FC Barcelona being linked with Juan Foyth of Villarreal


FC Barcelona are being linked with Juan Foyth of Villarreal.

Juan Foyth could be remaining in Spain but joining a new club. According to Gerard Romero, Xavi’s team are looking to sign a right back and one of them is Juan Foyth.

The Argentine is seen as one of the priority signings and he would cost around €25 million. Foyth was instrumental in Villarreal’s progression to the semi finals of the Champions League last season.

Still only 24 years old, Foyth joined Villarreal in 2021 after having spent the 2020-2021 season on loan.


  1. I hate to be negative but I must be real. $25m for Foyth to Barcelona… no way .. Juan is worth $5m-10m at best … and to Barca, which doesn’t have a true RB but sergi Roberto is better suited than foyth. This would be mind blowing ! Foyth is our 3rd RB and won’t make the World Cup without one of the two, Molina and montiel being injuried.

  2. We should play 3CB formation.


    Lots of teams are successful with 3CB formation. It will be the dominant formation at WC this year.

  3. C Romero with another solid performance…. Man of the match for spurs by fan vote…he played well but in the middle of the match i dont know of anyone noticed, he was walking while he needed to run back and lack of concentration…… But still early in the season, so i guess it will be alright in future

  4. At least in some games, Xavi has been experimenting with a false fullback idea on the right side , playing Araujo as a RB even though he does not provide width because he actually asks his natural wingers to stretch the play instead of overlapping RB and stay very close to the touchline. Jordi Alba would also overlap a lot more on the opposite flank. Busquets or De Jong don’t have to drop deep in that scenario between 2 CBs to form a 3-4-3 in attack because a non overlapping false right-back just stays in his position. Foyth as a superior ball playing central defender fits that role better than Araujo whose passing is not that great by Barcelona standards.

    • I think scolani had same idea when he started foyth as rb… I don’t know about barca but same gave us solid defensive performance and our mid more freedom to get involved in the game, also Messi Don’t hv to drop as deep like he drops in psg to collect the ball…..

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