Enzo Fernández, Giovanni Simeone could make the Argentina team for September matches


Enzo Fernández and Giovanni Simeone could make the Argentina national team for the September matches.

Fernández has been in great form for Benfica and might be called up to the Argentina national team. According to TyC Sports, the AFA will submit their list of players to the respective clubs for the players in the first week of September and there is a chance that Enzo is included.

The 21 year old midfielder was part of the preliminary list of players for the World Cup qualifying matches against Uruguay and Brazil but was not selected for the team.

Giovanni Simeone has previously been called up to the Argentina national team by coach Lionel Scaloni. The Argentine has even scored but has not been selected for several years. Now with Napoli, the striker could potentially be the back up to Lautaro Martínez.

Argentina play Honduras on September 23 in Miami and play Jamaica on September 27 in New York.


  1. City down by 2 goals. Hopefully Peps subs in Alvarez and Man city midfielders won’t undermine his finishing ability again by ignoring him. Julian’s decision making and passes might take a while to improve to epl standards but his finishing is world class and if provided passes in the box can easily convert difficult chances.

  2. Back-to-back Man of the Match awards for Lisandro Martinez.

    He’s been everywhere
    What a man 🇦🇷😍💪🏾.
    Where’s Maxilopez, the joker 😂

  3. I hope now the critics will not have any height issue with Lisandro you need to give Lisandro a chance 2 bad games and so much of criticism the real problem was maguire who I feel is having a problem which is in his mind he should take a note from Lisandro and already enzo is attracting interest from real and Man City for 2023

  4. garnacho needs to move one , with one match performance he comes in the eyes of ten hag then mu loses one after another now he completely out of ten hag thought or consideration, he could go for loan move in any german club which could be better decision from him

    • Not very likely with the transfer window closing in a few days. The kid is only 18, he will have his time, the talent is there and he still benefits from being part of the MU team under Ten Hag.

    • I think Garnacho is fine for a season training with the first team under Ten Hag and getting occasional minutes. Maybe next season is a good time for a loan

  5. Licha playing well so far, tenacious in tackle, he’s a pit bull, very aggressive and tenacious in his challenges, combining old school physicality with an elegant passing ability.

  6. Just one good match and the body language of Lisandro changes completely. Very confident, vocal, great positioning. So far so good.

  7. Not selecting garnacho will be the similar mistake to not giving match time to Messi in 2006 WC. Argentina lack talent in left wing Garnacho should be tasted there!

    • Lets not compare Garnacho with Messi. At 19 years of age Messi scored that goal against Getafe while Garnacho clearly looks like a raw young player who needs a lot of time on the pitch to grow. Garnacho is no where ready for this world cup and picking him will be a waste.

      • garnacho may not be as much talented as messi, but he is enough talented to be included in the team right now, in 2021 session he played 2137 minute for mu and he scored 14 gaols with 6 assist, he is young but i don’t understand how do you find he is raw young, needs lot of time on pitch if young player can dominate 36 year of ronaldo then young is better than the experiences, it can be seen from his preseason match

        • very melodramatic I think that there is so much thats happened in the past that have been big mistakes however we cannot go on saying that x y and z will be a huge error. we have the coach that won us two finals for the first time since maradona so lets just trust that he is not as mistake pronee as other past coaches. also we cannot bring eveeyone and I am sure there will be a moment where we say uuu I wish we brought player x over player y. so just have faith in the team.

          • what do you mean melodramatic , i think you are trying to live in the skin of those final success, we all know how late scaloni was calling romero it was just prior to starting copa, we have coach we don’t want that coach live in the skin of only those two success we want more success. we are not telling about x y z player, here we are telling about talent, and we are not telling about to play farmers instead of current players, we are telling about moment to use talent which could be handy or increase team strength

        • This is absolutely incomparable to Messi in 2006. Garnacho just turned 18 and in the past few months is in the process of transitioning into the first team and starting to train with senior players. Not sure if you’ve noticed that those 2000 minutes you mention came in the U23 team. He needs to show close to that same ability and output in the FIRST TEAM to be considered for a World Cup. There is a huge difference between an FA youth cup and the most important sporting competition on the planet. I like Garnacho but there is such a huge bias for him over others. Why the obsession over him instead of Soule and Romero? Soule has upwards of 270 minutes of first team football and Luka has 315 (excluding Mallorca 2nd division). Garnacho has 87. If we take Garnacho shouldn’t we take them too? Well no, we shouldn’t take any of them for obvious reasons. Garnacho gained this uneven relevance because of being in England and his social media presence. You spent months calling Enzo overrated (an actual NT level player) and now some reserve team kid has to go to the WC? Horrible scouting

          • man when did i say enzo is overrated, i was continuously telling enzo competency and his talent in here but people like you keep telling me that, enzo is raw enzo plays local league he can’t be tested he can’t be included his time will come, he don’t play european football blah blah blah but when he started showing his raw talent whenever he plays whereever he plays now everyone is under his skin. soule luka garnacho all are talented but there is point effectiveness or blooming of talent in open eyes, garnacho whereever he plays u 20 u 23 he was always effective he shows something, good skills in his can be seen from his play in open eyes, he is capable to give immediate response, some player don’t needs a lot of time to perform big. sometimes words of people like you feels like got a bull**** , if garnacho given chance now and if he shows something good then again some of you try to get under his skin.. this is bad of this side here effective talent will ignore and

          • My mistake, I confused you for another commenter “JEWEL” who seemed to dislike Enzo for no reason. My point still stands that Garnacho, unless he shows that he can make a meaningful and consistent difference in the first team, should not be even remotely considered for the world cup. I’ve seen many clips of him and see his talent but that’s against a lower standard. I am very confident that he will score many goals in the premier league and he will reach a high standard but he only made his debut a few months ago. Who knows how he would handle the pressure. For us he hasn’t played. There are doubts about Enzo’s inclusion for the reason of being uncapped and yet he is a known quantity at his club. Garnacho is hardly a known quantity. The WC standard is something else. For him to make the squad he has to get at least as many minutes as Alvarez and do something with them.

      • It’s not comparison between Messi and Garnacho. Based on Messi’s talent at that age he was selected. Mistake was not using him well. Now Garnacho should be selected as a talented backup. We our Left wing options are not proved to be well enough with lots of chances!

  8. MU will start the exact same team as the one vs Liverpool. So CR7 officially a bench player now. I like what Ten Hag is doing. CR7 acts like a bitch and he gets benched. Ten Hag doesn’t care about his status.

    • Southampton may try like brighton with long balls from the defense against Martinez. But I think this time he is ready for the challenge. We need this type of defenders who are ready to face any challenge and trying to improve all the time.

  9. Lautaro now emerged as a Lethal finisher. But Alvarez can provide other qualities that may satisfy scaloni. And surely his time with pep would make him an another intelligent forward. But Simeone is very inconsistent and won’t be a fit in international level games. May be he will shine against Honduras but not a wc player. Also other than a 3rd striker we need a good left winger who can cut inside with right foot. Garnacho is too young and not getting chances. Only one is j correa. Enzo proved till now that he can be a good back up. He is confident with the ball.

    • real talent don’t need much chances to show his worth, how good garnacho is you can watch her play beside ronaldo you will understand how good he can be, on two three regular time in the game bam he will show you what he is capable to do.. ten hag is in confusion and he didn’t start well this is why he didn’t give him early game time.. garnacho is a real talent in wing there is no space to ignore him giving fool execuses.. garnacho need regular time now with this friendly, this is same excuses messi didn’t get game time in 2006 worldcup

  10. i don’t think simeone is right choice, his vision for goal or shot on target very strong but he is very poor in holding into ball, moving forward and may be slow, icardi is 10 times better than simeone, arg don’t needs a poacher argentina needs player who can contribute all together, simeone is wrong choice, scaloni should select garnacho instead, honestly my trust on scaloni in department of selection is very low

    • Icardi, besides his personality cancer, is an excellent finisher but that’s it, zero build up, zero effort,he will stand there and wait.

      Lautaro, Simeone and Alvarez will all chase after defenders all game and create chances out of nothing for themselves. They are no worse than Icardi infornt of goal either.

      With Messi and Fideo we already have players who are not expected to help defend. We cant afford a lazy forward.

      Simeone is the most similar to Lautaro tactically. I personally rate Alvarez higher than gio.

      • how a player can create chances for his own if his holding onto the ball is so poor, simeone needs to get ball to aim his target, he is not creative like alvarez neither workhorse like lautaro

  11. They both surely deserve callup. Specially Simeone….I told many times before. He is young, energetic & strong guy, far better than Alario. Lautaro, Simeone, Alvarez should be our FWs in wc..

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