Cristian Cuti Romero injured for about a month


Cristian Cuti Romero is injured and will miss about a month of football.

Cuti Romero is having a roller coasting of a ride to start the season. After being named the Man of the Match in Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-2 draw vs. Chelsea, Gastón Edul has announced that he is out injured.

Romero felt discomfort during the match vs. Chelsea and will be out for about a month. He will be there for Argentina’s two friendly matches in the United States in September.

The Argentine also gave an interview where he discussed the Argentina national team and the World Cup.


  1. I join enzo Fernandez club, what a player
    He has everything midfielder needs , confidence, Dribbling, passing , finishing… it’s too early to pass judgment but I joined his advocates , I’m sure if he continues this way he will go world Cup, Palacios and others must step up now

  2. Regarding the transfer rumors of LeoParedes; I don’t think that Juve agreed with Paredes and negotiated with Paris, and in the end if everything depends on Rabiot, in which there is something illogical.

    For me, the issue of Leonardo Paredes is settled for Juve, but the difference in timing. The player agrees on everything with Juve, and Paris put him on the sale list, and he became open to negotiations on a loan with a purchase option.


    • Not gonna lie, I’m having worries with him if he ends up at PSG. He’ll be unjustly benched by Galtier, despite showing signs of eliteness last season. Also the Frenchman is known to deploy 2 midfielders simultaneously and having 5 midfielders to compete for 2 spots is lunatic.

      I’m sure it will be a few set of games for Galtier to realize how badly missed he is. Honestly, I don’t see any of the rest offering what Leandro does. But, he can’t afford to wait for that moment, right? The World cup starts in 95 days. Even though… I’m against the idea of him starting every single game but I do want him to have more than adequate minutes prior to the Mundial to release the beast out of him. Hopefully, the situation is sorted out ASAP and Juve is the ideal place for him. May God favor him.


  3. Confirmed by GastonEdul:

    • Cuti doesn’t have muscle injury, he is suffering from a knock which was received by Cucurella.
    • He will be back sooner than expected and will start training in 10 days.
    • Information was gathered from Romero’s entourage.
    • Cuti liked his post
    • Will arrive in perfect conditions on next Argentina game.

    • Yes it was Cucurella who was actually dirty. but everyone talked about Cuti’s hair pulling only. Cuti did that because Cucu played it dirty with him first.

      • > but everyone talked about Cuti’s hair pulling only.

        The fouls are not created equal though.

        The foul on Cuti looked unintentional as Cuti came in for the slide tackle.
        The hair pull was obviously intentional..

      • Even girls don’t keep their hair free like Cucurella … Romero did a good job..all other opponents will be doing the same thing against Cucurella this season…

        • > Even girls don’t keep their hair free like Cucurella

          Macho bullshit.
          Nothing wrong with long wild hair. Fellaini, Valderrama, David Luiz, Lalas, Marcelo all had great hair!

          > Romero did a good job..all other opponents will be doing the same thing against Cucurella this season

          Not if they want red cards and fuck over their team. With so many cameras on him, i’m surprised he chose to do something in the open. He needs be more slick with his fouls.

  4. Enzo Fernandez creating pressure for scaloni to include him in wc squad. He is miles better than palacios, McAllister, Dominguez and even has a shout for starting he can play anywhere and has a trait which none of our midfielder has and that is scoring threat from midfield u need a scoring midfielder to win the wc like pogba from france in 2018 ozil or podolosky in 2014 Iniesta in 2010 who is not famous for scoring bt did score some vital goals in his career

      • I can’t deny the truth this boy enzo Fernandez looks so promising, I watched him first half tonight he is so confident on the ball his passing from deep are really good ,

        • Yes no doubt that Enzo looks very promising, but Still we must remember that so far the teams that he has played against have not been the so called real test in European level yet as i not mean that for example Dynamo Kiev don’t have long tradition in a european club level, no at at all and actually quite the opposite in fact+their 71 year old coach Lucescu are well known for Decades in specially european football, but thing what is going on with Ukraine as they are under the invasion of Russian’s or fighting against the Russian’s allready for several months resulted obviously that after last winter break in Ukraine they could not continue with the domestic league as this resulted that Shaktar who was on top the table back then had better chance qualifying to Champions League as winner’s of Ukraine’s domestic champs from last season and also that Benfica’s yesterday opponent Dynamo Kiev had basicly not played hardly any competive game’s before their journey starting of qualifying to UCL which i quess was only 1 2 legged game before last night’s Benfica game which was played for obvious reasons in Poland etc…

          So i’m really looking for Enzo and hoping he continues his very good start indeed of his first european season and waiting for to see him playing against Sporting or Porto or another tuff Portugue’s team and specially playing in UCL group stage’s and hopefully also in the next round of the tournament…etc.

          What come’s to Licha’s situation is extremly sad story for him, but deffenetly not his fault only maybe joining the wrong team, though Ten Haag know’s him well, Still at this moment MANU is the most ridiculous team in Europe and i think they kind of earned this firstly by their owners as Glazier’s who don’t give damn about team’s success or also about team’s economical situation as they are only intrested of taking money out of Manu as much as they can and for this reason i don’t also think that they will be intrested to sell Manu as they are making so much money from it and have no intrested of quitting as owners of a team that they can basicly suck as money they want out of it for themselfs…etc

          So indeed it look’s really bad for Manu and ofcourse Penaldo is not doing them any favor either and as all this is common knowledge now wonder noone or nobody want’s move to that team even they are desperate and trying to sign basicly anyone with what ever sum, Still at the same time they do not agree with Rabiot’s greedy mom who for sure has more than she and her family can ever spend, LOL!

          That is why all this mega transfer ’s and their every year included soap opera storie’s are just build Upon money and nothing else matters anymore at most of the very rich club level teams who can basicly sign allmost anyone they want for what ever price and wage’s add bonuses etc…

          It has been complete madness allready with this kind of politics and such sum’s of money with football for way too long, and it is not going to change in the near future as things are just expecting to get even more out hands as once someone is found guilty, then they just basicly pay and pribe their way out of what ever they have messed with which is completly insane as others who do not have a penny are dying at the same exact moment…all this just make me so sick of it, but as grown up since a 3 year’s old kid to learn and watch football, well it is not that easy to quit either…

    • you can’t compare iniesta with enzo, enzo is very good talented player, but iniesta was on the another level, iniesta was highly creative player like messi iniesta xavi they are like a legend, but enzo is different type of player he is similar to Rodrigo de paul, very necessity within a team bcs they give you some physicality and energy with all other decent things which gives most importantly strength in defence

      • @Brightk i never compared him with Iniesta i just wanted to tell every wc winner in the recent past had obe or two players who can score from midfield in a crucial time when their forwards were heavily marked or couldn’t score. I think none of our midfielders are good in scoring mayb depaul can bt others r bad in finishing

        • Chintu Paul is old member of here , he knows what he is talking about but I don’t agree with licha situation It’s way too early to consider him as flop at utd any player will look like clueless with current manu team as senesi honestly he looked very good the ten minutes he played vs man City and i”m looking forward to see him playing vs hot arsenal in Saturday, God willing

          • I’m not saying lisandro Martinez is bad but poor Manchester United team and particularly Harry maguire could harm him personally because so called English pandit affraid to criticize their poster boy Harry Maguire. For me except some situations lisandro Martinez played well but I don’t believe toxic Utd fan .

          • I was making light of the comment.

            Midfield scoring ability ranks like 10+ in the list of most important midfielder qualities.

            In no particular order – dribbling, ball progression, creativity, passing accuracy, shielding, defending, awareness, conditioning, endurance, vision, pressing, and chemistry are all more important qualities and are 100x more relevant in most games. Scoring is great but i’d give the edge to other qualities.

            i think Molina will bag a few btw or at least i hope so 🙂

    • De paul is a scoring midfielder watch how he played for udnines he scores it from outside the box, he socres free-kicks he gets assist he does everything its pitty that he is moved to a ultra defencive team like athletico, instead i wish it could have been fun if he had moved to ultra aggressive teams like liverpool or ajax

  5. enzo had another good game against dynamo kiev he got sofascore 7.5 . good replacement for rdp just in time

    • Why so many hyping a player after 2-3 matches? Enzo is still young and inexperienced. We still have to wait if he is a right choice or not. Also you @chintu paul placing senesi above Martinez as a result of 1 poor game from him. All these comments make no sense. Macallister also has the scope of improvement. And Pogba Iniesta and Ozil were at their prime during those WCs.

      • @Vishnuvenu it’s not about 2-3 matches it’s about way of playing .Enzo Fernandez has everything a great midfielder needed. The way Enzo Fernandez playing looks like he is in Europe for so many years. Now Enzo Fernandez is main player of benfica and it’s the opinion of benfica supporters, even they had a song for Enzo Fernandez and thinking that they will forced to sold even in next transfer window and as per Portugal newspapers Enzo Fernandez not only the best signing of the summer, he is the best midfielder of Portugal by playing only 2-3 matches. For Sensi if he keep on playing well symtoms which he showed against City he could take lisandro Martinez place in the Argentine team…

        • senesi passing is something great, he has lot of things good but he lacks concentration and some extend pace , due to lack of concentration sometimes he will miss some move of opposition attacker, but the way he pass it is exquisite , if he stays back then pace may not be the factor or his pace may not be that short but he has to improve his concentration level so that he can block every move,
          lisandro is far ahead then other , he has nothings fault , his ball handling is superb , mu just his bad choice, i hope he will not affected by mu bad environment, don’t judge a player based on height, if height is factor then macherano is not good player, lisandro has everything good to him

      • I’ve seen close to 70 of his matches and that should be enough to say that he, while not a national team player now and with no WC guarantee because of technical reasons IS a national team level player among 4-5 of our most talented midfielders. People seeing 2-3 matches can tell that by watching how he plays with their own eyes. People watching the amount I did could have predicted it close to a year ago or more and enjoyed the luxury of watching his raw talent and very speedy growth. But the present conclusion based on where he’s at now is the same either way.

  6. This could be blessing in disguise. With less than 100 days to go for world cup, Cuti will get enough rest. Even though they say he is out for 1 month, he won’t be fit enough to a play full match for min 7 to 8 weeks and by October end clubs will be releasing players for the world cup training camp!! He will may be play in few matches but start from the bench in October for Spurs and thats it!!

    Also, I am glad Messi is playing with super caution. The goal Mbappe scored last Saturday, Messi would never take such risk with world cup so close. Let Neymar and Mbappe fight over who is PSG Supremo while Messi keeps himself fit and maintain great form for the world cup.

  7. This is what happens when you run a World Cup in the middle of these shit league games. Unfortunately 30 years ago international football was way larger but now you have a piece of crap hardware every 3 days and the players work like dogs. I think they are releasing players a week or so before the World Cup. FIFA should stick it in their ass and run a World Cup every 2 years

  8. Oh boy, his injury record is becoming a concern. We need our pillars (Emi, Romero, De Paul, Di Maria, Lautaro, Messi) fit and firing on all cylinder come the World Cup.

    • Yes, bad news indeed, but nothing new knowing Cuti’s warrior way of play and the physical side of the game fromPremier league. Anyhow luckily it happened now instead later on, but Still it is a big concern as u mentioned about his previous injury record and actually this was the injury i had been kind of most worrying since the start of this season….hopefully he recovers well before the WC as u mentioned there is no room really to miss a player of his caliber for the WC as also same goes for the names u mentioned in your post…well, this is just randomly kind of asked question, but who would u pick in the worst case scenario as i not mean that he won’t recover, but also yellow’s are somekind of another concern and if Cuti is unvailable to play for what ever reason, then who do u think will be to most suited CB pair for Arg ?

      Also if any update about RDP’s situation, like if he will be granted entry to Qatar etc…
      Will be mostly preciated !

        • Some of our best games were with on earth can you suggest he will not be missed? No none can replicate what he does for the NT. What makes our mid great is that each brings a unique quality and together theyre great. Its also a reason for concern since we do not have true backups. Glad enzo doing well as he can fill in for GLC and RDP.

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