Argentina to play two matches in United States in September


The Argentina national team will play two matches in the United States in September.

With the World Cup qualifying match against Brazil now called off, the Argentina national team will play twice with New York and Florida as possible destinations. Per Gastón Edul, the Copa America and Finalissima champions will play two matches between September 20 and September 26 in the United States.

Both Canada and the United States have been ruled out as the AFA continue to look for a CONCACAF opponent.


  1. 2 games in September, one just before the WC and hopefully 7 in Qatar means Di Maria, Otamendi and probably Messi have just 10 games left in the NT. Let’s hope they finish with the biggest trophy of them all.

  2. Paredes move to Juventus is in jeopardy as Rabiot move to MU is highly unlikely now.

    It is bad news for Paredes as he already sets his heart in Juventus.

    Rabiot’s mom wants too much money. It will be hard to move him.

    • That does not sound good for Paredes as i was wishing him to really join Juventus….damn money and the greed created from that as Rabiot’s mom obviously his agent too has forsure more than enough than she or her family can ever spend !

  3. We’ll in this case if we can get Costa Rica, Australia or Jamaica, it’s good. But these Nations League is doesn’t allow quality opposition.

    On the Nations League, I think Comnebol and Concacaf should merge into an American nations league. But on the other hand, it limit matches between South American and European powers to only meet in the WC. Pretty much a scenario what we grew up in 80s-90s. A friendly between Arg vs Ger, Italy, France, Holland, Spain or Eng were looked at possibilities in next WC. Nowadays, international teams have a lot out ‘feel out games or feel the opponents’ before crunch time type of game before the WC. So by the time team meet at the WC, know each other’s strengths. E.g. Germans will study and analyze every Argentine player in Europe and build a strategy around them. Back in the days, it was Argentina and Brazil vs European top 5 for the title type of a situation. No hypothetical analysis was important because friendlies were rare, so the all the media speculations and fan myths would only be settled at the WC. Perhaps these nations leagues might take us back to those times. Because there will no feel out games with European powers. Which means they won’t be able to plan with the information because they have not tested it practically before crunch time.

    • Yes, well written which brought lot of memories from good old time’s…
      Maybe, Conmebol and Concaf should create a nations league of their own as American nations league etc…i won’t Mind to see La Seleccion play more often as it is the main team and has allways been and will ever be for me personally and nothing else really matter’s when it comes to football or should i rather say moneyball at nowdays….well, maybe a bit Harsh from me, but i think simply too many players get spoied by money and what come’s with it and it has clearly taken it’s toll on global football !

      Offcourse i do follow club football too, but only for Arg’s sake as i’m not intrested about Club’s with non Arg players, never Mind how dominant they will be at club football etc..

  4. I want Argentine player in Barcelona.. But price tag is the problem.. He is not our frist choice right back, so no problem to take risk, let see what happen

    • Yes, absolutly correct! At this level there is simply not any exuses to escape that horror miss, that he led in after a longrange freekick which was not even that hardly kicked at all and even though how much it was raining and pooring down, Still the fact is that this shot came straight towards him with absolutly no pressure at all neither behind that long range strike nor no one standing in front of him and blocking his view as he had his eyes comfortably all the time on the ball which came straight towards as he only needed to pick up that ball, but instead scrambled it by his own misstake to his own goal, LOL!

      And i’m not writing this because i want to diss or bash him as i rather hoped for more solid performance from him after his move from being one the best goalies at french league or at least amongst them, but seems like things are not going so good for him as i saw him playing for PSV second time this year and also in the first game that i saw him play for PSV even he did not humialite himself that badly as he did this time Still i think there were some question marks about his goalkeeping skills as for example in that game i saw earlier he might have been able to stop at least one of the goals which came from oppositions corner as he read the ball launched from the corner a bit wrongly which ended in a situation that even the header against his goal from the back post was well headed, Still i think he may had been able to stop that ball if he would not had taken firstly few steps forwards as he was most propably thinking to catch the ball from air and then secondly understood that instead that he had to make a quick dive to trying to deny that header from back post which ended in goal as he did made the dive, but was a bit late for it as maybe i can’t really remember if he got a slight touch to the ball which was headed in during his diving effort to save that goal…etc.

      Anyhow today’s misstake was like every goalie’s nightmare as i do understand everyone make misstake’s, but in the end of the day he is extremly lucky that his team PSV scored 2 goals to made it 2-2 at Ibrox against Rangers…as i did not see his coach Van Nistel Roy to for example to Shake Benitez hand as he did with his other PSV players who he is coaching at the moment etc…well we will see next week which one of this 2 teams will join Champions league group stages etc.., as i’m looking for Benfica’s game and hoping for them Qualify from 2 legged game against Dynamo Kiev and hoping and wanting to see how will Benfica and Enzo play in UCL if they Qualify firstly…etc…so 2 more games for Enzo to win with Benfica against Dynamo Kiev

  5. We should at least try 3CB formation.


    Lots of teams are successful with 3CB formation. It will be the dominant formation at WC this year.

    • If Arg will play with 3 CB at the back i think your back line will be most correctly as it is written on your post, but i’m not fully sure if that is what La Scaloneta & CO. want’s ?

      Any how if trailing a goal down for example, there could be multiple options with players selection as N.Gomez could come in for Acuna or the otherway round also Alvarez and Dybala would be good options to bring in etc…, but anyhow i think in the end it will come down to the current form of players and also avoiding as many injuries that Arg can possibly avoid as if Arg can keep all the current players fit and in form and avoid key injuries, then i think it doesn’t really matter which system Arg will play as i would most propably stick to the current winning formula with maybe few ace’s in the sleeve as hoping them to make the last x-factor for Arg to be able to win any opponent who will stand on Arg’s way, but it is Still such long time and wait and basicly anything can happen in between so i just pray for all of Arg’s players to be in top form and no injuries, please !

  6. Around 3 weeks prior to September 20th and we still don’t find any opponents? Any of them is good for me now. El Salvador, Antigua anything better than nothing.

    • How come this is kind of thing happening again as i understand the very tight schedule before WC, but Still other nations are playing and i’m not only talking about Europeans and their Nations League as i saw that U.S will play against Japan in Germany for example etc…as i’m quite sure other nations will also play at least a game or 2…etc…

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