Ángel Di María scores, assists twice in PSG farewell match, Lionel Messi assists


Ángel Di María scored, assisted twice and had an emotional farewell match for PSG with Lionel Messi also assisting.

Di María played his final match for the club. After seven years at the club, he will not be continuing with the league champions.

In PSG’s last league match of the season, both Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María started. It was Di María who got the assist on the first goal for Kylian Mbappe as his pass went between two Metz players and Mbappe would dribble around the goalkeeper and score.

Lionel Messi would get his assist on the second goal. A great play by PSG with Lionel Messi playing a through ball to Mbappe and he would score the second goal of the match.

Messi would play a pass in to Di María and he would pass it to Neymar for the goal. It was Di María’s second assist.

It was Messi who hit the volley and his effort hit the post with Di María getting the rebound. Di María dribbled around the defender and scored his last goal for the club.

He was in tears following his goal as PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino would substitute Di María out of the match. The PSG players would give him a guard of honor while he left the pitch.

The Argentine leaves PSG with 92 goals and a record 112 assists in 295 matches.


      • Sorry to say , you anuparno are way too negative and critical for no reason, you re not balance at all. Let me tell you molina is the most improved Argentine player in any top 5 European league. Probably and most likely he will move a bigger club in this summer, that’s say all. You can be negative as much as you want but Please get your facts together.

      • Anuparno, Molina’s crossing is pretty good, you are wrong about that. He is not an elite tackler, that’s true but he does know how to cross.

          • Anu seriously u can’t be that far away from the present that u are claiming Rattle comparing Molina to Messi now, lol ! I wonder which will be your next comment as if your post’s keep on existing as they been as ver negative and completly out of space then i won’t be surprised if the half of shame posse will add u as one, well that is achievement too as getting in to posse is allways as someting to brag about, isn’t it so…?

    • Molina is going to be our surprise card. Guy’s progressing very very well. “Critics” are having to look for new excuses everyday.

  1. IF Ecuador banned and 1 other Conmebol team don t take the place then Conmebol together with Colombia, Chile and Peru will go to law. Ecuador too.
    Plus mr Infantino should forget some votes from Conmebol members for his future plans about football (world cup and other).
    fifa have rules too about berths of each confederation.
    this is not so simple to just make one scandal to favor Italy.

    • Fifa has law that highest ranking country will go to World cup and that is Italy, Italy will make WC more exciting than any other south American country.
      In Conembol that is the same story every world cup there is scandal, Chile in 2018 WC complained too.

      • well just to know exist and other laws too that Conmebol members can confront that law you saying in court.
        we will see who will win in end.
        the berth belong to Conmebol. not to uefa.
        we will see soon the result of course.

        Last i want to say that just because you want Italy in world cup it does not mean that it is not scandal if fifa use mafia ways to steal something from one small nation that EARN in pitch FAIR for favor one nation that create mafia.
        Anyhow South america have mafia too you know. So don t bet all your money to Italian. mr Infantino maybe will surprice you sooner or later.
        we will see.

      • What ? Are u really serious that Italy should be given a gift by Mr.Infantino and his crooked friends from FiFA like they done allways with their who ever at helm…etc!

        If no Ecuador then it must be A Conmebol country as otherwise it is a huge scandal worldwide!

        And BTW how do u possible know that Italy will make WC mote exiciting than another Conmebol country as that is clearly a pure insult against Conmebol Countries!

        When Denmark won their only european Championship they got that Euro’s which was played in Sweden only because war started in Yugoslavia and Yugoslavia was separeted in to a many different countries etc…

        Well, in that case it was the right for the Dane’s as it was Euro’s and not THE WC so obviously another european country which in that case was Denmark got the chance or the spot which belonged to Yugoslavia, but UEFA did not allow them enter the Euros because of the war breaking in some parts of Yugoslavia…etc!

        But, in this case it is completly different scenario as we are talking about Conmebol country so if not Ecuador then another Conmebol country, period!

        And BTW how do u know that Italy will make WC more exiciting than another Conmebol country as that is clearly a pure insult against all the Conmebol country’s and let me remind u that Arg is also and Conmebol country too!

        Though allways been and will allways be THE only Conmebol country for me personally!

    • I think there is no need to change now. As draw is already made. Better just to fine equador football federation but ban should not happen

  2. Messi IG post dedicated to Di Maria today:

    “Fue un placer haber compartido este último año con vos en París. Nos conocemos hace mucho tiempo pero no es lo mismo estar el día a día a vernos cada tanto. Me confirmaste lo que ya sabía, que sos una gran persona, tanto vos como tu familia. Como jugador y sobre lo que hiciste en este club no hay nada que decir: todo impresionante. Les deseo lo mejor en este nuevo paso, los vamos a extrañar”.

    “It was a pleasure to have shared this last year with you in Paris. We’ve known each other for a long time but it’s not the same as being together day in and day out. You confirmed what I already knew, that you are a great person, both you and your family. About you as a player and what you did in this club there is not much to say: all impressive. I wish you the best in this new stage, we will miss you”.

      • Yes, I agree, hence he needs to score more on a regular basis. He’s not a number 9 though but since Scaloni sees he as a sub for Lautaro he does need to be more clinical in front of the goal.

        • Well Pedro rarely scored for Spain, I dont think he & Torres scored in the whole WC 2010, but some players could press to tire opponents legs and creates sn opening for his teammates. Nico is good example of that.

          Hell, Del Piero only scored once in WC 2006 , does that mean he suck during thar tournament? Scaloni probably sees something in Tucu that we dont. Dybala is great goalscorer but he’s fragile and couldnt press for 70-80 minutes. Lavezzi also didnt score in 2014 but his overall contribution was huge. In fact when he got subbed in final, Germany got the upper hand.

  3. These formation also might get worked in WC quarterfinal, semifinal and if we reach final –
    Romero ota Licha
    Molina locelso Paredes de Paul Acuna
    Dimaria Messi
    Defensively in these formation Argentina will be a beast in WC and midfield is good too and attack is outstanding with creativity…🔥🔥🙌
    Scaloni have to play di Maria in the knockout and these formation can be ideal also the bench strength is damn good too 🤘

    • DePaul should be in the right side and locelso on the left. Also di Maria playing as a CF would be a blunder. Di Maria would be good in a 4 3 3 and 4 4 2 formation in the wingers position. And most of
      all our no 1 finisher lautaro is not there means it would be impossible to score.

    • Yes looks very intresting from the back to the top as Arg can also easily sub of some if theese players if needed as Arg has plenty of cover too

  4. Milan won the serie A. So the only team in the top 5 leagues that won the league Cup with Argentine players is only PSG. It’s really sad. 😔

  5. I like Italian serie league alot. Because Italian clubs always prefer our players.still I don’t understand on basis of what they will be selected instead of Ecuador. Ecuador is a Latin American team. So another Latin American team should be given chance in place of Ecuador.

  6. Congratulations to Cuti Romero Spurs to make it to the Champions League next season! He got my full support. Hope the Spurs will strengthen the squad and next year the Spurs will challenge the likes of City or Liverpool for the title.

    Spurs in 2020 6th
    Spurs in 2021 7th
    Spurs in 2022 4th!

    The drastic improvements were caused by 3 factors to me:
    1. The appointment of Antonio Conte
    2. The winter arrival of Kulusevski and Bentancur
    3. The signing of the year of EPL in Cuti Romero

    • I’m so happy for him too as his career which was allredy at very great level at Atalanta and in Serie A and now he haa show’n the whole world as premier league due to money offcourse is the most followed league in the world and a tuff one too as they are playing with high speed and very physical minded so Cuti prooved himself to be also the best current defender at Premier league too as he did in Serie A in my honest oppinion!

  7. One thing that worries me the most is the ability of the strong teams to score multiple goals in a very short span of time especially during the dying minutes of the match. Liverpool, City and Madrid have done it multiple times this season. Most of their players play in strong European teams . Scaloni & Co needs to be extra careful about not going into fully defensive mode by subbing all attacking players like José Pekerman and at the same time not let the opposition expose any weakness and score multiple times !!

    • the key word here is motive. if Aston villa had in stake something (relegation,champions league exit, europa league ticket etc) then be sure they will never had conceed 3 goals.
      when one team playing for his death and the other wait the end of game to go holidays then the result is what you see.
      there was no reason at all for Aston villa players to “die” in pitch for just take the championship from Man city players and give it to Liverpool. Wolves players too for oposite.

        • as i said motive is the key word. it is unwritten rule of football.
          if one side have huge motive against a team that have completely nothing in stake then the first team almost always wins.

      • Gerrard Aston Villa’s manager a Liverpool legend , he tried his everything to stop City to help his former club but his players simply couldn’t match the determination. Not to mention their main GK was missing and he would have save 2 of the city goals easily!

  8. If Italy replaces equador group A suddenly will become group of death and our road to final will become 2 times difficult. With probability that we may need to face denmark in 2nd round Italy in quarters Brazil/spain/Germany in semis

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with keeping mbabpe.. he is currently the best player in the world. He is fast he can dribble and he can finish. People here used to complain messi is over worked to much pressure on his shoulders.. but it’s the opposite now.. Messi don’t need confidence to shine…. he will shine !!!!! I see mbape staying as a blessing for messi In terms of being fresh for world cup.

    • this reports is a joke. if something like ban will exists then the replace will be a Conmebol team. Italians can keep dreaming.

      • The report saying fifa rules said the higher ranking team will replace if some country is banned and Italy having higher rank in fifa rankings they say italy could go to wc.

        • i didn t say that as argue to you. i said that as senario. it is not realistic. i don t think this scandal can be real for many political reasons. fifa president even if he desires can not do something like that. for political reasons.

  10. Emotional farewell for Angel… Happy for him to score and 2x assist in his last game. He really doesn’t want to leave, but is forced out by the club, even though he can be considered a club legend and still performs very well and is so beloved by his teammates and fans and holds the club’s assist record. With quite limited playtime, he added good depth to the team this season and is a perfect cover for Neymar injuries. I don’t see them splashing big money on a replacement for him when they should prioritize a midfield overhaul. So instead they will have a downgraded attack next season the second Neymar gets injured.
    Superb final sporting decision from Leonardo xDD

    Anyway, Juventus is a very good destination at this stage in his career and they will welcome him with open arms. I wish Soulé gets integrated to Juve senior squad with regular minutes as Angel’s sub, with the occasional start. It would be perfect as he’s seen as Angel’s natural replacement in NT, and he can really learn a lot from him

    • Neymar has been a big flop at PSG. Whenever PSG needed him he was either injured or just returning back from injury!! They want Neymar to move out of the club but no one wants to pay such higher transfer fee and salary and that is why PSG is forced to wait out his contract to expire. Regarding Dimaria and Icardi getting less playing time, it was due to Messi’s arrival. Ligue 1 and PSG fan base quadrupled due to arrival of the little genius and there was no way they could play someone else over Leo who also hates to get substituted. PSG is looking to sell many players in the upcoming transfer market including Paredes.

  11. Angel Di Maria one of the best of current Argentina team. He is going to be crucial for how Argentina performs in world cup in Qatar.
    Argentina’s best trio Messi Lautaro Angel Di Maria. This trio will bring more creativity in final third.

  12. Di Maria joins a group of elite players who will be considered legends by their clubs forever.

    The “Hall of Fame” list includes:
    Ardilles – Hotspur
    Maradona – Napoli
    Redondo – Madrid
    Batigol – Fiorentina
    Messi – Barcelona
    Aguero – Manchester City
    Di Maria – PSG

    I hope Argentina young players will make them as role models if they want to start their career in Europe. Imitate them. Go to a big club and earn the playing time. Stay with that club and make a history there. Those clubs with the exception of Fiorentina were/are among the world best. We have to be proud that our boys are considered legendary players far away from home, in Europe.

    I wonder who will be next.

      • No, not an official list but those players I mentioned above are definitely considered legends forever by their clubs. There are more legends too by a smaller club like for example Abel Balbo for Roma. Oh one more Zanetti is definitely a legend for Inter.

        Tevez is considered West Ham savior, not really a legend as he single handedly rescued West Ham from relegation when he just came to Europe.

      • Valencia had so many Arg Great’s who i consider legends for them as: Kempes, Lopez, Ayla, Pellegrini and offcourse Aimar ! Before use to the Spanish team for Arg players in quantity, but also in quality too!

    • Nice post and brought back such a good memories from allmthe names u mentioned!

      I hope Cuti will continue to shine as he is allredy for me the best defender at premier league and maybe also in the rest of world too, perhaps and then Arg has Licha too as it is a gift from heaven’s that theese 2 great Still quite young defenders are amongst Arg Nt !

  13. I am so thankfull to Undines first they given us well maintained beast player in de paul they help him play regularly and time to improve game by game and give him captains band and made him a finished product even before he turn 25 now they are making molina the same.
    I wish city will loan julian alverz to udines or they buy enzo or luka romero

    • Yes it is a about time after Zanetti to get such a wingback for Arg Nt !

      Another gift from the heaven’s as allmost the whole core of the players were ment to REPRESENT Arg at this time !

      Copa allready won at Maracana, so the curse has been broken and upwards Arg will go!

  14. So the Golden Boy decided to stay eh, hard to turn down 200Million! I just don’t see how they can pay him and Messi plus the rest of the team without breaking fair play rules or whatever they call it!
    Anyway, signs or not, who cares as long as Messi is healthy in shape and ready for the WC THATS IT.

    • Golden boy will receive 300 million in signing bonus and 100 million per year in salary. So 3 yrs deal will get him 600million. No club is going to match that kind of salary when his contract expires!! He is basically stuck at PSG for good and if they don’t win champions league he is not going to win that french award aka BallonDor no matter how many times they win that farmer’s league. Messi had the worst season of his professional career and he still managed to get 10 goals and 14 assist and hit the wood work another 14 times, all the while receiving 60% less passes he is used to. Ligue1 is not a proper metric to judge a players ability!! Mbappe will regret not moving to Real Madrid in a long run.

      • Messi needs to take shot when in good position rather than always pass to teammates and need to spend more time in opposition box to improve his goalscoring. Blaming others will not solve his goal scoring. Even in yesterday match Messi passed to teammates in several times despite himself in better position to shoot. I think selfish Neymer is more dangerous to Messi than Mbappe. Messi didn’t not allowed to take single penalty in French league by this selfish teammates. As a maturing person needs to understand it’s not Barcelona. He needs to be more selfish to be successful at PSG. Hope his next season will be successful and score at least 25 goals in French league.

      • OMG ! What amount of money for ” the ” golden boy as he should watch out that things in his life turn out be as for example in Neymoney’s 24/7 parts world and Benzema’s friends for life from the ghetto of Lyon, lol ! The world have gone absolutly nuts !

    • For me I don’t think it is that much of bad news that Mbappe decides to stay. The reason is without Mbappe, PSG would be just an above average team. With a new coach (like Zidane maybe) and Mbappe, although he takes the go-to guy role instead of Messi, PSG would be undoubtedly one of the strongest next season.

      Messi needs a winning team. Not a mediocre team, it would be bad for his winning mentality going to the World Cup.

      Plus I am very sure that Messi would perform better in his second season.

      Juventus will be interesting next season. Di Maria and probably Pogba would join them.

  15. Mbappe, Messi and Di Maria trio would have been best for PSG with a new coach. It’s a shame they let Di Maria like this.
    Neymar and Mbappe playing in same side and occupying same area. It will unbalance PSG.

    Anyway, I really believe Mbappe and Messi combination can be deadly by the time..next season, they will be on fire.

  16. It’s not dmaria Neymer need to out from PSG first. He is a selfish player when playing for a club. He always want penalties freekicks and he is selfish for his No.10 jursey. Messi is so dedicated to his team mates in all the areas ..

    • People can argue about his position but whether you consider him a defender or not his finishing has been ridiculous. He’s one of those players that almost never scores a “normal” goal (like Di Maria for us). Just look at those highlights. Also one of our most improved players during the Scaloni reign by far, from being a fairly unknown under the carpet transfer to Italy (not even considered by Boca) to becoming our starting right back and linked to Arsenal, his growth has been incredible and perfectly timed as well

        • No because Molina can’t defend and his attacking plays has some deficiency like his crossing is not that great. We will see how he plays in this final.

          • Molina’s crossing is actually pretty good Anuparno. You know who’s crossing is non-existent though? Foyth, because he never even gets in the position to cross.

          • You forgot that cross from Molina which lautaro scored against Peru?. Doyou watch Udinese games?. I don’t think so.Molina is always good in cross. He can make great overlapping runs and also good in 1-2 in tight areas.

          • Wow, what a comment of your great negatism again as it is obvious as Vishnuvenu pointed that u don’t only watch Udinese’s game’s, but also not even their highlights…Mamma Mia/Madre Mia…Incredible…Que tonto…

        • Yes he is on pace to be our Dani Alves … his defense is solid and his pace is only 2nd to possibly dimaria on the whole squad. Which has been key to stopping counter attacks. (Argentina’s achilles tendon for decades) exciting times for la seleccion

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