Argentina to play Honduras in September in Miami


Argentina will play Honduras in September in Miami.

The Argentina national team is going to play two matches in the United States in September. The first one has been confirmed by FENAFUTH, the Honduran FA, for a match on September 23 in Miami, Florida.

As we reported a few days ago, Argentina would play a match against Honduras and the second opponent is set for September 26 or 27 and would be Jamaica.


  1. Another bogus arrangement from afa. Honduras is 80 in fifa ranking and Jamaica is 62 in fifa ranking. Cant they even arrange a decent friendly against a top 30 side?? There is japan, usa, canada, korea, senegal, Nigeria, ivory coast, Egypt and they organized minnows again?? What profit it will give to us apart from some statpadding. These minnows will not test our defense a bit also and will not test our midfield also. This is dissapointing only plus point is the players will get together for 7-10 days and train together. They could have atleast organize a friendly with a club side as well

    • I think many WC playing teams would have already arranged for friendlies or will be playing the nations league. AFA had to wait this long because of that stupid Brazil match. Also, if there is no quality European teams to play, it is better to not waste time travelling to Africa or Asia for playing with those teams. Arg will only face 1 Asian team- Saudi and probably no African teams. USA is close, less travel and more practice sessions. May not be a bad decision.

    • No problem here. These teams might be useful for Argentina as they won’t create any hype. We proved we can take on any team if we play as a group. Our first match will be against Saudi. So we can improve against those parking teams. We still remember the 2014 wc match against Iran and 2018 iceland. So good start means it’s always a confidence booster irrespective of the opponents. Even the quality of the teams in the copa were very different like Colombia in semis and a team like Brazil in the final and we adjusted there. We realised many times that beating good teams in the friendlies just before wc is nothing but useless.

    • It’s better then nothing. Our coaching staff asked for opponents like that since we didn’t get what we wanted. Those friendlies more like home work so it ain’t biggie

    • European teams play half of their matches against half amateurs in qualifiers, ARG only in some friendlies. We would destroy all of those teams you mentioned btw. 25 european teams stand under 62 on world ranking, 14 outside TOP100, 6 outside TOP150!!!

  2. Btw Licha won MU man of the match according to the MU official site. So both Cuti (against Chelsea) and Licha against Liverpool won the MOM. How do you like that?

  3. Really nice game from Lisandro, showing who he truly is and why he’s worth 50 million. But more importantly I think the difference between this game and the Brentford one shows the importance of a collective effort and working system when it comes to defending. It is easy to think of a defense as its individuals but there are many teams who have more average players conceding few goals because they have a system that works. After Liverpool, City, Chelsea, and Spurs the lowest to concede last season was Wolves. Do they have some resounding world class defenders? And vice versa, a near world class player like Lisandro can concede 4 in a single match if a collective defensive system is non existent. He’s still the same player he was a few days ago. Also credit to Ten Hag, he’s made great but difficult calls (at least for the media to handle) like benching Maguire and Ronaldo and has hammered on the team’s attitude. After Brentford he cancelled the day off and made the players run 13.8 kilometers, the gap between what they ran against the opponents. This match wasn’t easy but the attitude made the difference.

    I also wanted to remark about what this mess means for England. Both Maguire and Shaw were starters in the final against Italy and are now way below that form. Either it’s Chilwell (Chelsea bench warmer) or Shaw for LB and CB looks weakened. I think they are slipping farther and farther away from the “favorites” category. Of more immediate relevance to us, Mexico lost Tecatito Corona (who I consider one of their top three players) for five months so they are slightly weaker.

    Also, a bit random to see Barcelona and City play a midweek friendly but that could mean very useful minutes for Alvarez against top opposition.

    • I still believe against Brentford Lisa wasn’t in fault. Whole team was awful. Plus the English pundits made his height a big issue. Like of Nevil,Carragar & Rednap they all was writting him off because it was Premier league. Lisa and Senesi move to Premier league actually blessing for us. Now they know what to expect

    • > importance of a collective effort and working system when it comes to defending

      Spot on. Too many people focus singularly on the player and their actions and not on the collective.

      As for England, i just hope we get to play them and of course, give them a spanking that rivals brazil v germany.

  4. Its sad week for me non of our future stars got a single minute for their club alverz, grancho, soule why argentina talents got denied always if grnacho and soule was a europian kid they will play everymatch since they impress pre-season and clubs youth matchs

    • It is unfortunate that in MU the EPL young player of the year in the last 2 years are Elanga and Garnacho, both MU and both left sided wingers.

      Elanga, whom I think less talented than Garnacho, got promoted last year to the first team. Elanga was among the starters yesterday. Garnacho gets a bunch of players ahead of him in pecking order: Elanga, Rashford, CR7, Martial. It is better for him to go somewhere on loan because I am not sure if he will be involved in u23 competition again this year.

      • Yep he need to move on there was almost every english news sites reporting that more than 20 clubs approach man U for loan of grancho yet they didnt give him a move its frustrating
        And luka romero after moving to lazio his whole season ppaying time will be below 90minutes
        Teams are doing something as if they are deliberately making argrntina a less force for the future by leaving our boys on bench everytime

    • Nothing to be concerned here. Garnacho now has practically no chance now for selection in the wc squad. Ten hag is under pressure once manu start playing well and win some games he will some minutes to garnacho

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