Amazon Prime to release Argentina national team series, Copa America, World Cup


Amazon Prime will release a series on the Argentina national team, which will cover the Copa America, the World Cup and behind the scenes.

Argentina will have a series release on Amazon Prime starting on July 10, one which will run until the World Cup. Per infobae, the series will cover Argentina winning the Copa America, the road to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the Finalissima and will have exclusive images and testimonials.

It will cover behind the scenes footage, with Lionel Messi’s famous Copa America final speech set to be included.


  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting for something like this. Amazon did an amazing job with the spurs and man City series

  2. If it’s anything like the Tottenham, Man City, or Juventus series I am so so excited. These shows are really well made and give an insight you wouldn’t get from regular interviews. I recommend fellow mundoers to watch some of those to get an idea what I mean. Although I am curious exactly where the behind the scenes take place, since I don’t think they were filming the locker room for example during the Copa America. Though seeing behind the scenes in the world cup will be a serious treat.

    • Most likely AFA will provide them with those recordings since they have their own photographers following the team,I’ve always wonder what happened to the whole video since AFA only share 30 second snipet on YouTube when they were quarantined.

      • Some AFA min wage staff – “Umm Jefe, i think we just sent the video with Messi and the strippers” …..”PELOTUDO RECALL THE DAMN EMAIL!!!”

        • “Um, Jefe, some guy going by the name ‘Romance King’ just hacked our system and leaked the Armani training sessions”


          • “um Jefe, the same guy threatening another hack unless we provide ωɅndɅ nudes”
            Que? Call Scaloni now and tell him to offer icardi NT deal for pics, NOW CARAJO”

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