Argentina at U20 Toulon tournament with France, Panama, Saudi Arabia


Argentina have been placed in Group A at the U20 Toulon tournament.

The U23 tournament will, as tradition holds, be played in France. Argentina have been drawn in Group A with hosts France, along with Panama and Saudi Arabia.

It has been 13 years since Argentina last took part in the tournament. They have participated nine times, having won it twice. Here is Argentina’s record:

9 participations : 1975, 1979, 1983, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2009

Winner in 1975, 1998

Runner-up in 1983, 1999

Third in 2003, 2009

In terms of awards, four players have won the best player award.

Juan Roman RIQUELME (1998), Guillermo PEREYRA (1999), Javier MASCHERANO (2003), Diego BUONANOTTE (2009)

For the third best player award, in 1998 it was Diego Quintana and in 2009 it was Ever Banega. German Herrera in 2003 and Diego Buonanotte in 2009 had previously won the top scorer award.

Diego Saja in 1999 and Agustin Marchesin in 2009 won the best goalkeeper.

Here are the groups for the tournament:

Group A: Argentina, France, Panama, Saudi Arabia

Group B: Mexico, Ghana, Venezuela, Indonesia

Group C: Algeria, Colombia, Japan, Comoros

It will take place between 29 May and 12 June. For Argentina, here are the matches:

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia – May 29
Argentina vs. Panama – June 1
Argentina vs. France – June 6

Javier Mascherano, current coach of the U20 Argentina national team can use this tournament to prepare for the 2023 Sudamericana and the 2023 U20 FIFA World Cup.

Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United, Matias Soule of Juventus and Luka Romero of Lazio are players that are eligible for the team.

We will have coverage of the tournament here on Mundo Albiceleste.


  1. According to TYCSPORTS Mateo Klimowics playing for stuttgart and represent the Germany team. He now refused 3 call ups cause he wants to represent Argentina now. Does anyone here know a thing or two about this kid?

    • It’s in the Wikipedia. He is born in cordoba. He has both German and Argentine passport coz his father played for the German clubs. He is also eligible to play for poland. He is of polish descent. Same age of Alvarez but yeah playing for the birth country is the most privileged thing for a player. Refusing callups from a team like Germany means he loves his country.

      • Thanks mate, I watched a few highlights of him on YouTube and he seems pretty skillful and not scare to take on a challenge while going forward . maybe Masherano will scout him in the near future or for that tournament coming up who knows.

  2. Lautaro to PL would not be good for him. He should stay at Inter. Moving to PL in a WC season is not good at all. Mbappe to real Madrid a sure bet? There is rumours that Ronaldo going to real Madrid again? Ronaldo playing in Europa league may both hurt him and his fans. I don’t think he plays for United next season.

    • Real Madrid would not want CR7 I think especially if they get Mbappe. Madrid is very good in doing business. They normally sell world class players once they are at their peak and close to 29-30’s and to get money such as Redondo, CR7, Varane, etc. Well except Modric or Benzema.

  3. Imagine Messi playing up front like her highness plays, taking all the Fks and Pks, where the rest of the team is looking for him to score, would he still score only 8? I DON’T THINK SO.
    Said it once and I’ll say it again, I don’t believe Messi has lost most of his powers as many have insinuated, yes he is not as fast as before which is natural but did his dribbling skills diminish so much, I doubt it.
    PSG is a bullshit club from the coaches, to the owner to the GM because all they ever cared about was the names they have on their team and it doesn’t matter how they fit together.
    I’m an ARGENTINA fan first before anything else football then a Messi fan after and what he will do next winter is the only thing that matters……NOTHING will ever tarnish his legacy, 2021 COPA MVP and he would have been a WC and a COPA champ had it not been for…….well you know.

  4. I don’t see a problem with Messi scoring only 8 goals. His presence was enough. He had some off games, but who cares. Its obvious he isn’t very happy.

    • presence of messi is precious in Argentina NT and that is now important before wc… PSG is not the team meant for Messi..

  5. POCH defending Messi on ESPN,
    “”To judge Messi in this way is unfair,” Pochettino said.

    “You can’t talk about Messi that way. It is like when I talk about Maradona. I’m not talking about an ordinary player. Messi is on the same level as Diego Maradona.

    “I have no doubts about his quality. Messi has enough talent to do what he has to do. He will do it. Next season will be completely different for him. It was a year of learning, and not just on a professional level coming to Paris Saint-Germain, in a new league and with new teammates, but also on a family level. You must take that into account. It is a significant upheaval that can affect a player.”

    Watching ManU playing, Christina crying, diving, complaining, waving her arms in anger every chance SHE gets, taking FKs, PKs and nobody on that pussified team says a word

    • Reasons for Messi scoring mere 8 goals at PSG this season.

      If we pay attention to Messi’s positioning he tries not to enter the box . Even when PSG is counter attacking he runs but stops & waits just outside the right side of the box ! May be because Mbappe and Neymar are already in the box and he is anticipating the ball to be passed to him but it rarely happens. If you are hesitant to enter the box then obviously you will get less chances to score that means less goals!

      Another reason is his teammates not passing him the ball. Especially when he is perfectly positioned to shoot. Often times this season he is unmarked near or inside the box and his teammates chose to pass it to others like Neymar or Mbappe or even Hakimi!! Is Hakimi better than Messi now??? Especially, Veratti’s unwillingness to pass to Messi is one of the major reason of his goal drought. Every ball from PSG midfield goes through Verrati and he is always looking to pass to the players on the left side!

      Messi’s ability to generate super fast burst of pace in combination with his amazing dribbling skills was the major reasons for his 40+ goals for the past decade but he has lost both skills due to age. As a result He is very easily disposed and can’t keep up with the opposition while running and that is why Mbappe and Neymar get to the ball before him. Him losing possession regularly at the start of the season and Poch’s high line tactics put tremendous pressure on the midfield and defense , which resulted in many goals and his team mates lost the trust on him. Once your team mates lose confidence on you , your self confidence is down too.

      Lastly, he has been extremely unlucky at this shitty club. 11 times hit the post and 3 goals called offside and also goal keepers tend to produce magical saves against him. Even last match , if it was any other player it would have been a goal but when it’s Messi the goalies they just bring their performance to next level!! Also Messi has the habit of passing the ball even when there is opportunity to shoot! He is not at Barca that he will receive a pass back and recently he has started to taking direct shots at goal but still he is going for that pass in the box. I would prefer him shoot over the post than pass it to those selfish PSG players. Mbappe seems to be gone to Real for sure next season. PSG’s new super contract offer of 100 million per season is not enough to keep him there. He knows French league will never get him the BallonDor which he desparetely wants. If PSG goes for a good and thinking coach then he will certainly involve Messi more as he always creates something out of nothing whenever he has the ball. PSG needs to kick half of their players out and make Messi the engine of the team if they really want to win the Champions league next year!!

      • I watched a De Paul interview and he said that “he knows Messi is extremely focused on whats to come” he is just playing at PSG as a transaction at this point as well. He is not expending a lot of energy and is saving himself for the wc

    • In other words, he acknowledges that Messi is not doing well and asking not to blame Messi. I hope Pochettino grows some balls wherever he goes next.
      People don’t understand football if they think Messi scoring less has anything to do with only his form. I agree for initial few matches but this season, he is ready to shoot but it is apparent that French gang led by Mbappe will never give any chance for Messi to shine.

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