Juan Foyth of Villarreal speaks on Argentina national team, World Cup, Copa America


Juan Foyth spoke about the Argentina national team, the World Cup and being excluded from the Copa America team.

Foyth has not always been a regular in the Argentina national team but his versatility has found him included in the squads. Now in the semi finals of the Champions League with Villarreal, the Argentine was selected for the March World Cup qualifiers. Speaking in an interview with Marcos Durán of AS, here is what he had to say when asked about Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni:

“Scaloni was the one who gave me the opportunity in the national team. He is a coach who is very close to the group and knows how to manage well the emotions of the group and as much he as the coaching staff, whom I have known since I was young. And for the team mates, despite not being at the Copa America, was very happy for how it went.”

In regards to who told him he would not be at the Copa America:

“He (Scaloni) told me. I understood. I believe I had a very good year here at Villarreal and when I went to the national team I had mistakes that could happen and maybe the best for me at the time was not to be there but I couldn’t ask for anything.

“I believe at the time, I had other team mates that were better, that’s how he saw it, more prepared to take on the Copa and I, as always, respect the coach’s decision. Obviously it hurts, I want to be there but always what I respect most is the decision of the coach. You will not hear me say something bad about any coach.”

Now that he is back in the Argentina national team, if it’s as if he never left:

“I feel perfect. With the group, we never stop talking. We are always in contact. When you go to the national team, you go to your country to represente it and to enjoy. In that time I had to be strong mentally not to fall. And from here, to thank my wife because when that happened, the only thing I wanted to do was to stay at home in Argentina and she told me: “No, no, let’s go to Marbella. You have to train there, you take the plane and you go train ” (before the preseason) and that helped me a lot because I Started the pre season and I felt very well.”

What his objective is:

“The first is to finish the season in the best possible way, as a group which will reinforce it on an individual level. And after that yes, personally speaking, it has always been there and one dreams of being able to play at a World Cup and to fight, always in good faith. If selected, it will be something unique and if not, I will support the team.”


  1. Champions League make star..Its time for gio,foyth,ruli to take the chance..i know its very difficult for them but not impossible..

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    • You’d be surprised, actually there are multiple people that have created accounts to troll. In fact “Romance King” I would estimate had created around 15-20 accounts from start to end. No exaggeration

      • @Olive
        I didn’t see any Romance king But heard the name from other users who seems to hate this person so much. I hated the Brazil fan ” Free Flowing Attack” and main reason wanted to register an Account here to counter him but I couldn’t cause Mundo won’t let me one. It was showing a message that ” They aren’t registering any new acc for now”, But Yeah they let me months ago and thats the one I have now. No others. If I sound similar to other guys than It doesn’t mean I am someone’s alter account. The only reason people hates me cause I don’t like Scaloni that much and I always liked Argentina for Artistic football. Not the way they are playing now. I liked the Tata Martino’s version a lot more and I believe He wouldve won 2 Copa if He had someone like Emi Martinez In those 2 penalty shootout While playing Much better football and Reasonable Team selection….Scaloni was blessed with Luck that Tata hadn’t. That’s all…

    • Unfortunately, you ended your comment with a prejudiced remark! What is it about underdeveloped nation? Don’t let me start the history of your developed nations- how they built their empire with the expense of lives, livelihood, sweat of people from your so called underdeveloped nations.

      This site has denigrated so much that people are getting away making hate speech. racist comments because the moderator has no time for scrutiny!

      If you kindly may enlighten us, Mr. Brown- which nation do you belong?

      • Report it to Roy… I’m sure he doesn’t welcome it here.

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    • Yep, I agree, the Great White North is pretty underdeveloped…

      So, ok, you’re not Kid (Kidulthood who is a notoriously toxic troll), but you do sound somewhat like him, and I was not the only one who noticed..

      Don’t want to respond to other stuff…whatever

      If you followed Argentina long enough, then you should know that there are at least two great traditions, one of Bilardo (pragmatic) and one of Menotti (beautiful football). If you’re a pure Menottista then you’d not always enjoy Scaloni. But like it or not, he won us our first trophy in decades and he got us playing solid football. Sabella also got us into the final with a more pragmatic approach. No sense in bringing Tata up, I actually did not mind Tata but that ship has sailed. I also admire Bielsa but his tenure ended in a disaster in 2002.

  3. Crazy game yesterday. Some emotions

    1. No Argentines in such games. Top level game, high visibility game and we have no participation. We used to have our players playing in such games. Hated to see 5-6 Brazilians chatting together after the game. I don’t see them as better than our players. Somehow they are always in top teams.

    2. Militao: how is this guy a Real Madrid defender? This guy is horrible (not just one game). How do they get into Real Madrid? Whereas, Romero plays for Spurs? Baffled

    Anyway, good luck to Rulli, Foyth and GLC. These are nights to make career.

    • Because Brazil won 5 wc and Argentina 2 wc simple as that. We underperformed in the biggest stage that hyped their players a lot. Let us win the world cup thn u will see in next 10 years all our teenagers or young players going to the top clubs in Europe

  4. If we ever play a 3-5-2 then this would be the best fit for Foyth in my opinion, e.g.

    Molina—-De Paul-Paredes-Lo Celso–Acuna

      • I think dimaria should be a sub option. Just like he played in whole Copa only started in the final that worked because of surprise factor. Playing both messi and dimaria will weaken our defensive structure he may defend in early matches but after that in knockouts he will be exhausted and that will effect our defensive play in crucial stage

    • Playing Foyth in back 4 Villareal won Europa league and now they are in CL semifinalist your views are pure assumption. Foyth can play in any formation far better than Montiel.

      • Playing 3 at back needs practice and lots of practice we can’t suddenly change our formation we should stick to our tried and tested formula which was successful just need some new players like enzo Fernandez in midfield lisandro in place of otamendi alvarez as a lautaro sub etc

  5. Lest we forget…

    1. Romance King, aka Raj aka Siddique aka an infinite number of accounts and always deprived
    2. Kidulthood aka Mr.Brown? aka cafetero
    3. Foyth…oops…I mean…Kavinder…

  6. Thoughts on Juventus wanting 3 of our core midfielders?
    Imo this would be amazing business from a club perspective. Paredes for ~30m, Di Maria free transfer and De Paul on loan. They already know each other and won an international cup together. Paredes and De Paul already know the Italian league. Surely this would be enough to convince Dybala to stay, as it secures his WC spot (if form and fitness allows it of course) as Messi role backup/sub

    Juventus have a golden opportunity to completely transform their midfield, which is needed, for very cheap and keep their star.

  7. Good interview by Foyth. Professional in understanding Scaloni’s correct decision in leaving him out of Copa squad after his stupid mistakes lost us 4 points against Colombia & Chile. Picking him would have been a poor coaching decision. Because he was left out he has started fighting for his inclusion and looks a much better player and deserves to be tried again. Nobody is doubting his abilities and potential, the only thing is the mistake proneness in dangerous positions. This again happened against Bayern but I don’t think it was even mentioned here?

    With that being said if he keeps his form and keeps improving and finally shows that he learns from his mistakes he could be a good asset for WC. With 26 players, we can include all 3 RBs and use them as needed. Molina=attacking RB – Montiel=balanced RB – Foyth=defensive RB

    I wish him, GLC and Rulli best of luck tonight!

  8. Juan Foyth has a good attitude. Scaloni called him back. He looks so healthy probably because he shaves, like Cuti. Messi also shaved to win the championship, so did Maradona in 86. I hope our players take care of their appearance. I don’t like beards because they look old and unlucky. Don’t say like: “beards have nothing to do with football”

  9. Mr brown let me tell you geezer I like when someone is critical for right reasons not be critical a sake of it. Yes Argentina not looking pretty on the paper as French and Brazilian do, yes Argentina may not be among best top 5 nt in the world but that doesn’t mean Argentina won’t win world Cup in fact this Argentina under scaloni will be one to watch, and more thing please don’t compare arg and scaloni with diego’s Atlético…. in case you don’t know or should i say let me educate you. this arg under scaloni doesn’t have particular stlye rather adoptable based the opponent which is even good in another way we will dominat some games and will contra attack some but no way near to compare diego’s Atlético.

    • Never said Argentina can’t win world cup. If Villareal and Atletico can reach Semi/Final of Tournament of Highest level ( UCL ) than Argentina can do it too. If Sabella’s Argentina can managed to reach final playing Enzo Perez, Biglia in midfield than They can win world cup with Much superior Midfield and Defence comparatively from 2014..

      Also Scaloni’s Argentina did played like ATM against Brazil and Colombia in Copa America. Once they scored 1 goal they parked the bus and kept defending till Last min, But their approach was more attacking minded in World Cup qualifier so people forgot what Argentina used to be like Knockout format. Also ATM does the same in La liga. They only goes ultra defensive mode in knockout games but Plays more Attacking game in League format. That’s why I said they have similar approach…But Why you taking offence with Atletico Comparison ? They won la liga last season and They are well respected team. If Argentina Want to create Upset in 2022 World cup they have to pull Atletico Madrid of 2021 la liga or ATM of 2014-15 UCL…Its a Good role model to follow.

      • Parking the bus and defending a lead in a knock out match is not a new thing. You forgot how France played against Belgium in the semi finals of 2018 wc? Parking the bus from the 1st minute. Argentina and ATM has no similarity at all in the playing style. Only the last 10 minutes in the copa final they parked the bus and even this is due to the substitution of attacking players. Never compare Argentina and Atletico. Compare Brazil and Tottenham. Both of them are counter attacking teams. 😂😂. And yeah if Tottenham can reach the UCL final then may be that yellow frogs can atleast reach the quarters😏

  10. Molina is safe and is first option for Scaloni, that’s for sure. Today Foyth has a chance to make it to the final 26. IF Villarreal win against Liverpool and Foyth performs well and if Montiel can’t get minutes in Sevilla, then I say Scaloni will give a chance for Foyth to be the second right back.

    Scaloni usually is quite fair when it comes to giving chance. If Villarreal makes it to the final of CL being the starting right back, then that’s quite an achievement there. For me I am neutral. At best, Foyth deserves another chance at least to chalenge Montiel for the back up right back. At worst Foyth deserves to make it to the WC being the 9th defender.

    If you want Foyth to start, that is still long way to go as Foyth is a “limited full back”, even more defensive minded than Tagliafico or Emerson Royal of the Spurs. We need someone like Molina to maximize Messi/Di Maria.

    Btw he will face Liverpool deadly wingers tonight. let’s see if he is up to the challenge.

    • He already did enough to Prove himself he should the defensive RB option for Argentina. What Montiel Did ? Absolutely Zero. A bench warmer for sevilla. So even if Foyth doesn’t win against Liverpool he is still miles ahead of someone who wasnt even good enough to play first team in Europa league. Foyth made it to the Semis. Argentina should pick Molinaas Overpapping RB and Foyth for defensive one but Montiel for neither…He should be 3rd in order.

      • You watched how many times Coman dribble past foyth? Also he always make mistakes in that danger areas. He is almost 0 in attack and errors in defense means it is totally not acceptable. Currently he can only be used as a sub for last 10 minutes in the NT at maximum. Montiel is better than foyth atleast for the NT

      • “What Montiel did” much more than Foyth for us, which would be winning us the Copa America along the other top performers. Maybe you should catch up to speed and watch a replay of a certain game in the 10th of July 2021. To clarify I wouldn’t mind playing Foyth ahead of Montiel to try him out but acting like Montiel hasn’t done anything for us and Foyth is destined to do more for us is absolutely ridiculous and biased. As of now Foyth has cost us games (even simpler ones like qualifiers in empty stadiums) while Montiel played the game of his life in a final at the Maracana. He also won the most important Libertadores in history. Saying he’s a “nobody” is highly disrespectful and outright wrong

    • Molina is turning into a great RB/WB. If he’s improving like this Scaloni has no other options than him. If Montiel gets regular playing time in Sevilla, Scaloni will be in dilemma.
      As Foyth can be used in RB/CB/DM in emergency situations, this will make more difficult for Scaloni.

  11. Foyth is third in line in terms of right back.
    And is STILL very inconsistent. The facts to this is in his last two games:
    Foyth was rated at 6.2 the lowest on the team and then 7.8 the second highest on the team.
    Even with a 26 man roster for the World Cup, foyth “at this moment” is NOT on that list.

    • Foyth was rated 6.9 against Bayern in their 1-0 win game. It was best rating for a Villareal defender in that game…Based on world most credible stats based rating site – Who Scored.

      Also in what basis Foyth should be no 3rd in pecking order? You are acting like ( and Scaloni) that He is competing against Prime Alves and Maicon for his spot. No he isn’t. Only guy that realistically qualified a competitor for foyth is Moilna for his attacking output. Montiel is a nobody. He is sevilla bench warmer and He doesn’t stand against Foyth who prove himself against world greatest Teams…When Motiel wasn’t good enough to start in freaking UEL games.

      Also a player makes some individuals errors and its part of the game. Look at how Eder Militao player against City yesterday. If it was Foyth then you guys would’ve destroyed him out of existence…

      • Montiel pocketed Neymar in Copa final who went full retard. Di Maria is a nobody cause he not plays behind Messi Mbappe Neymar in PSG? Navas is Sevilla greatest legend and captain, ofc he will start

      • When given the chance for la seleccion Foyth has been missing. I think we all saw his huge mistake against colombia which allowed a 2-2 tie in the closing second. (Foyth’s last call up until recently)
        Also, your rating of Montiel is inaccurate because you can’t rate a player whom does better for the national colors over his performance for club. Have you forgotten Montiel masterpiece against Brazil and a player named Neymar in the copa America Final?
        I will watch Foyth today and see if his composure has matured. But as of now… with scolari, Walter Samuel, Roberto Ayala and Pablo Aimar as our witnesses….(people that know a little about defending and international football) Molina and Montiel are 1and 2 at our right back position.

  12. Many talk about Foyth’s past mistake which are now completely absent close to zero but they do not talk about his current solid tackles,his dribbling, his pace,his passing, his quick feet,his quick passing,the way he outmussles or overpower other wingers,his twist and turns around the ball,his aerial superiority.
    Foyth is one of the most dynamic Right Back far better than Montiel, Montiel should be third in pecking order.
    Foyth has better dribbling stats than top class winger of European clubs despite being a Right Back for Villareal.
    It is high time for Scaloni to give minutes to Foyth it will send good example to rest whoever plays good will get his chance you can not ask for more.
    Mollina and Foyth make Right Back spot rock solid.

  13. This is Scaloni’s team and he knows what he wants and which players suits him. If Foyth is in Scaloni’s team then he deserve it, if he is not in the team then he dont deserve it. May the best 23/26 go to Qatar. I trust Scaloni.

  14. Is news regarding ecuador is right ? They used colombian player ? As per tyc… If that happens… Chile will go to 4.. Then WC draw whould happen ? Or just they replace team ecaudor to chile….

    • Nothing will happen. They will be fined at most. Which is bad for Ecuador as they are already in trouble financially.
      But if they decide to remove points from all 8 games the so called Columbian played then…..It will be Peru who auto qualify and Columbia who go to playoff, which is an easy playoff. That is why Columbia is making this a big deal, because if it is followed thru then they will be in Qatar this year

  15. This type of games suits romero…. Had he was there in the place of City CB.. Either ball or vinicous would be at stands…. He never let that guy pass him and score…

  16. again madrid are lucky.it seems like madrid were saying to city that come on and got a goal we are open.when i was seeing this rm vs man city game and thinking lionel scaloni was right what he is doing.defencively solid,good attacking power,solid on mid field and we are always criticism him(scaloni)

    • Good attacking power and solid in midfield? You sure you were watching Scaloni’s Argentina not Tata Martino’s one? Cause Scaloni’s Argentina is just ” Atletico pro lite”. Organized in defence, Mediocre in Build up and Okayish in Attack. Today UCL games was level above of any copa America game. The quality of Copa games were UEL level at best. If you play Argentina against city they probably would concede 2 less but Failed to score 1. 2-0 lose

      • Kid, or quasi-kid, you are really comparing well drilled club teams that with each other week in and week out and national teams?

        This is worse than apples to oranges.

      • Go and see again Argentina vs Uruguay wcq.sometimes Argentina were pragmatic but Argentina have good attacking player.lionel scaloni did good job in defence line.your tata martino did not win anything when he got prime barca.he lost usa in the final.tata martino is a joke.

      • Mr Brown, nobody is saying that Scaloni’s Argentina is the same on a literal level, he’s comparing it in proportion to the national team level

    • Good attacking power and solid in midfield? You sure you were watching Scaloni’s Argentina not Tata Martino’s one? Cause Scaloni’s Argentina is just ” Atletico pro lite”. Organized in defence, Mediocre in Build up and Okayish in Attack. Today UCL games was level above of any copa America game. The quality of Copa games were UEL level at best. If you play Argentina against city they probably would concede 2 less but Failed to score any. 2-0 lose

      • Lol Mr Brown. You sound very much like Kidult would say. So my question is why this hate? If I remember correctly, you were always pro Argentina until you met a girl on a ship and something to do with people of colour not representing Argentina. I don’t clearly recall the story. Then you started supporting Columbia.

        • I am the messenger of Truth. I don’t care if its bitter but nothing will stop me from expressing it…Its better to be critical than all praiseworthy cause Argentina isn’t perfect. Far from it. I believe France is world best team right now but they have their weaknesses which will sound ” Music” to your Ears if I list them here but If I do the same for Argentina then I am the ” Bad guy”. Tell me plz if world best team can have their shortcomings than how Argentina who is probably not even top 5 cant have one ? Plz be open minded.

  17. Villarreal have a good chance of upsetting Liverpool and beating Real Madrid in the final. I just watched that match and I must admit Militao is another Maguire. Rodrygo not good enough. Only worry would be vinicious

      • Villareal have a good defense. They can manage the front 3 of liverpool. If villareal can manage to defend liverpool in the first half and shut the flow of their game liverpool would be a Deadpool. But the problem Gerard Moreno is injured. So goal scoring would be hard.

    • If Villarreal have any chance it’s not even through parking the bus, but rather landing a 747 on Anfield’s pitch. Then maybe try a slightly different but similar version of what they did against Bayern Munich at home in the first leg where they could have even won 3-0 with better finishing. Even that could fail but it would be the best shot. Really interested to see what Emery will do. I anticipate a very different game from what we saw today.

  18. I am wondering if Foyth is asked what his preferred position is what would he say.

    His best position in my opinion is a RCB in a back 3 where he could all his best attributes.

    I still maintain that he is NOT a proper RB despite improvements. Can he be used as a RB in some games? I suppose, depends on your philosophy and approach to opponents.

  19. Debate.. Playing Messi and dybala both together is luxury.. When some of the fanbase thinking dybala deserve chance.. When a team is formed.. Each player comes with own style own ability.. Here coach expects different role from different player.. If Messi is put in defence it is obvious that there will be blunder.. Bcs Messi isn’t defender nor come with such physicallity.. Coach choice not based on only good, coach choices also based on who is giving him best service.. In his expectation role.. Both Messi and dimaria overlap dybala.. Also Julian has something unique which is suitable or he is good in his position and work.. Which dybala can’t fullfil.. Overall dybala isn’t in extraordinary form that he can give coach confidence utilise him.. Also expecting from him role of defence nothing but foolishness.. The main position where dybala play there is already messi, dimaria,, there is no need to get another player in the same role.. When there is other position which also needs to strengthen

    • Fair enough…There’re enough players on the team who are injury-prone. Di Maria is one of them and so is Dybala! We can’t expect Messi to maintain peak fitness for all 7 matches and I think players like Dybala will come-in handy to tilt the right-side against teams in our favor. He can be a back-up for Messi, Di Maria & Lautaro too or maybe in a 4-4-2 where he’s going to be playing with Lautaro upfront with Messi in the hole and 3 midfielders to do the running that incl. Lo Celso, De Paul & Paredes. Different combinations will make the team unpredictable for opponents thru out and on tired defenses, we can unleash Di Maria. I think the team has the right players to play 5-3-2, 3-5-2, 3-4-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1 & 4-3-3 and having Joaquin Correa, Nico Gonzalez on the left along with Papu and Di Maria as veterans along-side an excellent midfield trio that’s both workhorse-like and creative-enough augurs well.

    • Dybala is a 9 for the NT. That role obviously doesn’t overlap with Messi and Di Maria. Dyabla is HANDS the most clinic striker and he can create on his own. Hes also incredible playmaker. . Toro isn’t as clinical or as gifted with vision but has proven to be more effective and his def is amazing. We need someone to come on for Toro (hes auto starter for now). I say Toro, Dybala, and Alvarez are it…

      • Yeah, Dybala’s only option is to play as more of a 9 because otherwise he would want to share Messi’s almost exact role and clash with him and he would become a shadow of himself. I also like the idea of using Dybala as a Messi back up / rotation option since Leo will need more and more rest as time goes on. Kind of like a secret weapon almost. In my opinion that could prove critical if things go a certain way in the WC but somehow Dybala is a “might go” player which is very unfortunate given his immense talent. If the circumstances allow him and he plays like he does at his best for Juventus he would be a huge surprise to the opposition who only think about and prepare for Messi, kind of like Di Maria when he started the final in Brazil after only being a bench player leading up to it.

        • I also really like the idea of Messi back up and overall wild card. Also, subbing Dybala for any starter isn’t a downgrade in talent, which is seen in other positions. If he does well, as you pointed out, and assuming the squad limit is 26 and 7 attackers, i think Dybala is likely.
          FWD: Toro, Dybala, Alvarez, Messi, Di Maria, A Correa, Nico

          • Glad we are all on the same page, brothers! Now, let’s pray that we’ll will be smiling! Let’s enjoy the journey!

  20. I would give Foyth one last chance before the world cup, either against Italy, Brazil, or the friendlies. Maybe two or three games either off the bench or as a starter. If he makes mistakes then he should be out of the World Cup, we can’t carry that risk. Know that all players make mistakes, Montiel and Molina certainly make mistakes and even the famous Marquinhos or Donnarumma level players. But I am talking about the boneheaded, unnecessary, bad decision making mistakes. Hopefully being left out of the Copa squad served him and he used this year to learn and improve properly

    • i give him credit because of the way he speak. very professional and fully understand his position and why he was out the previous period. it shows one person with good character and down to earth. that is good. Despite those things i still insist to my opinion that this player if he enter the wc squad he should be used only as CB and nothing else. as about his tension to make mistakes it is a risk that Scaloni will carry. it is on him. i wish honestly we go well at world cup and i will have to close my mouth about him. i will be anyway happy because of our team success. But in case that oposite happened which i honestly don t wish from my heart THEN some people in mundo will disapear or will have to change nicknames because i will “hunt” them like Nemesis after world cup end. now i close my mouth and i keep records.

      • Yes I fully agree with you, I also hope he plays well for our success and it’s good to see that he has recognized and acknowledged his mistakes. Ultimately the decision is down to Scaloni and I hope he makes the correct one whether it’s leaving him or taking him.

  21. He should be RB by Default. He has facing same situation like Emi did before Armani had Covid. Scaloni is now favoring 2 inferior Right back over Him pecking Order just Like he used to Do Emi despite he was battle tested in world best league. Juan Foyth stopped World Class Bayern who traditionally has world best wings for decades. He did the same to Juve and Manu, But Yeah Lets take blind eye to performance and keep playing 2 mediocre nobody who got badly exposed by Luis Diaz in Copa America and scaloni ended up nervously subbing one of for another and still felt like another sub needed to stop Luis Diaz creating terror in Right Side 🤣

    • We don’t want defensive right back in our team and see how coman make mockery of him in Bayern-vallareal game.
      Molina is world class, finally we have someone with some pace and crosses in the full back position.
      Even monteil is decent he is not extraordinary but atleast he can go forward unlike foyth.

        • Well said, Molina is a decent RB.. but not world class..
          Molina is Best RB , right now available for Argentina NT..
          Foyth can be used as both CB & RB,, he is a good ball player.. but error prone… Scaloni is a right manager & he know everything,, let’s wait for his team selection… I have more confident on scaloni while selecting in-form players.. but except Armani 🙆

      • Coman didnt make Mockery of him. Please. He pocketed bayern’s Wing over 2 legs. If you wanna see Mockery than watch Colombia vs Argentina. Both Molina and Montiel had Nightmare 45 minutes shared like Couples given by Luis Diaz 🤣🤣. Also we do need a defensive RB. Let’s not Mediocre Conmebols team gives you overconfidence. Against European teams who had Pacey Wingers we will someone like Foyth to have more compact defence. Specially if You play Acuna in Left who also overlaps leaving the defence. Playing 2 Attacking minded RB and LB in the same time gonna be suicidal. If we need a Overlapping Right back it should be Molina. If defensive Right back Then it should be Foyth. Montiel should be in 3rd pecking order

    • For sure foyth is better defensively than montiel and Molina but the way our team sets up, Molina being a starter is a must. Because Messi will be drifting to the centre and Molina is required to make those runs to provide width and attract other defenders. Plus he has a really good recovery pace

      Foyth should come on when we want to defend a lead or if di Maria starts on the right wing.

  22. Foyth🤙👌100% professionalism…
    Instead of criticising the coach, he accepted his mistakes & mentally prepared for his new season..
    Ofcourse his mistakes were very costly against Colombia & Chile , dribbling over defensive line & not clearing the ball or making first pass.
    But I hope, he is still young & very versatile ball player,,,
    foyth, mamanna & Balerdi in CB , I relied a lot.. but good days are yet to come for this people..
    Mamanna almost injury prone & out of his career

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