Leandro Paredes could join Juventus as talks are underway


Leandro Paredes could be joining Juventus from PSG as talks are underway.

Paredes could soon be on his way out of PSG. Per a report by Relevo, talks are underway to bring the Argentine over to Italy.

The 28 year old PSG from Zenit Saint Petersburg in 2019 and if PSG were to sell him, Juventus would have to pay their asking price. Per Calciomercato, PSG would agree to a loan with an obligation to buy from Juventus, with the total amount reaching €20 million.


  1. These is a great news his kind of midfielders are only appreciated in Italy or spain. England,Germany and France does not have an idea of what a regista is.if pirlo was playing in the EPL he will be treated as a bad midfielder. These will be a great move for paredes

  2. If he does go to Juve he’ll have to play rotation….and you know what, that would be GREAT!
    Normally I would like our boys to be starters but for this season and this season alone I would prefer it if they all played rotation because this way they won’t be overworked when they go straight to the world cup.

  3. That’s a great news TBH, the sporting project of Juve-Allergi seems much more prestigious and captivating than the combo of PSG-Galtier.

    + It’s much better for him to move to a club that rates him highly rather rather than sticking with a club that doesn’t value his worth, despite ignoring the fact how alluring he was in the season prior.

    Lastly, he will be guaranteed as a starter in Juve, which seems unlikely at PSG as the new SD (Campos) is keen on offloading the quality players to make some room for some average Portuguese players.

      • Paredes is good in distribution not so much in defensive duties and he is lazy sometimes and Campos wants to sell him because as he have 3 players messi Neymar mbappe who never defend never track back so he needs players who can work hard has good defensive skills and also progress the ball

        • Neymar tracks back far more than given credit, id put him tier above. Look at his stats, well above Messi and Mbappe.
          You’re right, they do need energetic midfielders..

          • I am liking psg project. They have signed vitinha termed as Portuguese Iniesta, mukiele a rb/rcb, ekitike they are about to sign Renato sanchez, skriniar could come and also thuram can come and they have managed to hold on their core messi, mbappe, neymar, veratti, marquinhos, hakimi, nuno mendez

  4. I visit Juventus Forum lately. Allegri seems to be a big fan of Paredes. They will try to get rid of 2 midfielders for sure as of now: Ramsey and Arthur. Rabiot is also for sale. The main 3 of midfielders are Pogba, Locatelli, and Zakaria. If Paredes joins, the competition will be much lighter than the PSG ones.

    They also are competing with the Spurs for Zaniolo of Roma.

  5. This would be a great move to Paredes. Juventus could use a high quality regista, pulling the strings from deep. They currently don’t have that type of player. Arthur is not cutting it. Locatelli is more of a box-to-box, while Zakaria is a pure destroyer type of DM I think or also box-to-box, and Pogba and Rabiot are offensive players.

    I think Lo Celso will eventually land somewhere in Spain or Italy, he’s too good to be wasted. There’s still time until transfer deadline on Aug 31.

    • Due to his idiot agent. His lack of knowledge of market and how transfers are working lately caused this. I believe Dybala is regretting. Never make car dealer or your dad agent.

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