Inter reportedly have agreement with Paulo Dybala’s agents


Inter have reportedly reached an agreement with Paulo Dybala’s agents.

Paulo Dybala will be joining a new club for next season as he will not be renewing with Juventus. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, he could be offered a deal in the €6 million net per season region, plus bonuses.

Per the report, Inter have contacted Dybala’s agents and would be notified should they receive an offer from another club.

Should Dybala join Inter, he would be the third Argentine at the club, joining Lautaro Martínez and Joaquin Correa.


  1. In my underdeveloped part of the world, we are often malnourished so take this with a grain of salt if you must but it seems to me you can’t be a top team if you don’t have the fullbacks that are modern and balanced. The modern full-back’s duties are at both ends of the pitch; they must support attacks and defend in almost equal measure. Supporting the attacks means overlapping, stretching the play, crossing the ball like a winger would. Beating a dead horse at this point… Having a central defender playing as a fullback is far from ideal to say the least. Anyhow, Scaloni was an offensive right-back in his playing days so I trust his judgement. Plus we have pedigree and heritage to look up to in Tarantini, Sorin and Zanetti.


  2. Oh Dybala… What a talent he was..everyone spoken about him… All are said 2nd messi come,i missed that 22 years old Dybala… Most wasted Argentine great talent.. Hopefully something good will come.

    • He is talented but no hard work from him. Messi despite being talented worked really hard but we wont see that in media.

  3. A lot of Mundo fans are scared to say that Scaloni is a wonderful coach….. When Pep came to Barcelona no one believes he would have been who he is today. Since
    Scaloni was appointed, the team has been improving. Although everyone is talking about Sabella is because he took us to the final. If you look at the team now, I can say that it is superior to the bielsa’s team which one of the best Argentina team that I watch. Scaloni is gonna have a lot of calls, the worst thing that can happen to us if he leaves after the world cup. Remember guys everyone has to start somewhere…..!!!!

    • 100% agree. People are still doubting him, they doubted against Brazil in copa and now. I think one of the aspect of judging coach is if team improve and have set patter of play which argentina have both. I think winning World Cup would be good to prove doubters wrong. I also think club coach do not succeed in Inter. and vice versa.

  4. I used to be a fan of Pep futbol in tiki taka, then in 2014 I found out that Sabella’s tactic is superior. It is similar to Madrid tactic back then. Then last year I found that Scaloni’s tactic is the best one. The most balanced one.

    No Scaloni tactic is not like Mourinho’s or Simeone’s. He is very balanced. There are times where he defends tight like Sabella’s. There are also times where he plays beautiful futbol. In Copa America, some of the goals were due to beautiful team work.

    I am very sure Scaloni will coach Argentina for a long long time like Low did for Germany. And that’s good news for Argentina as he is the one coach that makes Argentina look really good.

    Record wise fantastic. Dressing room fantastic. No division among players. No jealousy. The players love their coach and give him a nickname of “La Scaloneta”. Does not depend on any players (no too much Messi dependency). Giving quite fair chance to all players who are in form (withe exception of Benitez and Senesi). Very balanced offensively and defensively. Fantastic assistants around him. Already prepares for the next generation (Garnacho and Soule generation) coached by Mascherano. Very low profile. Not weird like Pep or Conte (coach a team for 2-3 years and want a new challenge
    somewhere else). Does not demand super huge salary. And many more. He is all you want from a good manager.

    I am sure our previous managers with the exception of Sabella and the 2 World Cup winners, Bilardo and Menotti wouldn’t have been able to do half of what Scaloni has achieved. With Scaloni in charge I am sure when Messi and Di Maria retires, we would be still one of the best in the world. I hope by that time some of our youngsters will reach their potential.

    • Very much agree! I think the games prior to Brazil during 2019 Copa has switched something in him but there’s also a good amount of luck that previous managers like Bielsa, Tata & Pekerman missed. We perhaps will get an idea on how he really manages and how the team responds/plays against Italy to better gauge the games during the Worldcup!

      I am looking forward to Chejose getting his Asado ready for every match here on in!☺️

    • Too early to judge him lets see how he will perform in wc. Sampaoli won chile copa bt then failed in Argentina also after 2 back to back copa win they failed to qualify for 2018 wc so Copa and wc is completely different level. Even euro winners italy failed to qualify. Even in 2016 euro champions Portugal was knocked out in 2nd round against Uruguay where as 2016 euro runner up France became 2018 world champions. So wc is different and a coach can’t be listed among best coaches of Argentina or the world without proving in wc

      • Sampa didn’t win back to back Copa…. I will not judge Scaloni only on the world cup results. He may not be the best coach in our history but the team that he builds, the chemistry, the enthusiasm among the players are unique. Remember the 2010 and 2018 world cup qualifiers. We have to give it to him he is doing an unbelievable job at the NT guys… Don’t be scared guys to say it…. we have a great coach….!!!

      • And you think a world cup winning team can really win euro or copa? Germany won the wc in 2014 they knocked out in 2016. France knocked out in 2020 euros. Is it because the world champs became lazy or any other reason?.

        • Sampaoli’s Argentina lost 4-3 to the champions and scored the most goals… and that team was trash this time around Argentina will be a serious contender. we have gems in every part of the team big things are gonna happen.

    • Ah yes, the one and only “young inexperienced” Scaloni. People are criticizing by comparing what he’s done so far to our possibilities of winning the WC which is completely missing the point. By praising Scaloni nobody is saying that we are destined to win the WC. We can fail to win it but still see his tenure as a success when you consider these things:
      a) he’s recovered us from the disastrous and chaotic high profile failure of the 2018 WC and brought everyone together. Both the on the field and off the field problems from that year have been fixed.
      b) we won our first title after 28 years and against our greatest rival in their most iconic stadium where they were unbeaten for who knows how long. Even if we exit in the group stages this year he’s accomplished more than anyone in almost 30 years.
      c) again, even if we utterly fail this year and he’s fired (by far worst case scenario but very unlikely) he’s still set up a foundation for the next world cup and the one after that. We already know that Di Maria will retire with the NT after this year and his decision to call up multiple youngsters from local teams and Europe (as well as his scouting of those with dual nationalities) is very savvy. Our future generation has experience and can more easily adapt and be ready when the time comes. Let me ask everyone a question. Imagine in your head the inevitable day when Messi retires from the national team. You probably feel sad but it doesn’t feel disastrous. A couple of years ago the thought of that was almost unbearable and unthinkable as we relied so much on him. Now we have genuine and comforting hope for what comes after. I used to imagine the post Messi time as an incoming dark era. This change is in large part due to Scaloni.

      You can also see Scaloni’s trajectory of improvement. The many things that he wasn’t good at in the beginning have improved. He has a great ability to adapt how we play based on the opponent which I think is very important for a national team in these competitions. For a while I didn’t like his substitutions but that’s also improved. His 4-4-2 in the final and the subs he made could not have been better. You can tell he wants to learn and grow. Before Copa he had a gathering with other top managers like Bielsa. These reasons, all the ones El Principe stated, and others are why I put 100% of my trust into Scaloni.

      • It is really ambitious thinking but Spain won Euro WC and then Euro again. I know that Spain team is probably the best team
        in the history of football but hey it is not unthinkable. If Spain did it, we can try too.

  5. Ok so I see there has been a storm raging here. What the heck I will put in my two cents too 🙂
    I feel Foyth should be in the squad for Qatar. Aside from this season’s performances which have been really good and much much improved than older criticism I think at the highest level of sport mentality matters. His performances this season as well as his interview speaks to me volumes of the right mentality he has. Admit errors, listen to good coaches and advance.
    Now w.r.t whether Scaloni “should” start him , I think it’s up to the coach and the game plan he has in mind. I wouldn’t be upset if Foyth does not start. Coaches see things in practice and Scaloni has earned my respect enough for me to trust his choices. But I certainly want him to be in the squad.

  6. Inter’s target in the coming season:

    Dybala, Paredes, Depaul and Senesi (Maybe just a rumor)

    This is good for the National Team before the WC. Hope Lautaro stays.
    Inter Also releasing Sanchez and Vidal. And Dzeko seems off form. Lautaro and Dybala could be the starter vs Dzeko and Correa.

  7. I think Franco Carboni has a potential to become a world class left back. I think he can replace Tagliafico in next 2 years.
    Molina, Romero, Senesi,Carboni are our future.
    Senesi will play QF of europa league today. All eyes on him.

  8. There are some inland Argentine here who lives in the world upside down,they do not see which player is good and always support the club players.
    Come on this is Messi’s last chance to win World Cup and we can not let good players go unnoticed they must be in the team. Hate on Foyth is wrong,he is giving world class performance again and again. But I believe in Scaloni he will choose him over other players.
    Mollina and Foyth should be Right Back for Argentina.

    • According to their Clown Logic a Flop Right back Who cant earn his place over a 36 year old who also isn’t natural right back but right winger is better choice than player someone who is first chose for UCL semi Final team. Their logic is based on a Nobody Anti Football national team manager who got a copa America solely causes of luck. A luck that he had during Covid when His Dream 1st choice GK got himself infected and He had no choice but to choose a performing GK instead only to see him saving his arse in COPA semis saving 3 penalty…That luck that Tata martino never had bless with in 2 Copa Final….

      • What are you upset about that we won Copa? I presume you also think that we have 0 chances of winning the world cup with Scaloni?
        Why are you wasting your time and not wait until World cup to remind us you were right 😂?

        • Who would bet on Team Like Sevilla in UCL next season? Would you ? Unless you are a sevilla fan ?
          Argentina’s football level isn’t any better or probably worse. If you want a good example just see the last game they played against Ecuador. They are least creative and least scoring among the top 10 ranked FIFA ranking teams.

          Just cause They has 2 world cup in their name doesn’t give then auto pass among favorites. I never seen any ESPN-SKY pundits even rated Argentina in among top 5 favorite but Yeah here Argentina gonna win it cause some Delusional Mundo Readers 🤡 says so 🤣🤣🤣…

          • This is a fan site for Argentina NT and obviously there’s hope and there’s bias teetering on being delusional. You will have the same experience on forums for other NTs and clubs as well. Man, this site is so toxic full of vitriol, disrespect and outright abusive. It’s disgusting!

  9. I understand being critical of the team but this is downright negative. I’m sure everyone has differences in opinions but at least you need to be constructive about the criticism.

    Going through the comments, all I can see is why Foyth should be selected and how Rulli is awful and how Scaloni’s tactics are worse than Tata?

    BTW, Tata Martino is the same guy who won only 1 trophy Supercopa de Espana with Barcelona Team. So if your argument is he didn’t have players, then I don;t have anything to debate. Even if you are critical about Scaloni, please don’t disregard the fact that he won Copa so he deserves the benefit of doubt.

    • Tata Martino who qualifed to be a barca manager is alone make himself superior to any rookie Scaloni someone ever heard of outside Argentina…Period. You don’t need any explanation further. If scaloni leaves argentina than the best job he will get is some Clubs of Lame Argentina’s Domestic league….If Tata martino was Argentina Manager today, He wouldnt play some randoms like Molina and Montiel Over Near World Class Foyth.

      • Tara couldn’t be a European club manager again. Did he? He’s over-rated. I don’t understand why you keep comparing him to Scaloni who’s a newbie but also seem pragmatic enough. Can you do anything about his coaching other than waiting for him to fail and make millions of fans sad again? You can’t make a difference talking negative instead of bringing people together and share difference of opinions respectfully without being insulting, man. I like how you view the game but let’s also not put somebody who probably will never again win a cup on a pedestal. Let’s hope and pray Scaloni will do really well and the sum of all parts is going to be so much bigger when it matters.

      • “Tata Martino who qualifed to be a barca manager is alone make himself superior to any rookie Scaloni someone ever heard of outside Argentina…Period.”

        According to your own logic, why can’t you grasp that Scaloni winning the Copa once and playing the final in the other out of two copa tournaments Argentina played during his tenure alone make him more successful/superior to Tata? Not to mention that many believe Argentina was cheated in the previous copa final and that the Copa 2021 win was against mighty Brazil in their backyard.

        Do you find a parallel between these two statements?

        And, regarding Foyth, please be patient and don’t get taken away by kevinomania. We already have one very punctual Foyth alarm clock in the mix. Foyth has been given enough chance and is still under consideration by Scaloni. He will return. It is not about his defending skills that is questioned but his occasional decision making blunders. He needs a spell out of the team to gain that maturity. Gladly that all indicated he is learning properly.

    • Let’s be realistic here should Scaloni insist picking average players like McAllister, LMQ, J.Correa, Pezzella, Meza I don’t see Argentina progressing past Quarters if they meet team like Netherlands or France. Especially it will be tough for Argentina to beat Dutch with likes top class defenders like Virgil van Dijk, Delight and Ake, Blind not forgetting other players like Dumfries, Dejong, Danjuma,Wijnaldum, Ryan Gravenberch, Depay. That’s a top class squad.

      • Netherlands is average. That’s a easy match up i would always like to face Netherlands in place of Germany france Brazil england spain or even belgium or Portugal

  10. Is river plate is the best team in this season as well? If yes, then i dont know how other teams gonna play, not playing like champions and passing like champs,
    too many miss passes

    • Based on points and results Racing is the best team but River still has a much better squad and manager. Since the game against Fortaleza (which was an incredible performance) River have had a sudden and drastic drop in form and the only game we won (Banfield) was lucky. Don’t know about today’s game since I couldn’t watch it but I will on Saturday. Still, River is the best team by default if that’s a fair thing to say, this form should only be temporary. The passing and connection of play was incredible against Fortaleza so maybe you could watch highlights of that to get an idea of what we play at our best.

  11. Foyth is the best player in the world after Icardi and Levandowski !!!

    more to that Foyth should be our captain anymore. Messi is old and he shouldn t be the captain because Foyth is in tremendous form. the best player should be captain !!!

    BEWARE people !!! the new romance king era have already began !!!

    • This old man River plate fan loves Montiel,wants to see Montiel in team against all odds. Such a poor fan.

    • Hahaha 🤣 good thing both RK and Kevin are males so they can’t have a kid, otherwise we would end up with a future generation of this

    • Kevin as head coach & that Anu guy as his assistant plus Romance as the staff member.

      The NT will looks like this

      Captain : Foyth
      Rest of the squad : Icardi + 21 naturalized Brazillians

      • Don’t forget Icardi’s wife as the referee 😂 which if you don’t know was Romance King’s primary obsession and topic of discussion

    • Let it go, man! Some are excited about the potential of Foyth while the rest of us are a bit vary of his errors. He need to keep his game very tight and I noticed some improvements in his game from the last time he played for the NT. He’s probably going to be a backup for Molina if he performs well and Montiel could be pushed to 3rd choice RB if he can’t be in the starting 11 for Sevilla.

    • When there’s too much dust that’s accumulating without offering meaningful perspectives and folks resorting to ad-hominems, obviously it’s hard to read every nonsensical stuff that’s said.

      • The way you are talking sounds like you want people to shut up and not have opinions. It’s a football site and you are commenting. When somebody other than a bot responds respectfully, one would want to reciprocate and not be so toxic.

  12. @EnganChe
    Defensive full back in Right side and Acuna in left side for free flowing attacking football. If you play both overlapping RB and LB at the same time then you are at risk of getting caught in Counter. Even Prime barca didnt dare to play 2 attacking minded Fullbacks. Alves usee to go forward and Abidal used to stay behind. Same thing did by Prime Madrid. Marcelo was the attacking player and Caravajl stayed behind.

    So It has to be either RB- Foyth LB- Acuna or RB- Molina LB – Tagliafico.
    In my opinion The Foyth- Acuna duo are better comparatively than the later. From both defensive and offensive POV. Acuna is better going forward than Molina and Foyth is better Defensive Player than Tagliafico….Montiel has no business here.

    • what a nonsense is this? who teach you this idiotic theory?
      do you know what overlaping is? in which football world did you see overlaping from 2 sides in same time? you will play with 2 balls maybe? you will make agreement with the oposite team to not attack from your “weak” side in field? you have no clue and you try to speak like coach Jesus Christ !!!

      • According to their Clown Logic a Flop Right back Who cant earn his place over a 36 year old who also isn’t natural right back but right winger is better choice than player someone who is first chose for UCL semi Final team. Their logic is based on a Nobody Anti Football national team manager who got a copa America solely causes of luck qirho

    • Liverpool has two attacking full backs, in modern football you need two complete full backs, not one super attacking and the other super defensive. Having two full backs that can attack or are primarily attacking doesn’t mean you will always get caught on the counter because they wouldn’t be making runs at the same time. Otherwise your team is more limited if you can’t overlap on one side. Of course in a national team we have what we have and can’t buy new players so there is less room to adjust

      • Whenever the term “free flowing attack” is used then you know who is the author of the comment 😂.
        It used to be “di Maria excels in scalonis bed”
        Now it’s “free flowing attack” 😂

    • Mr.Brown, in my underdeveloped part of the world that’s not how we see it. Jordi Alba and Dani Alves playing together at the same time, Manchester City fullbacks, Ajax fullbacks even AC Milan fullbacks, all know how to stretch the play, overlap and cross. Also, remember Sorin and Zanetti?

      We have left footed Messi and Di Maria drifting to the centre from the right hand side onto their left foot, someone needs to overlap to ther right of them.

  13. I think foyth will be selected over montiel. As montiel left river plate and not starting at Sevilla there is no river plate tax this time around and scaloni prefers player with starting position at their club. So montiel going to become 3rd choice rb very soon. Molina should go to Atletico madrid simeone will improve his defensive skill and he will be good. I don’t like Molina’s current club he is playing midfield in Udinese not as a rb that doesn’t help when he will play as rb in wc. If he continuously play in rb dpot in his club he will develop

  14. Foyth passed the Liverpool test with flying colors. He was good today and you guys cant expect foyth to attack as Villarreal is a parking the bus team he handled diaz and mane alright. But if a team play so poorly only to defend thn eventually goals will come. Locelso as usual apart from that run and saving salah shot with his body was not much effective. Locelso is wasting his talent at Villarreal. He needs a decent attacking side because Argentina will never going to play like this against any opponent. Even i want to see foyth in Argentina colors how he defend and how he contribute to attacking moves. Molina looks like a better bet if we want to play free flowing football

  15. Ruli is always error prone and zero confidence level..close to armani..Foyth, lo celso played well in terms of game situation.. Lo celso rated 6.7 2nd highest villareal players with a yellow.. Close to 90 minute his dribbling was just good think for villareal to watch.

  16. Foyth have a good game considering it is Champions League SF…the biggest competition in the world. Lately he was moved to DM position as well. He can play in RB/DM/CB. He should be playing for NT as he’s improving and getting chance is the highest level.

      • He was nervous and shaky from the start. He kept punching the balls which could be catch easily by most other GK in this level. He was Looking weakest link of Villareal Defence. He also shown overreaction, Bad positioning and Poor Reflex all in once in first goal. He is just another Low confidence goalie who will make errors in crucial games due to pressure. I have noticed much stronger mentality from ledesma than him.

  17. Foyth had a good game in defend… Locleso didn’t get enough support… Rulli should start catching the ball instead of punch…

  18. It’s all about rulli fault no excuse.seems like there are so many foyth’s can’t play attacking football with defensive cb who play as a right back.tata martino won nothing wirh prime barca lost two copa final without any goal in180 minutes.tata martino is total looser.

    • Foyth has improved…Definitely worthy enough to be in the 26 man roster if he continues this trajectory!

    • Tata Martino’s Barca was missing something and they lacked the bite. It’s Messi that ran the show with so many goals. He’s a good coach but below par compared to the likes of Pep, Klopp, Ancelotti, Emery, Lopetegui & Simeone…He’s probably similar to Valverde but more attack minded. Look at his Mexico now…Not good!

  19. Poor Rulli , Champions league semi-final pressure seem to be getting on to him! Musso also has been conceding plenty lately, although I am not sure how’s Atlanta’s defense. These kind of matches make you think Scaloni should have tried other inform goalies instead of sticking with Armani as his no2!!

    • Walter Benitez and Jeremias Ledesma, man…Atleast we can call upon these players as their back-ups. So, there’s no dearth of talent there which I think we are lucky in that regard esp. compared to the past 30yrs.

    • Musso had a man of the match performance in the last Europa league match. He is a good goal keeper but not great. For me he is the second best after Emi.

        • Rulli is so nervous and he always getting out of the position. If rulli stand his position this goal was not happen. Also commentator said he could have done better.he should punch the ball rather than just slap.

          • Goalkeepers – Some are grabbers and some are punchers but some are both. Emi is a grabber…Rulli’s a puncher. Musso is perhaps both but tbf, I haven’t watched him enough other than highlights. I think we’ve a good group of Goalies and nerves seem to be a problem for some of our players which I think they will learn to calm themselves down as they play more matches of higher calibre. They need to keep improving!

  20. Luis Diaz who made both Molina and Montiel looks like Sunday league player in Copa America is getting pocketed By FOYTH. Still some Scaloni fans will argue how He isn’t good for Argentina and shouldnt picked in World Cup sqaud. When He is battle tested in Football Highest level when other 2 didn’t . That UCL Qmfinal/Semi experience player you can’t get too often. His situation seems similar like Emi martinez faced before his Debut. It will take a misfortune from Scaloni’s top 2 favorite right back for Foyth to get a Chance in starting lineup. Something that Happened to Armani before…..Now a manager who relies on luck to get his strongest lineup set for him is not really a Visionary manager.

  21. So far Foyth has good but Rulli is disaster in waiting especially his ball handling. He has being badly exposed in the first half. Now I can see clearly Emi Martinez is miles ahead of him.
    Having said that Villarreal defense is disaster, why try short passes instead of clearing ball out of danger. That has really pissed me off.

    • The Absence of Gerard Moreno really cut short their attacking potential to half. He is been highly missed and without him Villareal will find it difficult to score. Hopefully he will be fit before 2nd leg.

  22. All are saying Dybla Lautaro combo at Inter but they do not see competition. Dzeko,J.Correa,Sanchez,Dybla,Lautaro for forward line. For right now Dzeko is best in Inter Milan in forward line. His place is more than secured.

    • This time lo celso is in much forward position. No
      Gerard moreno this time for him to showcase his real talent. Equally hard for both him and foyth. Foyth needs to stop Luiz Diaz. Rulli must have sharp reflections against salah. It would be a real test for our players.

  23. If dybala- lautaro combo clicked means then there is no other option for scaloni. Just directly pick dybala if it is a 26 men squad. Praying that this move would change his destiny in the NT colours. But yeah somehow he lost his pace. I don’t know how. 33 year old di Maria is way faster than him. May be can come back easily if he regains his confidence and surely he can. He has that potential. The real ‘substitute material’ of Messi.

  24. If Villarreal can stop Liverpool to a draw at Anfields today they could beat them at home. Also, it depends on which Locelso showsup today. Really looking forward to today’s game.

    Regarding Dybala, there was no better club than Inter to move before the world cup. There will be 3 months of club futbal before the world cup, that means around 15 matches which should be more than enough to prove a player’s form.

  25. I don’t know Lautaro will stay or not. If staying…and Dybala Lautaro combination clicked (chance is very high), we will have a great option in the WC.

  26. Quarta is the worst Argentine NT defender right now. I was watching the match against Udinese…he’s playing like headless chicken. What a bad form.
    Scaloni..don’t include him for the coming matches…try Senesi.

  27. If dybala creats a deadly combination with lautaro then he will be going to Qatar for sure. I hope that will be the best thing for Argentina.

  28. This would be a great move for Dybala. If he clicks well with Lautaro under Inzaghi, then he’ll probably go to Qatar.

    Next I’d like to see good moves by Senesi and Medina. Taking Pezella and LMQ to Qatar reminds of guys like Meza, Ariel Garce and Guttierez RB going to the WC without merit.

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