Villarreal CEO Fernando Roig Negueroles comments on Gio Lo Celso future from Tottenham Hotspur


Villarreal CEO Fernando Roig Negueroles commented on Gio Lo Celso’s current situation with Villarreal and if he will return to Tottenham Hotspur.

Gio Lo Celso joined Villarreal from Tottenham Hotspur on loan in January and was part of the team which made the semi finals of the Champions League. One of Villarreal’s better players, Lo Celso could return to Tottenham this season.

Fernando Roig Negueroles spoke to Ràdio Vila-real about Lo Celso. Here is what he had to say:

“Lo Celso is a player who has been happy here and has made us happy, so we would like to continue together. He is a Tottenham player and it is a very complicated operation as of now. We’re not even in talks.”


    • Decent article. Nothing ground breaking though. It aligns with some of the observations I have shared before

      1. How the pressing peaked at Italy game. I mentioned about similarity with Sampaoli approach. Using the touchline to press. What is interesting is how they provoke them to go a sideline.

      2. I have mentioned before how our midfield works. Its no longer Mascherano as #5, Gago as #8 and Biglia as #6. Or even earlier Lucho as #8, Riquelme as #10 and Masche as #5. Now they collectively take turn to defend and attack – De Paul, Paredes and Lo Celso. I think that is why Palacios fit the bill well, for whatever he brings.

      I think what the article did not get into details is about how DiMaria is now a right sided players and Messi more central. This is what earlier coaches failed to implement.

      Good stuff. Good to see the recognition. I just don’t want us to be favorite, stay under the radar 🙂

    • This article makes it crystal clear that our fullbacks are the main source of width in the team and hence Foyth is unlikely to feature in a fullback role. Unless of course Scaloni decides to play second fiddle like vs Brazil in the Copa final. Although that scenario is not that likely as we will playing on neutral ground and not in Maracana so Scaloni may choose to be a protagonist even against strong opponents or at least try to go toe to toe with them.

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