Gio Lo Celso scores for Villarreal in 1-1 draw vs. Sevilla


Gio Lo Celso scored for Villarreal in their 1-1 draw vs. Sevilla.

Lo Celso continues his great form, this time with a goal. With Liverpool eliminating Villarreal from the Champions League, their focus turned to La Liga and in a big match against Sevilla, it was Lo Celso who would score.

With the score at 0-0, a cross into the penalty area would fall to Lo Celso as the Argentine would hit it in the volley and score. That goal was his first in La Liga this season.

Two more Argentine players started for Villarreal as Gerónimo Rulli and Juan Foyth were in the starting eleven. For Sevilla, they had three Argentine players in the starting line-up.

Alejandro Papu Gómez, Marcos Acuña and Gonzalo Montiel all started for Sevilla. Erik Lamela was brought on as a substitute.


  1. What the hell is going on psg… I hate this type of gentle men behaviour from messi..neymer take penalty, and when they got 2nd, mbappe was ready to shot but unfortunately var cancel that one and best players of all time still stand there..and he looks very very alone..i saw de maria pass him intentionally when he get scope. Oops and so called friend neymer what offer messi? In time of Barcelona messi gift neymar 12 penalties still not get single one from him. And fucking coward pocchetino is there to seduce mbappe and the pitch de maria was mom and messi is messi still nobody near to him. messi should dominated psg if he stay, he should play as a main men or leave psg..

  2. Good article on Cuti by Alasdair Gold a top journalist.

    Display of Cristian Romero against Liverpool stunned some at Anfield

    The performance of Tottenham Hotspur defender Cristian Romero against Liverpool on Saturday left some of the regulars in the Anfield press box taken aback, according to journalist Alasdair Gold on a video on his YouTube channel.

    Romero was absolutely outstanding on Merseyside as Spurs secured an impressive point against the Reds. Of course, Arsenal’s win on Sunday means that the result has left Tottenham facing an uphill battle to get fourth.

    But Antonio Conte’s men can take plenty of belief from their result and performance. They had chances to win the game. And Liverpool struggled to test Hugo Lloris too often.

    That was largely down to an amazing defensive display from Tottenham. Ben Davies was magnificent. But Romero further proved why there is a belief that he could be a transformative signing for Spurs.

    The Argentinian has been colossal for much of his first season in the Premier League. But it would appear that some were unaware of just how impressive the 24-year-old has been.

    Gold suggested that the journalists who tend to cover Liverpool were actually stunned by the performance of the Tottenham centre-back.

    “Cristian Romero, there was quite a few of the Liverpool regular journos, they were surprised at how good he was,” he told his YouTube channel.

    “They were like ‘he’s a player, isn’t he’. He was injured, he would have missed the first game against them back in December. It just shows me even more so, I don’t think people were aware of how Romero was and what a coup it was for Spurs to get him because he looked world-class.”

    Performance of Cristian Romero against Liverpool shows Tottenham have world-class defender in their squad

    Romero is perhaps not quite the finished article just yet. Sometimes he makes rash decisions. And he was not entirely flawless against the Reds.

    But it is his first campaign in the Premier League. It is almost frightening to think of the level he could reach in the years to come.

    Certainly, it will not be long at all until there is absolutely no surprise for anyone when Romero produces an amazing performance.

    • Cuti: instrumental in Copa America win and included in best XI, wins best defender of Serie A
      Spurs fans: he can become as good as Alderweireld!!!
      Cuti: performs against Liverpool and City

  3. Messi hate on its peak. I can’t believe how the so called Football fans are enjoying the decline of Messi’s Goalscoring. Ngl, these CR fans have toxified this beautiful game.
    I failed to reckon in the past, but the number of football fans who are Anti-Messi is quite staggering. He is easily the most hated player it and not a single fanbase apart from those Messi stans back him up.

    CR fans, UTD fans, Madrid fans, PSG fans and also some stupid Barcelona fans who are working hard to demean Messi each single day.

      • True, but I don’t care about Diego’s die hard fans.
        I love Diego as well, but can’t endorse how these Gaymar Stans come up with a straight face to insult Leo. They should know Gaymar’s legacy is just one CL and his World cup highlights is all about diving like a diva.
        It’s damn hillarious.

    • Yeah bro, the kind of hate they have is appalling. Especially those Barca fans, after everything he did for them, those ungrateful pieces of shits have the gut to be disrespectful towards him

  4. Di Maria’s crossing accuracy from the right has become as deadly as David Beckham’s used to be, only with the left foot. It is almost close to perfection. If the target forwards is good at positioning, it will be a super big weapon for us. His crossing is not just accurate but Di Maria put the ball exactly where the opposition defenders wanting it the least. If the prime CR7 or Haaland or Lewandowski would play with Di Maria today, they would score 60 a season for sure. At least 2 of CR7 Ballon D’or were helped immensely by Di Maria’s contributions.

    I read that in the last 10 years or so Di Maria has the most assist among all players, more than De Bruyne, Ozil, or Messi. I mean numbers don’t lie. Just look at the accuracy. I remember back when Di Maria was still at MU, he had a “fake shot” that resulted in assist. England fans don’t understand that, they thought it was a failed shot that resulted in a lucky assist, but it was actually one of Di Maria’s way to give assist.

    For me he plays the best futbol in his career. No wonder why his consistency improves a lot for Argentina. If Messi never came to PSG and if Di Maria did not get injured, he would have gotten his usual stats at PSG this season which is around 10+ goals and 20+ assists this season.

    • Messi has the most assists overall since opta started to count/could started official assists with 328, non is close to him, but Di Maria minutes/assist ratio is even better.

  5. One player who improved alot is foyth… He kept acuna and papu shut…. His defense is getting stronger.. Hope he will become more mature with time…. And dont do silly things in end… Montiel also have a good pace… But playing less was visible on his game…. Currently foyth is top among 3 …

  6. People who never plays professional football coming here and saying mid is medicore ?? Huh. Just amazing. Locelso was best player againt munich.. Today he plays excellent game… As far as messi is concerned, unlike psg. In Argentina all ball will go through messi. He will have more balls… So just enjoyed… Football

  7. After UCL exit and being booed by the crowd Neymar has scored over 10+ goals! Prior to that he had 2 goals. The reason behind his good run is he has started to play sellfish like Mbappe. He has always been selfish but after the booing he has been brutally selfish!! Everyone wants to have their name on the score sheet at PSG even Hakimi. There is no system there and now everyone is preparing to leave. Mbappe will definitely go to Madrid and Leonardo and Poch are waiting for their severance and half the team will leave too. No body really gave a flying fcuk.

    Conversely, Messi has been very unselfish from the beginning, passing the ball even when he had opportunity to shoot and no matter how many times he made runs to get the pass back Mbappe and his mediocre team-mates went for the goal instead. Only recently may be in the last 3 or 4 matches Leo has started to take direct shots at the goal . Especially after Neymar and Mbappe hatricks he has finally realized that PSG is no Argentina or Barcelona and he will never get that 1-2 when he makes his runs ! Messi is master of making good runs inside the box but since he receives literally no backpasses, he is rarely seen in the box nowadays!

    Beside being abnormally unlucky(12 times hit the post and 3 offside goals due to poor run from his teammates) he has missed a lot of chances too. He needs to be more clinical if he is to score more goals as he will never get same number of chances he would get at Barca or Argentina because he is no more the main man ! Yes, we are definitely horrified because of the goal drought but I am also glad that he is not taking any unnecessary risk. At his age a bad injury means end of career that is why his only focus seem to be staying fit for the upcoming world cup.

  8. Seems like we keep talking about this like a broken record…..Messi has been doing what he has been doing shortly after the season started, more precisely after he learned how things are going to be, he shows up, he passes the ball most of the time, shoots when he gets a chance and doesn’t endanger himself unnecessarily because he knows PSG is not worth going to the WC when they obviously don’t appreciate him.
    Neymar, the snake motherfucker from DAY 1 when he moved to Barcelona had ONE thing in mind, to dethrone the KING and all the things that came after, the hugs the smiles the laughs were all bullshit just like his friendship…..he sees his so-called friend in need of a pick-me-up and the least he could do is hand him a PK every now and then or ever like Messi used to do him, he’s not gonna catch the other dipshit in goals (twice as many) but because it show WHO HE REALLY IS.
    I wanted to get that off my chest

  9. People in twitter calling Messi a system player and it’s not even funny anymore. I hope he leaves psg its very hard to see him like that in psg as a ardent Messi fan.

    • What? The opposite, a system player performs in every good team because of the system. Simple role, simple tasks. If Messi is something he is the anti system player, he should be the whole system itself. Too complex. PSG tried to build him in their system as a basic player. Anti system player.

    • Lebron James or Luka Doncic in basketball the same. They are the whole system, anti system players. Ask them to be 2nd or 3rd players with limited ball time as secondary ball handlers ot catch and shooters, wont work.

      • Excellent analogy there, Csabalala!…@Anuparno, you’re being ridiculous with those shit posts, man. Did you see him pass the ball? We’re his touches off? You and shit commentators like Thomas Rongen, CR fanboys etc talk crap about him being a system player. If he’s one, tell me exactly why Pep had to have a false nine in Barca? Tell me why he has so many goals that strikers could dream of? Tell me why he’s so many assists and dribbles like a winger, passes and evades like a midfielder etc? What’s his role really? Dumb takes from dumb so-called dipshit football fans! The game has taken a turn for the worse as idiots from EPL and oil clubs has ruined it with so much money. Utterly tasteless football and no value and respect for the greatest players to ever grace the football pitch! There’s an idiot passing judgements in every house and whoever watches a min of football in their life seem to have an opinion like every ass has one!

        • We understand. I think he means your 9 posts in 1 hour crying about Messi.

          My genuine tip: don’t get emotionally involved in Messi’s PSG situation.
          After a lifetime of Barcelona, new league new team new “system”. Team is dysfunctional, unbalanced and filled with egos thinking they’re above everyone else. Fans toxic. Oil owners control coach. Instagram followers > qualities necessary for team to function. Team is built entirely around Mbappe getting the final ball to keep him happy in hopes that he stays. Anything for Paris poster boy.
          Messi is sacrificed for this.
          And then you have teammates deliberately ignore him in great goalscoring opportunities or decide to pass to anyone but Messi when he’s in positions to make play happen. Imagine having the best playmaker and goalscorer of the century on your team but you ignore him and pass to fkn Pereira because he’s in a better position to pass to Mbappe. Lmao.

          Then you have to consider how unlucky he’s been all season. I think 12 times hit woodwork (more than anyone else in Europe) and 4 goals ruled off because teammates were offside + many incredible saves from GKs. It’s just not his season. He doesn’t seem bothered with Ligue 1… Maybe because of the reasons I mentioned. Maybe because it’s WC year and his mind is with Argentina & keeping full fitness is his priority.

          If it makes you frustrated, stop watching PSG, because it’s honestly quite unbearable to watch.
          Let the world underestimate Messi & Argentina.

          • “but Messi loses possession all the time now”
            Possession loss per 90 in league this season
            Messi: 14.8
            Neymar: 23.1
            Mbappe: 16.4

  10. To make the matter worse marquinhos has 5 league goals this season. I never thought we could see such a fall from Messi. I hope he scores for Argentina and show the world that he is still not finished

  11. This is the worst year for messi in his whole career. Only 4 league goals. Thats atrocious and will be the biggest blot in his career. To understand it psg’s worst player danilo scored more. And icardi has same number of goal with only 10 matches as a starter.

  12. Wtf zero respect to our best midfielder by the premiere Argentine coach
    Worldcup is arround the corner and he is not giving de paul not even 30 minutes is absolute disrespect to nod only for RDP ALO TO THE WHOLE argentina

  13. And manwhile world best coach give chance de paul at 89 min! De maria was best for psg game and messi need leave the bulshit club

  14. Call me crazy But I believe Messi played well considering playing deeper than the deep they usually placed him in……….hitting the post twice nm that c sucker neymar shooting KNOWING that he is already offsides instead of passing it back to Messi for a rebound.
    Lets get this PSG season OVER already and get down to business

      • Nkunku-Lautaro-Messi. This is something Conte would like. Imo Inter will sell Lautaro after they lose Serie, and Spurs the UCL spot too, so Conte>PSG.

      • Mbappe is gone for sure. At PSG he will never win the Ballondor and its clear Messi is trying to avoid injury. He hardly gets involved in any duals to win the ball and always pulls back before he collides with the defender and break his foot. Ever since that Venezuela match where he almost had his left foot broken he hasn’t taken any unnecessary risk. He is really looking forward to the world cup and don’t want to missout trying to praise ungrateful PSG fans.

        • Messi already won the cup…and rest of the things are useless. Playing in champions league is also guaranteed. Next year, try for everything.

  15. Messi has been very wasteful upuntil 60 min mark. He had 3 good chances and missed all of them. As per his standards he should have atleast gotten one in. He had to wait 32 min for the first chance and has received very low passes as usual. He can’t afford to be so wasteful when he isn’t getting many chances. Also, Glad that Neymar’s both goals were disallowed!!

  16. Sorry PSG defense giving the ball away in front of goal and that dipshit Brazilian not giving the PK to Messi…….I haven’t called him the chicken-head since COPA but he is what he is……out for himself BITCH

  17. M****fucker simeone again dropped r de Paul…I wish to be in the stadium and throw an RDX in simeone’s head…. shameless coach 👎👎👎

  18. Foyth is my obvious pick for WC and for playing 11 in qatar…better than montiel today becoz of the failure or I can say the learnings from the champions league he experienced recently…he is much improved..and I’m sure Scaloni will pick him ahead of montiel…foyth and Molina is going to Qatar 👍 End of discussion ✌️

  19. People who even disliked LoCelso will say something positive about him or will refrain saying anything negative today. Because, he scored a goal. Most people here change their opinion drastically if a player scores a goal or assists in a given day. That’s why we see Lautaro suddenly becomes good from mediocre or the likes of McAllister, Buendia, Lanzini suddenly turns into the someone who Scaloni must pick for the world cop squad. To some extent, the same can be said for Enzo, as he had been having a great run for RP. These same people will toss Palacios out forgetting his excellent service to River. Enzo could really have a good National team intro or could fade up like Palacios in Leverkusen – we don’t know. We can’t compare him with the likes of Romero or Dibu who were super hit with Argentina from day one. Remember that they have already proved their values in competitive leagues.
    So the bottom line is, we do not need to be hyper excited or hyper critical of certain players just because they had a very good game or a bad game. We need to look deep into the quality of a player, plus how he is proving his worth day in day out in different conditions. It is the class not the form that matters most.

    • Bro i like you , I have watched that game about 60 minutes than I fail in sleep, up to that point celso didn’t anything different than he normally does. I always say celso is decent player can be good a times nothing special about him .. from now on I won’t talk about him
      This case is closed from my side .

      • Yes im also stop talking about locelso who according to me is an above average player at best. Just that we have an excellent forward line which creates their opportunity on their own and hiding the deficiency of our midfield. If this forward line plays with that spain midfield Argentina would have scored 5-6 goals frequently. But we see very few chances created by our mediocre midfield mayb hardly 2-3 genuine chances per game. Those people who are defending locelso and paredes like crazy will call for their head if in wc they under perform for 1-2 games. This fan is so reactionary and they change their opinion like crazy.

      • @Godin11
        Bro, I didn’t mean you.. you are one of the mature commenters here. I know that you do not think highly of LoCelso, me neither. To me he is above average. On his day, he can compete with anyone in the world. But, he is what we have. I am not a fan of parades either, but he is what we have. I think collectively, we have a much better midfield than what we had in past 8-10 years.

        On the contrary, our forward line is not as good as what we had over the past 8-10 years. I can’t imagine, Argentina struggles to find a back up of Lautaro.

        But, if we see the team performance, we are no weaker than 2014. Sabella had an envious counter attacking fantastic four. Other than that, he got a mediocre midfield and a fragile back line. It was amazing, how he transformed Argentina defense into an impenetrable unit during the tournament. Just imagine, instead of Biglia and injury-prone Gago, Sabella had RDP and LoCelso in his disposal.

        • Talking about forwards, Giovanni Simeone may have scored 16 goals but very average. He is very slow and always disappears in big matches. He may be having impressive stats but stats maybe deceiving. He is just another Ciro Immobile useless for NT.

    • I don’t know what your point is, but I will share my thoughts for the hundredth time 😊

      Happy GLC scored. Hope he scores more and does good. To me he is a decent player, actually more important for NT, given the talent we have.

      The game was a snooze fest. I fell asleep at day time. I don’t have any problem with GLC. I root for all our players. But if people starts bullying and say he “destroyed” one of the worlds best team or “owned” la Liga or “greatest” midfielder then it’s just plain silky and a joke. The guy is 26 years old and not a a “kid” therefore I don’t see him progressing too much. But who knows, I can be wrong. Till then he will remain an average player.

      It’s not worth continuing any more on this topic.

      • “I don’t know what your point is, but I will share my thoughts for the hundredth time 😊”

        I don’t know if you addressed me or somebody else, but I share my point for the second time :):

        “So the bottom line is, we do not need to be hyper excited or hyper critical of certain players just because they had a very good game or a bad game.”

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