Gio Lo Celso to Villarreal from Tottenham becoming closer


Gio Lo Celso is set to join Villarreal from Tottenham Hotspur as the deal is closer to being completed.

Lo Celso will remain in Spain with Villarreal. According to Gastón Edul, he is getting closer to remaining with them as the possible move to Fiorentina will not be happening.

The Argentine spent last season on loan at Villarreal where he helped them reach the semi finals of the Champions League. He is presently in Spain, having attended the Argentina U20 COTIF final on Sunday which was won by Javier Mascherano’s team.


  1. Lo Celso was prolific in some of the Villareal matches but fairly mediocre in many others. Specially he was good in UEFA Champions League. He needs consistency to be considered for the bigger teams or do big with a small team. For example the GOAT Maradona did big for a struggling Napoli. Lo Celso should try to be the difference in Villareal and target winning La Liga for the team.

  2. I respectfully disagree those who think lo celso does so well at the nt in my opinion he doesn’t do consistent basis, yes at times looks good like vs Uruguay other game looks OK,

      • How about you provide objective reasons and arguments in support of your dubious assertion?

        Specifically, what makes Lo Celso overrated as it relates to Argentina National Team? What specific instances can you point out? When did he flop for us?

        • He is a decent midfielder. But not among our irreplaceable players others can easily do his work. There is a reason noone is interested and he flopped badly in spurs. He even struggled in la liga for villareal and as far as ucl is concern they played ultra defensive and hit opponents with counter his defensive work is decent that’s why scaloni prefers him. When surely there is a better player in our disposal there is no point wasting him in benches and copa America is past its the world Cup now and scaloni should consider dropping locelso if doesn’t play in this season there is a high chance that without preseason locelso gets a big injury anyway. I love to see enzo in September friendlies.

  3. Nicolò Schira
    #Juventus are ready to opened talks with #PSG to try to sign Leandro #Paredes. #Paris ask €20-25M to sell him, while #Juve would like to spend €15M. #transfers

    (Tier 1 source)

    MU just sign Rabiot from Juventus after seeing how shitty Tomminay and Fred are. Paredes will likely be a regular player for Juventus as Pogba is injured and Rabiot is out. They are also close to signing Filip Kostic, a left winger.

    • I never seen shitty midfielder than fred and Scott McTominay they were so shocking , unbelievable, and meantime leo paredes will definitely be stater at juve that is no brainer I won’t even surprise if psg obtained to keep him that is how good he is.

  4. As expected. No one is interested and other news are just rumors. There is a big chance locelso will be benched by enzo Fernandez just like Romero did to pezella if enzo continues his form. There is no way scaloni can ignore enzo looking his performance.

    • Dude, this is one heck of an over the top statement to make.

      First of all, Lo Celso’s performances for the National Team have been great.

      Second, his performances for Villareal just as good.

      Third, Enzo Fernandez is doing well, it’s true, but he has to first replace someone on our bench and then challenge our starting midfielder.

      In sum, there is nothing to suggest Lo Celso deserves to be replaced by anyone at this point. He is a key player for us and has rarely if ever let us down when wearing the NT shirt. Lo Celso is entering the prime of his career, he has enough experience having played for several clubs and league as well as winning Copa America with us.

      Enzo’s time will come, and at this point the most likely best case scenario for him is that he replaces Mac Allister in the pecking order of midfielders. Enzo is a talented rising star but Lo Celso has not done anything wrong to be replaced by a rookie at this point. That’s not how football works.

      • enzo is no way to replace locelso, locelso is best creative midfielder after messi from the back, enzo is good passer tall physical player interms of creativity he is still need lot of experience to go, depaul our one of best midfielder but he is not upto the level of creativity of lo celso, you can think enzo as substitute of de paul, de paul and enzo both good in through the balls passing, depaul has long shots concentration to cover a lot of field and energy, same enzo has long shots, but concentration still needs to develop.. lo celso is non replaceable at this moment, if you want good substitute then after gomes ,, zaracho is best as he is box to box midfielder and can defend very well

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