.

    There are still 5-7 friendlies before the World Cup. Then there is their club form. So we will see.

    • I think Dominguez is ahead of Mac Allister luckily the only issue is his injury so we will see if he is called up again in the future

    • Why J.Correa? So that he can miss sitters? Dybala is world class. It’s too early to make conclusion. World cup will start in November. Sampaoli did same mistake of sidelining dybala because of likes of Pavon and Mexa and how did that work out.

    • Well, i not fully agree about Quarta as for sure he is better than Pezzella, but offcourse the diffence to Cuti and Licha and Otamendi is obvious, but i think it was good for him to play at least to show everyone that he will be better back up as Pezella, who us not anymore even near what he used to be!

      Same for Rulli as he completly showed what he is made out and also he is very good at penalties, so if between him and Musso who is good keeper too, well i would pick Rulli just because i think he is slightly better and also way better with penalties!

      But, i quess Armani will be abroad to Qatar, but i truly hope not as Emi, Rulli, Musso will be the best options available at the moment as there is no call up for Benitez etc.,

      With Montiel i agree fully that specially first half he was totally lost as at second half he came of better and really hard to say anything about his replacement as Foyth as he did not got that many minutes…?

      Also i agree that Otamendi was very good indeed as he played one his best games for Arg as in over all not only as by defending but he also was directly involded with Arg’s passing game, well which was kind of too much of back passing game as for long time we did not see so many back passes made by Arg as sometimes i felt there was space to attack and run, but somehow allmost everytime they stopped for unknown reason and did not aproach as directly as i would want them to as Nico was mainly with also Alvarez involded and at sometimes also Tagliafigo too, but clearly from the right there was hardly any directness as i don’t know if this is due to Montiel playing instead of Molina or was Ecuador really that good that they just did not allow Arg to do so ?

      No i don’t think so as i saw this mainly as Arg’s own decission to try slow down the tempo and control the game which clearly did not work with Ecuador’s high and physical pressing etc…

      Sometimes it allmost reminded me times before Scaloni came when Arg kind of played that more slowly or should i rather say way too slowly! Lol!

      And i’m not fully convinced that penalty either, though i quess it really does not matter that much according to Arg’s team performance etc…

      But, it looked like it might had not touched Tagli’s hand as he was clearly trying to pull his hand away and did not play with his hand purposly and also how hard that ball hit Rulli who made another great save, well if it would have hit Tagli’s hand then some speed of the ball would have been reduced and also maybe even the Direct would have slightly changed, right ?

      So i think this Brazilian Referee played a big part in this game allowing Ecuador to foul Arg many time’s, as he clearly wanted the players to start to fight between each others which allmost happened!, though some yellow’s was given, but that tackle against Mac Allister in any league of Europe or UEFA’s game would have most certainly been a Direct red as the tackle was above Mac Allister’s knee etc..

      But, i do understand that there are differencee’s between for example Europe and SA and i would love to see any european team playing with theese SA rules against any SA team with also full SA referee’s, lol!

      I think they would have hard time understanding certain situations on the pitchwhich may easily occur in SA game at anytime!

      Though, nothing of this what i said or wrote does not change the truth that something was a bit of lacking today with Arg’s game and i did not lime that slow kind of tempo game as they could not fully controll it as i do understand Arg is not Spain and forsure they and Scaloni know this too and the way Scaloni’s team have played in previous game’s have been much more directly and Ok, sometimes taking also the tempo down correctly at the right tiime’s or at right moment’s, but today was different against Ecuador and i truly not want too see anymore that sort playing style from Arg as if compairing for example Spain vs Albania which ended up 2-1 as it allmost looked like it would end up 1-0, but in a single moment and with bit of luck, though alk credits to Albania as they went for it fully and equalled the game in the very end of it and Spain was really lucky to score even after that, though they also showded some great resiliance to score after such a Late equalizer from Albania at Catalonia in home stadium of Espanyol!

      What come’s Mac Allister, well we have now seen what he has or can bring on the table and for me that is not enough, but as u said and u may be right that he might be ahead Palacios and Co, as Dominquez for example, but i truly hope not as i’m not really fully against him, but i think if Dominquez fit can give same physical aspect as i think this is what Scaloni might be thinking about Mac Allister as him having experience from premier league where the game is very physical and to cope with that and to bring that to Arg’s middfield so RDP could be used more in advanced or more in the right where he started, but again he had to väcover pretty much everywhere as he is just pure monster who can defend like true defender or he can play DM or AM or allmost where ever he like’s as he is so good at creating the play and his passes and passing skill is just way beyond anything at the moment also he has developped his vision for the game very fast and now that is why he is able to give such a accuraete passes and even so long one’s as he has funnily found nearly every time with this Di Maria who is also another part of this as he is making those great run’s which De Paul see’s in a split of a second and thatbis why he is also able to give those passes to Di Maria as Di MARIA’s runs have been and are so great indeed!

      Most important thing was to see Alvarez and that he got an goal was very important for future also there were moments where he and Messi allmost started find each other’s more and more so they just have to play more together as i see Alvarez having that abbility to build up chemistry in the end like Leo had with Kun, but offcourse thus will TaKe time as Leoand Kun have been playing together as kids allready and know each other inside out etc.,,but, if Alvarez and Messi will be able to find at least half of that chemistry, well that would alkready be such a great thing and also one thinhåg i really like about Alvarez is that he is very good at pressing and also willing to defend which is needed as Messi obviously won’t as maybe only sometime’s, though i have to say he does it more with Arg than any other team and that show’s me how important Arg is to him, though yesterday we did not see the best of him as also the opponent with all the respect to Pekrmans Venezuela was way better, but i’m quite sure if Pekerman given proper time we will see Venezuela in WC at 2026, though i don’t really understand why he choosed such chaotic country as Venezuela run by Dictator after another or has the situation perhaps and hopefully finalky changed in Venuzuela as i do not follow news as since 1970’s all i remember them showing is just constant war around in different parts of the world etc.,,

      Stay well, and keep on posting!

  5. i think today will give good lesson for scaloni. where he was doing wrong. it is really bad he didn’t introduce lanzini in second half.. ecuador plays with physicality and pace.. it is really feel that right side today was really weak

  6. We shouldnt forget 4 of the 5 titulars in defense was out (Emi, Romero, Acuna and Molina). But the real problem is the Midfield. Miss a guy who can creat football. Hope Lo Celso ou Gomez could be in their best in Qatar…

  7. Today we played like what Sampaoli’s team played in 2018 world cup. Scaloni’s decided to press factory reset when world cup is knocking the door. Clueless tactics and team selection. Mac Allister, Qaurta, Palacios and Nico aren’t even Good enough for Brazil B team. When creative players like Lanzini not even used

    • Why you are always coming with Brazil comparison. They couldn’t defeat us in the last 3 matches. Argentina won 2 and drew 1.
      Brazil didn’t score a single goal in that 3 games. So don’t compare with Brazil. We are better team.

    • So many players are not present, when do you think he’ll test his reserves?? Everyone goes nuts at Scaloni for Armani ( I do too) but if he was so rigid he wouldn’t have given Rulli the chance who is behind Musso in the pecking order.. we had already qualified there was an opportunity to test backup options and he did that

  8. Phony penalty. I get Scaloni trying out new players but MacAllister is slower than a snail. Montiel was awful tonight. And Palacios has gotten so few minutes no connection. I think that was a scum bag Brazilian referee. Screw Brazil. Fucking cheaters.

    • It was tough. Ecuador was very physical and enjoyed overwhelming home support. Had Emi, Cuti, Molina, Lo Celso, Maria and Lautaro been played, could have been a different outcome.

  9. I know there are lot of Palacios fan here. But I am still waiting to see him do anything meaningful in any game. He covers well. He protects the spaces but never does anything meaningful with the ball. I may have watched 50 marches of him. Off course he has 2 goals and 2 assists. But that anyone can have. I really don’t get it

  10. E Martinez
    C Romero. N Otamendi.
    N Molina M Acuña
    L Paredes
    R De Paul M Lanzini
    L Messi J Alvarez N Gonzalez

    Im begging you Scaloni

  11. Messi is done. His PSG form isn’t co incidence. Losing balls which leads to counter attack on us , heavy legs, miss passes and Cant dribble past single player. If Messi doesn’t improve himself before the world cup than Scaloni will have to be bold. Argentina is too big to hamper their chance for 1 player who’s intensity of the game isn’t enough in this level. World cup only comes every 4 years

      • If you are allergic to truth then don’t read comments 🤡🤡. It’s a discussion. Not everything gonna be nice when we are playing worst game in last 2 years. Messi is playing like finished player. Its a fact.

    • messi isn’t done.. he just playing with chill. in this stage he don’t need to prove anything. but it is obvious he lacks energy which must refill in world cup

      • No one asking him to prove himself. If you arent the same player you used to be then step down and retire. World cup is Precious and mean a lot to us. Barca took the right decision and look how they are playing now.

        • Brightk don’t interact with this no life. He doesn’t deserve any attention. It’s prolly some Brit or useless Brazilian it’s fine, someone will ban his account

          • So you rather prefer to be in denial than digesting the facts. Like Denial gonna win you world cup. Good luck with that

        • Yeah Barca is playing in the Europa league.
          If that’s your standard I’m not surprised.

          One loose ball and you are all over Messi.
          That’s the problem with being the best player in the world, you will always have some illiterate dumbass trying to bring you down

          But who cares
          We stand by Messi

          • Barca 4-0 Real. Who are winning la liga.

            Barca is playing Europa cause of Previous manager Koeman was clueless. Under Xavi they are gonna be next season UCL contender consider they have beaten 2 UCL quarter Finalist 4-0. Serie A title contender 4-0…

        • who are you to judge he is not a same player. and who said there is need to be messi play in like same in his earlier. he don’t need to be same. his presence still provide better vision than most of player

      • He plays with chill since 9 months. Sometimes it’s nice to not be blind … his pass level is always top 1 in the world… but his body really look like a 35y old man sadly …He just cant anymore

        • Chill = Sugercoated Word to describe retirement level performance.

          Good luck chilling in world cup .

          • Lol madrid was without benzema
            Don’t even talk about Atletico, they were too poor when u met them

            And if u are gonna judge a whole season on 2 games i guess u are dumber than I thought.

            I’ll be honest, no one gives a single fuck about u here so it will be better to keep your dumb brain shut for a while. I’m surprised a brain like yours is able to carry so much shit

            Messi is going to the WC and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it

        • barca was weak.. messi is the single reason they continue their title race.. he single-handedly drag barca for many years even for some bad coaches .. xavi is not among those coach he was intelligent player. barca will improved under xavi it is predicted things..

    • He got 9.3 rating in few days back. What made you say he is done? And the only goal today we got also from his play. Just delete the idea that Messi dribble past 5 players every day from youtube video.

      • @Toxicone
        Lots of phoney excuses.

        So Benz the one who gonna defend Madrid from those 4 goals ? Lmfao ok.

        Too Poor when we meet them but Too good when we don’t? Ok that proves our merit.

        4-0 against Napoli, Bilbao, Valencia and Villareal ( UCL Q.Finalist ).

        That’s 6 game won by ultra dominance not 2 game. Not to mention we were getting dominated against them when Messi was playing last season.

        Messi is going to world cup and I can’t do anything yeah but Nothing you can do stop getting embarrassed by millions of neutral fans and getting his legacy even more ruined. Also I didn’t say Messi needs to axed from world cup squad but rather consider him as Sub/Rotation options depending on performance…..

          • He made like 5 misplaced pass and 2 of them led to Counter attack. As usual denial at its finest. Messi can have bad games. He isn’t God but His game quality has surely dropped to significant level if you have any respect to prime Messi. Just compare his 2021 Argentina performance to 2022 and you will see the difference…He is giving away possession, making miss pass a lot, can’t dribble anyone and doesnt press. He is surely giving the liability feeling now

        • Lol u are too dumb
          Atletico Madrid was in their worst form when they met u. Not an excuse, it’s a fact

          Didn’t Messi lead a worse Barca team to a 3-1 victory over Napoli?

          Getting dominated when Messi was there?
          Have u seen Messi’s stats against Valencia, Sevilla, Villarreal
          All this while playing under a bad coach and a worse Barca squad
          Today the whole team wasn’t on point. But the only one you picked was Messi
          Messi literally created the first goal
          But I guess u are just too blind to see

          • Yeah. Madrid didn’t have benzena. Atleatico was in poor from, Napoli lost cause Maradona Retired and doesn’t play for them anymore. They wouldve won if Barca played in 1986. Villareal lost cause Riquelme wasn’t there.They wouldve won in 2006. Same goes for Team like Valencia. They wouldve won in 2001. Bilbao too….Sure thing bro. There is zero credit to this Barcelona team 🤣🤣🤣🤣

            Sure keep making Full of lame Excuses when we are flying. Keep talking crap…Barca is double the team now and getting rid of washed player surely did help us…..That’s the example Argentina should be taking…..Goodbye 🤡

        • Lol so easy to trigger a dumbfuck like you

          U couldn’t answer my questions so u trying to change the subject

          That washed player carried your club under poor management and poor coaches

          Don’t tell me Barca could have played well under Valverde, koeman, setien without Messi

          But since you are such a hater, how does it feel to drop to Europa league? I guess that washed player carried your thankless club for years

          Barca was well washed after Enrique, Messi kept your club relevant.
          Few good matches and you forget 700+ goals and numerous trophies.

          Mark my words Barca i s not winning the UCL in the next 5 years. All u will enjoy is using your lame excuses for the fucked up club of yours

          Keep crying kid

          • @Toxicone
            He didn’t carry but The system was build around him. The reason Messi ended up winning 7 ballon dor cause He was privileged to have world class team like barca who kept feeding him the passes so he can farm goals. That’s why it was necessary to get rid of him to make the team more dynamic and quicker in gameplay. It took only half season for barca to move on and build a solid team without Messi. When Barca was struggling for 4 years with Messi.

            Also Its proven already Barca doesnt need a washed up player who kept jogging in the field but surely without barca, Messi has been proven not to be even shadow of himself. Look at his miserable performance for PSG. The fans are actually booing him. Barca doesn’t need messi but Messi surely does. Messi didn’t Carry Barca but Barca carried to him all these ballon dor glory. Now his true face is exposed. He can’t even score 3 goal in french league in all seasons

        • Lol I knew u are a Messi hater

          Ok so koeman, Valverde, setien could have rebuilt the team?
          I guess not
          Can’t score 3 goals in French league but outscored your entire team in this year’s UCL
          Messi>>>>> Barca

          Built the team around him with world class players? Don’t make me laugh
          He won 2 ballon d’or without Xavi and Iniesta but I guess fuckers like u won’t understand what it is like to be really good or for a fact the best

          Barca doesn’t need Messi? Yeah I saw that when u guys fell to the Europa league.
          I guess u are having too much fun playing with teams at your level

          Don’t cry, u might just win a few trophies but won’t get anywhere near UCL

          Farmed goals?
          I guess u forgot he is also the top assist provider
          If it was that easy to build a team around a player and then put up those numbers season after season then anyone would have done it

          U say he failed in PSG but u won’t talk about poch. Just like u guys failed under koeman but improved under Xavi

          You out of all people should know what a difference a good manager can make

          But u are too blinded by the hate that I feel sorry for u. Don’t worry u guys will never achieve anything close to what u achieved with Messi

          Keep crying, I’ll always be here to remind u of Messi achievements

          Even your manager has said enough times that Messi is the goat but the facts that u undermine his talent and success by saying it’s all because of the team

          Where were your world class players when u fell to Europa league.

          Hahahahaha it’s so fun when u are desperately trying to come up with arguments that have no ground

          But go ahead keep trying and keep crying

      • you just need to shut up and not complain about the coach decision who has 30 undefeated streaks and Copa America. If Messi is finished then the coach will know it better than us. Just don’t come and bark like a dog and forum. We value each and every players of Argentina.

  12. Montiel is exposed easily. LMQ looks shaky.
    For Mc allister I have no words he is a Below average performer. Otamendi is a beast. Scaloni should reconsider some full backs and CBs.

    • While Scaloni has banished Foyth after the Colombia howler, would like to see him 2nd half in place of Montiel. Its Molina + one of Montiel vs Foyth & this match can decide it.

  13. Argentina is worst team in top 10 FIFA ranked team going forward. This team is embarrassing me and only reason Scaloni not thrown under serious review yet cause of his lucky copa wins which was also very unimpressive and overrated. We were mediocre in Semi and Final and Only won cause EMI’s brilliance.

    Tata Martino’s team compare to his played much superior attacking football and same time knew How to keep a intact defence and the only reason he is undervalued cause he lost 2 penalty shootout which he wouldbe won if he was Privileged to have Emi like Scaloni.

    Today I Was bragging to England fans in ESPN fc how Argentina is one of favorites to win But now I am watching sh1tshow from Mac Allister and Qaurta. Obviously guys will be laughing looking at our mediocre football which is just galore of wrong pass, giving possession away and keep chasing the ball like mid table la liga team.

    No team ever won a world cup with such limited attacking ideas. We will destroyed against France, England and Spain.

  14. Absence of lo celso really felt. We have to be prepared like this. I think some one should control the mid field when DePaul is marked by the opposition. Macallister is not at all suitable. Really need lo celso in these situations. When Messi touche the ball the game starts to speed up. That 1-2 plays, Ecuador doesn’t have any answer.

  15. Otamendi is another mascherano at back. Montiel is losing hard to right and make LMQ look bad, imo. Rulli is risky but still doing his job. I like Nico Gonzalez work rate but we need more threatening winger for that spot. Otherwise we have no attacking wing.

  16. For me first half best players are Tagliafico and Otamendi. Nico Gonzales and Paredes have been bright too. Also Alvarez because of his goal and defensive contribution.

  17. Maybe I sound like an idiot because I’m no football tactician but I could really see Palacios exploiting the spaces Mac Allister is constantly in much better. Mac Allister did well in the goal but too much back passing and no risk taking. Maybe that’s what Scaloni wants him to do but I still think Palacios could make a huge difference in his place

    • Palacios time with NT is done if he can’t improve and produce a consistent performance in the club and get his confidence back. I liked him 2 years before…now he’s behind the pecking order…yes..even behind Mac Allister (who also has less chance to be included in WC if not 26 squad)…in CM position.. May be third choice in DM position after Paredes, Guido.

  18. Ecuador tried to block RDP movement, stopping the link from mid. Defense has been exposed with the weakness of LQM; Otamendi and Tag are doing well. Alvarez knows how to be #9. Bring Lanzini, Di Maria to subs Mac Allister and Paredes. Let Alvarez play up to 75 minutes then change to A Correa or Boye

    • Yes we unfortunately let Ecuador get too close to our goal but Ota and Tag are resolving it very well. Especially Otamendi in all of his interventions so far

  19. LMQ will go down in history as the worst defender ever donned the famous blue and white stripes. Go and watch the first half. His tackles and covering are done by Otamendi, Tagliafico, De Paul, Paredes. Yes he did make one good tackle.

    Go and watch 42nd minute when Otamendi yells at Montiel to maintain the offside line.

    We are practically playing with 9 men. LMQ and McAllister are massive liabilities

      • LMQ doesn’t deserve to be there even in 26 players squad. He’s not yet ready for that most important position.
        5th spot can be utilised by Tagliafico as Senesi still not getting a chance.

  20. For now its Peru for playoff spot. If peru holds on for lead today & wins playoff, it will be 3 Argentine managers in doha.

  21. nico gonzales improving with the team more he play hope his finishing improve more. julian is another great inclution in the team.. want to see lanzini and boye in the second half.. maclister not suitable with the teams at this moment

  22. Thank god McAllister got booked. Two mistakes in one play. He should have left the ball when we were attacking. Messi was open behind. This is a good test

  23. i am not exited to see martinez quarta and alexis maccallister. starting the two really undermines argentina people see the two and think this is not a good team

  24. Can’t beleive Mac Allister got a chance again. Hopefully he score. Same weird decision repeated, why don’t try Palacios or Lanzini or even start Di Maria at first half.

  25. Wtf man.. Everytime k get excited to hear that Palacios is going to start and it never happens.. still wanting to see this kid get more playing time with messi in mid field.

  26. Lol. Ginger Allister again. He came out of nowhere and stright hop into Starting 11 twice in a row . Another Scaloni’s bias zero technical running and pressing player when Creative player like Lanzini won’t get his deserved chance. Same thing gonna repeat in WC.

  27. wow what a game it was Algeria vs Cameroon. in 119 min scores Algeria and in 123 min Cameroon and steal the world cup ticket from them !!! i enjoy the African football tonight.
    now is time to enjoy my national team.


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  29. Mac Allister again? SMH. The guy is good for nothing. Palacios and Lanzini are on the bench and Mac Allister is starting. This is beyond me. Anyways, let’s collect the three points and boost our confidence even more and defend the unbeaten run.

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