Emiliano Dibu Martínez: “I want to be the best goalkeeper at the World Cup”


Emiliano Dibu Martínez commented on the Argentina national team and the World Cup.

Dibu Martínez is Argentina’s starting goalkeeper as he was in goal for the Finalissima vs. Italy. Now on vacation in Argentina, Dibu spoke with Doble Amarilla in regards to the World Cup. Here is what he had to say:

“I want to win things with the national team. I don’t even go out for coffee with friends. I am obsessed with my work. I want to be the best goalkeeper at the World Cup.”

Martínez also commented on the team:

“We were closed together for 45, 50 days at the Copa America and I living with my team mates, with the people that work with the national team is a source of pride. It’s a huge pride to defend these colors.

“My knee is in perfect condition. If I had a final tomorrow, I’d play it and I’d going to win it.”


    • He couldn’t beat non of top 9 teams in farmer league in any of the away matches! He was Sampaoli version II. No matter how many times PSG conceded on counters due to his stupid high pressing tactics , he never ever attempted to rectify it. In fact he was persistent with his game play wishing his below average midfield and defense will get better at it. He also had major contribution in the greatest player of this generation having such a poor season .So no surprises at all!!

  1. Franco Carboni moves to Verona on loan from Inter.

    So Simeone will have a new teammate now. Verona do not have a proper LB, I think they want Carboni as a starting left back there.

    I watched a game of Carboni in Toulon. I know he is one of our high profile youngsters but he did not perform that good when I saw him. Well it was 2-6 against France. Everyone but Garnacho played awful. Carboni likes to make long passes to the other side of the pitch. Aude, another left back of us impressed me more.

    Again it is too early to judge but I feel that both Carboni and Aude will have a future for Argentina. It is good because we rarely produce left back. I am not sure about other Toulon defenders though.

    • el_principe can you provide your insights on the nations league and which teams are looking good, the strength and weakness of major teams.

      • I think he analysed and told earlier. I mean all teams are bit inconsistent. That is the full picture. And some are experimenting. For a deep analysis this league is not perfect. Mid- European teams like croatia Hungary and Denmark playing good. Friendlies just before wc would be a curtain raiser. That matches may give the more clear picture.

  2. Who has such kind of mental strength & confidence, he definitely can be anything, can win anything inn shaa Allah!
    Vamos!! 💪💪🇦🇷🇦🇷💪💪

  3. This guy is the reason why I am so confident about this WC. This attitude is not only amazing but also infectious. It rubs off on team mates especially the young ones. This is exactly what we needed. We just need a little luck to avoid injuries.

  4. If molina is a English player, he get 90m tag! Whole team is overrated. Germany is always world cup team but not Superior…. My list is
    Argentina, brasil, Germany, france
    Meanwhile facundo farias get europe move while most talented still in River haunting fish by long range shot !

  5. I like Dibu mentality. If he wins the WC and be the best goalie, no way big clubs will not notice him.

    Aston Villa doing pretty good in the transfer windows so far. They sign Kamara and Diego Carlos. Maybe not enough to make it to top 8 but at least 2 quality players.

  6. Many people are saying teams are not taking Nation’s league very seriously, players tired etc. I agree to some extent.

    But France not being able to win 4 games in a row, England getting thrashed by Hungary is a bad way to prepare for world cup for them, isn’t it?

    Also consider that our players are in vacation currently while their players are in training everyday. Our players will be much fresher and in better physical condition during the start of the season. World cup is not far away and a good pre-season is crucial to be in top form in December.

    • France team are talented, a bunch of famous futballers but they are not ready product yet. zthe ready products such as Griezmann, Lloris, Varane are in declined already. Different from 4 years ago where every player seemed to be on their peak.

      England has been accused of the same problem we used to have: Over reliance on one person named Harry Kane. The England press now saying that only Kane can score, no one else can.

      These 2 countries both have their own problem. Not to mention that England relying on Maguire, one of the worst EPL defenders this season.

      • France lacks team cohesion. Many new players like Tchouameni, Nkunku, Konate, and Theo Hernandez on the team. Return of Benzema poses a new management challenge. Benzema is a troublemaker for France. Benzema and Mbappe will clash for glory.

        Deschamps also trying new formation to accommodate as many talented player possible while being conservative in approach. They tried 3-4-1-2, it is not working.

        Griezmann was on fire from 2016-2018 and was heart of the team. He has declined terribly as you have said.

      • Also Kante is declining rapidly which means France when pressing forward will be vulnerable in the middle.
        Regarding new players, they are no different than the la-masia young Barca players like Tello , Bartha etc. Most of them never made it. I am surprised even Madrid paid 100 million on untested young French player WITH POTENTIAL to develop into a world class player??? Mbappe snub seems to have riled up PaPa Perez!!

  7. 🚨💣 Facundo Farias, the 19 years old jewel of Colón, is sold for $12M to the British investment groups Scotland Corp and SkyBridge Capital, according to @verobrunati

    Possible destinations are:

    🇪🇸 Valencia
    🇵🇹 Porto
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Unknown Premier League team.

    Incredible news 🙌 https://t.co/eK8oOb3RfQ

    • And Fab Romano said Lukaku only want Inter return. No other clubs. So Dybala, Lautaro, Lukaku, Dzeko, and J Correa.

      Inter must be a special club, every of their player don’t wanna leave and a lot of players wanna play there. But the club itself has no money. They need to sell.

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