Lisandro Martínez Man of the Match Manchester United performance vs. Southampton


Lisandro Martínez had a Man of the Match performance for Manchester United vs. Southampton.

Martínez was once more one of the, if not the best player on the pitch for Manchester United. The Argentine played in United’s 1-0 win vs. Southampton in the Premier League and had a standout performance.

The 24 year old one won 100% (5/5) of his aerial duels for Manchester United vs. Southampton. The most out of any player from both teams. Here are his stats, via StatmanDave.

100% ground duels won
100% successful dribbles
61 touches
48 passes
7 clearances
5/5 aerial duels won
4 interceptions


  1. Don’t know which Argentine defender holds the record for most conceded goals in 1 European season, but Senesi is surely going to be a contender.

    His wage quadrupled but he will surely regret leaving Feyenoord.

  2. I know its only been a few matches for Enzo at benfica, the kid is phenomenal and is basically already taking ownership of the team. This kid has a bright future.. he’ll be our next di maria going from benfica to one of the best clubs in the world. That’s my prediction.
    Although we haven’t really seen Enzo on the NT nor against a tougher team, personally if they are considering taking Nico Dominguez to the WC, I would rather have Enzo f. Go over Nico any day.. I think this kid is special, he’s smart with the ball and gets a ton of opportunities on goal. If he does end up playing the next 2 friendly matches with the NT I don’t think it’s enough to say it’s going to give him a spot on the roster.
    I think scaloni already made up his mind with who he’s taking. Yes Enzo is very young and has no NT experience, but hey messi didn’t really have too much experience on the NT either prior to going to the 2006 WC. I know I can’t compare him to messi, but I think Enzo is going to be one of our very best in the near future.

    what do you all think??

  3. Nico Dominguez’s chances to make it to the final 26 roster do not look good as things stand at the moment. Average performances for a pretty mediocre team. Surely at this point Palacios, Mac Allister and even Enzo Fernandez are ahead of him.

  4. I’m so happy for this kid, I wish him all the success in the world. So awesome to be proving himself. Especially in a tough league. He’s a freakin beast!

  5. Haaland is a beast, he will beat every goal record in PL, he could work well with Alvarez as a second striker. Senesi rating were surprisingly high despite the 9 goals, horrible transfer decision. This is a pure Championship team, not better than Norwich were.

    • Haaland seems to have settled quite well in City and has been scoring a lot but I didn’t find him extraordinarily clinical to be honest. He seems to waste a lot of chances too. I wonder how many Julian would have scored by now had he received the same amount of and chances and time on pitch as Halaand. Nevertheless, I am glad Pep played Alvarez as a left winger as he was more involved in the game which will no doubt help him develop his decision making and passing vision , however once Haaland was subbed and he moved to the no-9 position his teammates ignored him again in the last 10mins or so!!

  6. Can someone explain to me how Man U get a clean sheet when Lisandro is 5’9 while at the same time Bournemouth lose 9-0 when Senesi is 6’1? How does that work?

  7. The signs of a great player are how they overcome adversity.

    The fans, pundits, and entire English media before last week wrote Licha Martinez off.

    Credit to ETH for being the only Man United manager to have the balls to sit Maguire. Some people on here (myself included) worried about Licha partnering with Maguire and it went as expected. I pointed out in the 1st game that the goals were due to Maguire. His miscommunication with teammates, positioning, lack of agility, and slowness is atrocious.

    English players are all overpriced as we all know!

    Licha is a world-class CB; world-class RB, & world-class CDM (I would like to see him play as a DM with RDP moved up the pitch – just to see how our NT play).

  8. Don’t Judge a player after only 2matches,the loss of 1st 2match was not for lisadro but the whole team is responsible and the ManU team still a mess beacause they still not found their balance and lisandro prove himself day by day match by match and i think lisandro would be future defence of argentina but it is sad that if senesi stay at bournmouth then he will be our next Fazio which is really sad

  9. Alvarez looked very lively today, participated in 2 goal movements. People started passing him more. But bad decision from Senesi to join Bournemouth. Should have stayed there or moved to Italy or Spain next year.

  10. Palacios starts and scored his first goal of the season. The midfield position of the seleccion will be good as many players make their case to make the final squad.

    Senesi’s team lost 0-9 against Liverpool. Senesi spot is questionable now I would say. He was supposed to challenge Foyth for the final defender spot. Not sure now.

    • Foyth wins hands down due to versatility, with Licha and Pezzella playing well, no chance. Post World Cup he will definitely be in consideration along with Garnacho.

  11. Julian Alvarez showing his versatility playing left-centre of the attack and dropping deep too. I think he’s going to get a decent amount of minutes this season.

  12. This MU will be strong this time. My prediction of top 4: Liverpool, Spurs, City, and MU. Once they get Antony and CR7 (if not leaving) back to his best, then they will be one of the contenders.

    Glad Licha plays good. I can’t believe now I am cheering for CR7 team to win lol.

    Anyway Senesi seems to make a bad decision to Bournemouth. The team is too weak for EPL.

  13. “Argentines share a bad track record at UTD” ; “He made a blunder to join a sinking UTD and not Arsenal”…blah blah blah. Where are these narratives? Do you guys (I refer to the pessimistic ones ofcourse) even realize if Lisandro would have been a starter for the gunners? Are you aware of the fact that for how long the purple patch of Arteta gonna continue? Nope !

    Second consecutive MOTM for Lisandro in a span of 1 week. Speaks volume, of our midget wall. He is the symbol of when you are good, you are good, there’s no other way round. He made the correct decision to join his former manager who made him and not Arteta.

    I’m not saying he is perfect, but the reality is that EtH only gonna make him superior with the course of time. This is why you all need to have PATIENCE. Everything will come good for all the players.

    Cheers and VAMOS ARGENTINA🇦🇷

  14. Aerial Duels in the Premier League:

    Lisandro Martinez – 83%
    Kalidou Koulibaly – 75%
    William Saliba – 57%
    Joe Gomez – 56%
    Ruben Dias – 36%

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