Lionel Messi speaks on Argentina national team, the Finalissima win, World Cup


Lionel Messi spoke about the Argentina national team, the Finalissima win and the World Cup.

Messi was named as the Player of the Match of the Finalissima. With two assists, he won a second trophy in less than a year with the Argentina national team.

He gave two interviews following the 3-0 win in the Finalissima. In regards to the match against Italy, speaking to ESPN, here is what he had to say:

“The second half was spectacular. We were able to improve things that we already have, adding things to the game. Today was one more demonstration that this group is prepared for anything. We are here to fight anyone.

“It’s unfortunate that they did not qualify for the World Cup. It can easily be a World Cup quarter final or semi final match. They’re a great team.”

The Argentine also spoke about the national team:

“When we are together, we get infected. We get strength. It’s that way. This group, everything they did, was done that way, playing that way every match. Today more than ever.

“Details can define a match. Luckily, today I felt fine. Tired at times but we feed off each other and we give each other strength to help each other on the pitch.

“It’s good to get used to winning. This national team has gone several matches without losing. We must continue on this path, continue to grow. It’s what we are looking for.”

In a second interview with TyC Sports, he had this to say about the match:

“It was a close match until the first goal. They are a great national team and up until the first 20 minutes, it was difficult for us to control Jorginho, he was playing alone and we couldn’t get the hang of the pressure. But after the first goal, the game completely changed.”

About the national team:

“Finishing this way, with this happiness is something nice. This group transmits a joy and a happiness that is good, this has happened to me all year every time I would come. We played well and we showed it once more.

“We continue to grow and it’s what we are seeking. We look at the day to day, continue to improve and keep repeating that we are not the best candidates.

“We are going to compete toe to toe against anyone.”

On if they have to play a European team:

“I don’t know if we need it. We are aware of what we are and it doesn’t matter who is in ahead. We play every match the same way but yes it was a nice test because Italy are a great national team.”


  1. LO CELSO was terrible yesterday i don’t know how he finished a FULL match two very poor misses once caught out in his own area Argentina have to upgrade on locelso i think palacios and Enzo even Macalister will be a better for the spot he was so poor i don’t like playing Gomez in CM the midfield will be weak. Our midfield is our weakest link and i think Enzo is the solution i am happy for palacios yesterday he was good locelso doesn’t score or assist everybody was saying he was amazing for Villarreal but he has only one goal and 0 assist he losses position 20 something times a game on average i really don’t like him

    • I think you watched only highlights. And also you think scoring goals and assist is the main criteria to judge a player. Yesterday lo celso was great man. That one touch passing with di Maria, first touch woww. Also in most of the times the attack was through the right and the team mates not passing to him when calls for it. He really knows the pulse of that Central area. He is vital for us.

  2. Normally when Messi gets substituted, we get a fear and uncertainty factor as Messi is Messi. His presence alone give us confidence. Yesterday felt the same fear when De Paul was substituted. Seems De Paul presence is more crucial than Messi’s presence especially in the final 15 minutes of the game. We need to find the exact replacement for De Paul. Palacios didn’t give that confidence. De Paul got natural leadership skills.

    • Disagree about Palacios mate, he did not put a foot wrong. A fully fit Palacios is an asset off the bench and can add some fresh legs in midfield.

        • if any substitute who comes with same energy same physicque same skills then it would be second depaul. it is not substitute. it is timely booster. i m also was fan of palacious during the day of rivers. but in last copa he little disspoint me specially in final.. i expect better performance from him which was not presence.. with the likes of.. messi, dimaria, gomes, locelso, alvares, paredes, nico gonzales,dybala .. there needs player with physicality which depaul give, but not palacious … if depaul is withdraw from the game then there will be surely lack in physical strength from the middle.. which may prove out to be costly. enzo is one who can surpass depaul enzo is very strong physical skillfull player.. he is also very good with header..

      • Always am a fan of Palacios. I think but not sure he is the one who tried almost from half line and nearly got it against Honduras (as said not sure) that started the Scaloni era with a super high note. But what am trying to say is Palacios can’t be De Paul substitution directly in any way or all ways. Starting from the physique to the leadership, De Paul is purely unique. Palacios is a hard worker but not a leader. De Paul is our Gatusso in prime.

        • Palacio is next something we have in term of De paul. That kid has big heart. Can run all day long also good with feet and has eye for goal too. Problem is he needs to be fit and playing time right before world cup

    • Paredes – Rodriguez
      Lo Celso – Gomes
      De paul – Palacio
      These subs are done deal. Scaloni and Co probably trying out few more details in case of emergency or for different tactics. Hence the reason different player been trying out in midfield. Now Palacio gives different varaties in the game. Scaloni used him sub for Paredes,sub for Lo celso or even now sub for De paul. Palacio was bossing around River Plate in his prime also a well fit Palacio played well for Leverkusen too. You guys can call all day out for Enzo but the reality is it ain’t gonna happen unless something happens drastically.

      • Dont get me wrong but our first 11 is more or less locked but im sure scaloni still not sure about the substitutes. He is still trying players and will decide after that. Last game locelso was subbed by nico Gonzalez doesn’t mean he is the sub of locelso. I think seeing palacios performance scaloni will try different options now for depaul. And palacios is injury prone most probably he will be injured at the time of wc squad selection anyways 😂😂

  3. Wow what a Game… The second half was some of the best Soccer I have ever seen… Argentina was amazing…
    Now for the team:
    Defense was very solid, no big chances for Italy… Midfield what a combo Rodriguez great Tackling De Paul arguably one of the best right now but Lo Celso impressed me very much yesterday. Yes I know he should have scored at least once but still he was awesome defensively and in creating space and chances… Right now we have a very strong Midfield.. What to say about the Strikers… Two scored and Messi had 2 Assits and probably the best Game in 2022… The subs could come earlier. I’m very happy for Dybala and I still think he deserves a Spot at WC… I’m worried about our Midfield subs… Palaciis doesn’t show anything so far… Maybe we should try Dominguez he’s doing awesome at Bologna.. And clearly we should give Enzo a Chance what a player he is and he is gonna be… But still after the starters we don’t have good options in Midfield…
    I’m so happy for Argentina let’s hope Scaloni tries anyone for Estonia…

  4. Impressive!!! no matter who Scaloni selects either A or B or C doesn’t matter he has made us an absolute unit to be reckoned with for the WC. Let’s hope we all can achieve our dream.

    PS: Is there any way we can keep on wearing the Camouflage jersey for the World Cup, It’s been so lucky for us. To be fair haven’t liked the design initially but its lucky for us which is what matters.

    • scaloni select a b or c it doesn’t matter he has made us an absolute unit,, isn’t your comment is overflowed.. is scaloni out of mistake or is scaloni worlds only coach who is unbeatable. i wonder if argentina get surprised response from opponent in future play then what would be your response. you people talk like that this team is now no more needs to improve. and this team is untouchable. this kind of overflowed comment really give some weired feeling. also don’t forget scaloni is companied by samual, ayala, aimar. credit goes to everyone

      • Whatever praises which goes to Scaloni goes to his entire support staff too, not only Aimar, Samuel and Ayala whose names we always say, what about the goal keeping coach, the physique, the dietitian etc. etc. It’s a team work, no coach can succeed alone, We have enough common sense to know that.

        And those who think that we r unbeatable don’t know much that in World Cup a single match can seal any team’s destiny we have numerous examples of that. the Streak doesn’t matter at all in World Cups. It’s what we do for those 7 matches which will be remembered for ever. It will be foolish to consider ourselves the ourselves the best team going to the WC, France, Spain, England and Belgium r definitely better than us still, and then there is Brazil, Germany too they almost always play well in WC’s.

        Either way Scaloni along with his support staff who brought us trophies after 25 years have to be credited and trusted no matter which player they select, We the Keyboard coaches who always demand either A Player or B Player due to their club performances don’t have much idea what each player brings to the pitch and to the team atmosphere.

    • Main test of scaloni’s Argentina will be when opponent will be 1 goal ahead. His substitution will decide the fate plus that substitution needs to be in time not too late. That will decide we will win wc or not

  5. I want to one thing very clear and I hope everyone agree to this and also hope Scaloni apply this…
    In big matches we need Guido Rodriguez anyhow his defensive work really help de Paul to press in front and his tackles are badly needed in these big matches also he is calm headed… playing Paredes in big matches would be risk due to his foul mistake, for playmaking creativity we have de paul and lo celso that is enough in the midfield…Vamos 🇦🇷✌️

  6. Check the internet for pictures of ‘Maradona Artemio Franchi’
    You will see him with Batigol celebrating the win against Denmark in 1993.
    Almost 30 years later Messi lifted the same trophy.
    It was Diego’s last trophy with the NT.
    Now it is ours again.

  7. Wins breed confidence!

    This group of players forms a great team. Guido instead of Paredes provides just a bit more defensive capabilities. Besides Guido is not such a hothead as Paredes, so less yellow cards. DePaul en LoCelso give the team sufficient pushes forward. Tagliafico brought ‘grinta’ to the left flank.

    After such an impressive performance, there is hardly anything to whine about.

    What could be improved? What did Scaloni notice that he wants to improve?
    – LoCelso lacks the killer mentality in front of goal. Should work on his finishing.
    – Messi was a bit too selfish in the 2nd half and looking for a goal. There were better opportunities to his left and right. (But who’s gonna tell him that 🙂 )
    – Lautaro should not run with the ball in midfield. His touch lets him down sometimes and we lose possession.
    – Julian Alverez has great goal instincts and showed it immediately. He should have come on earlier. In general Scaloni waits long to make substitutions.

    Please do not consider this criticism. Just trying to figure out what could be improved.

    • Good one but in this world of football we believe (not only me) we are no one has the right to comment on Messi 👑if he had a bad game becoz he is the king, he is a god gifted talent…what he has given to Argentine fans or to the world of football is unrealistic…if he is being selfish than its ok still he will not be like selfish Ronaldo who always thinks of himself to score…we fans on TV or in stadium majority wants to see messi to score so it’s cool…we are no one to judge his performance, he was, he is, he will be always next level in every department 🙌🇦🇷✌️

    • Messi is not selfish. He became selfish only when he was sure italy has no chance for comeback. It was calculated risk he took. Yes scaloni substitutes player very late

    • * GLC – first chance was harder but he should have buried 2nd. needs to work on shooting and regain confidence in front of net,

      * Messi – I can’t believe we did not score. Think it was 4-5 v 3. Messi had several passing options but took it himself.

      * Toro – he has brick feet. Needs to work on first touch.

      * Alvarez – first touch on the pitch and he tried to shoot past goalie from the half. Lol. What balls!!

  8. Congratulations everyone. What a team! They chase the ball like a bunch of hungry Piranhas. What a master piece tactical change from Scaloni aswell to pressure Jorginiho. KUDOS. In final third Argentina was ruthless. No wasting time atall. Get the ball inside the post. Alot fellow respective members here was complaining about Palacio. But note that a healthy and in form Palacio is very next De paul we have to be very honest. Today I think we just need a serious replacement of Lautaro that’s all. I feel sorry for Senesi. I hope FIFA allow to take 26 players. About Enzo…just forget it. Unless there is major change he will be in post world cup squad. Good work from our coaching stuff. Big KUDOS

    • Lautaro already has a replacement in Julian alvarez. Btw can alvarez score with his head?? Palacios didn’t look good yesterday he should not be selected Enzo anyday better than him. Even buendia can be an option

      • One season doesn’t define Enzo mate. Plus I don’t know what game you guys watch actually. Everytime in here people seems like watch different game when everyone watching same game. Alvarez and Lautaro is two different personal.

        • Different personal but he will be the lautaro replacement. Even yesterday he was the sub of lautaro and dybala was the sub of dimaria and nico was the sub of locelso. Alvarez even played in lautaro place in equador match

  9. What a wonderful day yesterday. After an hour and half in traffic, it was all worth it watching the albiceleste play.
    Wonderful atmosphere created by the hinchas argentinos.

  10. 23 squad against Italy 99% featuring 23 squad for Argentina in the World Cup, Dybala booked his place with a goal.

  11. Team chemistry is more important than big names, Real Madrid defeated superior teams PSG, Man City, Liverpool to win UCL 2022 though cortious havoc cannot be denied

      • Real Madrid midfield past their best and considered aging by pundits, defense is shambles. Only Cortious, Benzema and vinicious saved Real season

  12. We have one of the elite players (top 5) in many positions.

    GK – Emi
    CF – Romero
    CM – DePaul
    AM – Messi
    RW – DiMaria

    Hope the above players keep their health & form or even improve them further till the world cup. Hope the rest of them continue their form and get into the elite by the time WC starts. Lautaro can also get into that level easily. Others will have to work harder.

  13. There are only 23 players receiving the gold medals yesterday. Maybe this is a strong indication of who makes the WC rosters. These are the players who got the gold medals:
    GK: Emi Martinez, Armani, Rulli
    DF: Cuti, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Molina, Pezzella, Acuna, Lisandro, Foyth
    MF: Guido, Lo Celso, De Paul, Paredes, Palacios, Papu
    F: Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro, Nico Gonzales, Dybala, Alvarez

    These are the players who did not get the gold medals on the stage:
    GK: Musso
    DF: Perez, Molina, Senesi
    MF: MacAllister
    F: J. Correa, A. Correa

    It looks quite realistic. If 23 then the gold medal players one. If 26 then add 3 more from the non gold medals one.

    • one of montiel or senesi in defenders should be selected. for one midfield and one forward position the competition is still open.

      • According to Senesi’s performance at Uefa Confrence league final i will pick him instead of Montiel, though Montiel did a huge job at Copa Final so it is a tuff one indeed and for MF i would go for maybe for a bit of surprise and pick Enzo, perhaps, though i have not really seem him play, but i trust in Gallardo, though this not mean that i favor River over others as i’m not an Argentine Person so only i can say i alkways liked River as likes others too so no further comment on that matter, but for forward spot i would go for A.Correa,

        So my pick i think is Senesi, MF not fully sure yet and A.Correa for third spot, but i would seriously TaKe out with due all the respect Pezzella out and switch him directly with Senesi and in that way Arg might be able to add either Montiel or another MF or Forward, perhaps?

    • Intresting indeed, but how come Molina did not get an medal ? Ah, i see, so Molina got his medal and Montiel did not, right ? Or am i wrong..,perhaps ?

    • Nothing to do with wc 26.wc selection will not be predicted by this callup. Still 3 month left i can see some surprises like Enzo or buendia or even garnacho

      • those called this time are for training for world cup purpose. since in world cup there is only one week available for training. so the training is divided into 2 weks in june , 1 week in september and 1 week in november so those called now, have 99.99% chance of being called up. unless either enzo, buendia or garnacho takes the european league by storm. i dont see them in world cup call up.

    • How did Paredes got medal..? Is he part of the team..? I thought he’s injured and not included in the team.
      Yesterday’s first X1 and all the 12 substitute should get the medal. That means Paredes collected the medal of Mac Allister..?

      I think you put Molina instead of Montiel in the last list.

      • Yeah I saw the pictures of them together when Messi lifted the trophy. MacAllister did not get the medal, Paredes did and Paredes was wearing Argentina jersey.

        MacAllister, Montiel, Nehuen, Senesi, J Correa, A Correa did not wear the Argentina jersey. They were wearing the training jersey instead. (Plus Musso who did not get the gold medal either).

        • Actually Mac Allister was included in the 12 men substitute.. Paredes was not even in the 29 squad. Gold medal is for all the first X1 and substitutes.

    • That is a good team with a few changes –
      1. Paredes is sure to come in for either Mac Allister or Palacios when fit. Scaloni seems to favor Palacios.
      2. Montiel and Molina should both be in as both are consistently good. It will be between Foyth and Pezzela. Scaloni favors Pezzela, but IMO Pezzela has faded while Foyth keeps improving and can fill in as a full back.
      3. Personally I will take Musso ahead of Armani, but Scaloni favors Armani for some unfathomable reason (yes, I have seen his performance with River. Musso is better, younger, sharper).

      • so did Molina get or didn’t. lol. anyways it is a great win. knew it’s a typ mistake. vamos argentina.

        Rip legend Sidhu moosewala

  14. I’m kinda concerned about our midfield department. De Paul’s performance was top-notch though but I can’t say the same of Lo Celso.
    I’ve ventilated about Lo Celso before so I don’t want to sound like a broken record.

    • Yes locelso is not world class not even close. But he is hard working good defensively. Defensively solid is the most important thing as mess and dimaria does 90% of creative things in midfield in scaloni system our midfield just needs to be defensively solid recover the ball quickly and give it to them. That’s the advantage having messi and dimaria in the team

    • LoCelso is the most creative midfield player after Messi we have had in the last decade. He is pretty good and fits our system well. No need to think about replacing him. Hope he keeps improving, esp shooting.

      I wonder why some of the so called fans are too harsh. Do you think a new player can come in, gel with the team in a few days and start performing greatly in the world cup. The truth is, you guys have zero knowledge about football.

        • Here we go again, hmm, Banega is somewhere where he currently is so let him be there and Glassleg Gago was a great player, but too injury prone last time proven by Sabella’s decission to pick him, maybe instead of Banega, perhaps or Lamela or Pastore as we will never know !
          Why? Well, it happened allready and also 8 year’s ago so what is the point to mix Lo Celso with either one Banega and Gago both were once truly great, but not playing with Lo Celso, period!

          • I came up with the name because he said locelso is the 2nd most creative player last decade only behind messi. That’s not atall true

  15. This comes from Cuti Romero Hotspur forum. It is pretty interesting.

    Argentina conceded 0 goals in the last 9 games Cuti started. They are against: Uruguay 3 times, Brazil 2 times, Paraguay 2 times, Peru, and Italy

    Cuti has won as many (2 trophies) as how many they have conceded goals with him (2 goals) on the pitch for Argentina.

    (And I think both goals came from PK/PK rebound right?)

    The Animal Cuti.

    • I love him! That guy is rock solid ! I just hope and pray that he does not get injured and btw how is Lisandro doing ? Any news or update’s about when he will be ready to play again as he looked like quite Ok from aspect of TV view…

      And who is Arg’s next opponent?

      I heard the commentator mentioning Estonia…as i watched the game with commentator spoken my so called native language…

  16. with italy best squad .. they lose match against north macedonia which was must win game for them.. whatever italy is strong team with or without their main player . but there is other team in europe who is strong . before world cup i would like argentina play a friendly match against one of african country.

  17. I don’t think Italy was that much weakened. They had 7 starters from their winning Euro cup team against England: Donnarumma, the whole 4 back lines, Jorginho, and Barella.

    Pretty much they were missing the front 3 only but that’s almost nothing for a team that is never known for its attack.

    • We also missed few starters, Paredes and Acuna, but I think Italy mentally is at all time low. I mean , failing to qualify for 2 consecutive WC ? that’s a bigger blow even compare to first round exit at the WC.

      You could see Argentina training footage and when the squad entering the field or even when they arrived at England, they all looked happy and loose, as if there’s zero preasure. Contrary to the Italian, they looked as if they’re afraid of getting beat up, which they did.

      Sometimes you could just see the players body language. Like when we’re about to play Croatia in 2018 and Germany in 2010, the players seems unable to understand the manager’s plan.

      • Yes, that is also so true, though Still i was amazed about the second half show from our beloved Albiceleste, but as make no misstake it is true that falling to 2 consecutive WC’s is more bigger blow than first round exit for sure so i think u are right on this matter, though i’m not saying or taking anything away from Arg’s performance and as Messi said game by game they will try improve even more which is obvious offcourse as WC has so many different teams that ARG basicly could face, offcourse not every team, but Still there are alkways some surprises there and there and i truly hope a favor from someone in that group next to Arg’s to knockout France allraedy at first round as i would like the Danes to top that group and someone else than France to be second !

    • In Euro’s italy cb duo was unbelievable. Bt its 1 years passed plus they are mentally disturbed due to not qualifying for the wc. That’s why i don’t want otamendi as a starter in wc. Age will catch him up eventually specially in a long tournament like wc that too playing in qatar like conditions. He will be exhausted by the time knock out starts and will start making mistakes lisandro should start. Play lisandro Romero ffs the chemistry needed

  18. There are a couple of nice things I notice from this game:
    1. Nahuel Molina off the ball is amazing. Check out in every counter attack. He ran super fast and made himself available on the right. That’s why Di Maria and Messi had so much space. Yes no one passed him the ball but his presence alone already good enough for the team that has the World Best attack from the right side.

    Final verdict: Molina is crucial for us as there is no defense in the world -Brazil and Italy are known to have the best defense in the world- that can withhold our attack from the right

    Foyth or Montiel can be useful but only for certain situation, for example we want to hold the lead.

    Molina got a high rating from me not because of his ball on his feet but solely because of his off the ball movements. Without him, Di Maria or Messi would have been double teamed all night long.

    2. Messi was saving his energy until the Dybala’s goal. Up until 70-80th minute, he slowed down the game, and did not run much but then in a counter attack, he outran an Italian defender to create that Dybala goal in the dying minutes. That’s very impressive. Everyone else already tired, he was saving his last energy for the dying minutes.

  19. I am still dissapointed that European media not considering us as a favorite they are saying France spain and Brazil favorite even after we won copa won finalissima unbeaten in 32 games. That’s very sad. But this may be good also as the pressure will be less in the wc

    • The European thinks in a stupid way, If none of our order players play for Liverpool or Madrid, the CL finalists, then we are a second tier team.

      • Thats the best scenario for us. We dont have players rated 80 million pound like David Luis (who conceided 14 goals at WC at home soil), but we have quality players that could surprise and beat any top European teams. Hopefully our players keeps being rated low by these journos. They can twist it all they want, but we’ve beaten Brazil and Italy without conceiding a single goal.

        If Alvarez is Varzillian, he’d be sold to City for $90 million. The European media and clubs knows Argentina economy isnt in good condition, so they never hype Argentine players. That way they could buy our best new talents for cheap.

    • What are you talking about? Let them keep licking European team asses. It is good for us bcos they are taking us granted. Good! We would shock them in due time.

    • Why are you sad if some so called pundits dont take us seriously? Lol.

      Be happy as the team is performing very well. Get rid of negativity.

    • Just forget about European media or world media as they are not important at all !
      Instead they just play their dirty old Mind games as usual and this does not only aply to football, but in everything at general…

  20. I know idiotic mundo members will bash me for this but i dont care. It might be a good thing (at least from Messi’s perspective) that Messi did not win the WC bcz if he did he would lose interest in football a long time ago. Buffon thanked life for not letting him win the UCL for same reason…..

    • Kind of bored playing them to be honest, I’d rather playing more European teams, especially the dark horse ones such as Croatia, Belgium, Switzerland.

      • Yes, we should not play against BRASIL at all !
        Why ?
        First, because what happened at Varsil Copa!
        Second, what happened when they let their so called health invaders on the pitch to stop that WCQ’s last time in BRASIL !

        Third, Arg should teach them a lesson by refusing to play them as there is no need to play with them now instead Arg should show FIFA UEFA CONMEBOL BRASIL AND THE REST OF THE WORLD that violations have been made against Arg allready several times specially by BRASIL and because of theese violations there is no more trust to play theese Varzilians as that game doesn’t matter anything at the moment and in the worst case scenario they would violations perhaps Arg even more neither injuringbour players or winning by dirty referee and taking the momentum off from Arg !

        It is not good idea tonplay them now, if in WC, Yes offcourse then, but not before !

    how good he is, i saw his full play he is a hybrid. his presence is as strong as depaul in middle, something more extra to go better than depaul.. in current river team alvarez and enzo two main highlight … i want him in world cup squad. those who think that he is not yet ready. i feel really sorrow about their game knowledge

    a win should n’t be left in sensless to improve more.. there could be moment when surprise could happen.. argentina was strongest team in 2002 but they left out from world cup in group stage .
    scaloni could let him in the team in this term.
    argentina defence doing good credit goes to walter samuel, ayala, scaloni,

  22. Congrts Arg. Bad luck for Italy .They badly misses Chiesa immobile verrati. If they are with them there is not much chance today.bcz Argns are in tremendous foam today.

  23. Funny coincidences. Any others?

    All 3 players in Italy scored today – Toro, Dybala, ADM > Juve

    Both ADM and Dybala scored against recent ex teammates. ADM 1 – PSG 0. Dybala 1 – Juve 0

  24. Great to win the trophy. Very Happy!

    But the world media still says the argentine team is not capable of going very far..

    Is it a really strong attacking midfielder that we are missing? Some one to compliment De Paul and Messi?

    Will that silence the pundits?

    Lo Celso, Palacios are good..but not at the same level of contribution as De Paul.

    • Yea, world media who thinks Italy ready to take the WC thropy. Just read any articles from July-August 2021 , you’d see how they talked highly of them without sensing what actually will come in 2022.

      They never try to explain why Germany lost to Korea and Mexico and why France lost to Switzerland.

      • @Rattlehead
        -Yea, world media who thinks Italy ready to take the WC thropy. Just read any articles from July-August 2021 , you’d see how they talked highly of them without sensing what actually will come in 2022.

        They never try to explain why Germany lost to Korea and Mexico and why France lost to Switzerland.

        Right, on! That’s why world media has been quite lost since it’s been created as since those days they are the one’s who give all the information the whole world with their news and what has been given to them to print from different sources who basicly control the world or at least try to AFFECT it by for example using world media, but offcourse in their tool kit they have got a plenty of different kind of controlling tools and offcourse there are media groups or news who don’t want to be part of this, but as usual the big one’s literally squeezee’s the smaller one’s, but there are some big one’s too, perhaps?, which at least have some good journalist’s or at least they had in the past as Washington Post for example who lost their ex-Saudi Kingdom’s journalist as he had escaped from Saudi’s to the State’s and was hunted by Saudi King until they murdered him in Istanbul at Saudi Embassy where he was going to get some very needed documents for his second Marriage as he had lost all his family such along a go when he espaced from the Saudi’s that he was never ever to be able to see or to talk them again as most of his ex family had been captured and send to the prison by Saudi King or maybe even killed.?

        As Saudi King own’s every human’s life in Saudi Arabia as this rule applies also outside of Saudi’s too and obviously everyone involded with Saudi’s are in kind of a dangerzone as the Israeli’s or should i rather say mossad sold the Pegasus 3 a hacking device, which they got from CIA, that can be installed secretly to anyone’s phone as they did to Jeff Besos after as he called of some major business with Saudi’s when he or everyone/rest of the world had find out that the Saudi King’s general’s had murdered that ex-Saudi King’s journalist working for Washington post in Istanbul at the embassy of Saudi Arabia as everything related to this is well documentaded and invested by the Turk’s and Europol who sent their major investigator immeadeatly to Istanbul when the news broke out some year’s ago, but Still until this day the Turkish Lady who supposed to get married with that journalist has not got any justice at all!

        As it is Crystal clear to all the world that the Saudi King murdered her fiance, but no one can do anything about it as the Saudi’s are basicly so rich, that i quess it would be bad for business in general if they would try to get him in to the court and instead it will just start another war amongst the other’s and also the Saudi’s have been building their Army for systematically for several year’s so i quess first because of business and second as they have got an quite an Army for themselfs so noone is going to do anything about to bring justice of this whole case, though Besos took a part of the funeral and in that way i think he wanted show the whole world who’s side he is on this horrible matter as there are so many other horror’s done by this Saudi King and at least his closest 2 Still living SON’s as i think they neither executed or jailed rest of royal family including several son’s of the Saudi King etc…

        and confesticated not only their money, but basicly all the money from other’s who were multi rich person’s in the Saudi’s and close to the royal family as it is obvious everyone living in Saudi’s have to obey 24/7 under the Saudi King’s law etc.,,

        and now they are the owners of Newcastle United as PREMIER LEAGUE accepted their money by knowing that the money is coming from Saudi’s and i truly pray that any Argentine player would not end up in Newcastle United as we seen allready an example from PSG and their Qatar owners who with owner’s Man City as coming from Emirates are also kind of dangerous too or have similar kind of mindset or at least close to the Saudi Mind set indeed !

        and that is why i would like Leo to leave as soon possible and i’m not happy that Alvarez is going to City, though he would be coached by Pep, but Still i value human right’s and justice more, though i quess it would really hard to find a any big club from Europe that would not be fully corrupted as we have had so many examples from the past unfortunatly as for example Calciopol and now again there are so many clubs under investigations and not only from Italy,but also Barca at least for La Liga and propably others too from all over the Europe, but one thing and only that protects theese big clubs is mount of the money they have backed by whoever is the owner

        so Club football was done for good allready at back of the days the Bosman case for example or even before that and now it has gone Completly nuts just constantly gaining more power over International football as our dear FIFA has allways been corrupted as UEFA too and we all know that Conmebol too and other’s in other continent’s etc..

        and that is the reason why Arg plays now even bigger role than ever as Arg can truly and honestly a present a group of players and coaching staff that are so united than nobody ever been and if by this Arg keep’s on hopefully winning also including the WC this could ultimatly be a turning point for whole global football world to Open up their eyes and Still try to do something against theese monster clubs that are buying who ever they want and spoiling players and their lifes with theese massive contracts that they can offer and counter offer an so on etc..

        as it is not fair that only the rich are getting richer and poor just more poorer as this applies in everything in life at general !

        So fuck off all the pundits and world media and all the rest who are talking just trash for purpously against Arg as they are only affraid that Arg will win the WC period !

        Btw even if ARG won’t won the WC they have allready showed several times to whole world that how corrupted football can be starting allready since at least 1966 or even before that, but most importantly now this super unique group/Arg NT team have done it allready constantly starting from the Varsil Copa and even allready then it was clear that Arg was more superior to BRASIL as if not the referee would not have ignored the URUGUAYAN VAR referee etc,,

        So that Varsil Copa was robbed once again as history tepeats itself, but this unique group/Arg NT team did not give up or surrender instead MESSI came out and talked honestly about everything and got banned offcourse, lol!

        Also La Scalonetta and rest of the group came constantly out and showed their feelings to the whole world, which was not only brave from Messi and all rest of the group, but they kind of set up sonething very unique by doing so and most importantly kept on working and belived at theirself’s to set up and most important role model in global football since the days of Diego’s and Cani’s rebel days and now with this mindset of current unique Arg NT team has allready proven their worthy and not only by winning Copa at Maracana and now the Finallisima too, but they have opened up so many eyes allready in all around the world as Arg has alkways has a huge fan base, but we are living diffent time’s now as the whole world keep’s on going to completly wrong direction as it seems only Arg Nt is the one going to the right direction and i do not only mean by winning, but there is sonething else in this unique group that unifies everything and really can make change and show the difference to rest of world by their great example working as such unique and unified group/NT team, that this might scare some of those who are in control as more and more people from all over the world are joining and enjoying too the current ARG NT/LA SELECCION AKA ALBICELESTE and i truly pray that they will win the WC, but if not so anyhow they have allready won so many hearts over the world as it is not only any more Messi mania, though Messi looks like better than ever with that smile on his face as the whole team too, but clearly other players are getting their rightfull regoniction as they should have allready long a go, but Still theese bloody bastards are daring to talk trash about Arg and their players or SA in general etc.,,why ?

        Only, because they are affraid and trying play their pathetic Mind tricks as usual etc…

        And if world one day would be united and be rightfull place to every one on this planet, well for sure some of that credit has to go this current unique and such unified team of La Seleccion !

        If i would be one in charge of everything i would put Leo as world president and La Scalonetta and his coaching team as world government and the players current and previous one’s too who will be fair to everyone as their guardians so that no one could do any harm as RDP, CUTI, DIBU, OTA will be the generals as the rest will be their loyal warriors and Angel will be as his name allredy clearly state’s the spiritual leader teaching the world as some great spiritual leaders once did in several place’s all over the world ! And EL DIEGO will most happily to watch how the world was finally cured by current Arg NT LA SELECCION AKA OUR BELOVED ALBICELESTE !

    • Espn pundits especially, aren’t convinced that Argentina is stronger than France, Spain and Brazil. May be France and Brazil matches will be tough for us but Spain will bear the same fate against us as Italy. These media they only hype players if they play for big clubs. Yes our teams don’t have so called big club players but we have competitive and hard pressing players with insane stamina like N.gonzalez, DePaul Molina ,Guido, Lautaro etx. Our biggest strength isn’t our star players this time, its our strategy and game play where everyone has to press the opposition. I am glad we aren’t considered favorites and they still think Italy played poor instead of acknowledging our game.

        • Yes, exactly spot on again, though Gio had 2 huge scoring opportunities from where he should have scored, butbit doesn’t as i’m sure he will find the net soon again etc.,,as will others too from LA SELECCION !

      • Espn pundits were also dumb enough to say Jorginho deserved the bdor more than Messi.
        At this point I think we are the best team just a tad ahead of Brazil, France and Spain
        If we have beaten Italy this comfortably, the likes of Netherlands, Portugal, England should be pretty beatable
        Real challenge probably will come from France, Brazil and Spain

        • I’d say the biggest challange would be France and Germany. Germany would be because they’ve always came out on top when playing Argentina even if its takes late penalty, late goal, shootout, but they’re definetely Argentina kryptonite. Brazil will always be contender aswell, although they havent beat top team at WC since 2002.

          • Spot on again ! German kryptonite has been beaten only once by Arg at WC final and lost to it 2 times, but itis about time to correct things and at least make it 2-2 instead of current 1-2 for the kryptonite’s

            Btw i Still think it should 3-0 for Arg allready, but as we all know things don’t alkways go as planned unfortunatly etc..,though Still i could not be more proud of any other team in world’s football history than Arg it is and forever it will be !

      • Good, let them think that. When Argentina was totally star studded they fell on their face…I prefer a team sprinkled with some star power but with supporting pieces that create team chemistry. Understanding the managers plan and happiness in the team camp is the most important.

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