Nicolás González scores for Fiorentina in 2-0 win vs. AS Roma


Nicolás González scored for Fiorentina in their 2-0 win vs. AS Roma.

González was one of Fiorentina’s better players on the pitch in their win. With the score at 0-0 and with not even five minutes played.

The 24 year old was fouled inside the penalty area as the referee went to VAR and a penalty was awarded. It was the Argentine who took it as the goalkeeper went the wrong way and González would score and reach five goals in the league this season.

Per Sudanalytics, here were his statistics for the match:

First in tackles with two
First in duels won with 8/13
First in dribbles completed with 4/4
Second in fouls received with two


  1. Anyhow I wonder why Scaloni never gives a legit chance to Palomino. The guy is 32 yes but he’s still got it. After Cuti left, Palomino is the best defender of Atalanta. Would be our tallest defender too at 6’2 (188 cm). Very strong in the air. He is not worse than Pezzella I think.

    If Scaloni somehow never considers Senesi, and thinks about the 9th defender, I want Palomino to enter the race replacing LM Quarta. Let him compete with Foyth.

  2. I expect him to improve even more. They sold their best player in Vlahovic. Now Gonzales is kinda their go to guy. He’s been improving since Vlahovic is gone but I want more from him. Next year for sure Fiorentina will buy new player to replace Vlahovic. The chance is now, show it that he deserves to be the go to guy.

    Nico is improtant to us as he is the only pure left winger we have. Garnacho one day will take over but after the WC, Di Maria is done. So Nico is all we have. Hope next seaspn Nico will join the 10+ 10 (at least 10 goals and 10 assists/season) elite wingers/season. For me the definition of an elite attacking misfielder is 10 + 10 in a season or something close to that. That’s something that the likes of De Bruyne, Di Maria, Ozil, Lampard, Bruno Fernandez, Luis Diaz Alexis Sanchez, and a few more has or used to have.

    • All the players you mentioned where not good in defense. May be that helped in their attacking instinct and evolved into great wingers. And for Nico to evolve into a great winger means he has to reduce his defensive work load and concentrate on his primary duty. Other wise he will always be that 50-50 player. Also he has to improve his control over the ball and his run. Has to be confident taking on wing backs 1 on 1. Then he surely become like Luis Diaz. Nico is really a premier league type of player. A team like Newcastle may suit his style more along side almiron.

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