Lisandro Martínez voted Player of the Match for Manchester United vs. Liverpool


Lisandro Martínez has been voted as the Player of the Match for Manchester United vs. Liverpool.

Martínez had a standout performance in United’s 2-1 win on Monday. The Argentine had several tackles and clearances, including one off the line from close range off a shot from his own team mate, Bruno Fernandes.

The Argentina had a 100% successful dribbles rates. Here are his stats from the match, this via StatsmanDave.

100% successful dribbles
82% pass accuracy
41 touches
5 final third passes
5 long balls
3 ball recoveries
7 clearances
1 block


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  1. starting line up in the back..

    molina romero lisandro acuna

    now licha can play more than one spot
    tagliafico can be play left back and left center back
    foyth can play right back, right center back
    with foyth you can use him between these two spots wherever needed

    and with these number(8): molina,foyth,romero,licha,ota,acuna,tagliafico..

    you have enough depth in the defence,

    foyth may have some fault in the past but he was always talented and with experiences he improved a lot, there is someone needed if romero needs to substituted for rest or if team needs to strong defensively on the right side then foyth is very strong

    montiel is only on the right back, montiel may be doing right but he can’t play right center back .. more than 8 players in defence this is not right decision..
    it is better to have your number quality in midfield..
    then it will be easy to choose new upcoming talent like , garnacho, enzo , alvarez

    a lot of people may thought garnacho may not be good i bet in left winger he will be much better than others..

    • I wrote more than 6 months ago our world cup winning defence would or rather should be Foyth, Licha, Romero and Medina. Scaloni did not make a conscious effort to bring in Romero or Emi Martinez or Licha in the Argentine team rather the situation brought them in. Sadly, luck hasn’t favored both Foyth and Medina, who’d been consistently good in France. Lens rejected Man Utd’s attempt to sign him January.

  2. position wise if saw who can be substitute with one another,
    1.emi = 2.rulli (3.musso)
    4.molina = 5.foyth
    6.romero = ???
    7.lisandro = 8.otamendi
    9.acuna = 10.tagliafico
    11.Rdp = 12.enzo (palacios)
    13.paredes = 14.guido ( 15.palacios)
    16.locelso = 17.zaracho / 18.gomes
    19.messi = 20.dybala
    21.dimaria = ??? gonz = 23.garnacho
    24.lautaro = ? may be (25.alvarez)

    this 25 should be in primary selection of scaloni,
    then it comes 1 spot who will have that 1 spot you have to find here romero substitute, foyth can be given that role as he is doing well now,

    a.correa could be in team but based on his role i think his spot taken by alvarez both can play behind forward or forward.

    so 1. j correa 2. domingues 3. ocampos 4. montiel 5. medina 6. buendia 7.macclister 8.lucas alario 9. lucas boye 10. armani .. it will all cut off the squad

  3. Some good jokes on Maguire some saying it was his best performance in a man united shirt🤣 but Licha has always been excellent I have never seen him make a mistake I saw some uncharacteristic behaviours from him when he played with Maguire he looks back to his best once maguire was on the bench. I followed Licha since defensa y justica I am a big fan I think after so many years Argentina have a reliable back line Romero Lica Montiel Foyth doing well

        • Yes a versatile midfielder like De Paul on the right side to protect behind Messi/Di Maria/Molina, and still contributes offensively. But who will be Lo Celso alternative on the left who is creative, box to box and gives width on the left while ARG overdose the right side. Papu is too much risk defensively imo, Enzo or Palacios are not that attacking minded.

      • He did play slightly higher up the pitch at River more on the right and had a huge amount of goals, assists, and chances created. I think he is very much capable of contributing to the attack but you see that less with him playing in between the center backs now. His style right now looks more like Paredes but I think he could fill in as a less mobile/physical version of De Paul. His attacking abilities are being blunted now but by no means don’t exist. Double pivot with a destroyer next to him IMO is the best

  4. Cuti and lisandro are my two favorite centre-backs. It’s fun to watch them play. They are very talented and physically not inferior to any player in the Premier League.

  5. Don’t underrate or overrate any player after just a handful of games, observe them over a longer period of time and in various competitions. Also, some players do better for the NT and vice versa. Patience and avoid knee jerk reactions, positive or negative.

    Applies to Enzo Fernandez, Foyth, Molina or any other player for that matter.

    • But then how are we to survive without the toilette water conclusions! minute some want our boys starting and the next min they want em’ dropped.

      Enzo deserves a shot but i wouldn’t bench GLC or RDP for him. He still needs to time to prove in league and NT.

      Call for Foyth has more legs to stand on since he’s proven to be solid against formidable opponents. i think we have look past his moronic NT mistakes..hopefully he’ll avoid in the future. And to your excellent point earlier on – Foyth vs Molina is down to tactics and not a direct role replacement. I actually think we need both since they bring different strengths and it might be at the expense of Montiel if Scaloni goes with an extra mid instead of defender.

      Calling to drop Molina is asinine. The guy needs more time in the new environment. I’ll still assume he’s the NT starter for now.

      • Foyth over Montiel (extra midfielder over an extra defender) make more sense given the fact that both Foyth and Lisandro can be moved to the DM role, if needed.

        I have been reserved for Enzo’s inclusion long enough to say that this kid has been performing consistently back in home and Europe over quite sometime that he should get the chance for the extra midfield role in Qater. And, I will take him over McAllister any day.

      • The funny thing is if you watched the game Molina wasn’t even bad, I know making a mistake that leads to a goal and getting an unnecessary red card is terrible and automatically puts you as the worst performer of the game but you can iron those things out much more easily. Just make the decision to not push someone and clear the ball if it’s risky instead. Surely Simeone will work on it with him. I think a much bigger matter is how you play during the course of 90 minutes and if you are not good at that there you have a real problem. He played well and has a really good season under his belt at Udinese. This bad performance was not level/skill/form related but really just avoidable mistakes that unfortunately culminated. No reason to drop him at all unless this becomes consistent which I doubt it will.

  6. Everything is difficult when you are new at it and it takes sometime to get the hang of anything. Not only he was rock solid in defense he amazed United fans through his great passing ability and Messi like vision. In the build up to the first goal any other conventional defender would rebuild the attack from the back where Licha made a crucial pass which played a huge part in the goal. Ten Hag showed balls by dropping the English defender and especially Ronaldo to stamp his authority. Licha will only improve from here as Ten Hag integrates Casemiro in the midfield.

    • Very true. In the first goal, if he takes an additional touch to pass the ball, the goal won’t happen. That is the difference. 9/10 defenders will take a touch in that space.

      • Ddr1123 true one of the pundits exactly said that, He credited martinez to the goal , he said other defenders may take one or two touchs, Southampton on Saturday is other kind different test hope utd win and licha perform well.

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