Julián Alvarez comments on scoring for the Argentina national team


Julián Alvarez commented on scoring for the Argentina national team.

Alvarez started his first match for the Argentina national team and scored. A pass from Nicolas Tagliafico found Alvarez as he scored the first goal of the match. Following the 1-1 draw against Ecuador, Alvarez spoke to the media. Here is what he had to say:

“Scoring a goal wearing this shirt was a dream that I have had since I was a kid. It’s something unique.

“I am very happy for the group. They’re doing a very good job. We have to continue on this path, we are all very excited.”


  1. I think the selection should be based on form and players’ performance when selected for the National Team based on this criterion the obvious choices based on form of this season are
    paredes, depaul, domingez , lisandro , romero, molina, acuna, alvarez, lautaro, all the goalkeepers except armani, otamendi ,a Correa, Dybala when fit has been good, Guido and Enzo Fernandez these are 17 players and add 9 players that served the National team well over the years and recently those are messi, di maria, j correa , p gomez , tagliafico pezzela, locelso, n gonzalez and lastly, add montiel because we have no option i think these should be the world cup squad . it hurts me to remove Palacios but he has been poor he looks low on confidence l.ocampos it will be a shame if people see player like ocampos playing for Argentina.i think unlucky to miss will be lanzini Senesi and medina but they have not been selected enough I think the latter two and Enzo Fernandez have a good chance because they will be changing clubs in the summer

  2. One average performance and everyone are freaking out!! Man city has been dominating this season, they also have had few bad games. I don’t see their supporters writing them off!!

    Weather conditions were extremely hot and both teams had already qualified. Also Ecuador had done their homework properly while Scaloni approach was to try new players. We should be glad that Ecuador not only tested our team , they exposed our weaknesses. Team management will have ample time to rectify it!! Yes, other teams might try the same approach against us but we will also field some quick players for counter attacks. Our defense and GK did pretty well, Ecuador had very few shots on goal. If not for that unfortunate penalty we would have won with playing our best futbal!!

    • We are indeed a strong contender but we have loopholes in our game which is alarming for Mr.Scaloni to fix it ASAP.

      1.Have a look at the Spain, France and Brazil squad, do we have the depth like them? Absolutely not.
      2.Most of other NT doesn’t have any bias to any single player & barely mess up with team selections, but we are used to & often ignore quality players for some bang average players.
      3.Talking about creativity, we have players to fill that void..but we need to pass the ball fast and show more aggression in attack. Terrorism gameplay doesn’t win you tournaments like World cup.
      4.If Garancho gets ManUtd debut prior to the World cup and performs brilliantly for the team, he should be included.
      5.We need Messi at his best & yes it’s naturally impossible for him to drop masterclass performances for 7 matches in a row within a period of 30-45 days. So in order to fill that void, we need Dybala.

      I’m optimistic Mr. Scaloni examine his flaws and complete his homework. Last but not the least VAMOS ARGENTINA

  3. There is a lot of love in this forum for my dear Albiceleste team but I feel this is blinding us to the truth.

    Every culture has some form of the following statement:
    This is important because the best thing we can do is build a team capable of playing a good game every time (no matter the opponent’s strategy or ranking). Of opponent is pressing or faster than us, triangulate more often and improve passing accuracy, if opposition parks the bus, send in fast wingers to cross the ball into the box..etc

    There is a lot of focus on results here – but my concern is the game-play. Results- only approach also depends on opponent playing worse than us and luck – we dont control that…but how we play is always in our control and that’s where I’m worried. We lack depth and creativity and Scaloni needs to acknowledge that and work on it.

    I don’t care who were playing, we need to stick to a philosophy based on balanced attack defense and superior ball movement… ill say it again, THIS IS ARGENTINA AND WE NEED TO BE SUPERIOR THAN OTHER TEAMS… no matter who’s playing us.

  4. Okay guys, it’s not like we can win every game 3-0

    We are undefeated in the qualifiers
    Have conceded the second least goals
    And we have a core team

    We missed a proper 9 today, someone who can hold up play when under pressure or be used as an outlet from goal kicks

    Lo celso in an important player for us, he brings creativity and work rate. No one in the squad( except Messi) can pick out exceptional passes like lo celso

    Acuna has to come back in the starting lineup after he recovers.
    Idk about montiel, I hope it was just an off game for him otherwise we should be looking at foyth

    I have no idea what palacios brings to the team, i would rather have lanzini

    Nico Gonzalez has to come to the WC, not the best player but he provides the team much needed balance and stability.

    Let’s hope scaloni tries a few new names in the upcoming matches

  5. With all our discussions on dominating midfield, creativity etc, I wonder if scaloni will follow the playing style we have been seeing lately in the qualifiers. I have a gut feeling that this will change in a tournament situation. Like we played during Copa- attack during the first 8 to 10 minutes of each half and then sit and defend. During the end bring in fast runners like Di maria or Nico and try to score from a counter attack. Not sure if it will work, but if it does, I am all for it. You need to play tournaments to win and friendly matches to please the crowd.

    • It is not possible to play in one way in a tournament like wc. If the team is near to perfect like Germany the method used in copa is useless. Also Germany is not like Brazil. A dynamic change like introduction of di Maria in the starting 11 during copa had helped to neutralize Brazil strategy. Strategies which has more importance in defending and marking is our strength. 1 on 1 marking is also a possibility.

        • Yeah may be. But one thing is sure. Beating Germany in a wc has been a long wait for us. It’s almost like the wait of Nigerian fans to beat us in the wc. Brazil just beaten a u23 German side in Olympics and look at Brazil’s confidence since then. Germany’s legacy is all hidden in that Brazil’s confidence. That means whatever the team Germany should get that respect they deserve. And our current team is totally fit to defeat these Germans.

  6. The only thing of concern to take away from this game, when the penalty taker takes his shot, we should not believe that our goalie would miss it and, hence, does not cover the shooter well. This thing happened second time in the qualifiers. The last time it happened involved Vidal and Dibu. The second take away, which by this time we are quite used to experiencing, is that the decisions of the officials are going to go against us because we exhausted all our referee luck when the hand of God goal happened in ’86.

    • Not even close to his 2021 Copa Performance. Heavy legs, Cant dribble, Giving miss passes, Losing possession to markers easily but still producing his trademark line breaking balls often but its less consistent than before. Tbh These balls can alone make game winning difference and give him a spot to play in starting 11, But he is like 60% of his Copa America version. Hopefully he will get back to his best before the world cup. There is still lots of time to recover his old form and energy.

      • Messi was undoubtedly the MOM against Venezuela. Against Ecuador he was so so for Messi standard. It does not mean that he is finished. Prime Messi of 2011-2012 also would not get a rating of 10 in all matches. There were times he got a 6 or 7 in a game or two too, but not often.

        • Venezuela is the weakest team in Conmebol and I am not surprised even Messi’s least dominant version are too big for them to handle, But in a game which has high intensity/pressing , Messi wouldnt make much difference playing in current form. Specially when he looks so lethergic and missing his usual dribbling ability. Which is always his biggest weapon.

          In world cup we want the much sharper version like the one played in Copa. The PSG version won’t gonna cut it. He will have to train hard keeping world cup his mind and go to Qatar having top physical condition. Possibility losing some weight gonna help a lot too.

          I only wish Messi stayed 1 more year at barca and went to PSG after world cup. Barca players like Busi, Pique and Alba who once looked incapable to playing in top level but Under Xavi’s guidance they are now playing like their prime years. It wouldve been highly beneficial for Argentina and Messi if he was privileged to work under Xavi’s guidance before the world cup.

      • Messi is still best Ecuador did not give any chances to Argentina they recovers balls very fast I this case you need players support single player can not do everything. For me Messi is always best.
        You can not play 100% in every game just like us we can not give our 100% everyday in our daily job.

  7. Ocampus should not be called again wasteful player. He was good in 2019 but now he is way below average.
    N. Gonzalez despite his poor finishing can add value to the team.
    Both Correa can something to the team they both have different profile and A. Correa is more productive. It looks like Scaloni prefers athletic players over skillful players. When Argentina will be chasing a equalizer he will need skillful or creative player rather than athletic player.

    • team for world cup considering 26 players.
      goal keeper : emi,musso, (rulli)
      defence: cuti romero,lisandro martinez,otamendi,pezella ,taglifico,acuna,molina,montiel,foyth
      midfield: guido,paredes,lo celso, RDP, di maria,papu gomez, nico gonzalez,dominguez, (palacios)
      forwards: messi, lautaro martinez,julian alvarez, a correa, (dybala)

      only the position in brackets are in doubts.
      i like dybala better than j correa as dybala has seen CL final pressure + he is more creative than J correa. J correa freezes while putting the ball behind the net and is a big no for that particular reason.
      russo better than armani is a no brainer. but never know with scaloni.
      palacios lack of form is a worry and scaloni have to find a solution.problem with lanzini and mac allister is lack of physical presence, which is a big issue.

  8. 2 things scaloni need to recheck is that how our team can counter against big teams. And how would be the players mental strength if the team trails. For that in any 1 or 2 friendlies Argentina must go for full out attack. There by we can analyse the attacking sharpness against big teams. Our main mid field trio are having the capability to neutralize the big team opponents by not allowing them to roam around in the mid. De Paul is like a hungry wolf in the NT. More responsibility then more output. Only thing scaloni must look on is to make the team unpredictable. Still European teams fears Messi. So their first instinct is to lock him. From this scaloni can make different strategies according to the opposition team strength. If Julian makes any spark in man city then the attacking versatility also increases. The unpredictability increases.

  9. Too much negativity on this form for playing good in qualifiers. If we play good and are in good position, that does not mean we will be out of group stage in world cup, that means we beat teams that are in front of us. Remember nightmare qualifications in 2018? Do you want to be in that position or current one?

    • Agree, It was a tough game. Ecuador played hard and wanted to win. Argentina had mostly subs playing as they didn’t need to win. Messi isn’t going to break his body trying to win a meaningless qualifier, Even at that pace he set up Alvarez’s goal. This game was a test and an audition for the bench in Qatar.

  10. well 2-3 things from yesterday s match before i move on.
    for me world cup draw is my attention anymore.

    1.we play without 5 starters. (Emi, Di maria, Lo celso, Romero and Lautaro)
    maybe Acuna and Molina considered too starters but for the moment i will not yet add them.

    2.we play desent overal. i am satisfy generally while i expected much much more from our reserves.

    3.we had football game for 45 minutes.the second half it was one anti athletic game more closer to martial arts than football. the reason was clear the referee that allow the hard (the kindest word i can use for the situation) game.

    4.our players realize that the piece of shit referee is intend to risk their health and for avoid injuries that will damage their future they slow down their game and just they try to let the match end. Especially after the career treateming tackle to Mac Allister which if it was little more strong it would means 6 or 7 months out of football.
    our players did good in my opinion and slow or stop playing after that hit.

    5.ya ya ya ya VAR saw that the ball touch 1 cm the hand of Tagliafico BUT didn t see the red card on Mac Allister. justice is served one more time. well done.

    now as i said the game yesterday is over and we have important things to turn our attention from today.

    • The concern is that will Scaloni wake up? We need to play beautiful football and scoring more goals is the best way too defend and win games(even tho I feel our core defenders turn World class when they put on the Sky Blue and White).
      And Mr. Scaloni needs to summon Dybala ASAP, we might need him when Messi doesn’t perform well.

    • Yes I think we played without 7 starters. Our MAIN back ups (Tagliafico, Lisandro, Guido, Papu, A Correa, Nico Gonzales) are quite up there with the starters, but our third back up are still way behind (LM Quarta, MacAllister, Foyth). Against Ecuador, some players are the third back up, not main back ups.

  11. Watching various teams in action over the past week makes you think about our chances of winning the WC. Naturally, it is dependent on many technical, operational and mental factors and things you cannot manage like luck and injuries. If we compare our team with other favorites, it is clear that there is no clear favorite team this time around. Emi Martinez is up there with the best keepers in the world. Our defenders Romero, Licha, Otamendi, Acuna are excellent and almost match up to the Dutch defense (Van Dijk, De Vrij, De Ligt, Blind) which is considered among the best in the world. If we compare our midfield with the players Germany (Gündogan, Goretzka, Müller, Reus, Kimmich) has available, it is evident that we cannot match that line-up. During the qualifiers we often came up short in terms of creativity. Let us not be fooled by a unbeaten streak of 31 matches. None of the our midfielders is close to players like DeBruyne, Frenkie de Jong or Modric. Luckily De Paul evolved quickly and has a great mentality and work ethic. As someone on the boards mentioned, he will most likely be our next captain. Our front line has been the best in the world for well over a decade with Messi, Di Maria and until shortly Aguero and Higuain a bit longer ago. Lautaro has proven to be a good 9 and Alvarez is a promise for the future. Sure, we’re no match for Benzema-Mbappe and the lack of goals is worrying, but I think we’ll be okay. The back-ups like Alario, Gonzalez and the Correa brothers had nice moments but lack consistency. Di Maria is still a great player and probably has 4 lungs. However, just like Messi we cannot expect him to excel in 7 matches in a 4 week period. There has been so much debate about Messi that I will refrain from that. The late and great Johan Cruyff said in 2010 that Messi will continue to be the best for a decade. He was right (as usual). He also said that when players enter their thirties their explosiveness and speed decreases. The tackles you could avoid in your prime time because of speed and wit, will now start to hurt you. We have all seen that. Messi has adapted. He is no longer the prolific dribbler and goal scorer, but concentrated on giving defense splitting passes. At the WC he will be 35. We cannot expect him to carry the team. Hopefully, Scaloni uses his energy wisely. Back to the main question: Can we win the WC. Yes, we do have a chance but it will require strategic and tactical thinking from our coaches. Against the Netherlands the Germans kept changing positions to confuse the Dutch defenders. The Dutch responded in the second half with some strategic moves and clever substitutions. Luis Enrique made some game changing substitutions as well during the qualifiers. Scaloni has a great track record so far, but hardly played against European teams. Before the last WC we had an embarrassing defeat in Spain. A repeat is devastating for morale, but at the same time would make it clear to the coaching staff that they need to wise up and make sure the team can play different systems if the game requires it. So, yes we have the players and team spirit to win it. My doubts are on the tactical side of things and mainly in the lack of flexibility in playing style.

  12. It is no secret that Armani is Scaloni’s second goalie. The third goalie war between Musso vs. Rulli. Does Scaloni get it right?

    First of all, I was surprised that It was Rulli who got to start against Ecuador. He was not always called up. Sometimes Scaloni preferred Andrada or Ledesma as his “fourth goalie”. Rulli was absent for a couple of WCQ games before today.

    But then Scaloni being fair again, after seeing Villarreal excellent CL victory over Juventus where Rulli was the MOM. This might change Scaloni’s mind and move him to “third” in GK pecking order from fifth or even sixth.

    When you check the stats, Scaloni is actually right. Villarreal’s Rulli is the third best in la liga behind only the 2 leaders: Madrid and Sevilla when it comes to conceding the least. His rating also very high for a goalie standard. The last time I check only Courtouis of Madrid and Bounou of Sevilla have “slightly” higher rating than him this year. So yes his rating is higher than the likes of Jan Oblak or Der Stegen or Unai Simon the Slovenian, German, and Spain international GK.

    So Rulli flies under the radar but he outperforms almost everyone among Scaloni’s goalies not named Emiliano Martinez.

    Maybe Benitez plays slightly better this year but Rulli is a good consolation prize. When it comes to the battle of Rulli vs. Musso? Scaloni got it right. Rulli is more superior, is in better form.

    Now the question is how can he convince Scaloni that he deserves to be the number 2 instead of Armani.

    Me personally, I think he is good against Ecuador. At least he dealt with all those crosses not just standing still. So Rulli got my vote to the WC instead of Musso (knowing that Armani will get the other spot for sure).

    • If scaloni is being Fair then rulli wouldnt have to fight his 2nd place to deadwood Like Armani. Anyone who has functioning Brain can see Aramani is liability and only here in the squad for some kind of secret privileges. The guy can’t save and He is even too imbec1le to parry a corner properly only to assist it with hand to opposite attacker…4 Years ago he was one the reason France scored 4 past us and Now he is even 4 years slower. God only know what will happen if Emi gets injured. Dont Put Scaloni and Fair in the same sentence ever again.

    • I actually disagree, from what I’ve noticed from these qualifiers if anything is that Scaloni doesn’t have a defined 2nd choice. Of course you could argue that Armani has played many more games for us for Scaloni than the others, but he wouldn’t have played Rulli if he sees Armani as second choice. Im pretty sure the Venezuela game was just meant to be his last game. Scaloni seems to be unsure of his second choice and maybe tried Rulli out to see where he stands (clearly Rulli isn’t a defined second choice either because he hasn’t been called up every time)

      • What you said makes sense Olive. Hope you are right. During Copa, Tite also did not know his first choice goalie. He tried all 3 goalies before deciding that Ederson was his best one, but then he made a mistake. Now he realizes that Allisson is his best goalie.

        I have nothing against Armani, but he clearly is not the second best goalie of Argentina. Anyway, of course I want Emi Martinez to be healthy and play all the WC games for Argentina.

        • Yeah, like you mention about Martinez I am not too concerned because he only misses games due to corrupted suspensions. He doesnt seem to ever get injured. Hopefully Scaloni tries Musso next friendlies so he better defines the second place

  13. Argentina players rating according to ole.com.

    I agree with the rating.

    Rulli 6
    Montiel 4
    LM Quarta 4
    Otamendi 7.5
    Tagliafico 7
    Paredes 6.5
    De Paul 6
    MacAllister 6
    Messi 6
    Nico Gonzales 6.5
    Julian Alvarez 6.5

  14. In this forum people seems like can’t like the idea of criticism. Like if you don’t say anything amusing then guys will come call you names and ask for bans like its dominated by closed minded guys out there.

    Spain team who didn’t play many key players yesterday, Beaten Iceland team 5-0. The quality of their game is like 2x above argentina ever had under Scaloni in their very best and I won’t even mention the worst. They were creating playing 1 touch football throughout the game with pure elegance and beauty.

    Meanwhile We are playing pragmatic football and one of lowest scoring team in top seeded team. We have to try hard even to go near the opposition box and every moves looks so sluggish and disoriented.

    If scaloni wants to do something extraordinary in world cup he have to fix the ” Creativity” issues before November. Drop the Segunda level player Nico and Play Much Creative Papu. Play lanzini who was one of best player for West Ham in EPL and played key role to kick sevilla out from UEL. Since Messi is nowadays only good at passing he can consider playing him much deeper role alongside Depaul and Paredes and Let an extra forward player to add the creative spark in the attack.

    That is the line up I would like to see against Italy
    Montiel Romero Otamendi Acuna
    Paredes/lanzini Depaul
    Di Maria Lautaro Papu

    The 3 holding Midfielder system won’t get us anywhere. The only reason scaloni got bailed out playing outdated tactics cause we didnt face many high pressing team in LATIN American Qualifiers yet. Today what Ecuador showd what is called ” GO TO” football for most European teams and we have to be ready to see them a lot in World cup.

    I can’t wait to see against Italy what Scaloni has to offer. I hope he get badly exposed with his outdated tactics so he wake up to fix the issues before the final tournaments start. Its better to wake up in final tournament like Sampaoli than earlier to fix it. Good luck

    • Yaa @mr_brown i agree with you we are not playing like a team to score 5 goals means something is not working in the crearive department may be lo cleso and depaul combo will deliver that when give free role for both lets hope that freedom they will get. I was really disappointed with lanzini not given a single minute. Also all the hype of english media and the statics of bundia i thought he wil become a devil 2years ago but no lw he seems to stuck

    • What I can assure for the WC the best lineup would be 4-4-2..the formation scaloni has utilised in the Copa final against Brazil…we can have dimaria and locelso both which will create more attacking option and creativity in the midfield.
      Montiel Otamendi Romero Acuna
      Dimaria locelso Paredes DePaul
      Messi Lautaro

  15. Well well where do I start. That match vs ecuador was ugliest game Argentina played for last two years
    I couldn’t enjoy it, secondly people in here were so critical to our team as like were ecuador creating chance after chance and rulli was making save after save well sorry It wasn’t like that , there nothing new ecuador has pace and fast wingers, physically strong and fit believe me those kind team will trouble any team especially when they playing home. For me the most disappoint thing was that we couldn’t retain possession and couldn’t put few good passes together that was the disappointing bit. Most of us getting wrong about palacios , he is decent central midfielder not a creative midfielder like papu, lo celso even though lo celso himself doesn’t create much either for us . Scaloni need to give lanzini try or convert emi Buendia to be more central/ creative midfielder as he did to de Paul cuse lanzini and Buendia are more gift talant than both palacios and MacAllister even lo celso to extend.

  16. Waited so long for alverez to get a start boy he grabbed it, he is like a liverpool player whe playing for river everywhere full of energy like lavvazi and finish like aguero we need him in the setup its so pleasing to see youngsters score

  17. The group drawing for the World Cup draws in 2 days:
    Pot 1: Qatar, Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Portugal, Spain
    Pot 2: Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland, Denmark, USA, Mexico, Uruguay
    Pot 3: Poland, Serbia, Senegal, Canada, South Korea, Marocco, Iran, Japan
    Pot 4: Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ghana, Ecuador, (Wales/Scotland/Ukraine), (Peru/UEA/Australia), and (New Zealand/Salomon Island/Costa Rica).

    So the group of death would be something like: Argentina, Germany, Poland, Ghana.

    The easy group would be something like:
    Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, Costa Rica.

    • Mexico and costa Rica can’t be same group i want to be same group as Germany or Netherlands This will be fine . Argentina , Germany, Saudi Arabia and Canada

  18. For me this draw doesn’t hurt at all. I remember in the past all teams that did “too well” in the qualifiers and friendlies such as Argentina 2002, France 2002, Spain 2014, Germany 2018 only to be knocked out in the first round.

    I mean it would be nice to finish first above Brazil and beat them in the last meaningless WCQ match and win all our friendlies before the WC, but then if we reach that point, we would be in a tremendous pressure to perform to maintain the streak.

    So for me as long as we are not losing, that’s good.

    What is positive about the match is Julian Alvarez looks like a decent 9 that we have been missing for. He missed one chance but he scored one with a good goal instinct he has.

    What is negative about the match is both MacAllister and Palacios looked bad. So the 4th midfielder still needs an audition I guess. Lanzini doesn’t get a chance despite being more superior in West Ham shirt than MacAllister’s Brighton.

    Nico Dominguez usually always being used as the third 5 after Paredes and Guido. Buendia is more of a winger in Scaloni’s eyes. So it is really wide open. I would not rule out Palacios completely as he has been with Scaloni from day 1 along with the likes of De Paul or Paredes.

    But we do need the 4th midfielder. So one of those players I mentioned above will go to the World Cup.

    • When LoCelso considered as first backup for DePaul, the left side will be Papu and Mac Allister will be his backup. Allister started ahead of Lanzini and Palacios in both the matches. So, that’s the current scenario we ike it or not.. until we get a better option.

      • Yeah as of now realistically, MacAllister jumps to the 4th in pecking order ahead of Palacios. But again Palacios has been with Scaloni since day 1. If he has to choose just one of the two, it is still 50-50 I think.

        I believe more in Palacios though. He did not have a good match today but he is definitely more useful for the team, knows the team and is known by his teammates.

        • Palacios is a good player. No doubt. But he lost his confidence. Injury and club are the issue. Old Palacios would have started both the matches. Now he lost the place. Hopefully he will be in great form before next friendly…

          • Don’t forget there is still Nico Dominguez as an option. Scaloni never excluded him except when he was injured. So should be Nico Dominguez, MacAllister, and Palacios for one spot.

  19. Sometimes we at Mundo are just too too negative. Yes it was not our best game. Yes Ecuador really took it to us. Guess what , there is no side in the world which does not have a bad day or days when selections are sub optimal etc. We still managed it decently.Well almost.
    This is going to be the last match in some time so i can see why Scaloni would give one last rope to some and filter out individuals.
    We had some selections handicaps as well as some selections which I believe where to figure things out. Even among available individuals it was not the best team that was put out. Its fine. It’s a good time to have such games and the coach can make adjustments. Just stop with all this “what will happen when we face european team etc”. Italy won the Euros and are out of the WC. Thats how consistent and good euro sides are.

  20. No direct back up for de paul but lo celso and paredees can do his role if guido is playing pardees could take tbat role, if palcios olaying lo celso can do it
    Its like make shift in mid
    But one could be a 100% de paul

    • Currently Palacios doesn’t have a chance. Otherwise he would have started atleast one match when LoCelso and Papu were not available.
      He has to get his confidence back..he lost that because of injury and the club doesn’t trust him.

  21. Julian Alvarez deserved to be the backup of Lautaro. He will surely improve from here. Helping defensively, able to shoot with both leg, good in dribbling, pace..he has everything. Good exposure to European football and with confidence he’s going to be a great striker. I was the one commenting here before he can compete with Lautaro for number 9. Many disagreed that time. They said he’s second striker. Yes he’s second striker but he can be backup of Lautaro. Scaloni knows how to use the players. Hopefully, he will be a great player by the time of WC.
    At present Angel Correa and Dybala are better strikers than Julian..no doubt..but for NT and for Scaloni’s system he’s above them. And he’s just started, long and great career ahead…

    • For a nation without silverware, it may seem to be a good performance
      But from the perspective of Argentina fans this game is the worst, we dream for the highest accolade and shouldn’t have played with this terrorism tactics against Ecuador.

      & Mr. Scaloni should never summon Alexis McAllister, he is below average tbh. I remember how he got outplayed in the Olympics as well.

  22. Some of the members here are blind against Mac Allister because of some unknown reason. Yesterday he had a good game. A balanced game defensively and offensively. He was everywhere in midfield, defense and attack. He got a knock that could have been a red for that Ecuador player.
    Yesterday also, Allister was in a right place to score mainly in 2 occasion. First, Nico lost the ball before crossing, just check Allister was at centre to recieve the ball. Second, when a through ball received to Alvarez, he was trying to sprint but intercepted by a defender, please check Allister positioning that time. Both time, if it was Messi/DiMaria the ball would have reached on Allister’s leg.
    Defensively also he had some good moments. He is improving. Hope he continues to improve and earn his place to WC.

    • I can’t say Mc Allister is good enough or not but Palacios wasn’t better than him either. Maybe Lo Celso play better there but we are now searching 2nd player for that role. Now I am worried who is direct back up for De Paul. I don’t think we have backup in that role

      • Currently, direct backup for DePaul is LoCelso(will shift to right), then Papu or one other player will be there for left(May be Acuna/Lisandro/Allister/Palacios).

      • He is called enzo Fernandez he is even better than lo celso.I think everyone here are expecting great things from lo celso but he below average player he has 0 goals and 0 assist for Villarreal and like 2 goal and 2 assist for his spurs career he was realised by tomas tuchel at PSG he is one of our players that makes me think u know u can’t win a world cup with a player like lo celso.papu is a world class player but in CM I have a doubt

        • Thanks for expressing your views about Lo Celso. I like Papu though. I’ve expressed my concerns about our midfield before but a couple of people here misunderstood me. I’m tired of complaining. All I want is for Argentina to win the world cup somehow.

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