Enzo Fernández scores for Benfica in 3-1 win vs. Midtjylland


Enzo Fernández scored for Benfica in their 3-1 win vs. Midtjylland.

Fernández made it three goals in three games for Benfica. The Argentine scored in the first leg of the Champions League qualifiers against Midtjylland last week and scored again.

With the score at 0-0, it was a cross into the penalty area which found Fernández as he scored to give Benfica the 1-0 lead. With the win, Benfica will play Dynamo Kyiv in a Champions League playoff.


  1. today game to watch atletico vs palmeiras in libertadoros, (zaracho)
    after locelso and papu he is the best in left midfield/attacking midfield

  2. I think our mid and backline is not our worry the worry is to have a game changing substitute striker who opposition have the fear or unsettle theire rhythm. Since we dont have any one like that now its important for us to have Alverez and dybala in good from ahead of worldcup.

  3. Enzo was compared to De Bruyne when he was in River. Maybe it is too much as De Bruyne is one of the world best in his position but they both are midfielders with end products. It is rare.

    September friendly (against Brazil?) is coming. So far Enzo has done a great job advertising himself. In the beginning of the month of September, Scaloni will announce the squad. 3 more weeks to go to prove his worth. I personally would not rule him out completely. Cuti and Emi Martinez were introduced to the Copa America squad only a couple of months before the tournament. Why not Enzo?

    • But the situations were very different. Romero and emis case was a matter of time as we all know that both Pezella and armani has past their prime and emi and Romero time and time proved their worth against big clubs. And Argentina was not the current Argentina. But in Enzo case it is different. The team is well built now like an engine. Even the subs such as palacios are playing well entering the prime. Papu is always more creative than Enzo atleast for now as a sub. Macallister is not old. He can also improve. Yeah it’s btw Enzo and macallister for that last spot.

  4. Enzo is a talent for sure, but let’s calm down abit here! He scored 3 goals in 3 games where against a nothing opposition. If Benefica beat Dynamo and make it to the CL, THEN we can really start assessing Enzo.
    I see there is some discussion here where Enzo is being compared to Celso for some odd reason. Let me make this very clear, Enzo is an up and comer while Celso is class!
    Celso, at 21yrs, worked hard and became a starter at PSG even though all of us (including yours truely) thought he’d be riding the bench, and when Tuchel got rid of him, the parisian papers and PSG fans where up in arms. Celso then went to Betis and lit la liga on fire finshing the season with 16 goals in all competitions, this (sadly) made Spurs take notice and they almost broke their transfer record for him and in his first season he was one of their 2 best players (next to Son) where Mourinho said that he wouldn’t even swap him for Bruno Fernandez.
    People (and Spurs fans) forget how good Celso was in his first season but no thanks to a nasty injury he got in the WCQ, his next few seasons at spurs were riddled with injuries.
    The funny thing is, Spurs loaned Celso out to Villareal and thanks in large part to his brilliance they made the CL semis, I mean just look at how Celso dominated the Bayren midfield in their home game, all the while Spurs couldn’t even hack it in the Conference league.

    Look everyone, I am very happy to see Enzo doing well, but we all need to take a step back and see whether he keeps it up or not and if he does then he should compete with the likes of Palacios and Dominguez for that 6th midfield spot. Celso on the other hand is an undisputed starter unless he has a crap season in Italy or Spain, which I don’t think he will.

    • I think Lo Celso is untouchable in Scaloni’s eyes. He is his starter. The first 5 are pretty much untouchable: Paredes, Guido, Lo Celso, De Paul, Papu. Palacios made his case by his excellent display against Italy and he was among Scaloni’s very first players from day 1. The coaching staff likes MacAllister too. But Enzo is too good to be ignored.

      So in 26 players squad it is Palacios vs MacAllister vs Enzo for me for 2 spots.

      • Was palacios good against Italy? Honestly I forgot he even played (it’s not on him, I’m probably just getting old). I do have to say that Palacios played fairly well last weekend and if he builds on how he finished last season (2 goals and 2 assists in 4 games or so) then he should be in prime position, but the problem is that the kid is injury prone and the second he starts gaining momentum he ends up injured. He desperately needs continuity.

        Allister IMO shouldn’t even be in the discussion, simply because he’s not a central midfielder, period! He’s an enganche and unfortunately for him Argentina doesn’t do that and if they did it would Messi or maybe Papu who’d be playing the role. In saying that I will wait and see how he does this season in the CM role, even though his performance last weekend wasn’t exactly up to scratch.

        This leaves us with Dominguez, I know I’ve been cheerleading for the kid for a long while now but I honestly see greatness in him and now that his shoulder injury is behind him (fingers crossed) I really think he could turn heads. With that being said Mijalovic isn’t exactly the type of coach that brings out the best in players so Nico has his work cut out for him.

        One last thing, I really think Zaracho should get a look, he’s shown himself to be an excellent b-2-b in Brazil with Atletico, not unlike De Paul and Scaloni really needs to find a good sub for Rodrigo because he’s the only one in the team who doesn’t have one, I mean even Messi has Dimaria subbing him in a 4-3-3 system as we saw in the last 2 WCQs.

        • Yes in both Italy and Estonia games Palacios replaced De Paul and did well in both games. Scaloni seems to be more clear in his ideas in terms of who is the back up of who. Dominguez unfortunately was ignored in the last 2 games against Italy and Estonia. So I say his chance is small.

          I think for Scaloni he got 2 players in each midfield position now. He likes MacAllister because he thinks he can back up all the 6 players. But now there is Enzo, I think he can back up all three positions too although he is a bit too offensive minded for a 5.

  5. A lot of discussion on Enzo vs Palacios vs Macallister. I am alao excited about Enzo but I just want Scaloni to call him in the September camp. Then based on what he sees in practice, he can decide best and I would be supporting his decision. There are enough good men in the coaching staff who are the best judge.

  6. Almost all want Enzo in the NT.
    1. Many wanted him in the place of Mac Allister
    2. Some wanted him in the place of Palacios.

    Seeing the way Enzo playing now, Scaloni can’t ignore him. He immediately has chemistry in the new team, Benfica. So, with NT also, he will adapt faster.

    I am also thinking…Enzo will be included in the place of Palacios. All depends upon the performance they produce in the coming months. We will wait and see.

  7. Enzo is the future but locelso is now…Locelso is the starter for the World Cup and if Enzo makes the World Cup team it will be a bench position and possible substitute in the place of either Palacios or guido Rodriguez. More likely, palacios since Enzo isn’t a natural #5 but more of a center mid who like to get forward in attack.

  8. He already has more impact for his club in 3 games. This is a sign of a future World class player (if no injuries).

    In one year I already rate him future World-class.

    I’ve seen LoCelso since PSG and I still haven’t seen “the future star”. LoCelso has been “promising” for 8 years now. Just my opinion – not trying to troll.

    LoCelso looks like a player who would easily miss a penalty kick in a shootout WC due to fear.
    I don’t see anything special about LoCelso, but this Enzo Fernandez looks like a star in the making who is ready to steal his spot.

    That being said, I like to see Macalister dropped, bring in Senesi (if he proves himself in EPL), and try Licha in DM for NT.

      • My friend, I think he is an average/good player who does enough for us in NT. I’ve watched him since PSG. He was great at Betis – but then again they are still the same team and play the same way without him.

        I’ve seen more in Lamela in his limited time with NT than LoCelso all this time. To me, LoCelso is a step up from Lucas Biglia, or maybe the same if you compare Lazio’s version of Biglia.

        In all honesty, I expected more from LoCelso. Perhaps he should not have left Real Betis prematurely. Maybe today we would have a much better player. Just my opinion. The best that can happen is he proves me wrong.

        • idk about you but he absolutely ran riot in many many matches for ARG. “he does enough for us in NT” couldnt agree less. he does not have to play awesome in all games to be considered as great. but i know he played awesome in many many games for arg idk about villarreal.
          btw Biglia is someone I liked a lot. idk how mundo members feel about him but he was a very effective player. i felt like in 2014 the midfield of arg was under control just because of him. after 2014 maybe he was not good.

        • @wisdom You and Godin had expected a star in lo celso. I still remember Godin made comments against lo celso for his normal plays in la liga with villareal. But he can achieve that star status in future plays with a manager to whom he is comfortable with. We saw that in villareal as most of the plays goes through him.But still as a team player he can make wonders as he is the type of player who will give his heart out for the team. I am sure lo celso with “something to prove mentality”would be always a treat to watch.

    • I am tired of writing the same thing again and again for lo celso…..we will se at world cup. I was never a fan of lo celso when he was in Paris or real Betis. I think he was flashy back then and wasn’t strong. But now he is totally a different guy, a strong guy with incredible qualities of moving the ball fast( doesn’t need to take too many touches to release the ball), finding those little spaces in the midfield or in the final third area and his vision is second to none. We don’t have a replacement for home in our NT that for sure.
      And for the thing about Enzo Fernandez he really looks a real deal with good mentality. But too early to say that he should be in the NT.

      • Absolutely spot on Shubham. Lo celso played great in Finalissma. The only match where we struggled against Ecuador when he was absent.

        It all depends on his form if he plays like last year, there is no reason for him to be not selected.

      • > I am tired of writing the same thing again and again for lo celso

        Lol, i feel your pain. hang in there, man. I’m dumbfounded at some of the observations of GLC.

  9. Wow enzo again he already shown europe he can score goals the chemistry he had in that goal is amazing considering he only played a 5-6matvhs with the team. Now he must tick the assist colum too thats how he can put pressure on scaloni

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