Ángel Di María expected to join Juventus from PSG on one year contract plus option


Ángel Di María is expected to join Juventus for free from PSG on a one year contract with an option for another year.

Di María will not be renewing with PSG as the club have reportedly decided not to keep him. The Argentine will be leaving PSG and according to several reports, Juventus will be his destination.

Per Fabrizio Romano, Juventus are in direct talks with his agents but nothing is fully agreed just yet. And according to Goal, it would be a one year contract with an option for a second season.

The 34 year old join PSG in 2015 where he has won five league titles.


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  2. I suppose one way to think whether a player is a legend or not is to consider whether they would appear in the Argentina team of all time, if not starting 11, at least on the bench, when you include 23 players. I would have Di Maria on the bench in that team I think. Still somewhat subjective, I know.

  3. About the legends thing, I disagree that there should be a cap set at 4-5 players. Imagine how disadvantaged countries like Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Germany, France etc are who have produced dozens of world class players and have multiple world cups and trophies. We would still have many players that could easily be in the top 4-5 legends of other countries but because they were born in these countries they don’t get recognition because there are so many other players take their spot? A legend should simply be a player that has performed at a high level for the national team, is world class and/or has contributed to the national team’s history in an important/meaningful way. I don’t see how Di Maria, the best Argentine after Messi this last decade (perhaps tied with Aguero) who has won us a trophy after almost 30 years of waiting and has completely and in his own merit reversed fan’s perception of him can not be a legend. And it’s not just that goal against Brazil either.

    • Provide a source instead of spreading FUD.

      Gerrard: “Emi’s a doubt at the moment” “We’re just analysing the situation that happened today in training, but I think he’ll play and he’ll be fine.” “It was just a knock in training. We’ll analyse it. I’m confident he’ll be there.” “If Emi’s fit and he’s fine – we’ll assess him in the next hour or two – then he’ll play.”

      Not one mention of Finalissima, so you are making stuff up al pedo.
      Even if he’s not playing tomorrow surely he’s just taking precaution for the final.


    • Is dybala an apt player for spurs? No i don’t think so. Spurs is a counter attacking team which needs fast wingers. Dybala is not that type of player. He wants the possession of the ball and in spurs he won’t get that.

    • As much as I want Cuti to have an Argentine partner in the Spurs, but I would say I don’t think Dybala is a perfect fit for the Spurs. The Spurs has no one who is good at set pieces yes, that’s Dybala thing but Kulusevski has been a revelation for the Spurs. It is hard to imagine that he would be benched.

      Kane and Son are key players. Kulusevski is the third one and plays in the exact same position as Dybala. So I would say Dybala better goes somewhere. 2-3 Argentina players that I wish the Spurs to go after are: Emi Martinez (upgrade over Lloris), Lisandro Martinez (because they desperately need a left sided center back to replace Davies) and probably Angel Correa as for Angel, anywhere else is better than Atletico.

  4. FiFA team of the year 2015:

    Manuel Neuer; Philipp Lahm, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Sergio Ramos; Ángel Di María, Toni Kroos, Andrés Iniesta; Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben.

    Everyone who makes this list is a legend. In the last 20 years only Messi and Di Maria among Argentines who make the list. No Aguero, Higuain, Riquelme, or Masche never made it.

    Di Maria also was close to making it 2 years ago in 2020.

      • UEFA.com users’ Team of the Year 2014

        Manuel Neuer (FC Bayern München & Germany), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid CF & Spain), Philipp Lahm (FC Bayern München & Germany), David Alaba (FC Bayern München & Austria), Diego Godín (Club Atlético de Madrid & Uruguay), Arjen Robben (FC Bayern München & Netherlands), Ángel Di María (Real Madrid CF/Manchester United FC & Argentina), Toni Kroos (FC Bayern München/Real Madrid CF & Germany), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid CF & Portugal), Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona & Argentina), Zlatan Ibrahimović (Paris Saint-Germain & Sweden).

    • David luiz is legend lol 😂😂😂 this team of the year doesn’t mean anything. Most of the time this lists are controversial and nobody cares about this lists

      • Your idea of “Argentina has 5 legends” at most doesn’t make sense and is laughable.

        And for the record, every futbol player wants to be on that list.

        It is OK to be a hater, but be realistic, don’t live in your lala land.

  5. These player should be penalty taker for Argentian
    N. Gonzalez
    Lautaro Martinez
    Penalties should not be taken by De Paul, Angle Di Maria and our defenders there is no one like Garay.

  6. Why has AFA not been able to finalize the friendlies yet? It seems the Korea match is not happening as well. Scaloni could have used all the backups and given them minutes against Israel and Korea to seal the squad completely.

  7. In modern football speed is key factor..and di maria still has the speed who also can defend. So any team any day take him if they have the chance. Di maria, aguero, messi all are Legend. Its not the rule a country should have 4/5 legend..so funny😄 And we need Granacho in world cup for his speed.Scoloni may take him, the chance is 99%.

    • Let me ask, who would you omit or ignore in a 26 man list for a player who hasn’t touched the ball in first team football? What about Luka Romero who had 30 minutes in the Roma Derby? I think part of this Garnacho to the WC thing is a huge example of English/Premier League bias. This question isn’t necessarily meant just for you but also other people

      • @olive if we select 7 forwards thn it can be
        4.nico Gonzalez
        Im not saying garnacho should go. Im sure garnacho will not be selected but as u ask i provided the scenario where he can be selected.

  8. Dimaria is a legend or not a legend doesn’t matter. He is an important player for us in the wc and Juventus will be a great move for him. This 3-4 month will help him only if he remains fit

    • Di Marias easily ranks amongst the best attackers of the last decade. His name always at the top, TOTY, MOTM, total assists, etc. With his amazing league and NT accomplishment, i would say he’s a legend and his name will be remembered for a long time.

      When you summed up his entire career to being “good’ and incorrectly stated that “Real, PSG, and Manu kicked him out” “legends aren’t kicked out” bullshit, I can tell you’re not commenting from an objective well thought out position. Sounds like you’re disgruntled Manu fan.

      Again if thats how you summarize his entire career, then im afraid you are have missed a lot of whats he done.

  9. In WC especially in the elimination stages. Di Maria has to start, Nico has to be the sub. The reason is simple, Di Maria is not a good PK taker. Nico is one of the best. In WC we have to prepare for situation like this. One of every 2 WC we went through PK shootout situation.

    PK shootout: 1990 (2 times) 1998, 2006, 2014.
    None PK shootout: 1986, 1994, 2002, 2010, 2018

    This year there will be another PK shootout? Di Maria as a super sub is a fairy tale of Copa America 2021 already. He is much better than just be a super sub.

    • I think players cannot be divided based on the success of PK. PK is 50-50. Anyone can score or miss. If di Maria can score a field goal from a tight angle beating the gk then he can find the back of the net in a PK.

    • Lautaro is bad penalty taker, yet he scored the last penalty against Colombia. PK will always be 50:50 no matter who kicks it. Maradona penalty was denied in 90 QF, yet he scored his penalty in semi final by kicking the ball exactly the same way and to the same direction.

  10. Will never forget these facts about Di Maria : scored the only goal against Nigeria to win us the world youth cup
    : scored the only goal in the copa America against Brazil to win us our 1st senior tournament after decades

    • Add to that…

      Assisted Bale’s winner in CL 2014 final
      Assisted CR winner in Copa del rey 2011 final
      Scored winning goal at WC 2014 round 16
      Scored against eventual winner France in WC 2018 round 16
      Scored winning goal in away game against Uruguay in qualifier
      Scored winning goal in away game against Chile in qualifier
      Scored twice in Copa America 2015 semifinal
      Scored in u20 WC 2007 semifinal
      Scored the winning goal against Netherlands at Olympics 2008

  11. Di Maria has proven his worth. His goal won us Olympic and copa… and a message for olive, I left an update for u on the other chat.. hope u enjoy my update..

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  12. for the history Real madrid didn t kicked Di maria.
    just oposite Di maria spit in the face Madrid for what they did to him before world cup final in 2014.
    how many people have the “balls” to do something like that to the “great” and “mighty” Real Madrid? the answer is obvious.

    • right. that kicked the transfer when he tore of the letter before the final. Madrid didn’t treat him well, even after the CL MOM performance.

  13. El Principe, you have stated the obvious about Di Maria. A legend without any doubt! Tremendous skills, technique, in both scoring and assists, speed, stamina, endurance, versatility, a player who has the whole package!
    Included in Argentina’s 23 players of hall of fame, if i remember correctly, there was an article about that here in mundo.

    But still, all the above are not enough for some people to acknowledge his value.

    • He is a very good player but not a legend. Legend is a different thing. Only 4-5 players r legend in every countries history. Nowadays people throw this term like anything. Before this copa he wasn’t even a starter. He was kicked out by Madrid kicked out by united and now psg also kicking him out. If he was considered a legend noone dare to do this things to him. Even 1 year back in this forum alone everyone used to call him headless chicken. Yes u guys r very reactionary a single goal changed all the negativity and suddenly people here hyping him like a god incarnation.

      • “Only 4-5 players are legends in every countries history”.

        I don’t care about other national teams, i will speak about the team we support:
        Di Stefano, Monti, Sivori, Passarella, Ardilles, Kempes, Fillol, Houseman, Maradona, Caniggia, Buruchaga, Ruggeri, Pumpido, Goycochea, Batistuta, Redondo, Simeone, Veron, Ayala, Samuel, Zaneti, Riquelme, Aimar, Crespo, Messi, Aguero, Mascherano and i am sure i forgot many others too. Di Maria is a legend to me but i didn’t mention him since you disagree.
        Skip all the above to 5.

        Di Maria was kicked from Madrid? Madrid has a history of not respecting their players. By this logic, Ronaldo the Brazilian , Redondo, Raul were also kicked from Madrid. By that logic, Neymar was kicked from Barcelona and even Messi didn’t have the best of treatment by them. The only team that Di Maria didn’t live to expectations was manu.

        I am still waiting from you to mention current players in Di Maria’s position who deserve by your opinion the hype Di Maria doesn’t. I am also curious to see which Argentine legends you will omit in order to conclude to 5.

        • I was about to say the same. Di Maria was not really let go by Madrid due to lack of performance. He was a highest transfer in EPL, if I am not wrong. And yes Messi have been kicked out too.

          Man Utd was not total collapse. It was more of adjustment and van Gaal’s crazy ideas. There are multiple Mourinho interviews in which said letting Di Maria go was a big mistake.

          Now the guy is a legend for Argentina for what he did, Olympic gold and copa after 28 years. Uncanny knack of scoring important goals and assist level is top class. Quite underrated actually.

          Now, here his stocks are up only after copa, I admit that. He was called headless chicken by many. And I also admit, he did play like headless chicken for NT for quite some time, especially as a left winger. But his club for exemplary, other than ManU season. He is a different man now. Ageing like fine wine.

          I cannot think of too many wingers worldwide so effective and playing for so long. I remember his Benfica days and crazy rabonas etc. Man, he was fun to watch at Benfica. Highly underrated legend.

        • Lol my 5 Argentina legends:
          1. Jose Sosa
          2. Mariano Gonzales
          3. Pedro Monzon
          4. Nelson Vivas
          5. Julio Cruz

          These 5 make FIFA team of the year every season when they were still active.

        • Fully agreed to Waweride’s Sabbelista’s el_principe and cox4 who is right about that Madrid did not kick out Di Maria as it was Viceversus as Madrid did not let Di Maria play after he got injured at 2014 and i think maybe he could have actually at least played a part of this final against Germany and also i remember his tears and how sad he was by Madrid’s decission, anyhow justice was once rightfully given when he scored that incredible goal to win that Copa for Arg at Maracana from RDP’s incredible pass!

      • Mate, you have some of the unrealistic expectations. Dimaria is a legend without a doubt and he has the X factor to win a game by himself much like Messi.
        DiMaria for NT is a mixed bag at times, you would scratch your head to understand why he would run like a headless chicken. He has since improved his decision making.
        The fact that he scored in two finals proves the point that he is a match winner in every sense.

      • So in your world, only 5 players can be legends? What sports were you watching in 60s, 70s and 80s that you came to this ridiculous conclusion? Countries like Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have Doozens and Dozens of legends in their prime
        For example, Riquelme is a club legend not a NT legend but Fillol, Ossie Ardilles and Leo Luque are some of the NT legends.

  14. With Mbappe gone, Messi and Di Maria could have build better chemistry but as always PSG do not know who or when to sell or buy.

    • Di Maria is a legend already, one of the best players i have ever seen. His attributes, skills and his versatility is incomparable to many of the so called starters of big teams. Juventus is a small team in comparison to Di Maria’s level, not the other way around.

      • Lol 😂🤣 u guys r funny. Juventus is a small club??? 😂😂😂 many legends played for them. Apart from some argentine fans nobody consider dimaria as a legend

        • No you are the one who is funny, with tons of non objective at all comments which personally can’t take seriously. Leave aside the funny faces and read again! Juventus is not a small club, but yes, they are small in comparison to Di Maria’s calliber.
          Only some Argentina fans consider him a legend? See? How can i take seriously such comment? Is it enough to tell you that many people i know who are objective and don’t support any team, consider him the same way i do?

          A question for you: Name to me which players currently in Di Maria’s position deserve such hype, if according to you, Di Maria doesn’t.

          • Di Maria is one of the most underrated players that we have. He is the only Argentine not named Messi to make it to FIFA best 11 in his Madrid year in the last 15 years. A couple of other times he was close when he brought PSG to the final of Champions league being the key player. No, Aguero, Higuain, Mascherano in their prime never make it. Only Messi AND Di Maria.

            He consistently had 10 goals and at least 15 assists in every one on his season since Madrid year. This year is the exception because of Messi factor.

            He leads the assist/minute ratio among all available players. Other than MU, his teams almost always won the league: Madrid and PSG. Tuchel and Ancelotti were a huge fan of him.

            Tuchel quote on Di Maria:

            “Di Maria won the Champions League with Real Madrid, I was watching his matches and he was the decisive player in those matches, the key guy,” the former Borussia Dortmund boss told reporters.
            “I think of the final against Atletico [in 2014] and I was a big fan of their mentality and quality.
            “Now he’s my player and, as I’ve said many times, it’s a gift. He shows his quality and mentality every day, he is super reliable. He is one of the first to arrive at the training centre every day, he is a top professional with a good state of mind.
            “With him, you can win because he plays to win and to score. Right now, he is very important to us because he has the quality to finish our attacks and score goals. He has the quality and precision with his strike.
            “You can see that he feels good, that he has a lot of confidence and that he has scored many important goals and made assists. That’s good and it should stay that way. We miss Edi and Neymar [but] Angel is still there.”

            He doesn’t show any sign of declining at all being 34 years of age.

            He plays better in big games.

            Argentina would have definitely won the World Cup and another Copa America had he had been healthy in the final.

            He scored one of the most important goals in Argentina history and brought us Copa America.

            A Champions league winner being the best player and a Copa America winner being the only one who scored goal. The only thing missing from his resume is the World Cup.

            Dubbed as the “perfect Robin”. His Batman clients include: Messi, CR7, and Neymar.

            Without doubt a legend!

            Still questioning him?

          • Dimaria is aging like a fine wine. During 2013/2014 he was a headless chicken and use to give away a lot of possession due to poor crosses. After his move to PSG, his scoring improved drastically! Now both his crossing and scoring skills are world class and add to that his ability to create , that makes him our no-2 player in attack after Messi and I rank Lautaro at no-3 .

  15. Di Maria is a big team player. He is born to play for the world giants. Juventus has decreased a lot but they are not rebuilding at all. Di Maria will be perfect for them especially Dybala is now leaving.

    Vlahovic would be super happy now as he will get the world number 1 best assist leader.

    And Soule, if not loaned out would get to learn from the player he is compared to, for one full year. That will be amazing.

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