Ángel Correa scores, assists in Atletico Madrid 4-0 win vs. Numancia


Ángel Correa scored and assisted for Atletico Madrid in their 4-0 win vs. Numancia.

Correa has started off the pre-season in the best way possible. The 27 year old played an assist to Thomas Lemar on the first goal.

The Argentine made it 2-0 with a great goal off a corner kick. The ball was crossed into the penalty area and as he was running away from goal, his left footed shot beat the goalkeeper.

Rodrigo De Paul was also on the bench for the match while new signing Nahuel Molina was with the team.

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  1. Also garnacho scored for man united in a friendly in their 4-1 win against a team called Wrexham behind closed doors.I might be wrong about the name of the team

  2. Not sure if people here are following Enzo Fernandez but he is now at Benfica and he is playing fantastic. I think he may be in the NT for Qatar and not just riding the bench. Love watching him play.

    • How good is he ? I watched 2 clips of him vs Fulham and vs one French club and he looked so good , I will follow him once season starts, God willing

    • Very true. As I said earlier the best place to go for our young developing players are in Portugal. We may not like it but that’s the modern football. Just see all the players and coaches from Portuguese league. Italy is the worst, hanging on to 1990. Spain is poor too. English league is just taking fro Portugal, Germany France etc

    • He is playing very good football at benfica. He looks like playing in Europe for many years. He must be in the World Cup team. Even Dominguez and palacious combined can’t match him.

      • I must admit I never watched full match but those clips of him I saw was really good and I liked. If what you saying is true it makes me really happy.
        I will follow him closely in the new season insha Allah.

      • Quote [Even Dominguez and palacious combined can’t match him.]

        Whoa, whoa Chintu, hold your horses for a sec! Enzo seems to be a talent but I haven’t seen anything from him yet to indicate that he’s even as good as Nico or Palacios, let alone better than both of them combined.

        Pre-season friendlies are meaningless, so much so that I don’t even bother with them, but as soon as the season starts I will be looking out for Enzo and I really hope that Benfica get through the playoffs and play in the CL because it’s where Enzo can really show his stuff.
        Nico was playing very well last season in Italy despite the shoulder pain that he was carrying, now that it’s all behind him I expect (and hope) him to really take off and add considerably to his goal and 3 assist tally of last season, otherwise he has no chance of going to Qatar.
        As for Palacios, well he finished off last season in a very impressive fashion scoring 2 goals and assisting twice in the space of a few games if my memory serves me correct. The big problem with the kid is that his constant injuries have really hampered his progress, if he stay fit I honestly think he can turn some heads especially since he’s playing CL this season.

        • enzo is good “Even Dominguez and palacious combined can’t match him” but this comment is overhype at this moment, he is still young, he is doing well in his starting matches and he plays in defensive midfield position, and he has to flourish his skills such as passing, yet he had to feature in other position of midfield which can give genuine experiences of midfielder, which will give him level of knowledge in his basket, he has plenty of space to improve
          his talent is smooth you can say he will not take much longer to improve.. he can be included in qatar squad but expecting from him world class performance at this moment is over expectation which can be harmful for his growth.. i hope he improve his passing skills in this season or make them more smooth and intelegent..

          • With due respect to everyone I would like to say that I have seen every preseason match highlights of Enzo Fernandez and my personal observation is that Enzo Fernandez has ‘X’ factor of great players and despite playing out of positions he is excellent be it receiving the ball or distribution of ball or vertical or horizontal passes or defense spliliting passes or shots from distance.

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