Enzo Fernández could join Benfica now following River Plate elimination


Enzo Fernández could be joining Benfica now with River Plate being eliminated from the Copa Libertadores.

Fernández has already agreed to join Benfica. The club announced it a few weeks ago but the news was that he would join at the end of the year.

With River Plate’s elimination from the Copa Libertadores on Wednesday, some reports out of Portugal are stating that the Argentine will join them now and not after. River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo stated after the match that the situation with Fernandez was “not clear”.


  1. Time to go to Europe Che. The Copa Libertatores is done now. Enzo and Julian need to go to Europe. Once they do well there, and impress then, then they will be considered by Scaloni for preliminary selection. Sad but true, why would Scaloni be convinced by Enzo and Julian if he hasn’t seen them competing at high level leagues? Scaloni and his staff all played in top European football leagues and they know one thing or two about the level there compared to the Argentine and South American competitions. So if these 2 fail in Europe, what would convince him and staff to pick these 2 prospects for the World Cup? If Enzo goes to Benfica prove himself alongside Otamendi, I don’t think Scaloni will be stupid enough to call him over McAllister. For me, this is no brainer, this is great news if Enzo goes to Benfica now and get his feet wet with European football.

  2. Not a happy ending party, lose to Velez 0-1. However, it’s about to start and begin with the new club. Wish Julian and Enzo a great success

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