Argentina possible group opponents for 2022 Qatar World Cup, seeded teams, pots


Argentina will be a seeded team at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The draw for the 2022 Qatar World Cup will take place on Friday and all eight seeded teams have been announced. Argentina played their last match of the World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday against Ecuador in a 1-1 draw. They finished the qualifiers second, with 39 points, 11 wins, six draws and zero defeats.

Lionel Scaloni’s team scored 27 goals and allowed eight, with Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez each scoring seven goals. The following teams will be in Pot A and cannot be in the same group:


All eight of those teams will be seeded. They will be grouped with one of the following teams from Pot 2:

Mexico *
United States*

*Will be confirmed on Wednesday night.

And from Pot 3:

South Korea

From Pot 4:
Saudi Arabia
Peru vs. Australia or UAE
New Zealand vs. Solomon Islands or Costa Rica
Scotland vs. Ukraine or Wales

Mundo Albiceleste will be hosting a live discussion on Youtube, Friday, following the draw.


  1. Argentina we ll make it this time around, and if our coach been very tactical Cox those teams whose are always available for football are very dangerous, Germany, Brazil, France, and Spain…. YES of course but we also as the same level they are.

  2. Guys relax…….ARG let Ecuador had their way last night….I dont think they even took the game that seriously bcz the outcome would not matter, and whats the fuss about ARG not having sharp attack creative midfield? They dont need to have sharp attack and very creative midfield in these type of games if you want to see sharp attack and creative midfield go watch the copa games just see they would created 5-6 good chances within the first 10-15 minutes and score early goals in most games. If thats not sharp attack and creative midfield IDK what is. I am pretty sure they will be fine.

  3. Worst group for us would be Argentina, Germany/Holland , Poland and Ghana/Cameroon.
    Easiest would be Argentina, USA, Iran and New-Zealand but we could end up in the bracket with strong teams! Luck factor is very important!

  4. I always hated this, ARG did their job and are seeded, all they need now is a favorable group and away they go. There is plenty of time between now and November to get ready unlike all the previous WCs where it was a matter of few months.

    Somebody please remind me, how is club football going to fit into this particular WC?

  5. the best thing in draw for us will be anyhow to be in group B. in any senario the group B will cross with Qatar A group. so even if Germany be there or with us in crossings we will not face football giant.
    more than that it will be nice from pot 2 to be Mexico or United states in our group because that means that they will put in our group 1 team from Europe Poland or Serbia and Wales/Scotland/Ukraine.

    • Yeah but Qatar is not even among Asian best. I don’t think they will even qualify to the second round. If in Qatar group there is Germany, Poland, and an African team, then not that good idea being in group B.

      Just like in 2018, before the WC, we all were confident we could avoid France in the second round, but things happened not in our way.

      Meeting a good opponent in second round is not good enough I think. Maradona’s team only met Mexico in the second round but then they had to face Germany in the QF. 2010 WC draw was really bad.

      But the worst was probably 1998 WC draw. Second round England, QF Netherlands. Had we made it then it would have been Brazil in semis and France in the final.

      • of course luck is number one thing here. no argue. just i think the chances will be bigger if till quarter finals at least the road will be controled till 1 limit.
        yes it could go wrong as 2018 but we just speaking for the best chances.

  6. I understand Germany, France and Brazil may have psychological advantage over Argentina but definitely not England come on it’s trash from thier media
    The Netherlands , Belgium, Portugal and Spain will beat England. I don’t want face Spain as they dangerous team under great manager luis Enrique Spain will dominated possession any team they face and that is scary for me

    • England team is actually good. Unlike past gen they actually got some hard working talent who gives passion for their badge. It’s nothing to do with Media but they actually got many quality footballer in their disposal who can replicate their club form to National team unlike Rooney, Gerard or Lampard. In their day they can beat any team and They are surely one of top 5 favorite.
      1- France
      2- Spain ( They were best Team in Euro and Plays most dominant football under Enrique. They dominated Champion Italy in Euro and Almost beat France in Nations league final but only to lost from a bad referee call ).
      3- Brazil
      4- England
      5- Argentina

      • I would hate only one team come to our path to the final..that is Germany. Any other team, we will beat with Scaloni…and co.
        BTW getting a good path to the final…and avoiding these teams will be nice. Let those teams cancel each other .!

    • Honestly my friend i don t afraid anybody. just only 1 team i don t want we face. ONLY 1.
      that team is Spain and that only because their style of play is completely not fit with our game style. we will have problem with their way of playing. with the rest teams we have the tools to hit their weaknesses.

      • For me Spain is the least scary out of all. I think their game fits us just perfect. Scaloni’s team is very good in counter attack. That is perfect against Spain.

        I am more afraid of meeting a team that would try to get a 1-0 lead and then sit back and defend.

        • in theory you are not wrong but in reality we need very big luck because the stamina of our players for a game like that should be in level beyond our normal. our team can not for 90 minutes run behind the ball and have energy to counter attacking much one team as Spain. to say it simple even if we park the bus we need 90 minites running, 90 minutes deep focus in defence and in 2-3 good counter attacks that the game will allow us to have we should not miss them in any case.
          well i prefer we avoid one game like that against Spain. at least not till semi finals.

      • Why don’t u think we cann’t dominate Spain’s midfield? Our midfield trio is as well oiled as Spain’s midfield trio, just need Mr.Scaloni to outclass Enrique.

        • We stand no chance against Spain’s midfield. Even France couldn’t dominant them and neither Italy. The Pedri, Busquets, Olmo, Rodri,Gavi,Koke are simply master at keeping possession and creating influx of chances. We can’t dominate their talents with the likes of Depaul, Paredes and Le celso but surely we can sit back and try to hit in counter. Thats the only way we can beat spain, But I can guarantee they will keep at least 65% of the ball or even more

    • don t worry. i watch 3 of their games including yesterday. poor in finishing team with huge holes in defence. they have quality as team and good technical ability and they run a lot BUT they have very clear weaknesses. with a controled standard game from our side we can beat them more or less easy.
      they are not scary team at all.

  7. Man the draw is very very important. In 2014, I personally thought it was a super good draw. Everything from the group stage until the final went exactly the way I predicted (I predicted Argentina-Germany final). I made a bracket before the World Cup started and I had Argentina-Netherlands in semis and Brazil and Germany on the other bracket. It was 100% correct.

    Before the final against Germany, we managed to avoid some teams that we had difficulties in beating such as Brazil or England.

    In 2018 was actually a good one too but we messed up by not topping the group and met France in the second round. Had we been in Croatia path, it would have been an easy path to the final.

    Now for me the teams to avoid are: Germany, England, France, and Brazil. Hope we will not meet them anytime before the final. Not that we are scared of them but they have a psychological advantage over us.

    I don’t mind meeting other giants like Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, or Portugal or all other Europeans anytime before the final.

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